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Title: BuzzBOMB
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Color: Purple/Black
Cover Stock: PureGrip TM Solid Reactive
Core: Dooms Day Bomb 2.
Hook Rating: 120 out of 120 max
Backend Hook: 80%
Flare Potential: 6+
Pin Placement: 12 O clock 1-5 out
Construction: 3-piece
15lb rg min: 2.487
15lb rg max: 2.539
15lb diff: .052
Hardness: 75 D-Scale
Finish: 1000 grit dull  
Available Weights: 13, 14, 15, 16

Lane #1 inroduces a new force in the bowling industry that outhooks all others. The BuzzBOMB is packed with our all new double sided Dommsday Bomb2 core. This Doomsday double Bomb core generates double the torque, creating double the hook on the backend. Surrounding this nuclear power plant is our all new Pure-Grip solid reacive coverstock. This new formula grips the lane on the heaviest oil. You won''t believe your eyes when you see this midlane Hook Monster explode with a Huge Backend. Hear the Buzz, see the Hook, watch your High Scores double with the BuzzBOMB!!!
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: Doug Sterner on January 16, 2008, 10:55:11 PM
First I'd like to thank Chuck and Richie for getting me this ball ahead of time and taking the 20 minutes to talk to me regarding layout and coverstock prep.

Pre-drill Specs:
Gross: 15-3
Top: 3-1/2 oz
Pin: 3-1/2"

pin over ring, cg just right of stacke4d
no weight hole

Ending Weights:
Gross: 15-0
Side: 1 oz
Finger: 1/4 oz
Top: 3/4 oz

Our test lanes:
40 year old wood, resurfaced 2 years ago

Oil Pattern:
38 foot tree with buff to 45
15 to 15 has about 50 units
outsides taper down to about 6 on the edges

Bowler specs:
350-400 RPM's
approx 15.5 MPH

I started off with this ball in box finish and tried it out. Just stood left and tossed the ball at the gutter...the logs made it VERY easy to see where the ball started hooking....that was about 20 feet. Revved very hard for the next 15-20 feet and then made a VERY strong move to the pocket.

I have got to say this ball moves harder at the break than any solid resin ball I have ever used. In fact this ball's move on the backend is about as angular as anything I have ever thrown...Pearl Cherry Bomb, C/2 and Silver Diamond included!

Now this ball does move...A LOT! But it will recover from is just plain sick. I was able to cut my release and play it "straighter"...ok it still covered 20 boards. Very responsive to release changes and the patented pin-punishing Buzzsaw hit. Just plain awesome.

Went back today with the ball and hit it with 1000 grit Abralon and some Magic Shine. As you'd expect the ball went longer and had a more angular move on the backend. The ball will recover from anywhere. The ball shows a lot of rev from 25-45 feet but then just explodes on the backend and turns the rack into shrapnel. I have not seen this in a ball EVER....

You can find pics of my personal ball and layout in my Arsenal section....

Special Agent....BuzzBomb is 4-5 boards stronger than my similarly drilled SA
LevRG...BB has more backend and overall hook
No Mercy Beat'n... more angular than the Beat'n and a whole lot more overall hook

This could well be the top selling ball of the year. Order one won't be sorry.
Doug Sterner
Doug's Pro Shop
Owego, NY
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Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: deadmoney on January 18, 2008, 02:57:18 PM
First night of using the BUZZBOMB  

Observations - Very strong coverstock. Outhooks anything I have.

  This ball was made for oily lanes. I was able to play deeper with the Buzzbomb than any other ball allows me to. The area I had from being deep inside made the scores VERY HIGH. I was playing right through the center of the oil and bouncing back into the pocket. The backend was something I haven't seen in a long time. Anything in a tad, held long enough in the oil to hit flush and carry, anything a tad right recovered w/ enough power to rip the rack apart.
 As the shot burned up I was able to pick up my ball speed and continue to strike and get a decent carry percentage, but it belonged in the bag or using one w/ a little less surface.

Night 2 with the BUZZBOMB

I was unsure about throwing the Buzzbomb tonight because it was a light house pattern with a 4 Person per team league bowling on it before us. I was bowling in a doubles league. Once I threw a few warm up shots with my spare ball I knew the lanes were pretty toasted and the track was beat up. I committed to throwing and trying the Buzzbomb anyways.

