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Title: Vibe Cherry
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Coverstock: Max Length Reactive
Weight Block: Performance
Finish: Polished
Ball Color: Cherry Pearl All colors and appearance do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
RG Differential: .039 (Medium) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
RG Average: 2.51 (Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
Reaction: Excellent Length with Good Backend Reaction
Recommended Lane Conditions: Medium to Light Oil
Description:  The Cherry Vibe features a symmetric performance core and Hammerís new Max-Length Pearl Reactive coverstock to provide excellent length with good backend reaction on medium to light oil lane conditions.
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: willyw0nka77122 on June 23, 2007, 10:06:21 PM
I just bought the Cherry Vibe today and I drilled it according to Hammerís High RG Length Layout.  The lanes were very lightly oiled and broken down because of a birthday party that was on the lanes before I was.  The ball went long and had a nice, strong arc to the pocket.  It was very forgiving and carried the corner pins well.  It is very versatile, as I was playing an almost straight line to start, and later swinging it out from the 15 to about the 5.  It would hit the dry and make a strong move to the pocket.  I ended up shooting 289 and 234 in 2 games with it, and I was very impressed.  I would recommend this ball to anyone looking for a very strong, dry lane ball.
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: DynoLess Daddy on July 20, 2007, 12:36:35 AM
I don't know what to tell you but this is quickly becoming more and more of a favorite.
5x5.5 and 5x4 w/xh.....I love the fact that I can play this everywhere. Even on oil when you need to be straighter the Cherry vibe is predictable and controllable. Dont let this make you think that it lacks power. The Cherry Vibe is an awesome addition to any aresenal.

more to come.....
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Blows on September 09, 2007, 01:26:25 AM
First review,

I didn't get my thumb size right the first time so my first night out with the ball was not to good,Today 9-8-07 I had the thumb hole resluged and rolled the ball on lanes where the oil was pushed down and still hit my avg of around 198 so I have to give this ball a good grade as its pretty nice ball,

Link to the Drill pattern and pin placement,I used first one on the left, Under Drilling #4 - Low RG Layout

Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: jeremy7787 on September 26, 2007, 06:25:35 PM
I got this ball to go long and snap at the end. Man does it ever! This ball scares the crap out of me and doesn't start hooking until like 40-50 feet down lane and it snaps so hard. This is the master ball for when the lanes have broken down.
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: The Edge on October 06, 2007, 11:57:13 PM
After some thought Len from Team Strike Zone, and I decided on this ball for a house I bowl in with med. oil in the fronts with very clean backends. I had been fighting some big time over under with my Doom so we set this one up with a 5" pin cg in the middle of the grip. First time out I threw it all over Had some trouble "grabbing the ball", needed some time to adjust to this break point. No lie when I say this ball with this drilling goes 48 to 50 ft and goes left like it was kicked. Cherry vibe hits Like a semi nuf said. Second time with this ball 218, 255, 266 739. Had the last 7 in the second game ,and the first 8 in the third game for 15 in a row. Absolutely amazing performance for the price great carry, easy length, and huge backend. This ball can play wherever you want on the lane with simple hand adjustments. Must have ball for high rev players or bowlers looking for a ball that can handle dry or burnt lanes. Might even be a strong ball for low rev low speed players looking to play up the boards with little effort
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: dpunky on October 07, 2007, 12:26:29 AM
I just got a 15lb Cherry Vibe drilled today.  The pin is next to the ring finger and the CG is in the palm.  I got this ball to go under my Black Widow Pearl because I needed a ball that would clear the heads and mids on medium-light to light lane conditions.  Also I didn't want a ball that overreact off the dry.  This ball has amazing length, clearing the heads and mids with ease.  No matter how dry the heads and mids were, it made it through.  When it hit the break point, it made strong move to the pocket.  The Cherry Vibe is definitely a good controllable skid flip ball.  I was amazed how versatile this ball was.  I can use this ball to go straight at the ten pin, and play the deep hook ball.  For the price, this a definite value.
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: kcmoreese on October 13, 2007, 02:01:40 AM
I normally sit back and read reviews but I had to review this ball. I bought a 16lb hammer cherry vibe with a 4in pin, here is a link to a picture of the layout

