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Title: Black Rasberry
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM

Coverstock: Powercoil 18" Reactive Urethane

Core: High Differential Dual Stacked mini Diamonds within a Diamond

Hook Ratio: 20+

Flare Potential 6"+

Pin Placement: 12 o'clock 1-4" out

Construction: 5 piece

Hardness: 75 - 78 D Scale

Finish: Lightly Polished

Increased Dynamics: 15 - 14 lbs

Available wieghts: 14 - 16 lbs
Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: SKIP on April 04, 2001, 12:44:20 AM
I am a righty that has speed between 15 and 17mph with better than average revs.  I have had this ball for a months now.  The ball came very dull but after a few games it took on a nice sheen from the oil. The ball is drilled CG Leveraged( See Lane 1 drilling sheet) with an weight hole and the pin to the right and slightly above of my ring finger and the cg kicked out.  I bowl in all synthetic houses ranging from 10 to 10 block to the christmas tree pattern.  This ball is very angular and it lets me play very deep inside.  I stand on 40 and lay the ball on the 20 out to 6 and it comes back with athourity and hits and carries very good.  When the lanes break down I put it back in the bag.
Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: cros843 on April 06, 2001, 04:20:17 PM
this ball is stonger than i expected,i was looking for something to compliment my my buzzsaw arsenal{lrg and prl carbide}. this ball does get thru the heads cleaner, but revv's up in the pines and outhooks my lrg. i drilled the ball w/ 4 1\2 pin and 3 1\2 cg layout w/ the pin 4 in above my grip ctr. used on wood lanes w/ 32 ft oil buffed to 40 ft.blocked 10 to 10. this ball seems to have no out of bounds on this condition and doesn't overskid if pulled into the oil. not as contollable as the lrg and about 5 brds total less hook than the prl carbide
Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: Doug Sterner on October 07, 2002, 09:19:13 PM
GOt this ball used and the specs are:

Top weight: 3.9 oz
Pin out: 4-7/8"
Coverstock: 1000 grit wet sanded with Doc's Elixir applied

Lane conditions:
SPORT pattern...plays a lot like a reverse block where the centers break down quickly and outside of 10 is unplayable unless you start the ball out there and play up the boards.
Handicap league: heavier oil(50 units) 15 to 15 with a tapered buff to 38 feet, outside of 5 is maybe 3-5 units

Decided to drill this ball for some length but leave it dull to handle the carrydown. Pattern: 5-1/4 x 4-1/4 weighthole on VAL even with thumb

This ball projects downlane VERY well and has a wild turn on the backend. The ball is a good 7-9 boards stronger than my 4-1/4 stacked Cherry pearl.

On our SPORT pattern I am able to play it inside by standing 32 and throwing 20 to 15 if I keep the speed up. Playing it up the outside is very touchy since the backend is so strong.

On the handicap league shot I can stand left and throw right. As long as I get the ball outside of 8 at 40 to 45 feet downlane the ball is in flush.

Carry is is every Buzzsaw I have ever thrown. The coverstock does seem to be tracking up pretty quickly though.

Great ball....can't wait to get the $$$ together for a Blueberry and drill it a bit differently.
Doug Sterner
Doug's Pro Shop
Owego, NY
Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: notacranker on December 20, 2003, 12:54:24 AM
Power Kroil 18 don't you Lameone freaks get the picture



Lameone says this is a great ball!

Brunswick likes it because they can rip you Lameone freaks off for more money.

Its not better its the same cover stock as a Zone the Hell up.

