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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
- Color: HD Black/Blue/Red   All colors do  vary somewhat from the picture shown.  
- Core: Brick Mirror Plane Asymmetric core (MPA)
- Veneer: Grand Theft Reactive Hybrid
- Surface: 500/500/1000/2000 Abralon Sanded  
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- RG:  2.50
- Diff:  .052
- Hook Rating:  22 (Finish-6, Cover-9,  Core-7)
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy to Medium
- Description: Of course this ball hits like a brick!  Hammer’s bowling balls are known for hitting hard, and the new Brick  upper-mid performance ball is no exception. With an advanced new core  design matched with the strongest veneer ever used on a Hammer ball at  this performance level, the Brick is destined to be a staple in every  bowler’s bag.  The new Brick Mirror Plane Asymmetric (MPA) core design is completely  asymmetric in shape, a highly unusual feature of the ball. The core is  not high mass bias, however the low RG is not in the geometric center of  the ball. “This core shape was designed for a specific purpose,” explained Ron  Hickland, Ball Design Engineering Manager. “The pro shop operator can  tweak ball motion by making smaller layout changes when drilling the  Brick. Those smaller layout changes will produce bigger performance  changes in ball motion for the bowler.”  When you have a core as special as the Brick MPA, you have to make sure  you have a coverstock that makes the most of the core’s performance. The  GTR Hybrid cover does the trick.


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Re: Brick
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2011, 04:39:32 PM »

Pin Length: 2-3

Starting Top Weight: 3 oz

Ball Weight:15 lbs 4 0z


Pin to PAP:5

CG to PAP: 5

X Hole (if there is one): none


Rev Rate: Med to high

Ball Speed: 16-19


Grit: Polished with Factory Finish

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded):


Length: 41ft
Volume: 27 ml

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):Modified House


Length: Will Update

Back End:
Overall Hook:

Midlane Read:

Breakpoint Shape:


Likes:SO far the look of the ball is great. I threw 5 minutes on a fresh pattern and the BRICK was way to much unless getting deep inside. Immediately Polished to see a difference. It was about 4 feet and allowed me to move in 10-12 boards easily. A full update will come after league tonight.



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Re: Brick
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PAP/Track: 5 1/8” x 1” up

Axis Rotation: 25 degrees

Axis Tilt: 12 degrees

Rev Rate: 440

Ball Speed: 18mph





THS (39' - South Point (medium oil) & 40’ Gold Coast (heavier oil) in Las Vegas, NV), Kegel Main Street





Ball #1

Pin Up: 50 x 5 x 35  

(Surface – box finish 2000 Abralon)


Ball #2

Pin Down: 50 x 5 x 60 with hole 2” below PAP on my VAL

(Surface – added 4000 Abralon to the ball)



When I heard this ball was coming out, I was curious to see where this fits in the product line for me since the Arson is one of my favorite balls in the Hammer line and the original Taboo for me are pretty close in reaction wise for me. This has the same coverstock as the original Taboo which is my favorite (easily tune-able) coverstock from Hammer. When seeing this ball in action during the WSOB, I noticed it was a little too strong (earlier rolling) for the staffers since there was a lot of friction (lack of oil in the fronts) on the lanes in the center that they were bowling in.


With the box surface (2000 Abralon), the Brick actually handles the heavier mediums patterns very well. I bowled at one of the Vegas centers that are a little tighter in the backends with a heavier fresh oil pattern, and my original Taboo (2000 Abralon) did not want to turn the corner when moved into the oil line. But, when I brought out the Brick, this ball definitely had no problems cutting through the tighter backends and was stronger overall. So if the new Taboo Blue/Silver is too much for you, but Brick will definitely be the ball for you since it rolls heavy in the midlanes with a strong continuous backend motion.


I also played with the surface on one of my Bricks by adjusting the surface to 4000 Abralon on my pin down ball (ball #2), and this gives me a little more push through the fronts with a very strong backend motion that I am looking for in this ball. I have this same layout on my Arson, and this was easily 4-5 boards stronger overall than my Arson with a stronger motion in the backends too. This ball is VERY strong ball that picks up in the mids with a strong continuation in the backends than the Arson and is a step below the new Taboo blue/silver (2-4 boards weaker). This ball handles the medium / medium heavy patterns better than my Arson.


The Brick is a perfect compliment for those needing a stronger ball than the Arson and a ball that has a different motion than the Taboo blue/silver when it might be too strong/early. For me, the Brick now replaces my Taboo blue/silver in my bag since the Taboo is a little too strong for me where I bowl at in leagues / tournaments. You will not be disappointed in the Brick since this provides a little different reaction that you have seen in the Hammer product line in the past.  


Get ready to create havoc on the lanes & throw Bricks at your competition this year with Hammer's latest release!! The release date is Tuesday December 20th.


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Re: Brick
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Hammer Brick

Weight: 15#

Top Weight: # 1 - 3.25 oz & # 2 - 3.5 oz.



# 1 - 60x4x60 - Pin Above the Ring Finger. Weight hole near PAP.

# 2 - 60x5x20 - Pin Below the Bridge. No Weight hole needed.


First Impressions:


# 1- One of the most continuous bowling balls I have ever rolled. Since I went with a strong drilling on this one, it allowed me to get a little bit deeper with the same amount of ball speed and hand I usually have.