Left the cv oob finish, I never tried this layout before, I bowled tonite on syns and there was actually medium oil down to 30 or 40 feet, Anyway the cv didnt care, I though you could only play this ball when the heads are burnt out, Not true, This ball is smooth, controllable and predictable. The cv  can be played early. Dont sleep on this ball. Second game was a 257 missed a perfect game by two strikes
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: scotty398 on October 31, 2007, 12:54:58 PM
Just bought one last night to combat the ever decreasing lack of oil at my house. Was using a Hammer High Rev prior, but it was grabbing too much in the mids unless I threw it 100 mph. As noted, the Cherry Vibe goes looooong and finishes hard. Don't know the exact specifics on the drilling, but very similar to the attached picture in prior review.
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: abrown on November 11, 2007, 08:59:25 PM
Drilled up the cherry last night cg center of span pin over ring typical layout.
Threw it 5 games after highschool meets on a less than fresh shot played 10 up 5 and started off a lil slow with a 203 but by the fourth game got lined up and shot a 300 finished with a 268. tried it this morning on a travel league on a fresh shot played 8 up 5 shot 738 with front 9 before a 8-10 in the pocket in the second game. For the money you'll be hard pressed to find a more versatile yet hard hitting ball on the market. I don't throw the ball very hard but i was sending pins flying all over the place it really mixes up the pins.
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Monster Stitch on November 12, 2007, 03:32:06 PM
3 inch pin
3 oz top


5 x 3-1/2
Pin under ring, cg kicked out 2 inches approximately, weight hole almost on pap

I have to admit that this ball is strogner than advertised. It is suppose to be for medium to light oil but it really handles medium. From juding from the Hammer Arsenal i have, the Cherry Vibe is 2 to 3 feet longer than the Blue Vibe with a ton of backend. On a normal THS, i compared the CV to my BWP. Both looked very similar in a way except for the BWP having a stronger midlane and a little less backend. On the THS i can play out and straight up the lane with no problem. The CV responds to different hand positions well and hits like a mad truck. The pins stay low and fly across the deck like no other. It's amazing. I believe this ball will make it to one of the ball of the year categories for sure.

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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Blistershurt on December 05, 2007, 04:15:19 PM
I love this ball had it for a few months to solve my dry problem. This ball can be a bit of a problem child because it is ill advertised. It is much stronger than anticipated.

Specs: 270-300 rpm, low axis tilt, medium axis rotation, 18-19 mph.
Ball specs: 2-3 inch pin, 3.75 oz top weight

First Drill

I threw a standard drill on this, big mistake. I had it with the pin to PAP distance at 5 1/4 inches, CG up by the fingers, slight CG shift to the right, almost in line with ring finger (righty)

Ball reaction: Lets say that this drill made alot of balls look bad. This drill that i had usually had the ball snapping so hard that it was a medium ball at least, any less and it would be uncontrollable. This drill DID NOT handle the short well, it created alot of midlane roll (typical of a pearl ball, but not like the amount I saw).  This drill I noticed had quite a bit of hold, no squirt though. If you want a good strike ball at a bargain price, buy a Cherry Vibe and drill it up slightly stronger than this, you'll end up with a predictable ball reaction that is very consistant, forgiving, and doesnt go through the breakpoint easy

Second Drill

Pin to PAP: 6 inches
CG position: middle of grip

Ball  reaction: Oh yes. Bring on the dry. I tried throwing this on an oily shot, lots of hand, down to about 15 mph straight down the 10 was the only way this came back, and it wasnt even that oily of a shot, more like a medium-oily shot.

This ball I have noticed handles all length of oil with a good, predictable, strong backend motion I have not seen out of any ball for "entry" level performance. That being said, I throw this ball my regular speed about 15-7 on a shot that is dry, and it will come back with some hitting power.

