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Blade Particle
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Color: Navy

RG: 2.50

Diff: .040

SF/ER: SF-26

Hook: 31


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2002, 08:22:05 PM »
Just went to this ball about 4 weeks ago.  Was throwing the Hammer 4-D Tour as my primary ball.  The cover on that ball wore out super quick, and when Ebonite bought Faball thought I would take a chance on this new Blade Ball.  And was I ever satisfied.  This ball is an incredible carrying and hitting ball.  Doesn't hit soooo hard that you blow by 8 or 9 pins and yet just hard enough to cover everything on the deck.  It seems like all the pins stay in play better than most of the balls I've owned.  The lane conditions I throw it on are primarily heavy oil down to about 40-45 ft, and good backends(Wood, not synthetic).  Threw the pin out to about 1:30 and the CG is just to the right of the center of my palm.  The ball had a 3-4 in. pin and about 3.5 oz. of top.  I have 1/2 oz. of finger and loaded in the side.  Gets down the lane great, but what wouldn't in the slop I throw it in, and turns great and the carry and hit are phenomenal!!!  An incredible ball for the price!!  You just can't beat it!!


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2003, 08:43:49 AM »
15.04, 3" pin, 2 3/4 top. Because of what I wanted to do with it, I laid it out in a simple 1:30, pin above and right of the ring, CG in grip center. It must be a very light load particle because after a cleaning with Simple Green, it's squeaky and slightly tacky to finger pressure. It feels like it would take well to different surfaces.

I was looking for a ball to do two tasks - open up a hard wet/dry with no buff on a heavy medium and handle a messy wet pattern with typically a bit of carrydown. I already have a Gargoyle for a big oil ball, but I wanted something with a little more length that would still give me a good midlane read.  

Everybody told me I should get the Diesel, but it's hard to imagine how it could be that much better than Blade. For most balls, you can come up with maybe a couple of things that stand out, but Blade has the whole package: it's cheap, controllable, forgiving, very strong, fairly long, surprisingly angular, good rolling and a huge hitter. A person with some revs and speed could use it on anything medium and above where there are good heads.

The only negative that I can see is that it seems to want you to be firm with your speed to take advantage of many of these virtues. If Diesel is superior to this, it must be alien technology.

Having thrown both, the overall move reminds me of a V2 Sanded, with perhaps a touch of the Adrenaline's 'keep on coming' backend. It revs beautifully off my hand which gave me a nice breakpoint. It has more length than I've seen from other particles without a lot of lopiness. It's probably  4' - 5' longer than my Granite (less up front, bigger on the backend), starts reading just before it hits the dry which allows it to smooth out a hard wet/dry very nicely.

Its length is key. That's what prevents it from being a "once in a blue moon" flood ball with which you're constrained to swing the lane from the inside. You can move around and get lined up wherever you need to go. It seems to relish being fed from the oil to the outside or into a track, but I get a nice look with it from just about anywhere.

It has the angularity of a shinier ball. Not a flip, but once it turns, it keeps coming. I don't own anything else that's remotely like it. I have a shot where entry angle is the key to carrying the corners, and this gives me just the look I needed, not quite as steep as a pearl, not nearly as shallow as a particle.

It's a big, big hitter. They ought to call it the "Maul" rather than "Blade". "Blade" implies a deft precision cutting tool. This thing is a blunt instrument of persuasion, just smacks 'em upside the head. When you hold it, you are very aware of the denseness of the core; you can feel that it's very center-heavy. One notable thing is how well it carried corners for me. However, the angularity gave me some 4s and 4-9s I didn't quite expect.

Overall rating: 9. This is a well-designed gem of a product that does nearly everything well. After throwing this, one can understand the cachet the Hammer name carries.

Versatility: 8. A good range of medium to heavy, probably not quite enough for a true flood. Does many things well and a lot of styles could use it. Impressive on carrydown. In virtue of its length, it's bumped the Gargoyle out of my bag.

Control: 9. Good controllable strong ball. Nice roll to it.

Hit & Carry: 9.5. One of the best hitters I've thrown to date. All you children of the 70s - what did it feel like when you traded up from wooden to aluminum bats? This is the bowling ball equivalent.
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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2003, 07:49:57 PM »
For the money I don't think there are any better ball on the market than the Blade series and this one falls in perfect with the other 2.If the reactive Blades are too strong off the dry, then try this Blade Particle.Incredibly smooth through the whole lane.This ball will cover many boards but the roll is very readable and smooth.


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2003, 01:48:23 PM »
I'm a beginning bowler and I recently got a "Blade Particle" ball; and I must say for only being my 2nd year in league I have noticed a more consistent back end hook with this ball. Before I wouldn't know if my ball would pull to the pocket or not. However, with this ball I just patiently wait and it slams the pocket. My average has gone from 134 to 150, in just this years league games alone. I would definitely recommend this ball to the beginner who is looking for a constant hook to the pocket on the backend. Thanks.


