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Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »

The Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2 comes with a PowerKoil 18 reactive urethane coverstock and a highly polished finish. The high flaring dual stacked mini nuggets help this ball cut through med heavy oil with a strong backend finish. This ball sands easily, to hook through "heavy oil" conditions.

Color: Blueberry

Coverstock: PowerKoil 18 Reactive Urethane

Core: High Differential Dual Stacked Mini Nuggets within Patented Diamond Core

Hook Rating: 20+

Flair Potential: 6

Pin Placement: 12 O'clock 1-4 out

Construction: 5-piece

Hardness: 75-77 D-Scale

Finish: Highly Polished

Increased Dynamics: 15-14 lbs.

Available Weights: 14, 15 and 16


Brian Green

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Re: Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #16 on: July 17, 2003, 01:26:52 AM »
i drilled this saw up 4 1/2 by 3 3/8.....  this ball is totally awesome on fresh oil with no carry down.........  i can imagine this drill pattern on this ball would make one hell of a sport condition ball.....  i left the surface untouched out of the box.........  

when this ball gets into carrydown it likes to skid right thru the break point and washout....  but i got 2 infernos to handle the carry down.....

all in all this ball definately fits the gap that i baught it for  which was fresh oil with no carry down............

if you got the extra cash to spend on a bowling ball,  i dont think you could go wrong with this one.....

 Brian Green

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Re: Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #17 on: September 17, 2003, 10:55:52 PM »
Ball is left as received from the factory.  At this point, no need for coverstock "tweaking", but at least I know it's an option.

16 pounds..2-3" pin...3 oz top weight.

Drilled with a simple label "twist" drilling with pin at 1:30.  Finishing side & finger weights are 1/8 and 1/2 ounces respectively and a 3/16" lengthened span to promote a little more "hand" at the lane during release.

One word.  


When operator uses ball correctly, this ball is an absolute freight train.  I know.  I know.  Bear with me.  You're thinking yet another ball from (insert ball company here) that someone thinks hits better than others.  Please.  Let's just try to believe me when I say this.  I haven't thrown 16# since I was a Senior in High School, and I was under the impression that the one pound difference between 15 and 16 pounds is miniscule, at best.  I'm here to inform you that for me, at least, it makes a huge difference in carry.  I haven't left as many 10 pins, but, here's the flip-side to the deal.  I've left three 7-9's in nine games including two today.  At this point, it's kind of a cool trade off.  It's kinda like a badge of honor you can wear when those two are left standing after a good shot.  True, it would be nicer if all 10 would fall.  But, as the peach might suggest, not all great shots result in strikes and not all strikes are great shots.  Haven't noticed any odd coverstock concerns as others have had with the BB C/2.  Only after another month or so will this become a worry.  For now, I just need to zero in on a ball that I really enjoy throwing thusfar.
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Re: Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #18 on: September 20, 2003, 09:56:57 AM »


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Re: Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #19 on: November 10, 2003, 04:16:07 PM »
Well first let me say that this is my 1st venture into the
enigma that they call lane 1

I have my ball drilled label leverage and I have to say that I am very impressed I have been in a slump for about 10 weeks and punched up this ball about 2 weeks ago

Length-This ball clears the heads well on a typical house shot
but begins to move early when the heads are starting to go away
but if you adjust hand position this ball can clear them on dry lanes as well

Backend-This ball never really snaps for me unless the backends are flying
This ball has one of the most controlable rolling backends that i have ever seen it arcs smoothly into the pocket.

Carry-I have had great luck with carry so far i get great pin action and carry
most of the light hits and brooklyns that i have

SO i can say that i am impressed and think that i broke out of my slump with this ball last week
I am the game because i am that damn good


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Re: Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #20 on: February 09, 2004, 10:01:51 PM »
this ball is the best ball ever it can reaact to heavy oil or nearly no oil at all this was my first big hooking ball it will stay in my bag forever

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Re: Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #21 on: February 10, 2004, 01:06:26 AM »
Let me start by saying that I am a lefty, med-high speed, about 17.5 to 18 mph, with about a 30 degree axis rotation. Decent, but not high revs by any stretch of the imagination.