This is the drill type you wanna get for this ball if you want a dry lane condition ball, it also responds very well to hand position and speed adjustments.

Overall: The Cherry Vibe is another great ball from Hammer, just be weary of how reactive it actually is. And this thing does soak the oil, if I could stand having oil come out on my hand on my shots I might neglect cleaning it but I cant, needs a bath along with the rest of the stuff once every week or two. This ball has great hitting power, only beat by my Anger and BW.
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Shadow29 on December 21, 2007, 02:58:16 AM
I was looking for a ball that would help on short oil patterns. Well this is not the ball. I drilled this ball with the dual angle system and to give you a little history it should have worked perfectly. I used a 70 degree drilling angle and a 4  1/2 to pap by a 65 degree val angle. This ball hooks more than my black Widow pearl. The Black Widow Pearl is Drilled with the same angles. I wanted something to go to when the BWP strated to jump. Well I guess I'll keep looking...
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: wcknight on January 14, 2008, 02:47:16 PM
Bought a 15 lb cherry Vibe just before Christmas to use on normally very oily lanes as a 'spare ball' for my Resurgence.  Big mistake for a spare ball, but worked great when my resurgence was hooking way too much.  I used the Vibe to salvage two decent games as a first ball, getting strikes with some regularity from the outside (over the first arrow).  

BUT on spares it hooked out on a ten pin. Made a 90 degree turn just in the last foot or two, and chopped the 3-6 off the 3-6-10 twice off hits the looked perfect on the right side of the 3 pin.  Much better to use plastic on the 10 pin or set ups like the 3-6-10.

Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: BoatMyster on January 15, 2008, 07:53:25 PM
Bowler Specs -

Lefty, PAP 5" over, 7/8" up
RPM: 375-400
Speed: 15-17.5 mph
Average: 225+

This is the first ball I've felt compelled to post about.  While I've liked many others, this is a ball that I feel just isn't getting its deserved praise.  Like many others, I bought this ball in September for drier lanes, and didn't expect it to do much.  

Pin (about 3") - in bridge, one inch above fingers; CG on midline, very slightly kicked out, no weight hole needed.  

This ball crosses more boards than anything else in my abundant arsenal.  Having more hand than almost all lefties, it's rare that I can play this ball outside of 3rd arrow on THS.  On fresh back-ends or short sport patterns, this ball is just far too much in the back.  On lanes where carry-down or spotty heads starts plaguing pin-carry, this ball gives you a look UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE OUT THERE.  It goes straight for 40 feet and then just makes a right turn.  Unlike other balls which give tremendous length, if I miss in, the ball doesn't skid right past the pocket or leave a weak corner pin, but picks up the roll and levels the pins.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for players with higher rev rates and speed, but think that it is too over-under for strokers or weak tweeners.  I've even had success  on my difficult collegiate conditions with oil patterns from 42' and up.  I target 10 as my breakpoint, and just adjust my feet as needed.  

While this should never be your first ball out of the bag, the reaction is far too unique for every power player not to own one of these.  This might be the best Game 3 ball I've ever owned.
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Will07 on January 18, 2008, 08:30:46 PM
First I have to say this ball in the hands of the right style of bowler is more aggressive than advertised.

Since my style cranker 18 mph around 500 rpm this ball has a way different reaction than a tweener with 250 rpm.


For me, this ball clears the heads with ease, not dependent on head oil. With that said I have had few balls clear the heads so easily yet have a huge backend reaction, such as this ball does. I can play a swing shot hooking the whole lane, or play straight up 5 the ball clears the heads the same.

The angularity for me is insane, easily comparable to the ebonite angular one in the turn off the dry. With that said this is all due to my style, and would not have that same reaction for a less aggressive style of bowler.

