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Author Topic: Hammer Scorpion Strike (WWRD 7/11/2024)  (Read 6361 times)

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Hammer Scorpion Strike (WWRD 7/11/2024)
« on: June 29, 2024, 05:58:52 PM »

Hammer Scorpion Strike      @15lbs 2.485 .045      HK22
WWRD 07/11/2024    (12-16lbs)      Alternate Cores 12-13lbs   Volume- Medium
Core- LED 3.0       Coverstock- HK22 Semtex Pearl
The Scorpion line has cemented its place in the Hammer Brand. Every piece has had its own identity and the Hammer Scorpion Strike continues that tradition. I have not kept it a secret that the Scorpion Low Flare is one of my favorite balls of all time. It does what it is designed for- a smooth and continuous motion from front to back. Some bowlers wanted more angularity and adjusted the surface to their liking for a later, sharper motion off the pattern with as much as a lower diff ball can muster. What the Scorpion Strike brings is that motion and more. This is due to return of the LED 3.0 core (Scorpion Sting 9/23/2022) and the HK22 base with the same Semtex Pearl additive package brings a Skid/Flip motion to the line. If you are bowling on a medium daily volume, I think the Scorpion Low Flare with its box surface (or more) and the Scorpion Strike would be a great 1-2 combo. Low Flare to get lined up and be a challenge to any cliffed patterns and then the switch after transition and angles can be opened up. The core numbers and the covers will give plenty of separation and I think your favorite sym drilling layout would be a good choice in both. The Scorpion Strike is built for Medium volumes and will produce a Skid/Flip motion.
Box Surface- 500/1000/1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound    Color- Black/Magenta/Indigo
Recommended Cleaner: Power House Ball Cleaner
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