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Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: brianthegwp69 on January 25, 2004, 05:39:37 PM
Well Mr. NotABowler, if these balls suck so much then why does it seem that you own about 5 of them?  Going through the reviews, I see your name a lot, and it confuses me because you hate these balls.  If you hate them so much, then why do you own 5 of them?
Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: Strapper_Squared on March 10, 2004, 06:07:29 PM
Picked up a used 15lb Black Rasberry.  I resurfaced the ball to 600 grit, then applied ebonite factory finish to the ball to get a gloss finish.  The ball is drilled with a stacked layout (pin next to ring finger and cg below) and has a small weight hole.  Layout is approx 4 X 4.5.  For comparison (since they all have about the same covers), I finished my Khameleon (drilled exactly the same) and my black/c buzzsaw (drilled 4 X 5 w/out a weight hole) exactly the same as the Black Rasberry/c2.

I took all three balls out and threw on a fresh house shot.  Medium/heavier oil with clean backends.  Due to the heavier oil, I was forced to play more "up the boards" than usual.  I was standing on 20, crossed the arrows around 13 and reached the breakpoint around 7-8 board.  I first started out with the Khameleon, because it currently is my most consistent and overall favorite ball.  It clears the heads easily, revs up early in the mids, and finishes strong.  Next I threw the black/c buzzsaw.  This ball cleared the heads alright, but seems to read the lanes a bit sooner than the Khameleon.  Not really a "check-up," but a very early roll.  Gives a strong arcing backend.  Now, I threw the black rasberry/c2 buzzsaw.  This ball flew threw the heads with no sign of checking up.  Probably an extra 5 feet over the black/c and 8-10 feet over the khameleon.  The ball then made a pronounced snap on the backend.  It gave a surprisingly sharp and very strong backend reaction.  The black rasberry seemed to hit the best of the three balls, throwing messengers on every shot.  Due to the extra length, it was a bit touchy on the fresh oil conditions.  I would imagine finishing the ball with a matte surface would even out the reaction a lot more and be a better match-up for a fresh shot.  I think this ball, with the polished surface, would really shine on the lanes after they break down a little.  The extra length and big backend would be ideal for playing inside lines.  The hit of this ball gives me confidence that carry would not be an issue.  Overall I would say this ball is best suited for medium conditions (polished) and heavy oil conditions (sanded or matte finish).  Overall a great ball and has found a place in my bag for a while.  Any questions, feel free to message me.

Thanks for reading,
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Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: OnlyBuzzsaw on March 13, 2004, 12:52:13 AM
2.5" pin
Drilled 3 3/8" x 3 3/8" Stacked
Light Polish
Lane Conditions - Medium Oil

Clears the heads very well, rolls, rolls, rolls, and then WHAM left turn

Seriously, a great ball. Clears the heads with ease. Can play any part of the lane with this ball and boy does it HIT. Very predictable. Not too sensitive to release changes but sensitive enough that if you were trying to change your release, you would see results. Its best for medium to medium-heavy with little to no carrydown. Great ball if you can find one.
Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: BrianCRX90 on July 04, 2005, 03:23:15 AM
Too much backend, too many splits, too overkill. How I hated this ball.
Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: LANE1_BoWlEr on July 07, 2005, 06:32:59 PM
Brain, if you think that is a review, please kindly step out of the exit of the review section. Sorry not yelling at you alone, BUT FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW HOW TO REVIEW A BALL PLEASE REFRAIN FROM IT.

Sorry I am contributing to the problem, but am hoping this post will help in the long run.
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Title: Re: Black Rasberry
Post by: tcbbowler900 on November 07, 2005, 11:26:30 AM
Dude, are you kidding me.  This is a fantistic ball to have.  In heavey oil, it out performs my ultimate inferno.  I just shot another 700 with it.  On a shot that most would cry on.  Stripped and oiled in the morning 38ft heavy outside of 7 board and 15 to 15 caked.  And the heads are soaked to about 14-15 feet.  Then, before league they run a fill shot soaked.  So, you never ever know how your ball is going to react.  It doesn't matter how hard you can turn a ball.  One shot its perfect the next your ball doesn't even move at all.  Now, this ball works perfect though.  For some reason, down out in up the 10 or so works like a charm and this ball stays with it all the way till it makes its movement to the pocked to crush it.  Like all Lane 1 products they rule.