First Game - I was playing deep starting around 37 and throwing out over 22 - 23 at the arrows. Because the lanes were so burnt, I had to keep the speed up and loft the Buzzbomb slightly. The Buzzbomb responded well. I had alot of room for error. I made 3 bad shots where my release was weak. I left 1 ten pin and two multi-pin spares.

Second Game - I continued to play the same shot and didn't notice the shot moving away from me. I made a few bad shots again but every pocket hit carried.

Third Game was a bit of a struggle becaus I didn't move left right away. Once I made a 2-1 left I ran the next 6 and ended with a respectful 220 game.

Everyone on my pair was complaining all night about the lanes. I was high man on the pair by 100+ pins. The Buzzbomb gave me the confidence and look to the pocket that I haven't seen in any other ball I have. I love having a ball that I can throw hard and be confident it will hook back to the pocket with power. I left two ten pins all night!

This ball outhooks and is better than any Storm bowling ball I own or have thrown. My original X-Factor was my favorite ball of all-time, it will probably loose that ranking.

I consider this ball a must have!

Will report back once I've tried it polished.
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: Detroit Ripper on January 18, 2008, 07:06:05 PM
I drilled my buzzbomb 4 1/2 x 4. The pin is outside and above ring finger with a small weight hole.

When I first through this ball I expected early roll and flat hit(just like most of the 1000 grit balls do).  I was extremely surprised to see something different.

I had medium length and a backend that was continuous and strong. I proceeded to roll a couple of shots inside my favorite line and I struck every time I hit the pocket. I moved in deeper to see how it would hit from a different angle and it still struck every time I hit the pocket.

By now I am drawing a small crowd because everyone wants to know what I'm using that is carrying so well. I tell em the new Buzzbomb due out in about 2 weeks. Since I had a crowd and people asking me so many questions I decided to step in even further, and I swear to you I carried EVERY TIME I hit the pocket. which was often. I honestly could not believe it so I just stopped bowling and said maybe the condition was just soft today.

I came back the next day on a sport pattern and continued to carry all hits to the pocket except one.

To put it simply

Ridiculous carry

PS It also turned the corner where my bite and anger labored.

Let me say I am not paid for this review also I have no affiliation with Lane no1. This is an honest unbiased review from a guy with a lot of equipment and experience.

This ball should be in everyone's bag
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: BeansProShop on January 19, 2008, 06:30:44 PM
After watching a few of the videos that were posted and talking to Richie about the ball. I decided to drill mine up.

14 lb 3 oz. 3-4 pin 3.25 top

Pap 4.75> 7/8^

I have a very high tilt and good rev rate so my balls always read the backs HARD!!

I took that in mind seeing how sharp this ball looked and shined the ball out of the box with my Secret Sauce.

After the ball was a mirror. I layed out the ball.

Pin was 5" from PAP under my middle finger and the cg was kicked out so the unmarked MB was on my VAL. Extra hole was 4.5" from center of grip through the CG. Small/Deep hole was used to smooth out a little more. (Smooth does not pertain to this ball)

All I can say honestly is after being affiliated with Lane#1 for the last 5-6 years,throwing ALL of their stuff as a PBA Pro Staff Member. This is the BEST ball I have ever thrown from ANY manufacturer. Not just Lane#1.

Not only does this ball turn the corner hard but the transition it makes in the midlane to get to the back is unlike anything I have seen. The ball is very versatile as far as style is concerned as well.

Game#1 I was playing in and hooking the ball with medium speed.
Shot 259... XXXXXX 9/ X 9/ XXX (Solid 9 and messenger that missed in front of the 10)

Game#2 I changed my angle to playing the track harder/straighter and more firm. This worked very well too!!

Shot 279.... XXXXXXXXX 9/X (Another Solid 9)

Game#3 I moved in deeper than where I started the night and was playing a tight inside line. Slower speed and more tilt to get the ball to curve more in the last few feet of the lane as there is tons of oil in the middle.

Shot 245... XXXXX 81 X 9/ XXXX (Pocket 4-6 and a 4 pin)

Keep in mind I throw 14 lbs... Not 1 weak hit all night.
I had a Black Widow Solid and I would leave so many shaker 7's and weak 10's with the 14 that I had to retire it. Gave it to my GF.

