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Blade Pearl
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »

Color: Navy/Silver

Coverstock: Reactive Pearl

Core: 2-piece

Factory finish: Polished

Lane Conditions: Medium-Light Oil



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Re: Blade Pearl
« Reply #16 on: June 13, 2003, 12:31:32 PM »
WOW! The perfect complement for the Blade Solid. Had this one punched up 4 X 3
with small weight hole. Was going to stack it like my Solid, but backed off a
bit for some more control. Turns out to be the perfect drill! Ball clears the heads with ease and gets several feet longer down the lane due to the cover, but once it makes it's turn to the pocket, look out! Absolute devastation! I've never seen pin action like this ball creates. Flush pocket shots, forget it. Light hits send messengers everywhere. The only problem I see are occasional stone 9's, but who's gonna complain about THOSE? Have used it on med
to freshly oiled shots, both with excellent results! Whoever said this ball CANNOT be used on oil just don't have the hand because this one will move if you make it. Have yet to use on dry yet but I can only guess it would excel there as well. Great job Hammer! A true winner, especially at the price you can snag one of these babies for! What are you waiting for G-Thing???


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Re: Blade Pearl
« Reply #17 on: August 03, 2003, 09:26:48 PM »
I've had this ball for a  little under a year and all I can say is wow.  This is the perfect skid/snap ball. I have my high series of 708 with ball.  I think everyone should have one.  I'm first in line for Hammer's new Sling Blade.  Hammer is making some great stuff. I give this ball a 9 out of 10.


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Re: Blade Pearl
« Reply #18 on: January 08, 2004, 01:28:54 AM »
Excellent ball for the medium-dry lanes. I pull this bad boy for my third game most of the time. Awesome length, with great backend. Don't recommend it for fresh conditions if you like to hook it. If you need a ball that goes long and hits hard in the dry, pick one up, cheap...
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Re: Blade Pearl
« Reply #19 on: January 21, 2004, 05:59:16 PM »
     first of all  - I am not a pro so I cannot tell you how the ball was drilled - where the holes went or anything like that - I went to a pro shop - he asked me how I bowled - I showed him and he hooked me up.  I had been bowling with a old AMF triple white dot since 1979 and was happy with it until my house switched from wood to synthetic lanes and my old ball just did not perform at all.  I looked around and purchased a 15 lb Hammer Blade Pearl and had it drilled finger tip.  I am not a hooker - I like to roll my ball nice and slow and watch it roll from my end of the lane in the pocket and the first time I rolled this ball and saw it grab the lane and curve gently into the pocket - tears almost came to my eyes.  My high game has been a 217 with it - I have a league average of 151 now - when I first got the ball I had been stuck at 138.
If there is one dislike I have toward the ball it is this - when I leave a 10 pin I have to allow for the slight curve that the ball takes even when it is thrown straight but I am learning how to adjust for that and believe that this ball is going to be my main ball for a couple of years.  This ball has made bowling fun again.



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Re: Blade Pearl
« Reply #20 on: January 29, 2004, 12:48:41 PM »
A little background before the review.  I'm 27 and have been bowling in leagues since I was 4, including four years of collegiate bowling.  I've used approximately 40 different balls since I started bowling.

I purchased the Blade Pearl one year ago (Jan '03) because I liked it so much at the Hammer Demo Days in Elkhart, IN.  It is #15, 1.5" pin, CG in palm and pin under ring finger.  I know a lot of people say this often, but I must say that this is the BEST ball I have ever used.  It gives me a consistent, smooth reaction that is easily adaptable from playing down and in to getting inside of the fourth arrow.  Even though this is a pearl ball, it is well suited to standard house conditions and medium oil patterns.  If you are looking for a "Go-To" ball, this is it!  I can always pull this ball out at the beginning of the night to get an excellent read of the lane conditions.  Trust me I have used and owned so many other balls and my comparison, this is the most predictable, smoothest, and best-hitting ball by far.

As of this time last year (Jan. 2003), I didn't have any 300 games nor any games above 297.  Since purchasing the Blade Pearl one year ago I have shot five 300's, two 299's, one 298, one 297, and one 296 with it.  I also have one 800 series with it.  All of these scores were spread across five different houses, some synthetic and some wood.

About two months ago I noticed that it was not making the turn very well anymore.  The problem was COMPLETELY resolved by using the Ebonite powder restore system.  After one year, the reaction is not noticeably different than when it was new.


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Re: Blade Pearl
« Reply #21 on: April 19, 2004, 04:00:53 PM »
I really like this ball.  I recently picked this up and got it drilled with stack leverage.  I throw with high revs and medium to high speed.  I was afraid that the ball would overeact being that I was previously bowling with a polished Brunswick DZ2 and I was having trouble controlling it.  But I tell you this ball is very consistent.  I had been out of bowling for a while and when I came back I was rolling really bad.  But once I got this ball and got used to it. I realized that this ball keeps a true and consistent line I have been rolling lights out.  My high game with is ball is 276 and I have been averaging right at 200 in 6 to eight game sets.  Good ball Hammer.


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Re: Blade Pearl
« Reply #22 on: February 12, 2006, 11:01:19 PM »
Really like this ball has been a good ball,I think it is drilled stacked leverage. Hits like a truck, first hammer balled owned loved it so now i am hooked on hammer balls.
Inferno best ball I have ever thrown!!!

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