My Blue Berry is 4-5 inch pin, 16 pounds, with 3 oz. top weight. It is drilled label leverage, with pin about an inch from my ring finger, and CG in the middle of my palm.

The Good: Versatility. This ball can play almost anywhere on the lane in close to any lane condition. Also, sanding the coverstock has a big difference on ball reaction, smoothing the break point and causing the ball to grip and roll much much sooner. By contrast, polishing the surface, or finishing with a high grit paper causes the ball to glide through the heads, and sharpens the break point considerably. I know everybody says "hit and carry" is dependant of enterary angle and ball speed, so perhaps it is just me, but this ball does seem to hit harder then anything I own. It sends the pins low, and generally out of the pocket and into the bed in a hurry. Nothing left.

The Bad: If the ball is sanded, it will have a hard time making it through heads that are getting alittle spotty. Also, because this ball drives so hard through the pocket, I tend to leave alot of 7 pins. I never get those crazy messengers (as with my Cherry Bomb) that fly everywhere.

The Ugly: The fact that Lane x'd the ball and those light blue spots that appear from time to time. The coverstock scratches and tracks quickly, and looks pretty beat up after a few games, but on the plus side, this ball is close to 90 or so games for me, and has not lost any reaction.

The following tests are with the same ball condition, 800 grit with 3M rubbing compound, for a decent gloss finish.

42 foot sport shot: Only throw this one a couple times, and the blue berry is very consistent. I have to play towards the outside, coming slightly out in between the second and first arrow. Ball starts to roll at about 40 feet and begining a smooth arc towards the pocket. In the dry the ball tightens the arc quickly, almost like a snap....

Flooded house shot: Not sure the length or what not. If I go way out side I can find the pocket, reaction very similar to that of the house shot. Smooth arc at first, that tightens and tightens...

Medium oil, stripped back ends, house shot: When my Cherry Bomb starts to over hook or squirt, I go to the Blue Berry. Covers several less boards, but is much more constant and even rolling. I move right several boards on the approach, toss it over the third arrow, out to about 10 boards from the gutter. The ball really shines, with a hard snap/arc and a perfect reaction on this condition.

In conclusion: This ball seems to react the same, no matter the oil pattern, condition. In general it is several boards less then my Cherry Bomb, but much earlier rolling. With the 7/10 layout, the ball begins to spin in the midlane, and starts a smooth arc to the pocket. Out in the try, the arc tightens quick, just shy of a snap. The only thing that really slows this ball down is very heavy carrydown, though sanded, the ball will eat that up also.

Length 1-10: 6.5
Hook 1-10: 7
Breakpoint angle, smooth to snap 1-10: 6.5
Versatility 1-10: 12
Hit 1-10: 9

Great ball, maybe the best Lane 1 ball ever...

This is my first review, so feel free to let me know how to improve it. Thanks, Todd

C-G ProShop-Carl

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Re: Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #22 on: July 13, 2004, 04:24:07 PM »
Ball: 4 1/2 inch pin from PAP, right and above of the ring finger. CG placed on my midline. Worked best with the cover wet sanded down to 1000.

Lane Conditions: various

Reaction: Smooth off of the breakpoint. With the box surface it did not have much recovery and could not handle oil at all. Heavy roll into the pocket.

Hook: Not a big moving ball. Very easily controlled though. With the 1000 grit surface it would handle mediums with carrydown well, but not much more than that. 7.5

Control: THIS is where the BlueBerry stands out. It shined on wet/dry conditions with the 1000 surface. 8.5

Hit: Not quite what the Uranium is, but more than the Cherry Bomb. With fresh backends if I let the ball do the work it would roll strongly into the pocket. It definately hit better playing a more direct line. 7.0

Readability: With the surface taken down it read the lanes really well. I could throw it and see the transition of the pattern from heavy oil to buffed oil and buffed to the fresh backends. Even with the surface stronger it would not handle carrydown well though. 8.0

Overall: Better than the Cherry Bomb in almost every aspect. I still like the Uranium more. Once again though, price is a factor in purchasing this ball (it is discontinued), but I am speaking as a general can find balls that will perform like this in other company's midprice range which is much less expensive than this ball was when it was on the market. I do not regret giving it a try though. Very good ball to read the lanes with, and that is always something a bowler needs in the arsenal.