# 2 - Rolls up earlier just a tad and the similarity between both layouts is continuous ball reaction. Went with a longer pin to pap drilling to help it push through the heads a little bit more cleaner.


Overall Thoughts:


The Brick with the same coverstock as the Taboo along with the new weight block gives me about a 2-3 board difference between the Taboo and 3-5 with the Taboo B/S. When the Brick is reacting too much, I can change to a Taboo B/S for a cleaner reaction through the heads, more length down the lane and still get the necessary reaction as desired.


I have not tried to polish them because I use both in two different houses. # 1 is used in a house that has been very tricky as of late, if I polish it now, I'm sure I will not get as much reaction as I feel it is designed for. # 2 is used in a house that works great with Pin down drillings. Pin up drillings tend to skid a little bit too far for my liking.




If you see continuous and aggressive ball motion and need something for heavier volumes of oil, more than normal too I might add, then the Brick is a ball you may want to consider.

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Re: Brick
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Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS, Sport, etc



Likes:The Brick has the same coverstock as the original Taboo, withh 2000 Abralon finish, but definitely has a different motion. I drilled my first Brick with pin up 4.5 by 60 and left the box surface as is.  It picks up a strong roll in the midlane with a really strong continuous backend.  I loved the motion so much I drilled the second one identically but cut cover to 4000 abralon then polished.  Same ball motion with easier length for when the heads start to go. I can continue chasing the pattern in with the polished Brick without changing launch angles too much.  Awesome addition to the Hammer line!!







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Re: Brick
« Reply #5 on: March 04, 2012, 09:22:34 PM »
38 ft Easy Street (THS)
37 ft Viper pattern
The first thing to say about this ball reaction is the strong continuous roll it produces at the end of any pattern.  It is evident in the videos we shot.
On Easy Street, we tested it in OOB 2000 abralon finish as well as 4000 with polish.  This is a strong ball and will definitely be more at home on longer or heavier patterns.  On Easy Street, having less surface and some polish helped quite a bit.  The ball still maintained its overall reaction shape, but was less prone to bleeding too much energy.
We also tested on Viper.  Here, the ball was able to cut through the heavy oil up front and make that nice strong motion on the backends.  The ball faired much better here, when the pattern was tighter.

Overall ball reaction represents a strong transition and a heavy strong roll.  As compared to the Arson, which is a bit earlier, with a smooth transition and less heavy roll.
Please read full review with Digitrax analysis at:
 Please see videos on Easy Street and Viper at:

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Re: Brick
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2012, 09:50:37 PM »

Length:  43 ft on AMF HPL
Volume:  Medium-Light (pattern was burned up since it was after a league)

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  THS

Likes:  Clean up front, strong but predictable transition, good carry power, looks great polished

Dislikes: OOB surface without polish
The Hammer Brick was purchased to complete the total revamp of my arsenal (moved up to 16 from 15).  Stats: 380-420 revs, 19-22mph speed, low track
I took a different approach to how this ball will be used compared to what the majority will do.  Seeing that I already have a good arsenal of heavy, medium,  and medium-heavy balls (Defiant, 919C, Vital Energy, 505T), I figured that using this as a replacement for my Rising Star would be a good option.  When the lanes start to transition or when I want to open up the lane when I throw higher speed on the dry, the ball can compensate for that.  In addition, I tend to match better with asymmetrical cores in most cases.
In this case, I decided to use an identical 4 x 4 x 1 layout used on my older Rising Star, which places the pin to the side of my ring finger and slightly kicks out CG.  Originally, I decided to go OOB with the finish.  The positives with this were that the ball was clean up front, and did read the mids well.  However, the ball was losing energy in the back and was struggling to make the transition.  This was on a burned up 43 ft house shot that had hook on the backends.
After seeing this, I decided to keep the OOB surface but added a light coat of Powerhouse Factory Finish polish to it.  That made the biggest difference in the world and really allowed the ball to shine for its purpose.  After adding polish, the Brick is still clean up front,  and now gets a little extra length.  The ball still reads the mids very well but then has a very nice jump in the backend.  I found this reaction to be predictable and controlled while hitting hard and carrying very well.  
Now, comparing the Brick to the Rising Star with the same layout, I found that the Brick has a more controllable and consistent back end with its polished finish.   My older Rising Star would normally jump too early with its polished finish.  Also, I noticed that the Brick carried better on certain angles whereas the Rising Star could die out in the backend and leave a solid 5-10 or 8-10 split.  The Brick was very effective working on multiple lines playing the extreme outside to moving inside and swinging it.  The hybrid cover gave me the length I was looking for but still gave the slightly earlier reaction I like in the mids without being too jumpy.
The Brick is one of the most versatile balls that is out on the market at this time.  It's MPA core really allows you to tune the reaction to what you want with using smaller adjustments in layout.  In my case, it was for a medium-light piece below my 505T.  For most, it will usually be for medium and medium-heavy conditions.  Many balls today don't offer that type of drilling flexibility.
Bottom line is if you throw higher speed and want to tune the ball down for medium-light patterns, the Brick can and does work.  Just use a weaker layout and add polish.  If you throw average or lower speed and want a great ball for medium or medium-heavy conditions, just simply drill it stronger.  The Brick can and will handle it.  As they say, "Nothing hits like a Hammer."  It's a great piece and one that I enjoy throwing.  I'm sure you will too.  

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