One of my customers on my team was throwing a Black Widow Bite I drilled yesterday for him and the motion was good. I am not trying to bash their equipment but the BUZZBOMB was stronger and more angular than even the Black Widow Bite.

Thanks Richie..

Thomas "Beans" Biniek Jr.
PBA Member and Lane#1 Buzzhead
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Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Tim on January 21, 2008, 02:07:46 AM
Chuck, as always, is a big help for getting test balls early to us so we have an idea what to expect.

Well, the teaser-ad in various magazines made very bold claims regarding the BuzzBOMB.

This is supposed to be the most aggressive Lane #1 ball in quite some time.  I laid it out with the pin 4 5/8" from my PAP and 2" above my midline and the cg 3" from my PAP (for me, this works out to be a 45 degree tilting of the core).  It needed a hole, so I put it 2 3/4" below my axis point.  

All the claims from the ad were confirmed when I threw this ball.  This is definitely the most hook of any Buzzsaw I've thrown.  In box finish, you definitely need oil in the front part of the lane.  You can count the number of balls that are able to handle the swamp in the middle of our house shot on one hand, and this is definitely one of them.  I had to use a breakpoint further in the middle of the lane because if I missed a pinch to the right, the ball would overhook.  This ball was truly fun to throw.

For straight players who need to have the ball do as much work as possible, or crankers who love to send it and bend it, this ball is for you.  Supreme hook, huge backend, and the big time Lane #1 carry.  

Any questions, call us toll-free 1-877-BOWL-PRO

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Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: triggerman on January 22, 2008, 09:15:57 AM
Special thanks to the guys at lane #1 for giving me the opportunity to test this ball, and thanks to Richie for taking the time to discuss layouts (granted I punched the ball differently than his suggestion, but rest assured his advice was spot on as well)

First the important stuff
15# 3 oz prior to drilling
3.25 top
4.0 pin

17.5 mph
425+ revs
pap over 5 up 0

I utilized the Dual angle layout found on the morich site
pin to pap 4.5.  drilling angle 60*, angle to val 30*  this results in a pin above ring finger, slightly to the right of ring, cg stacked, with a pin buffer of roughly 3.5"

House #1 sythetic overlays, 42 ft of squirrly oil:
This ball was a monster in OOB condition.  easy push thru the mids and a huge, did i say huge, I mean moonsterous backend.  I began the evening playing feet on 27 crossing 15 to the 5 and killing the hole, moved left 5 and 5 and continued to kill it.  Decided to really give the ball a run and we stayed after and threw 5 games with no scorers, then turned on the scorers  by this time there have been 40 games thrown on this pair.  we put another 24 on them.  I had about 10 games on this ball in OOB surface and it was inded a monster.  So whats next, yep went in and put it on the spinner, hit it very quickly with ebo powerhouse, this ball took a shine very fast, back out to the lanes for 10 more games, this ball came alive (as if it wasnt in OOB lol) more length and bigger backend.  I ended the night playing feet on about 48-50 (yes even with the left gutter cap) crossing about 28 board to the 8 and finding the hole easily.  a couple of errant shots really showed what this ball is about, standing in that 48-50 board spot, slinging it across 20 (misthrow) to the 3 and this ball STILL make the pocket and carried.  Truely a ball that flips hard and continues on.  Even as the lanes torched on us, I was able to just float the ball out and it still recovered like it was on fresh oil

house #2 wood lanes with a supposedl 42 ft house shot.  this house had a very light shot out, the BB was def a tad too much, I could still find the hole but carry was an issue, for me not enough head oil present to really make this ball work, but I will say, 5th arrow was the shot even tho the oil volume was not ideal, when ths ball hit the hole it was a crushing shot (I found it a pinch high too much and left my share of 10 pins) Anyway the two levRg's on the lane Had no where near the recovery nor drive that this ball had

house 3 wood lanes 40 feet decent low viscosity oil (it goes fast)  played 4th-5th arrow all night, had people stopping and staring at the movement this ball makes

In conclussion, this ball hooks, but it for me is not a hook right off my hands, it still gets decent length, and has so much left on the back end it isnt even funny (I feel like I am cheating)  I can play parts of the lane that 80% of league bowlers would never dream of hitting.  and just when you think it isnt going to turn, you can watch and see that ball just flip and drive as hard as it can.  One of the best balls I have put in my hands in ages.  I like this ball so much I even took my cherry C/2 out of the bag.  as I feel this ball has an even bigger backend then my freakish C/2.  It has a bigger backend then the cherry bombs, gets similar lenght to them.  more backend then anything I can remember from lane 1.  Reminds me of the original bomb cores only more angular (yes that is possible)  people were asking in a thread about a strong pearl cover, not really sure you need it, this ball is pretty versitle and took very well to hand and speed adjustments.  It is the real deal, does what they  say it will and looks impressive doing it