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #5 on: March 12, 2003, 11:16:06 AM »
This is a very good ball it hits hard and isnt jerky off the dry. The difference between this and the diesel is easy. I am using all 3 paarticle balls(blade,diesel,and diesel pearl). They are different the blade rolls earlier and isnt as strong on the backends. The blade is strong ball a least as strong and the Freak(with equal drillings). The diesel's now they are different. It's very hard to explain the different I will try. Both of these ball are amazing they react similiar to reactive as they are clean through the heads and they dont quit on the backends. On the transition they allow you to ajust and not to become a problem like reactive. They are extremely smooth and yet very strong when they move. The pearl goes alittle longer the the other and yet they both turn very smooth and very strong and the hit its really fun to use them. I found these balls by accident and I am really amazed with them. As far as there reactive the Visious well just as anyone who has used one its the strongest recovery and hit of any ball I have ever used in 40 yrs. of bowling. If you want any other information contact me. You be glad you did.


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #6 on: April 29, 2003, 11:05:41 PM »
This is a real sleeper as far as mid priced balls go.This was my first experience drilling up one of the new Hammer offerings via Ebonite. Ball spec's prior to drilling 15#2oz 2.5oz top pin 2.75". This ball out of the box reminded me of my Nu-Line Expedition as far as core design and surface. Drilled ball with pin just above ring finger and shifting the cg up 1" and rigt 1.75" this required a small balance hole to give me 1/2oz finger 0 side. This was a great combination for me. Ball is really predictable mid lane and at the break point. The shape of the break is more of a strong arc that just keeps on coming. The impact at the pocket is what was really suprising it is super strong hitting power similar to my Track Freak Out. I have used this ball for 5 weeks in 3 leagues with a low series of 629 and a high of 749 and it seems the more I use this ball the more it comes to life.


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #7 on: September 26, 2003, 10:34:27 AM »
I think I may have found a sleeper with this one.I just punched this one up for my new longer span and stroker style.I used a simple 4" pin low x 60 degrees no weight hole needed 3/4 oz side.I bowled my mens league last night and started off with my cherry bomb with the same new span and it was really flippy,more than normal.I was struggling to get a good read to the hole and one of my teammates said I looked to tense and not my normal relaxed self.I agreed with him and told him I was trying a new grip and was learning to trust it.So I change balls,picked up the speed and relaxed after 7 consecutive spares.I started throwing the blade particle went open/strike/spare for(182).
The second game I start off with the front eight and ditched it in the ninth and spared it then went strike spare for a nice 260.The gutter in the ninth I attribute to an old habit I have when throwing shorter spans,when my thumb swells a little I pull it out a bit to get a good feel what I cant do that with the stretched span,I lossed it off my hand and went straight to the moat.Third game I start with the front eight again and left a blower 7-10 split for a nice 266 (708).I then proceeded to bowl pot games with the same ball no practice different pair same shot,I had the front nine then seven spare,eight count for 275 (801) counting the last three games after I started trusting my game.

Ok now for a description of the reaction and condition of the lanes.This ball has been said to be very angular.This is true but it is not snappy just a real heavy roll off the dry,I think it is a combo of drill/core that gives it this type of roll.The lanes were a typical house shot with short oil no buff dry backends 7-7 35'.I took four balls with me last night not knowing how they were going to react for me or how I was going to come out of the ball.The balls I took were the cherry bomb,blade,sonic x,blue dot.I used the sonic after about 6 pot games and shot 245 first game ever playing 15 boards right of the blade,but thats another post.

I don't know if it was the ball or the new span/pitches or stroker style.But I do like the look of the balls reaction.I noticed also that I didn't spin the ball off my hand as much or grab it at the bottom of the swing.

The next night 9/27/03 I bowled 248/299/246(793) with this ball in league on the same house shot.

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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #8 on: January 21, 2004, 05:35:13 PM »
Got to go with strong drillings on this one! Yikes! I love this ball because it maintains all of it's energy for the backends. Regardless of what you may have heard, Particle balls respond smoothly and strongly and maintain all of the energy you invest.


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #9 on: January 22, 2004, 12:09:40 PM »
is this a fairly new ball by hammer? how is it for your first ball out of the bag on oily lanes? what's the price on it?
 [track balls are my first pick]


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #10 on: February 17, 2004, 02:11:21 PM »
Overall, a good medium-heavy to heavy oil ball for someone with average revs and average speed (My specs: see profile).  With enough oil, this ball is a controllable, predictable hard arc.  Too little oil and this ball will burn out.  It is currently the "oiler" in my arsenal.  Good lower-priced ball.

