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Title: Vicious Attack
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Available weights: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Vicious Attack does just what the name says, it
performs a sneak attack on the pins. Although the entire Vicious family is known for their killer angle, Vicious Attack hooks more than any Vicious ball to date. With Power Whip™ reactive resin and an asymmetric core design, you better make sure Vicious Attack is on your side.

Line Vicious
Color Black/Yellow
Coverstock Reactive
Core 2-piece Asymmeterical
RG 2.51
Differential 0.043
Factory finish Matte
Weights 12 thru 16lbs
Lane Conditions Medium-Heavy Oil
Cleared ABC Feb 2003
Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Bill on June 17, 2003, 10:35:53 PM
I drilled this ball as soon as it arrived. I laid the ball out with the Pin 4 1/4", the CG 3 3/8", and the LMB 4 1/4".

I tried this ball on a variety of shots from light oil to heavy oil. On the Medium-Light Oil, I was able to swing the ball from 15 to 5 at about 45 feet and the ball would turn the corner and explode the pocket. On Medium-Heavy oil, I was able to go more direct and play a lot less of swing. With the layout that this ball has, the ball reved up early for me and made a smooth arcing motioin to the pocket.

If you have any questions please email me.

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Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: Wood on June 29, 2003, 11:34:00 AM
I'm very impressed with this ball.  It is an animal ready to ATTACK the pins.  My Vicious Attack had a pin placement of 3 1/4" and I stacked the pin, cg, and the LMB all in-line with my ring finger.  This allowed the ball to have a strong mid-lane roll, but still have the power to hit.  On the fresh house shot I could get in and swing it to the dry (15 to 5) or I could tighten up and play an 18 to 13 and still have a consistent reaction.  This ball matches up with the Vicious Particle Pearl very well, and when you need a little more mid-lane, this ball can give you what you need with out loosing the hitting power.
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Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: The_Spirit on July 14, 2003, 03:36:15 PM
I got the Attack because I wanted a reactive ball with predictable performance and irresistible entry into the pocket. And that is precisely what I got! I was able to play a straight line throught the Christmas tree oil pattern over the third arrow with a great recovery, or swing it out to 1st arrow with an even arc and watch it so search and destroy with the pocket! I love it! Though speed-sensitive, I could move left or right and easily adjust to the shot, though swinging it out left 3 out 7 10-pins. All in all, I recommend this as a performance player's dream. I had it drilled for full leverage per the Hammer specs with a weight hole @ PAP. Remember, NOTHING hits like a Hammer!

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Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: Ron Ware on August 02, 2003, 04:04:45 PM
This is the most hooking ball out of the Vicious line in its out of the box condition.  For you slow or stroker type bowlers, you can throw this in its original factory tweaked coverstock but for you crankers, you'll have to shine it up a bit.  And it shines up real well.

What more can you say about a real strong ball....depending on your ball speed and amount of hand, you can dictate your entry to the pocket on a normal house condition and create ALL the area you want with this ball.  Even the straighties will have to bend their shot a bit because of its brute power!!  You will definitely make those pins RETREAT with the Vicious ATTACK!!!

Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: gamersbrother on September 09, 2003, 04:09:18 PM
i needed a ball to hook through the oil. my brother gamer recommended this ball to me. he normally knows what ball to use for different conditions. he couldn't have been more wrong this time. I've used the ball on two league nights and have a combined handicap total pinfall of 1012. and this is 90% of 220 were talking here. my cousins hit sparkle hooks more than this ball. and how about a nice smell. when you buy a storm product the ball has a pleasant smell. it makes your whole bowling experience enjoyable. its like aroma therapy. hammer has really taken a turn for the worse. the only people that can use this line of equipment must use a stop and hop delivery. sorry about rambling on but I'm really disappointed, and from now on I'm gonna listen to my cousin backwards pirhanna. he has always said two fingers is the way to go. the more fingers the more mistakes. besides I'm tired of being low man on the team.
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Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: Oahu Bowler on September 25, 2003, 09:05:03 PM
Picked this ball up from Jkiser.  (another excellent BR member to do business with)  15lb 2-3" pin, drilled stacked leverage.  A really nice aggressive ball that goes pretty long and makes a nice turn at the break point.  I havent tried it out on super oily lanes, so Im not sure how it will do on those conditions.  For me, freshly oiled top hat to about 45', the Vicous Attack worked well.

Aloha, Dale
Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: chawk on November 22, 2003, 11:51:51 PM
Thank you for reading my review.

