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Author Topic: Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl WWRD 9/24/21  (Read 626 times)

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Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl WWRD 9/24/21
« on: September 21, 2021, 12:19:23 PM »
Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl (WWRD 09/24/2021)
The Hammer Obsession and Obsession tour have been making noise everywhere they hit the lanes. They are great for motion and control on heavier volumes. But we all know oil does go away after a number of games or there’s just a medium amount to start with. To offer a choice, Hammer presents the Obsession Tour Pearl. It has the same core as the Obsession Tour which offers a smooth asymmetrical motion, but with a clean through the front (Tour V2Pearl) and a flip motion that might be a little smoother that of a typical hockey stick shape. The Obsession Tour Pearl is a gold color and there is an alternate core for the 12 & 13 lb. balls and all have carbon fiber outer cores as well as D.O.T. for excellent drilling options.
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