This is a good, medium-strength particle ball.  Weaker than the other particle balls I have thrown (Hammer Vicious Particle, Hammer Diesel Particle, Ebonite Apex Obsession, Ebonite V2 Strong) this ball still hooked well on a medium-heavy (42mics) long (50 foot) pattern, though I needed to play down and in.  It also allows me to control the over-under effect on high-contrast wet-dry patterns.  By "high-contrast" I mean a very large difference in the amount of oil from the wet to dry.  It is slightly better at controlling the under-over on wet-dry front-to back (sport pattern or short heavy pattern) than on wet-dry side-to side (typical house pattern).

This ball has also allowed me to decrease the effects of carry-down while the lanes are in transition.  At forty to forty-five feet (depending on the amount of head oil), it is already in a strong roll allowing it to roll through the carry-down.  It also allows me to "open up" the lanes a bit by playing a deeper in the oil on medium and medium-heavy conditions.

Ball trajectory: early arc with a stronger backend arc, very little "snap"

Ball Stats/Drill: Early Roll with small flare

16 pounds, 2.5ounces top weight, no weight hole.
Surface: Box/Factory
Pin: 1.5 inches from PAP on grip centerline
CG: 5 inches from PAP on grip centerline
3/4 ounce positive side weight
0 ounce finger/thumb weight
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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #11 on: October 21, 2004, 05:47:33 AM »
Another ball I got through Ebay for my experiments with the laws of physics... (see my other reviews, please).

About me:
Style = Stroker/mild Tweener, right-handed
Speed = 13,5-14,5 mph
PAP = 5" & 7/8"^
Axis tilt = 18,7°
Revs = 250-300 RPM at release
For more details, check out my profile, please.

When I bought it, I was looking for an arcing, med-oily to heavy oil complement to my Trauma (tends to skid on sport patterns) and my TPC Player (good in oil, but simply not strong enough for the floods I sometimes encounter, especially in serious league). I thought a solid, medium load particle ball with low RG should do this job - and, as far as I can tell, the Blade Particle does well.

I paid (only) Euro 25, for the ball, which is currently about $ 30. Ball was in excellent shape with low mileage and a pin-under-bridge control drilling. Because span and the drilling did not fit at all, the ball needed complete plugging, new drilling and inserts at my local pro shop.

Ball setup:

My Blade Particle is 15 lbs. with a 2 3/4" pin distance. For the task at hand, the ball was drilled strong (stacked leverage) for heavy oil with pin to PAP at 3 3/8" and the MB placed in strong position below for back end recovery on long oil and slick surfaces. The pin ended up 1" at 2:30 of my ring finger, CG kicked out 2 1/4" from mid line.


* = Pin
# = CG

Surface was sanded to 800 grit - box condition, I think. Surprisingly, no x-hole was necessary to keep the ball legal. I guess it has very low top weight. Oval rubber finger inserts completed the job. In Dec. 2005 I also added a thumb slug because my release changed and I needed a cleaner thumb exit and did not want to mess with the original hole. Ball picture (and see also addendum notes below).

On the lanes:

After more than 1 year (including a retirement of the ball for some time due to thumb hole issues) at very different local houses and with different releases, here my overall impressions:

So far, the Blade Particle appears to be a very good-natured, rather tame ball. Not outstanding, but a reliable and strong working horse for a wide variety of lane conditions from medium to oily. When things get tough and slippery, this is my keeper in league and at tournaments on the oily side of my arsenal.

Hit is good, and as long as you have enough oil, it carries well. On lighter oil and short patterns it could be better, I "blame" it on my dull 800 grit surface for maximum traction and its dire need for oil to make it work properly. Additionaly, the ball is drilled to be as aggressive as possible. Consequently, on too short patterns and burnt lanes, my Blade Particle tends to leave wide open splits after light hits or when I miss the pocket at all. It simply rolls out early and right through the pins. Therefore, read the signs and put it back into the bag when it does not hook anymore and/or hits like a wet donut.

On oil, I found the biggest potential in this ball playing a deep inside line across the oil in the middle of the lane: On a fresh long shot, standing 25-28th board with my right shoe tip, laying it down at 18-21 at the foul line and aiming at 3rd arrow - sometimes even deeper! Drilled for some good length, the ball will break rather far down the lane at around 10th board at 39-42'. From there, it will roll smoothly into the pocket, showing a typical particle coverstock arcing reaction. Nice!

With the deep shot, the Blade Particle shows generally more and consistent carry than on an outside line over 10-12th board or directly down-and-in. I guess the steeper entry angle due to the aggressive drilling is the cause, not the ball itself. With lighter oil or on a worn-out track, moving the feet deeper holds the ball in play very well.

