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Author Topic: Hammer Dark Web (WWRD 07/08/2022)  (Read 1886 times)

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Hammer Dark Web (WWRD 07/08/2022)
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Hammer Bowling has continued the Web series with another winner. Ever since the dual release of the Web and Web Tour Edition in 2018, the evolution of the Webs has built a great fan base. Different cores and covers gave them unique ball motions. The new Dark Web brings a new core built with D.O.T. and the cover that is found on the Black Widow 2.0. The Modified Spheroid has a flip block that helps increase overall ball motion. There is an alternate core that keeps the numbers close to the heavier counterparts in the 12-13lb balls. Built for Medium to Heavy volumes, the Dark Web gives bowlers a big solid symmetrical that fits under the Widow line.
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