F.O.S Loud, F.O.S. Proud

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Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: ajsproshop_ollie on January 29, 2008, 08:43:41 AM
buzz bomb
Lane Conditions: Heavy Oil
Typical Conditions: House Shot
Type of Lane: All Synthetic
What part of the lane did you play? Fourth Arrow
Weight of bowling ball: 15
Surface of bowling ball: Factory/Box
What grit was the surface of the ball? 1000
Likes: non stop motion... very strong. for 1000 grit it cleared the fronts very well. hits very hard..
Dislikes: dont see enough oil for this ball often enough

have to say this is the strongest ball i have thrown... my house shot will not allow me to use it to often.but did use it at anouther center played very deep and got 3 games out of it... with 300 middle game.. and did get thru the last game.. ( might have been to much late in the third ..)as for the surface looks like a little polish will get you some length and recovery in the backs for house shotsor just leave it as is and bring on the oil. .. home run if you are loking for heavy oil ball..
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: burly1 on February 06, 2008, 12:37:32 AM
I just received my Buzzbomb today and ran it over to my ball driller, Otis Pillow Pro Shop in Hurst Texas to have it drilled up. The ball was 16lbs.1oz. with 3.5 oz. top and a 3-4" pin. I told Billy that I wanted a beast, and we looked over my other balls and decided on pin above index and cg, and mb kicked out at about 45deg. I am a med. to low rev stroker with good speed 15.5-17.5mph at the pins and a pretty high track. The ball ended up at 15lbs.13 1/4oz. total weight with 15/16oz. side, 3/4 finger, 1/8 thumb and just a tad bottom and no weight hole for now. I then ran immediatly to league at another house threw two practice shots and decided to give it a go, which I usually never do. This ball is very very strong and even though my series was not all that high (604) I was the high series on our set. The ball gets very good length which really suprised me and makes a left turn RIGHT NOW at the end of the pattern. The lanes were a lot more oily than usual and was quite the topic of discussion but to be honest I did not really notice it, all I did was stay behind the ball and ease up on the speed and shot standing 23 looking 10-12 at the arrows and swinging out to between 5 and 2, I was able to use it all three games with minor adjustments left operator error kept the series low ( it was the indian not the arrow,lol ). I am very impressed with this ball and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially strokers like me.
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: JOEYFI on February 06, 2008, 01:01:42 AM
OK, this is my 1st review so bear with me. Lefty 16 mph, 4 1/2"-> 1/2" up PAP. Decent revs. Bowling on burned up house shot from the night before. Proanvil surface. Standing 30 playing 20 out to 10. 1st game (ball was polished after it was drilled with the secret sauce) ball got through the heads very nice and came back very hard off the dry- 214. 2nd game-took the polish off with a gray pad cuz it was way too snappy on the backend-whoa-what a difference-still got through the heads and had more of an arc instead of a snap-235-one bad shot(open). Last game started with the 1st 5, left a 6 pin (missed way left-said oh sh*t)thought it was going in the ditch-hit the dry and came back a little high-left a 7 pin on last shot. Can't wait to see what its going to do on the fresh. Ball is 14lbs. 3" pin 3 oz. tw. Drilled pin over and in between fingers about an inch, cg kicked out just a little. Special thanks to Dan (deadmoney) for getting and drilling it for me.
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: nowski1381 on February 08, 2008, 10:42:01 PM
This is my first Lane #1 ball and now probably won't be my last. Never believed the hype till now. My house recently starting putting down much more oil than usual and I couldn't adjust and keep up so I decided on the BB. Drilled it 4x4, pin under ring...decided to us it in OOB condition, ball recovered from anywhere, but miss left and you pay for it, ball is just too strong to miss left...will definitely use some Beans on it for next week to tame it down a little. Now I know what everyone means by "Lane #1 carry" because this carries everything. My ususal "go to" ball was my NVS and this is much stronger than that by a good 6 or 7 boards for me...ball looks to be very promising, will update my review after I use it with some polish next week.
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: redman73 on February 15, 2008, 12:35:35 PM
This is my first review so i hope i am doing this correctly