Anyway, the Blade Particle's path is very predictable, with a smooth breakpoint. The amount of oil will give you more or less hook, but always in an even and steady arc. Carrydown is no topic with this ball - it is simply blended out.

Upon pin impact, the ball makes a ruther muffled noise, much different from other balls I own. Probably it is the matte finish and the porous (see below) coverstock which absorps impact energy. Nevertheless - carry is O. K. and meets any expectation one might have.

Nothing spectacular - but no disappointment at all. Anything I'd expect from a mid-price ball, and from a true particle piece, too. I give it an overall 8 out of 10, mainly for its versatility and brilliant price/performance ratio.
I think it is a good and comforting ball to have in the arsenal, especially if you do not want (or can) spend lots of money, if you are a beginner looking for a tough but tame particle ball, or if you simply do not want to carry lots of balls with you. You cannot do much wrong with it!

The Blade Particle is not the ball for the sharp Hollywood hook, but a trustworthy low-budget all-rounder for medium to oily conditions. It is easy to handle. Even on 50 feet of thick oil it worked fine for me, and I keep it in my tournament bag for such soupy conditions when anything else fails.
The only things the user must be aware of are dry heads and too short oil patterns. The Blade Particle needs some oil to be handy, its shell has a lot of grip to offer.

Lane utility for tested ball (pattern length vs. oil volume):

|S M L
|h e o
|o d n
|r . g
|0 0 +| Light volume
|0 X X| Medium volume
|0 X X| Heavy volume

X = Best suited with effective control & carry
+ = Fairly suited (works, somehow, but lacks control)
0 = Unsuited (ineffective, either slips or burns up)

The chart concept is borrowed from Storm's 2003 catalogue. Surface prep and drillings may change the results, it is just personal experience with my style

By the way: when I received the ball I wondered if this was an early type or an Europe export version, because my specimen was completely solid Navy Blue (with light yellow engravings and pin). But now, after some wear and sanding at home, lighter coverstock layers shine through and create the marble effect surface seen on the ball's picture. It was probably as good as new when I got it.

...and, final advice, this ball absorbs oil like a sponge! I frequently put the ball into the bucket to keep it as oil-free as possible. The oil absorption is clearly visible when you uncover the lighter surface layers and de-oil the ball. It phazes out easily in the bucket and becomes even lighter! But this color change does fortunately not affect performance. Back on the lane again, the track area picks up oil easily, so that this part of the ball turns quickly dark again. You can even see the areas where the ball rolls through oil spots and tracks in the lane's mechanics, because this will also leave dark marks! After some time, my Blade Particle looked much like Columbia's EPX T-1, just in dark blue. It looks really ratty...

Addendum April 2007:
I still have the Blade Particle in my arsenal, now at 600 grit matte. This improved mid lane read and make the ball arc already in the oil. It has found a safe place in my arsenal as my heaviest oil option for infrequent use when I know what to expect on the lane. There are some sites around here notorious for tricky tournament and league conditions.
With this setup, the ball does not see much use (anymore) but does the job very well, and is still playable on medium oil as long as I play deep and chase the oil in the heads. The ball keeps up its performance very well, even though it (still) sucks oil like a sponge. Therefore I give it a quick hot water treatment after each outing with it, and it is just fine.

As a side note, I had a ball return chew out a bit of the spongy coverstock, but was bale to fix it with some
2 component Tamiya putty. Highly recommendable stuff for this task, easy to use, durable and comes close to the coverstock's hardness, so that sanding will not make a big difference between the putty and the original ball surface.


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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #12 on: February 12, 2006, 11:43:00 PM »
Ball was bought off of Roy E on here. I payed $30 for it.

Ball was drilled by TOON(I think)
Age: 16
Bowling type: Cranker
Ball:15Lbs, 1" pin
Reaction type:this ball has more of a hook/set reaction
Drill pattern: pin over ring,cg in palm
House: wood
oil(approx): 40'

I can take this ball and stand 25 throw 15 and it has a great look(as long as I keep it off of the thumb hole)hits real good.Havent really found any soup for this ball so IDK how it does in heavy oil.Havent had any spectacular scores with it cause I only use it 1/2 game.Would love to have a spare one here at the house.
Inferno best ball I have ever thrown!!!

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Re: Blade Particle
« Reply #13 on: November 30, 2009, 05:05:57 PM »
I was given this ball by a friend who couldn't use it anymore and I have to say this is the best ball I have ever thrown.  For me this ball is very consistent even if I am not.  Very forgiving ball it is almost like the ball has eyes of it's own.  I am a new league bowler with an average of 172.  Since I have been throwing this ball I have shot 2 300's and several 200+ games which has never happened before.  I have only been throwing this ball for 2 weeks now and the 300's were not in league play go figure.

Ball is 15 lbs drilled for backend hook