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Author Topic: Hammer Effect (WWRD 3/21/2024)  (Read 2864 times)

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Hammer Effect (WWRD 3/21/2024)
« on: March 07, 2024, 06:10:51 PM »
Hammer Effect    @15lbs 2.470 .050 .017 HK22
WWRD 03/21/2024    12-16 lbs Alternate cores 12-13 lbs.  Volume- Medium to Heavy
Core- Huntsman (NEW)    Coverstock- HK22 Cohesion Pearl (NEW)
The Hammer Effect brings many new things to the Hammer line. Some bowlers look at the cover type and core numbers for their decision making and this is fine comparing two balls with the same cores. When something unique comes out, a deeper look into what is actually there is warranted. Let’s look at the new Huntsman core. You can see elements of two of the greatest cores in Hammer history- the Vibe and Gas Mask. Great performance is what is expected and has been seen with online reviews. The 12 and 13 pound choices will use Hammer’s High Performance Asym core found in the Extreme Envy for those weights. The difference maker is the new cover. When the public sees HK22, there is an understanding of stronger motion when the cover encounters friction. The chemists have different versions of the HK22 base (via additive packages) and the Effect is the first to use it in the Hammer Line. Cohesion is its name and the definition is “the act or process of sticking together”. Simply put, the ball adheres to the lane better. This is a stronger and continuous ball motion for a pearl in more volumes. The Effect will fit nicely between the Extreme Envy and the Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid. One more new component is that this is the first four color ball produced by Hammer. Each color pays homage to Hammer’s ball history. You can find that image online. FTF looks forward to rolling and comparing this one soon.
Box Surface- 500/1000/1500 Siaair/Factory Compound   Color- Maroon/Blue/Black/Purple
Recommended Cleaner: Hammer Magic Cleaner
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