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9512 - Miscellaneous / Re: Modified House Shot
« Last post by Ed at C and R on Today at 10:26:03 PM »
When we have a local house tournament, saying "modified house shot" is a way to NOT scare off house bowlers who refuse to bowl on ANY named pattern. Crazy
39768 - Miscellaneous / Re: Modified House Shot
« Last post by Impending Doom on Today at 06:01:23 PM »
Anything that isn't 10:1 with adult bumpers is considered modified.
36469 - Miscellaneous / Re: The New Reality of Ball Motion? Thoughts?
« Last post by HankScorpio on Today at 04:59:24 PM »
Hi tech cores arent the problem, nor are 2 handers.  The problem is that high friction shells blow up any lane pattern too quickly.   Advancements in oils havent been able to combat sanded, or even box condition resin shells.  Polyester shells, or even urethane at 4000 grit would force players to play the pattern initially, rather than blow it up.  If a high rev player can square up enough initially until they open up, they deserve to score.

The PWBA tour don't blow patterns up near as fast as the PBA tour, using the same equipment and just as much, if not more surface. That's just a fact.

Their rev rates don't force them in near as much, leveling of the depletion throughout the lane.

Using the two handed style creates more players using a higher rev rate than what people would have if they had to take the time to learn to curve it a lot traditionally. It's like finding a cheat code for a video game to take you to level 20 in an instant.

Creating power has always been a cheat code on house shots, two handed or one.  That said, I know very very few local two handers that compete at a high level on challenging patterns. The majority get exposed, and the ones that don't are guys that work just as hard on their game as the one handers.

There is no cheat code to getting better at bowling. Taking advantage of patterns that are DESIGNED to be taken advantage of is simple efficiency. But challenging conditions quickly separate the bowlers from the throwers. 

Don't like bowlers that take advantage of their environment? Find another environment. Just like two handers, I know exactly what conditions give me an advantage, and I seek those tournaments out. If there are no situations where you have an advantage, the only person to blame is you.
38718 - Miscellaneous / Re: Modified House Shot
« Last post by avabob on Today at 04:35:09 PM »
Since no 2 house shots are the same no 2 modified house shots are the same.   Most common thing I have seen is the pattern flattened out just a little, but still much more crowned than a sport pattern. 
31415 - Miscellaneous / Re: Modified House Shot
« Last post by milorafferty on Today at 04:22:09 PM »
Is a modified house shot just a house shot with more oul?

My definition of a Modified House Shot; any shot where the local lane hack thinks because they can push a button and put a pre-programmed pattern down, proceeds to screw with the shot even though they don't know shit about what they are doing.

Your results may vary...  8)
16643 - Drilling & Layouts / Re: Rico layouts and new USBC rule
« Last post by JohnP on Today at 04:14:08 PM »
The low balance hole also raises the track bowtie to help avoid hitting the finger holes.  If your track isn't close to the fingers you may be ok without it.  --  JohnP
55249 - Miscellaneous / Re: Finger Swelling
« Last post by backswing.aplenty on Today at 03:36:24 PM »
Finger swelling is a major sign of pitch issues.  If you're making your fingers bend more than what they naturally want to; you're going to swell up.  As we age our flexibility will change drastically.  We can't keep the same fit for decades at a time.  Check with your local PSO for exact details but relaxing your finger pitches with more reverse is the start.  Shortening span is an option when done in relation to pitch changes.

As for swelling day to day; that's only conquered by trial an error.  I've had to adjust grip sizes often if I drill myself a ball late in the evening after working all day.  They'll feel great at 9pm on a Sunday but I won't be able to get in them at 5pm on Monday.  I feel like I need a quarter sized insert.  A Vise 7 is too big, 6.5 is a bit too small.  Insert color also makes a different.  The brighter colors are medium tacky, black and darker colors are stiffer and sharper.  Clear are sticky and tear my fingers up.  Pick a color your PSO has in stock and get them all matching.
52767 - Miscellaneous / Re: Modified House Shot
« Last post by rocky61201 on Today at 03:06:38 PM »
My definition of a modified house shot is anything that gives me a severe over/under reaction and keeps me from scoring because I'm not rolling the ball good enough to hit the broad side of a barn anyway.
26462 - Miscellaneous / Re: Modified House Shot
« Last post by bcw1969 on Today at 02:47:32 PM »
A "Modified house shot" is simply a house shot that has been altered in any number of ways. Could mean longer pattern, shorter pattern, more oil, less oil etc.

48515 - Miscellaneous / Modified House Shot
« Last post by thewhiz on Today at 02:33:57 PM »
Is a modified house shot just a house shot with more oul?
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