I have one video I left a 10 but you can get an idea of the aggressive move off the dry
Ths freshly oiled 42 feet in length tapered at 35 feet from 10-1 flooded inside dry outside buffed backends

this shot was 17.2 mph slow cus it was a fresh shot
and around 450 due to not being warmed up


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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Matt Fortney on January 19, 2008, 11:44:53 PM
My PAP: 5 1/4" over by 3/4" up. 15-15.5 mph. Above average revs. I'd say I'm somewhere in between tweener and cranker.

Drilling: 4 1/4" X 4 1/2".

THS-Surprise surprise surprise. That's the best word to describe this thing. Expected a skid/snappy reaction, but wow this thing MOVES off the spot. Goes probably a couple feet longer than my toxic, and turns. Great hit and carry. As far as overall hook potential, it's not much less than my Toxic. Definitely hooks more than I expected.


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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: tonsoffun49 on February 08, 2008, 09:07:42 PM
I won this ball in a raffle back in November. I paid $20 for tickets and won. lol. But man I love this ball. I have it drilled CG half inch up from thumb and 1/4 inch right from mid span, pin 1/4 inch away from ring finger at 4 o' clock, 600 grit sand.


I originally had it at 4000 grit sand with polish and it was an amazing med/light oil ball. But it didn't fit into my arsenal so I sanded it to 600 and now its my heavy oil ball. This ball is super strong now. I may have to take it back to 800/1000 grit because its a little too strong. But it has a great smooth arc.
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Stever5000 on April 04, 2008, 07:28:20 AM
4x3.5 Layout, no x-hole
OOB surface
Super Cranker with lots of tilt

Wood Lanes (with guardian): There's a new sheriff in town!  I punched up this cherry vibe in hopes that I could carry the corner pins a lot better toward the later frames of the set as my Ebonite Raid started to lose its carry.  Here's the thing about the cherry vibe:  it's not a "benched" ball.  It likes to run the show, basically.  I have found great success starting a set with the cherry vibe, carrying the oil down the lane a bit (with the polished finish) then using my Raid after the transition.  The cherry vibe is VERY strong off the dry and will hold in the oil if you need it to.  It is a very versatile piece on both fresh shots and broken-down shots.

Synthetic Lanes (HPL):  As to be expected from any flippy ball, the cherry vibe does appear to be a little touchy.  I find it more rewarding to play a little tighter with less axis tilt when on these lanes.  Don't let the free-hook overwhelm you or you will be sorry when you miss a few boards and leave a nasty split.  No trouble carrying corners, rather entry angle is so sharp I've started religiously leaving 9s.

OVERALL:  A very surprisingly strong, underrated piece of equipment that I would suggest to anyone looking for a new best friend.  When you're down and out.. feel the vibe.  The Cherry Vibe!
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: pbadreamin on April 20, 2008, 11:05:30 AM
Weight: 15 3oz
Pin: 3 inch, used 1/1/2 pin buffer for VAL
Pin to PAP: 5-1/2 (mb 1inch to right of thumb) Pin up
PAP: 5-3/4 1/4 under
Style: Cranker speed and rev matched
Ball reaction: Skid/flip

I bought this mid priced performance ball to get a more competitive look on league night when the alley wants to put light oil out...Hammer has done it again!!!

Med-light oil:
   Its hard to miss with this one Very Very strong ball in the back end...I swing this ball with no problem..32 on the floor..20-17 on the lanes..belly to about 8 at the break... lots of light mixer hits, sends a lot of messengers!!! its a fun fun ball to roll..flips with ease...stays revved up all the way to the head pin..Watch out for the hang..A good bumper, east  to west coast ball..
     Out of box finish is long and strong..Skates through the heads exceptionally well..I broke the cover down to 1000 abralon & polished it back up..I got a better hold down lane, less squirmy..Same carry..Ball rolled up maybe a foot earlier..less light hits overall..better read
    Med-heavy oil:
  Ummmm....I pulled it out during a tourney..played down and end, and of course it had no problem hitting the 1-3..It was just real tight..Due to to extreme back end and angle this ball can produce, I was ringing 10's..tried to belly the ball a little and got caught up with the oil a little.. I give it a 5-10 on this could be played though, just not with a lot of area..Its for light stuff anyway..
  Quick jump off the dry, but predictable, blows the pins wild! Superior on med-light Can play almost anywhere with it..All hand releases work to tame the back end down.. When you other stuff is a tad bit to strong...pull this one out...It will open up the lanes...Reminds me of the Trauma from Storm....But on lighter volumes...I love this ball when the lanes really permit...Good for second shift.. A good solid rock from Hammer with a good price tag..Very under-rated.