ball wt   15.4
3.75 top wt.
2-3 inch pin

Drilled with a stacked pattern and left ball oob finish

bowled on wood lanes with a 40 foot freshly oiled lanes with alot of carry down from a previous league
i throw 16-17 mph and was playing 17 at arrows to 10
This ball revs up sweetly. nice angle to pocket
1st couple times off the hand ball didn't seem to react. went in pro shop and changed to bigger tips came out and wow
whis ball does need oil to work in oob finish
had to speed up to 18 mph and move 22 to 11 and it hooked back to pocket like it was on a rail. carry is like every lane 1 ball i have and the pins exploded. i got my g force solid out that is drilled the same and the buzzbomb was able to play deeper and finished stronger in the soup. the ease of this ball reving up is unreal. i'll be thowing it on wood lanes w/guardian overlays this weekend and on brunswick pro synthetic lanes. will report more after more games with it. so far. this ball is a beast. may have to polish it up to to get more length.
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Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: BallWizard1 on April 02, 2008, 05:17:08 PM
Drilled my initial BuzzBOMB with Pin under ring finger. Pin to Axis is 4 3/4". CG to Pin 4". Estimated Mass Bias (6 3/4" from pin thru c.g. is 4 3/4" from Axis point) Weight Hole is 2 1/4" below axis drilled on a 1" pitch toward bottom of ball angled directly away from the center of the grip. The low hole and angle increases torque at the break point. This Ball has good change of direction even though it seems as if it rolls heavy in the mid lane. This ball is very agressive and has excellent pin carry. My first two sets were above 750 on slightly tighter than average house pattern. 42 ft of oil on HPL surface.
I have drilled many more for others since I drilled mine. I like the pin position below the fingers but I do not like to push the pin past the grip area (to the right for right handers) This ball is so strong that when doing this there is a chance the ball will burn up too early. The 4 1/4" to 5 1/4" pin to axis measurements seem to work best for this ball. Not that you can't use 3 3/8" I just don't recommmend it unless your bowling on a flood or you have excessive ball speed. Keeping the starting CG low using a long pin and low hole works great, this keeps the mass bias well away from the axis point giving the break point shape more angularity. This ball has impressed me more than any other in years. I have drilled so many out of the box 300's and 800's its almost uncanny....I would recommend it to anyone. Remember to pay attention to static weights, especially in the ball like this that is symmetrical without the large offset in the core. Positives act like positives and negs act like hocus pocus here. The ball does what its supposed to do...strike..alot!
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: Lane1 Lefty on April 29, 2008, 08:39:19 PM
I took this ball out of the box and polished it straight away using Lane#1's Secret Sauce.

I drilled this ball with the pin bang in the center of my middle finger hole. and swung out the CG.

The polish made such a huge difference to the ball reaction. This Polished version slides through the heads with ease and makes a sharp turn on the backend. This resulting in a strong entry angle and unbelievable carry. If your a bowler who likes to see pins fly and messengers kick out your corner pins,, Well then be sure to invest in one of these bad boys.

This is one of the most versatile balls I have ever thrown in my years bowling.
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: Lane1 Lefty on April 29, 2008, 08:41:39 PM
I Drilled this BuzzBomb with the Pin under my bridge and the CG swung out, This resulting in the ball needing a weight hole punched in the side of it.

I had read the reports on this ball and heard all the hype. The hype was confirmed when i threw this ball. It really does hook that much!! If you are a bowler with medium- Low revs this ball is ideal for you. Or for higher rev players who play on a long pattern you will not be dissapointed.

This ball makes Out of Bounds look like they dont exist.
A very strong contender for Ball of the year i think!!
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: elvismat on June 14, 2008, 05:21:18 PM
I have the standard drilling, pin underneath of ring finger, about four inches and about four inches to the right.  This ball gives me great length, with a sharp turn to the pocket.  I mainly play outside, this ball holds the line great and doesn't over-react.  I'm very impressed with this ball, it doesn't burn or roll out.  It's already paid for and I've only had it three weeks.  The pin carry is outstanding, it rolls right through the pins, no weak hits with this ball.  This is the first Lane 1 ball and it's a keeper.  I'm impressed how this ball holds the line and the adjustments are minimal, from the outside shot.  I'm in the 5-8 board area, straight up.  I'm averaging around 230 thus far, with money in the bank!

Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: RevZiLLa on July 24, 2008, 12:46:35 AM
Pin Length - 3.5 - 4
Starting Top Weight - 3.5
Ball Weight - 15 after drilling
Ending Statics - About 1/4 oz top and 3/4 oz pos side

DRILL PATTERN - Almost same as my G-Force Evolution
Stacked with the pin over the ring finger about an inch and barely right, with CG straight down.
Pin to PAP - 5 1/4 approx
CG to PAP - 4 3/4 approx
X Hole (if needed) - n/a
MB Location - n/a
This was drilled at about a 60* MB angle using the implied MB drawing a line through the Pin and CG

Rev Rate - 400
Ball Speed - 17
PAP/Track - 5 1/4 by 3/8

Grit - I tried it OOB (500 abralon?) and 2k wet sand
Type (Matte, Polish, Sanded) - Tried it matte (oob) and highly polished

Length - 40
Volume - light
Type (Wall, Xmas Tree, Sport) - overblocked wall
These lanes are real beat up wood, and have not been cut in about 5 years.

Length - Moderate length to 35 feet. Earlier than my Havoc.
Back End - Very strong and a bit more angular than just a strong arc. Much more angular than it was OOB.
Overall Hook - Huge
Midlane Read - Very good. It will read a bit too early on a light oil shot.
Breakpoint Shape - Arcy and then it explodes toward the pocket

Length - Very early at about 25 feet
Back End - Smooth and strong
Overall Hook - Oh My GOD! The guys were lining up to see the BuzzBOMB after I practiced with it.
Midlane Read - Early read
Breakpoint Shape - Strong arc

With the OOB surface this thing is an oil eating, flaring JUGGERNAUT! I am bowling on some dry stuff this summer, so to make it work I had to stand on the 10 board of the lane to the left of mine and project it out to about 7 at 40 feet. I am not capable of doing this on the right lane, with the ball return in my way. I was also able to hold it at about shoulder height and throw it REALLY hard standing on 38 and going out to 5 at the camera. The ball came back real strong and decimated the rack. I am getting too old to do that! What this means is that the BuzzBomb is exactly the oiler I was looking for to fill in my arsenal. When they resurface the lanes and put out the winter shot, I am going to need it too!

Highly polished, the BuzzBOMB is a more refined beast...but it is a beast! It goes longer and is more angular than out of box.

I will return the ball to out of box and keep it for oil and tournaments, but the polished reaction tells me I MUST HAVE the BuzzBOMB/R when it comes out next month!

Carry - The carry is downright criminal!
Likes - Hit and read. Ability to handle oil.
Dislikes - I wouldn't use it on anything drier than a medium shot. That is not really a dislike, it means the ball strengthens my arsenal.

Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: burly1 on October 11, 2008, 10:42:35 AM
This is a review for Buzzbomb#2, I dropped from 16#  to 15#.
Ball was 15lb.3oz. with 3oz. top and a 1 1/2" pin
Drilling is 4.3 x 4.3 with the pin 1/2" right and 1" down from ring.
since my pap is 5.7over and .7up this ends up pin under ring, cg kicked out a little. Ball ended up with 1/2 pos. side, 5/8 top, and 3/8 finger. With my high track this ball will sometimes track over the middle finger, but not all the time. I wanted a ball to start up earlier and handle lots of oil, and that is exactly what I got. This ball starts up very early and never stops and handles heavy oil very well, I have tried this ball @ oob, 2000ab,500ab, and right now it is at 1000ab plus the Secret Sauce (put on with medium pressure)it has performed very well on the heavier house shots with the polished surface, but is still too much when the oil goes away, and it needs the bag and the BB/R or THS comes out. Overall I like the ball very much when I get enough oil to use it and would recommend one to anyone who needs a heavy oiler, especially a stroker like me.
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: Zef Olantar on October 28, 2008, 11:58:14 PM
When I got this ball, I tried it in box finish and it ended up sitting in my basement collecting DUST!  Not for MEDIUM conditions unless you throw warp speed or "zero" ball.....So, I polished it from its box surface adjustments.  Used 3M Finess-It and the ball is now AWESOME!  