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Re: Blueberry Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #23 on: July 15, 2004, 10:52:21 PM »
Ball Specs
Blueberry #1:

  • 16lbs, 2.7oz top, 4.5inch pin-out

  • Surface: 1500 polished

  • Layout: 0 x 4.5

  • Pin on Positive Axis Point (PAP)

  • CG 4.5 inches from PAP, 1/2 above grip center

  • Small, deep weight hole 1 inch below PAP on VAL

Blueberry #2

  • 15lbs, 3oz top, 4 inch pin-out

  • Surface: 1500 polished

  • Layout: 5.5x4.5

  • Pin 5.5 inches from Positive Axis Point (PAP) above fingers

  • Cg 4.5 inches from PAP on grip centerline

  • Small, deep weight hole on PAP

Excellent "control" (predictable) ball with above average length and backend, useful for taming over-under conditions on medium-light through medium-heavy conditions.  Great for under-over conditions with no carrydown or flying back-ends.  Have tested both balls on the average house shot, 42 foot flat pattern, ABC nationals (Reno), and PBA patterns A, B, C, E.  One of my all-time favorite pieces of equipment.

Heads: Clean through the heads, even the pin-on-pap layout.  On dry heads, the ball may make a slight move around the arrows, but not enough to make it unusable.

Length and backend: Above average for both layouts though the second (5.5x4.5) is slightly (maybe 1-2 feet) longer.  The ball makes a nice hard arc to the pocket.  Very little skid-flip here. Can handle some carrydown, but not as well as other equipment.  Neither ball is prone to roll-out, but will blow through the breakpoint on heavy patterns.

Overall Hook: Slightly above average in total boards covered.

Lines played: Wide spectrum:  Straight up 2-3 board all the way in to swinging 25 to 10.

Specific condition notes:
1) House shot - Layout #2 is a monster on your typical house shot with clean back ends...can exploit all of the expected hold and recovery provided by the soft shot.  Can handle carrydown on lighter or shorter (under 38 feet) patterns, though heavier carrydown can kill the back-end which is already pretty tame.  Layout #1 is great to help control overly strong back-ends or when the "wall" is causing your wide shots to overreact and go to the nose with other equipment.

2) 42 foot flat pattern (BTM Tournament at nationals) - Both balls worked ok with more hand and less speed.  The blueberry is not a bad choice here as it doesn't overreact at the end of the oil, exaggerating mistakes (the pattern will do that enough for you!)

3) ABC Nationals (Reno 2004) - Used layout #1 all nine games for a total of 45 strikes, loved the length, reaction, and overall hook.  Great reaction on the inside shot, no under-over, odd leaves, or unpredictability.

4) PBA Patterns - For me, these work well on A and ok on E with speed, forget the rest.  Of course, other's results would vary based on personal delivery and release.

Note on the layouts
I like both layouts, though I find that I use the first (pin-on-pap) more often. The first layout reads the lane sooner and begins to smoothly arc in the mid lane with a tame (but not rolled-out) backend. It is great for controlling harsh under-over conditions and flying back ends. The second layout has a stronger back-end and covers 5-6 more boards, so it is more adaptable to dealing with carry-down, though it doesn't excel in that area compared to other equipment.  

Comparisons to Similar Equipment
Storm Razor Wire - The razor wire moves sooner and a bit more angular, but is likely 2-3 boards weaker than a blueberry with a similar layout and specs.

Hammer Reactive Pearl - Longer and stronger, with a much more angular back end than the Blueberry.  Likely 5-6 boards stronger than a blueberry with similar layout and specs.

Ebonite V2 Pearl/V2 Sweet - These balls are similar, but the V2 has a slightly sharper breakpoint, and covers about the same amount of boards.  The V2 handles carrydown better.