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Title: Chainsaw Massacre
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Lane #1 is pleased to introduce the new Chainsaw Massacre. This pin slaughtering machine is coverd by our popular pearl Bleeder Coverstock and driven by our famous bomb shape MassaCORE.  The Chainsaw Massacre bites down hard, butchering medium oiled lanes.  Watch this ball carve through the pins, turning them into sawdust for a massacre of high scores..!!

Color Blood Red
Coverstock: Bleeder Pearl
Backend Hook: 95%
Constuction: 4-piece
15lb RG Min: 2.520
15lb RG Max:2.558
15lb Diff: .038
Hardness: 75 D-Scale
Finish: Highly Polished
Title: Re: Chainsaw Massacre
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Bill on May 20, 2009, 09:26:08 PM
After drilling the Chainsaw, I was expecting the Massacre to be a wreak overall ball, but I was happy to see what this ball did on the lanes.

I laid this ball out with the pin 4 1/2 inches from my PAP with the CG 4 3/4 from my PAP.  No weight hole was need.  My axis is 5 1/2 inches over and 1/2 inch up.

On our normal house shot this ball was clean to about 40 feet, then made a strong arcing motion back to the pocket.  On the Shark Pattern, I was able to play out, and get the ball to turn over at the end with nice pop to kick out the corners.

This ball is a Chainsaw on Steroids.

I think this would be a great complement to the Dynamo, which has similar backend reaction but the Dynamo can handle more overall oil.

Video Clip -

Any questions, please email me.
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Title: Re: Chainsaw Massacre
Post by: djbigsmooth on June 01, 2009, 10:32:50 AM
Taking medium conditions by surprise, the chainsaw massacre continues the barrage of strikes when the lanes start to transition. When your dynamo and
bowls:  right
style:  tweener
rev rate:  385-395
ball speed:  varies,depending on the conditions.  13.5-15.5mph
pap:  5 1/4" and 1/4" up

when your agent orange is too much, and the chainsaw is not enough, the chainsaw massacre bridges the gap perfectly until the pattern turns into "texas toast".

Although this ball was made for mediums, if you have enough hand, this could be the first ball out of your bag on a fresh oil shot. Want proof?.........check this out:   I was pleasantly surprised by the ball's reaction, strong when it needed to be, and smooth enough to handle transitioning lanes.

Witness the massacre,.........fear the carnage,..........sweep up the sawdust!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Chainsaw Massacre
Post by: John D Davis on June 21, 2009, 06:09:43 AM
Ok guys, I have got a few games on my Massacre now and can do a review. I have thrown this ball on alot of stuff now and it seems to be a ball that is somewhat condition specific, but mainly because mine is so shiny. I have the ball laid out with the pin above the fingers and cg is kicked slightly to the right maybe an inch. No weight hole was needed. On top of the box finish, I added a coat of Beans Sauce on it to give it as much length as I could.

   I can throw this ball on just about anything but extreme dry and of course extreme oily... All the medium stuff is perfect. The ball will work on the heavier stuff to if you don't go away with the ball to much. I actually think you could put a little surface on it or go with a pin down layout and get a perfect rolling ball for more towards the oily side.

    If you are looking for a ball to throw on the dry dry stuff then don't even bother getting this one. Theres much better selections for those conditions than this ball is. I would rate this ball a solid 9 though because on the right condition, this thing will beat you to death! The heavy handed players are going to worship this ball! The hitting power of this thing is in fact second to none... Simply another amazing piece made by lane 1.
      John Davis
Title: Re: Chainsaw Massacre
Post by: John D Davis on August 06, 2009, 06:26:06 AM
Ok guys, this is a review for another Massacre I had drilled up. This one was laid out stright over the label with the pin being under the fingers. Not sure of the static weights right off the top, but I know it has some Thumb Weight in it. The pin was say 3.5" and my total span is 4.5...

  This one rolls quiet amazing, much more versitile than the previous Massacre. The Pin up Massacre I had was a little condition specific, but this one I can use on almost anything they throw at me. I have this ball at 4K Abralon and I can use it on anything from pretty long to even the shorter stuff. There is a few go-to balls in my bag right now and this is definitly one of them. There is some balls that players just enjoy throing, and this one is one of them for sure! You hear of Walter Rays red ball up 5. Well this is my Red ball (out to 5)  A must have in ones arsenal. John
Title: Re: Chainsaw Massacre
Post by: larry mc on January 28, 2011, 01:07:37 PM


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):ths


Likes:good 3rd game ball

Dislikes: doesn't move in fresh oil


Title: Re: Chainsaw Massacre
Post by: b_whitt_03_08 on February 01, 2011, 11:29:33 AM




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS & Modified Cheetah



Got this ball from ZeusJr last year

Likes: Lane 1 Carry, nice smooth arc of the dry, very versatile ball, can use ball all 3 games at both houses I bowl at, reads midlane nicely

Dislikes: Not a dry lane ball. Get a little over/under at House #2.

1st House: THS, synthetic lanes


Massacre is a Beast at this house. I can swing the ball deep, play tight inside line, or straighter and the Carry is amazing with any line. I can use this ball all 3 games and still shoot well. Not really much more I can say than that.


2nd House: Modified cheetah pattern, oiled 28' on right and 27' on left, buffed 10-10 down to 40' with 19.6 ml of oil


I get a little over/under at this house with Massacre. When conditions are right I can use it all 3 games. If I try standing 15+ left of center the ball just won't come back especially if I get it outside of 9, if I hit everything correctly the ball just doesnt carry. If I stand 5-10 left of center dot throw over13 out to 10 the ball is just a beast right there, if I get it inside of that ball just goes left, if I get it right of 10 it just skids past breakpoint.