Layout is 4 1/4" X 4 1/4" stacked.
Reads the midlane on medium conditions great, and the backend recovery is out of this world.  The carry is great as long as you have head oil.  Once you start leaving weak hits with it, it's time for the bag for this baby!  Not an every day / benchmark ball since it's on the stronger side, but great nevertheless.  A good ball for me to start the night with, but it only lasts about a game and a half even though I polished it.

Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: larry m on December 23, 2008, 03:30:45 AM
I just got this ball today, im just coming back to bowling after 2 years, ive been struggling (176 average) was using a gravity shift whioch was not strong enough 4 the oil swamp i bowl in. all i can say is the buzz bomb is amazing , the only way to miss right is to throw it in the gutter. any where i threw it from 2 boards right of center to the 1 board it found the pocket. i threw 6 games learning the ball and averaged 212.  LANE1 4 life
Title: Re: BuzzBOMB
Post by: John D Davis on June 21, 2009, 06:41:58 AM
I have two buzzbombs right now. Both are drilled Pin up. I have one at box finished with the cg kicked about an inch with no hole. I have the other shined up at 2K with Beans sauce and the cg is kicked about 2 inches with a weight hole 2 inches below my VAL.

    The shiny one, I cant really say to much about because I haven't threw it that much. But for the Box finish one, "wow" its amazing... On the longest of patterns, this one turns the corner. It is really fun when a ball gives you what no other bowler has on the lanes. This one give me just that. Sometimes the gutter can look un-playable, when I bring this thing out and then have everyone wondering if they can play the gutter.

   I will say though this ball is very very condition specific due to the early, heavy roll this thing gives. Its a type of ball that will stay in the bag even though I may not bring it out but once a month. This ball is a sponge, so I can see how they may die after some play. I can also see how if some people try this ball on the wrong conditions that is will burn up way to much and hit like crap. This thing already flares a ton anyway. I gotta give this ball a solid 9.5 because when the condition is there, you can count on this ball being amazing. Great Job Lane 1.              John Davis
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Post by: sluggo1974 on September 28, 2010, 05:33:37 PM
had this ball a couple years now had drilled a couple different ways and still really disappointed  it doesn't hook. what gets me is they want so much for this brand and they roll out duds. I have had other lane one stuff and liked it like the enriched uranium and still use it. i had drilled pin down to hook early and bowl in a house with screaming backends. I have taken to flooded synthetic lanes and it moves maybe seven boards which i think i can get form any ball. just not impressed with this ball at all
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Post by: larry mc on January 28, 2011, 01:04:15 PM


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):


Likes:strong friction in heavy oil , great carry

Dislikes: none


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Post by: b_whitt_03_08 on February 01, 2011, 11:12:14 AM





Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS & Modified Cheetah Pattern



I've had this ball since it came out, just never got around to doing a review. Hope this helps even though I know it's late.

Likes: Ball really gets down lane, very versatile ball for me, Lane 1 Carry, swing it on medium-medium heavy, play tighter when theres heavy oil but still can swing it if I soften up my hand, gets through the heads nicely, reads midlane perfectly and just so smooth of the dry, haven't had any over/under with this ball either which is beautiful

Dislikes: Definately not a dry lane ball. Not a dislike though


Pin is 3-4" and about 1/2" from ring finger, I think CG is kicked(not 100%, I am no professional), No X-Hole. Speed is 17-20 depending on condition, rev rate 350-400


1st House: THS, synthetic lanes with little carry down


This ball is a MONSTER on these lanes. I can stand 10 left of center dot throwing over 10 out to 5 with 18 mph and ball just Violentlly crushes the pocket. If I slow it down though it goes brooklyn if not further. I can move more right and just put a little loft on it and it still crushes the pocket.  If I move to 15 left of center dot throw over 15 out to 9-10 with about 17 mph and it still crushes the pocket. Shot my 2nd 300 with this ball at this house.


2nd House: Modified cheetah pattern, oiled 28' on right and 27' on left, buffed 10-10 down to 40' with 19.6 ml of oil


At this house I have to stand 15 left of center dot throwing over 13 out to 7 with 18 mph. This is pretty much the only line I can play here. If I move right ball goes left hard, if I move left ball just won't carry the 10.


Overall: Best ball by Lane 1. Outhooks TimeBomb for me anyways. Very Versatile given the right conditions.