The Vicious Attack is a very non reactive ball for me. I have a lot of hand in the ball and my line is normally from the 17th board out to about the 9th board.
With this ball my line is pointing the ball up the tenth board and most times that still won't make the pocket. I am very disappointed with this ball compared to my other vicious that is drilled exactly the same way. Since I do not know all the lingo all I can tell you is the ball is drilled with the pin out 1 inch from the finger and the cg is 2 inches below and slightly to the right of the  finger. According to my ball driller this ball should hook a ton and all it does is roll out as soon as it hooks.
Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: TruckFreak69 on November 23, 2003, 02:24:48 AM
Perhaps the reason it's not hooking is it's burning up too much energy in the heads, try moving inside more with it, that should save some energy for the backends.
Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: mdagost103 on December 03, 2003, 12:37:53 PM
Have this ball for awhile. The pro shop i used drilled it all wrong. Ball has an ounce of side weight in it and moves like a b**tch. When the ball hits the pins though its defenetly solid. I can throw this ball out to the 2 board and watch it come all the way back into the pocket and end with a nice solid hit. Great hammer ball just wish it was drilled correctly.
Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: Solid8 on December 09, 2003, 01:08:16 PM
Great ball, predictable performance, drilled with mid 3X3 stack with pin just under ring finger, rolls up solid on blown out oil with lots of hitting power, just threw on fresh heavy oil for the first time, plays even better.  Great back ends, I LIKE THIS BALL!!
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Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: Juggernaut on June 04, 2004, 02:59:20 AM
I have been having trouble controlling the breakpoint since my center shortened up the oil a bit, so, since I had heard this was a good "control" ball, I thought I would give it a try.

  Most of my stuff is drilled strong, except for my granite gargoyle, so I had him use a lower flaring pin position and keep the c.g. in the palm.

  Ball weight is 14lb. Pin is out 2 1/8 in. Topweight was 2.5oz

  Ball speed about14-15 M.P.H., approx 350-400 revs, minimal axis tilt ( 10-15 degrees), and about a 40-45 degree axis rotation

  We set this ball up with a pin to pap distance of 3 in and a c.g. to pap of 4 in, putting the M.B. 1 1/2 in. left of thumbhole in the track.  After drilling the ball had 0 finger, 1/8 oz side (positive), and 7/8 oz top. After throwing a few, I decided to put a weighthole in to change the weights. I put the x-hole just above the last flare ring, in the thumb positive quadrant, and angled it down and away from the fingers.  After the hole was added, it has 1/2 finger, 1/8 side (negative) and 1 top.

  I also decided to add a light shine to it to help it clear the heads. I left the factory finish on it and added a light polish using finesse it and water with a foam pad.  Ball shined up some, but you can still see the finish marks in the coverstock.

  The pattern I shoot on is a typical house shot (THS) with an "out of bounds" outside of five. I lined my feet up on 30, playing the ball over 14, out to 7 or 8, and this ball was GOLDEN!

  The polish let it clear the heads until the heads became very dry with a smooth read of the midlanes and a tremendous arcing move to the pocket and the carry was phenomenal. I literally had a shot 3 boards wide at the target, and probably more than that at the breakpoint.  If I tugged it, it would just sit and roll up at the pocket.  If I pitched it out, it would make a smooth read of the oil line and make a big sweeping arc to the pocket.  If I got it off my hand clean and got anywhere near my mark, it was in the pocket, and most of the time it carried, even on shots I usually leave the ringing 10.  The first night out with it this evening my games were 278-218-263(with an open) for a 759, and a 248 last game for 1007 four game set. 251.75 average. Not bad for a first set.

  On a scale of 1-10, I would have to rate this one about 8.5, but that is because it is drilled for a fresh shot with backends.  If I were sure that it was more versatile, I would give it a higher rating.

  This is a good ball, but be sure it is what you are looking for.  Because of its characteristics, it may be susceptible to carrydown conditions.

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Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: Hammerbowler165 on December 12, 2004, 05:58:15 PM
I just picked up the ball yesterday and what a weird difference. I was using a Ebonite Predator but it was drilled wrong..thumb pitch..span..etc.. So I took it to a different driller who actually made the ball come off my hand! It's a little frustrating though only shot 167-171-197 with a 220 average. I dont think its the ball though, jsut the different drill that I have to get used to. Ball hasgood backend with minimal skid midlane, and hits very solid into the pocket. I am LH and play 10-5, but I am steal learning to lift the ball correctly and I think thats my problem..Great overall ball. Good Job Hammer!
Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: RevLefty on January 23, 2005, 10:12:02 PM
This ball has wicked backend and sharp entry angle.

specs:  15lb 4in pin and 2.5 top weight.