Good luck
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: abrown on October 03, 2008, 03:37:18 PM
this is the second cherry i've drilled up and all i can say is you cant beat the vibes there amazing for the price. i needed something to be nice smooth and predictable so i drilled this ball up with a rico layout and it has not let me down i've been able to throw it and this ball works better than any of my other stuff on a house shot. its smooth doesn't jump and hits like a train
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Too Much Head on February 11, 2009, 04:43:10 PM
I am a rather petite woman who cannot generate enough ball speed to control the back end drive that this ball has.  The house I bowl in has decided to save money on lane oil, so I am bowling on semi-dry lanes.  In order to compensate, I am standing way left of center and trying to hit around the fifth board.  Without enough ball speed, this can be dangerous if there is oil on the outside few boards.  I am going back to my pro to have some top weight removed and if that doesn't work, I will switch to the Emerald Vibe, which has less flip at the back end.

My advice for the small women out there is that if you can maintain a ball speed of at least 15 mph, you will have a ball that crushes the pins.  I am determined to stick with the Vibe which I only use for my first ball.  I use a plastic ball for spares.
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: NYYTony on October 30, 2009, 01:59:31 PM
I bought a Cherry Vibe to replace my Storm Barbed Wire, but I have to say I was disappointed in the hooking ability of the CV. I generally practice on second shift synthetic and this ball just didn't make much of a move to the pocket. When I adjusted my speed to really slow (probably in the 12-13 mph range) I could get it to move, but as I increased speed the ball would tend to slide into the 3 pin (
I'm a righty, a medium revs tweener. I bought this ball based on glowing reviews and I wish I could add my voice to that chorus, but based on my experience I would not recommend this ball.
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: Bluff on January 27, 2010, 12:52:32 PM
15lb 3-4pin top 2.75
Pin 5 1/2
CG 4 1/2

Wow This ball hooks more than I expected. I punch this for dry lanes for vegas but it hook when my c-system 2.5 is not. I don't get why. It clears the heads with ease and the carry is AWESOME. This ball makes me want to switch all to hammer
1st use and the ball is paid for lol. a must have for anyone.

use it in vegas on 39 foot with out of bounce shot. I have no idea what pattern but 10 and out will not come back. I use this 15 to 12 and it crush the rack without any 10 pins THE BEST thing is I can use this ball all 12 games I bowl.
I rate this a 10 out of 10 and a must for anyone.
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Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: shield14 on September 07, 2017, 09:58:25 AM
NEW 2017 CHERRY VIBE!!!!!!!
Here you have it Hammer Fans!!  The Cherry Vibe!!!  I personally love the low differential pieces!!!  My pin up Cherry Vibe is amazingly clean through the front part of the lane followed by a predictable angular motion on the backend.  The Vibes are a must piece in your bag!!!!
Title: Re: Vibe Cherry
Post by: TamerBowling on October 09, 2017, 02:22:17 PM
2017 Cherry Vibe review...
For full review and video check it out:

The Hammer Cherry Vibe is a winner. I will undoubtedly be keeping one in my personal bag again. Extremely high bang for the buck. Consistent and reliable ball reaction. Can actually be used on lower volumes effectively. Has a very continuous motion through the pins. Core/cover match up is perfect. On medium and lower volume house shots, this is easily the first ball out of the bag if you are a tweener. Strokers may prefer more surface to start or using this as the pattern breaks down. Surely a cranker can use this 1st out of the bag. Thatís it. I always wished I hadnít gotten rid of my 1st Cherry Vibe, Hammer did me a huge favor.