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Taboo Deep Purple
« on: August 23, 2012, 10:06:35 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00

- Color: Deep Purple
- Coverstock: GTR 4 Pearl
- Core: High Mass-Bias Gas Mask Core w/ Flip Block
- Factory Finish: 800 Abranet, 1000 Abralon, 2000 Abralon, 2000 Abralon
- Reaction: Hard-arcing shape with continuous backend motion
- Hook Potential: 24 (Finish-7, Cover-10, Core-7)
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- RG: 16#-2.51, 15#-2.50, 14#-2.49, 13#-2.53, 12#-2.60
- RG Differential: 16#-.049, 15#-.060, 14#-.057, 13#-.055, 12#-.039
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy to Heavy Oil
- Description: The Taboo series is back by huge popular demand. Hammer’s delivering the best Taboo yet with our fourth introduction in the series. The new Taboo Deep Purple features a reengineered coverstock system that creates a “different” kind of feel in Hammer’s high performance series. GTR 4 Pearl gives Hammer bowlers a hard arcing shape with continuous backend motion. Once again, we’re on to something different here at Hammer. The toughest brand in bowling just got tougher. Do something Taboo!



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Re: Taboo Deep Purple
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2012, 11:34:26 AM »

Games Used    10
Coverstock Finish    2000 & 4000 buff
Drilling Angle    60
Pin to PAP    4.5
Pin to VAL Angle    30
Bowler Type    Tweener (275-375 RPM)
Hand    Right
Ball Speed    16
Axis Rotation    35
Axis Tilt    15
PAP Horizontal    4 1/2
PAP Vertical    1/8 up
Staff Member    Yes
Lane Surface    Brunswick ProAnvilane
Lane Condition    41' house and PBA Cheetah
Check out the video here!
    The Hammer Deep Purple Taboo is a LARGE ball.  It is effortless to get the ball to roll.  On a 42' pattern the ball starts to read at 35' - 36' and just keeps going through the pin deck.  It is more of a "super hard arc" type of reaction.  The box finish was almost too strong for my release and speed.  I was about an arrow deeper than I play with my benchmark ball (Track 716T).  This ball hooked the most when I tried to stay "up the back".  If I tried to help it hook (increase my axis rotation) it was counter productive.  It just hooked in the oil and lost the entry angle to the pocket at the breakpoint.  If the ball could talk it would have said "hey, just put some speed behind me and I will do the rest!".  On a house shot this ball is OVERKILL for Low Speeds, High Axis Rotation or Low Tilt players.  The opposite though, will help immensely. If people tell you that you "need to slow the ball down if you want it to hook" THIS BALL IS FOR YOU.  If people tell you "you have to turn you hand more if you want it to hook" THIS BALL IS FOR YOU.  If people tell you "You spin the ball too much, it will never hook" THIS BALL IS FOR YOU.  All others be warned, THIS BALL GETS INTO A ROLL VERY EARLY AND IS VERY STRONG.
As for the Cheetah pattern.  I was a little nervous because I though the ball was not going to match up....I WAS WRONG.  On a short pattern it was exactly what the doctor ordered. It was a ball that rolled up early enough to control the backend and still had a ton of energy to bust the rack wide open.  I actually had way more miss room than my benchmark ball.  If you want to play the shot like it was intended, you should be using a low RG ball on Cheetah.  This ball has the perfect balance of core and cover to tame the Cheetah without trying to throw 1,000 mph up the ditch.

I didn't get to polish this ball in testing.  I believe it would have made it extremely and given me the control I was missing in the hook phase.  I didn't polish it because that was not the manufacture's intent with this entry.  The Taboo Jet Black is THAT ball.  I wanted to be honest with my review and give the Deep Purple it's credit for what it is.

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Re: Taboo Deep Purple
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2013, 08:59:17 AM »
Had this bad boy drilled up a few weeks ago - drilled pin up with agressive skid flip pattern. What a wild ride it's been. I'm a 210 plus average bowler and for the past 2 months I've AVERAGED 234. I have more 700's in the past 2 months than all the other years combined. And then it finally happened - my first 300 game after 40 years of bowling. Needless to say, I love this ball. I've had people come over and see what I'm bowling with because this thing hits so hard it reverberates all through the bowling alley. Great ball Hammer! Remember - while we still can - always buy USA made balls.


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Taboo Deep Purple
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2013, 01:21:22 PM »



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS, several Kegel patterns

COMMENTS:  When I heard Mr Ussery's comment on the Jet Black Taboo review that there would be no more Taboo releases I was sad.  Then it came!

Likes: A stronger ball yet in the Taboo line you ask?  YES there is.  The same fantastic Gas Mask Core with a stronger GTR IV Coverstock, 2000 Abralon gives this ball a huge downlane reaction that starts up in the mid-lane.

Dislikes:Definitely not for the drier lane conditions!