Drilling:  Pin just under ring with cg kicked positive just slightly with it coming to rest left and just above thumb with mb in strong position. no balance hole need.

I have had this ball sice it came out.  Have you ever had a ball that you like the look but you never can seem to find a condition that it is just perfect for.  I am a lefty tweener that has high ball speed.  Get about 30 degrees of axis tilt.  This ball is a monster on just about any condiiotn i have left dull and current ly have slight polish on it.  It gets thru heads clean on mo.  This ball gets thru heads well on most coditions read mid lane ok but has wicked back end on all condiotns except flood.  If you need a ball that you need back this is your ball.  Also if you have carry down problems and need somthing to get thri it this is your ball.  If you like to whell from the deep this will turn the corner for you and give you that great angle to poclet that is why this ball doesnt fit my game cause i dont whell from the deep inside of the lane but great ball none the less.great over all ball think i gonna drill another weaker than this one .Give solid 8.5 of ten
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Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: SNELLER300 on March 22, 2005, 11:02:35 PM
Way too many 2-10 spilts with this ball.  It is deadly if your speed is correct every time.  Too slow and it roars through the nose for a greek church.  Too fast and it's past the breakpoint and you have a 2-10.  I had a strong drilling on it, may work better with a much weaker drilling.  Overall average ball.
Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: dizzyfugu on May 04, 2005, 02:04:03 PM
A very good ball! I got my Vicious Attack, as most of my equipment up to date, through ebay. Although it had been drilled 2 times before and plugged by an amateur at home, surface and track area were in pretty good condition. The old plugs were... ugly, at best: a tar-like, grainy stuff, protruding from the ball surface. Well, I paid EUR 40,- (currently ~ $50 ) for it, plus some major surgery in the pro shop's emergency room, new drilling for length and late hook, plus inserts and surface prep (see below). But it was a worthwhile investment, I must say.

I'd like to thank RevLefty for sharing experience with his polished Vicious Attack in the Hammer forum of this site, and Brian Graham at Hammer/Ebonite for his quick support concerning drilling suggestions for this ball! Great service at Hammer/Ebonite. Thumbs up!

About me:
Style = Stroker/mild Tweener, right-handed
Speed = 13,5-14,5 mph
PAP = 5" & 7/8"^
Axis tilt = 18,7°
Revs = 250-300 RPM at release
For more details, check out my profile, please.

The ball setup:

The ball is a 3 3/8“ pin-out and was set up for medium conditions, as a solution for late games on an oily shot: Pin ended up at ~4 1/2" from PAP, positioned 1" at 12:00 above the ring finger hole, and the CG 2 1/2" under it, stacked. MB marker located at 90° from PAP, positioned at 2:00 of thumb hole. Thumb & silicone finger inserts, no x-hole necessary.


* = Pin
# = CG
m = LMB marker/mass bias

Picture of this ugly thing here. In search of length (based on the 800 grit box condition for heavier oil) and a smooth reaction, I had the ball finished with a ~1.500 grit, wet hand-sanded surface. Sheen. No polish, but enough glaze to get it through light oil/spotty heads and offering enough grip for a controllable reaction on dry ground and carrydown. This was absolutely right!

Testing program:

First tests were made on the played-down 40' sports pattern with slick Brunswick synthetic surface to see what the ball was capable of. I found the Vicious Attack to be an amazingly strong and sharp ball! After some games with my Fuze Eliminator (and additional games of my pals with other soaker balls) I switched to my new weapon – and it worked fine! I stood at 28th board with my right shoe tip and played over 16/17th board (the area 3' behind 3rd arrow, to be exact).

From the start, the Vicious Attack impressed me with consistency and very good pin carry, and it kept up this performance until now (edited May 06). On the spotty lane the ball still showed a clear skid/roll/hook pattern. It did not react snappy, but with a hard, noticeable break at about 42' down the lane, revving up nicely and delivering powerful hits. I was able to maintain this good performance until all the head oil was gone. Then, seeking some oil and moving deeper inside, the ball kept working fine and came back to the pocket with energy. I was able to hold almost the same line as with my Eliminator before, but the Vicious Attack went longer, more angular, and wrecked the pins. Both balls make a great combo for me.

