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Title: Sweeps in Vegas, results
Post by: jkirkerx on March 11, 2018, 12:36:25 AM
So Iíve been talking about sweeps in Vegas for the last month and here is what the results are.

The pattern at the Oreleans was great. Seem like a heavy volume short pattern with a ton of friction in the back. I brought the Hyroad Nano, Jackal LE and Intense and had no problem getting to the pocket. The Orleans did not play like a low friction house this weekend.

I practiced bowled Friday morning at 9AM and it was pretty easy. The Intense was money, Jackal LE a little over under, and the Nano very versatile.

So how did I do? I did terrible.  Vegas is not my venue. My gear was great and tuned. My problem was with my hands swelled up, could not get my fingers in the ball, and my hands were wet with moisture.

 I ate at In and Out Burger, and the food was really salty. Then ate at subway, turkey and roast beef with Pepper cheese and by game 2 my hands were wet and could not keep them dry. That night I ate at Sabaro; 2 slices of Costco type pizza. Next day after 8 hours of sleep for sweeps, warmups were great, lights came on, and 1/2 way through first game my hands expanded and became wet.

Iím half Japanese and I eat this really low sodium diet of rice, fish, and a little protein. This western style processed food really messed with me.

Anyways. The Intense simply was money here. The Code Red would of been great as well. The 2 balls I bought for Vegas, Intense and Code Red would of been fine here and all I needed. The polished surface tones down over reaction in the backend.

I found out tonight that the Asian Restraraut at the hotel called Ondori would of made me a sort of off menu home cooked meal for a good price. Or I  could of went of went to the Etheopian place for some real food.
Title: Re: Sweeps in Vegas, results
Post by: rkj4243 on March 11, 2018, 10:00:13 AM
Thanks for reporting back, although sometimes the total experience and "lessons learned" make the trip/event worthwhile, even if the results were not as desired.

All should admire your planning, preparation and reporting back, as the most important thing to take away from this is not only your experience, but the enjoyment of the whole "big picture" while you were there.
Title: Re: Sweeps in Vegas, results
Post by: HackJandy on March 11, 2018, 11:30:54 AM
Sadly I eat more fast food than I should especially for my age. But yeah if not used to the semi poison it is I could totally see it totally wrecking any athletic performance.

Also I bought the following tool and can honestly say its a godsend for opening up ball holes in an emergency.  Pricey but very solid construction and at least for me already paid for itself in reduced re-drillings and fine tuning for the family.
Title: Re: Sweeps in Vegas, results
Post by: max revs on March 11, 2018, 03:39:16 PM
sucks man I feel your pain. That is one advantage to no grips and always drilling stuff a little big. My hands swell bad from work or bowling more then one day at a time so I have no finger inserts and drill everything a little big and use tape on normal days
Title: Re: Sweeps in Vegas, results
Post by: northface28 on March 11, 2018, 05:27:33 PM
Stop putting that shit in your body. Would you put syrup in your car and expect it to run at peak effiencency? It is astonishing what most people eat and then wonder why they are fat, sluggish and overall miserable.
Title: Re: Sweeps in Vegas, results
Post by: jkirkerx on March 11, 2018, 08:18:13 PM
Thanks for the comments :)

I just got back from Vegas, left at 7AM this morning. There were rain clouds everywhere; drove up Clark mountain into the rain clouds for 100 ft visibility, real heavy water content and darkness. But beat the young crazy drivers out of town. Then a real bad truck accident occurred in Victorville and backed up traffic for 20 miles. Itís a 274 mike drive across the Mojave desert and 5 large mountain to cross in case you live east of Las Vegas and have never made the trip by car.

So on the food subject here:
I quit coffee, then soda over 6 years ago after the same trip to the Orleans for bowling. The coffee kept jumping out of the cup and staining my clothes and car interior.  So I just drink water and ice and really cheap beer. Then as part of Dave Ramseyís debt free program, I quit eating at Restraurants and just eat meals prepared at home for the last 3 years. I go to the store and buy fresh food. I quit eating processed food as well, and that resulted in a 20 lbs drop in weight. In cSe your wondering I do smoke cigarettes.

I knew deli meats were bad but didnít factor other elements such as being in the desert, higher altitude, and bread and yeast and all the Bud Lights I had the. If the before all playing a part in swelling and real bad hand sweat.

Tournament and Sweeps.
At any rate, I had a God like moment and looked around at my 400 league friends and decided not to be selfish; for itís not about me and what I want, but about projecting a strong sense/energy of joy and happiness for everyone to absorb and share the special moment in time that were all together at once. I came to terms with it and my time will come soon. Iíll be back again in Sept 2018.
My car, Iím a tech gear head on the side:
 But yah, the car ran great this time; been working out some flaws from the last trip. I wasnít pasted by Honda Accords and other V6 engine cars. The new upstream O2 sensor and coolant mix 20/80, 89 Octane fuel, cat back exhaust system, suspension rework, replaced all the rubber bushings, gave me a E-ticket ride from Barstow to Stateline.

And my bowling toys:
The bowling gear worked great. The Intense was the biggest surprise next to how much more power and torque my little Zetec engine was able to create and get to the wheels. The Jackal LE would of worked better if I would of moved in to get straighter into the pocket. I adjusted the surface of the LE by hand and did a great job.

So after my hands swelled and got sweaty, I just played with my bowling toys and had a good time, and ordered a couple of Bud Lights to finish play and started partying. My good friends cashed huge, and Iím happy for them. Later on that evening as I ran into friends in the casino and swapped stories of how we did, I got caught up on the news results.

Overall, I got a good look at my chosen gear. Some bad impressions were made good. My skill level really increased and I was able to play the shot. And I had a really good time. And like was said earlier, people plan these trips, we never really come back to tell us what happened.

Title: Re: Sweeps in Vegas, results
Post by: Jesse James on March 12, 2018, 04:36:55 PM
Excellent report, Dude! Glad you had a great time with your friends, overall!