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Author Topic: Hammer Black Widow 3.0 (WWRD 1/25/2024)  (Read 13004 times)

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Hammer Black Widow 3.0 (WWRD 1/25/2024)
« on: January 17, 2024, 11:39:33 AM »
Hammer Black Widow 3.0     @15lbs  2.500  .058  .016  HK22
WWRD 01/25/2024    12-16 lbs   Alternate cores 12-13 lbs.  Volume- Medium to Heavy
Core- Gas Mask             Coverstock- HK22 Aggression Solid (NEW)
If it says Black Widow you know what’s inside, the popular Gas Mask core. What is new to the line is the HK22 Solid coverstock. This time the Aggression Solid package is added to the fastest rising base formula in bowling history. The 3.0 is not a replacement for the 2.0 (still selling greatly), but an addition for more volume and a slightly different shape due to the HK22. This ball would fit above the 2.0 and below the Extreme Envy. This could be a choice if you were contemplated the 2.0 as a solid asym bridge in your bag. Bill O’Neill recently won the PBA Players Championship using 2 Black Widow 3.0s. The Real Deal loves the Gas Mask core as do many bowlers.
Box Surface- 500/1000/2000 Siaair      Color- Black/Orange
Recommended Cleaner: Clean N’ Dull  
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