Another lane I played was a fresh medium 35' THS pattern. It is walled, 7 outside boards are bone dry. Grippy Brunswick synth lanes. Here, the Vicious Attack shed its bright light, too. Again aiming at 17th board as before, but now standing at 32nd board with my right shoe tip, I was able to send the ball down the lane with a wide range for error: when the ball went to the outside it recovered easily on the dry THS boards and got back to the pocket. When I played it more inside it just skidded longer in the oil, still breaking nicely and rolling forward into the pins. When the lane dried up, the ball started to react earlier and I got more Brooklyn hits. But the good carry of this ball compensated well!

On the same occasion I played my Raging Red Fuze as a benchmark. The Red Fuze has the same drilling (See my review there for details), and it performed overall stronger than the solid Vicious Attack, but with a different reaction. I was standing at 33rd board, and the Red Fuze produced a rather arcing hook and an earlier roll, probably due to its lower RG core and higher differential. But the Red Fuze was less controllable, delivering many more Brooklyn hits and needing more speed. The Vicious Attack, even sheen, was cleaner and had a sharper breakpoint.

Some conclusions:

My experiences with the Vicious Attack surprised me positively, and it amazes me ever more. I was looking for a special purpose ball, but the Vicious Attack is one of my certain balls in the bag when I go to league and tournament. It is strong and versatile, at least with my specific setup. I give it an overall 9 out of 10, and I am very pleased with it.

Lane utility for tested ball (pattern length vs. oil volume):

|S M L
|h e o
|o d n
|r . g
|0 + X| Light volume
|0 X +| Medium volume
|+ X +| Heavy volume

X = Best suited with effective control & carry
+ = Fairly suited (works, somehow, but lacks control)
0 = Unsuited (ineffective, either slips or burns up)

The chart concept is borrowed from Storm's 2003 catalogue - IMHO a very good overview tool. Surface prep and drillings may change the results, it is just personal experience with my style

With my sheen 1.500 grit surface the ball's coverstock already has a LOT of traction to offer. The coverstock is pretty strong - stronger than I expected!It works with this surface preparation well on fresh medium shots to played-down heavier oil patterns: It moves cleanly and breaks surprisingly sharp for a solid reactive. Additionally, the Vicious Attack seems to work very well together with the low mass bias core on a wide range of lane conditions. It offers easy control where my reactive pearls would go spasmic, with a convincing lane performance and steady pin carry. Kablash!

With some simple coverstock adjustments it is probably suitable for anything except toasted lanes. Opening up the ball's surface to box condition (800 grit sanded) will certainly allow you to play deep(er) oil. But beware: its aggressive solid coverstock will certainly burn out on a dry backend and in the lack of oil! Also, watch out for dry heads. On the other side, I can imagine that a polish on a fresh pattern and some clean back end will make this ball a real flip monster (RevLefty IS right!).

Besides, the Vicious Attack looks striking with its yellow and black swirls... reminds me somehow of Swiss cheese! Maybe the holes...?

Nevertheless, a great and versatile ball for a lot of occasions! More than I expected.

Addendum Nov. 2006:
The ball is still in my bag as a fall-back option, especially for carrydown situation on later, oily shots. As an alternative to my standard 1.500 grit surface I also tried 2.000 Abralon. Left the ball with a much "glossier" surface, and to my surprise it lost much of its good grip and good nature. This was surprise to me , since I expected a little more length and a slightly sharper break point. But the only thing that resulted was its usability on lighter conditions... Well, took it back to 1.500, and it performs as nicely as before.


DizzyFugu --- Reporting from Germany
Team "X" league website:
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Title: Re: Vicious Attack
Post by: Dannys440 on February 12, 2006, 11:26:08 PM
Great ball, had it drilled up for a smooth arc or as close as possible(the pin was out about 1/2",left to right).

Info on me
Bowlin type: Cranker
RPM:250-425(depends on how mad I am)
Ball specs:15Lbs,Pin dist. 3-4"
span:4 7/16,4 5/16
ball drilling:*pin,^cg,#LMB,@ weight hole

House: wood
Oil:approx 40'
Ball was bought off of here,cant remember who,Paid 15 for it. Had it drill as close a possible for smooth arc,it is, to a certain point. At that paint it becomes a very angular ball.Controllable angle though.Ball is pollished(state that I got it in)I like this ball, I would reccpmend it if you can find one.

Inferno best ball I have ever thrown!!!

I hate this commin in last BS!!!

AIM: Dannys440

Ifo on me:
Age: 15
Type of bowler: Cranker,with out the high back swing
Balls(owned by me, not used by me): OI(x3),VooDoo, Vicious attack,blade pearl,blade particle,red pearl hammer,orange messenger