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Dynamo X2
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Need Xtra length? Need Xtra backend? The groundbreaking Dynamo has an evil twin brother to give you exactly what you need to up your game. The DYNAMO X2..!! This powerhouse of destruction has an all new Hybrid ISO coverstock encased around the high-output hurricane core to annihilate whatever is in it''''s path. Watch the DYNAMO X2 give you that Xtra length while building up it''''s energy for an extra monsterous backend.

P.S. Remember... Nothing cuts through pins better than a saw..!!


Attn: Pro Shops

Download your "Crazy-8" Here

   * Color: Midnight Blue
   * Cover Stock: Hybrid ISOTM  Solid Reactive
   * Core: HurricaneTM Patented Diamond
   * Hook Rating: 115 out of 125 max
   * Backend Hook: 95%
   * Flare Potential: 5"+
   * Pin Placement: 12 O clock 0-5 out

     15lb rg min: 2.467

     15lb rg max: 2.516

     15lb diff: .049
   * Construction: Modified 2-piece
   * Finish: 4000 Ruff Buff Polish
   * Available Weights: 13, 14, 15, & 16 lbs.


John D Davis

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Re: Dynamo X2
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2009, 03:17:47 AM »
Ok guys, I have gotten the chance to put some games on my new Dynamos now and give my first impressions. The roll very very amazing! I drilled 3 so far.
Pin Below the fingers(Double Thumb Layout)
Pin above Middle
and Pin to the right of ring

I must say that all these balls have different reactions and its clear that a person can build a competitive arsenal with just these balls. I have all three balls with the OOB finish so I can score well on anything but heavy heavy oil of course. If I take one of those down to say 1K abralon than I could probably hit anything I run accross.

My favorite reaction is probably the Double Thumb Layout. Its pretty smooth and I can really open the lane up with it. The Pin to the right of ring is very smooth as well, but it tends to not carry as good on anything other than that perfect condition. My PAP is around 4" over and 1" up, so Im sure that it is flaring a little to much.

As far as the other one... The pin above the middle finger. Its the strongest move by far off the spot. I have to be careful when throwing this ball, especially on something kinda flat because of the backend movement. It can be a little to much on the back on many occasions... It has of course the best length of the three though making it one heck of a league condition ball. Its one of those nice wheel type balls to show off on the later type conditons.

Anyways, my impressions on these balls are just like I had figured. I loved the Dynamos, and now I love the New x2's. Theres nothing better than finding a ball with such a smooth transition off the spot... The carry along with the predictability in such a ball is just phenominal!!! As of right now I would give this ball a 10+, and I hope to continue to crush every pattern I come across with these things.

This was my review from about 3 weeks ago. Since then, I have continued to have much success with this line of bowling balls. I feel that Core is something else and wish everyone would have the chance to try it out. Lane 1 and Global both is matching up very very well. Also glad to see the prices come down on some of these pieces. I think that will help more than anything. John Davis


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Re: Dynamo X2
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2009, 02:21:54 PM »
THE LAYOUT:¤t=2009-09-09_174232.jpg

REV RATE: 480-500 RPMS


ok so i get a call from a good friend who says he has a ball he wants me to try, he didnt say what is was, just said come to the shop and bring a couple of your current balls with you. so anyways long story short i was skeptical from the get go becasue ive never thrown any Lane 1 ball. ive been a loyal Storm guy for over 10 years now. but i made myself go into this with an open mind, giving it the benefit of the doubt. after punching it up i threw some initial shots just to get used to it, but nothing to get excited about because the lanes were kina rough, and i didnt want to judge it without proper land dressing.
first night of league i bring a virtual gravity with #2 drilling off of drill sheet, the dynamo x2, an original storm paradigm 5" pin under bridge. i threw some initial shots with the paradigm just to get warmed up, and noticed the paradigm was jumpy from about 8 and deeper. so i switched to the x2, and imediately noticed this was not a reaction i was getting from my storm stuff. where the paradigm would be really flippy, the x2 was smoother and more continous off the spot. needless to say after getting warmed up, i proceeded to go 247, 235, 217 for a decent 699 set. carry was great, the ball really read nicely, and the only negative i noticed was a little burn after the second game, which is nautral considering the surface i had on it.
on tournament shots, ive bowled with it on a 50 ft. flat, and honestly thats not a pattern this ball was designed for, and as such i had a better look with my virtual gravity. i also have used it on a variety of kegel patterns and have had pretty good success with it at its current surface of 2000 abralon.
FINAL THOUGHTS: the dynamo is a great ball, as long as you keep it on the shots it was intended for. with it being a hybrid cover, its not going to handle a ton of oil, med heavy would be as far as i'd go that way with it. anybody with a decent rev rate could use it untill you encounter a med to med light anything dryer than med light you are going to get too much burn. the x2 is surface friendly, ive had it at 2000 abralon with polish all the way down to 1000 no polish. it takes to hand postions well, and on fresh patterns especially house shots i can really cover some boards with it. on its intended shot the carry is great, just know when you start pinging weak 10's its probably a good idea to pick up something else. overall, im really excited about my equipment change, im looking to add some more lane 1 balls in the future. for anybody out there, at least give lane 1 a look, put all the stuff you've heard aside and judge the ball, not hearsay. great job lane 1! stopncrank aka, mike myrick
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Re: Dynamo X2
« Reply #3 on: January 29, 2011, 12:20:26 PM »

Length: About 40 feet 


Volume: Medium oil

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS



Likes: Ball motion

Dislikes: None so far


 First off got the ball from saw head and was drilled stacked leverage. This ball suprised me I was expecting a skid flip reaction from this ball but instead what I got was a medium length candy cane arc that is rally stong with alot of revovery. The ball is actually stronger than the supernova I have. Overall great first game ball for my lanes but need to transition to the supernova pretty early in the night cause any dry this ball really over reacts. Also this ball dosnt seem like it would like heavy volumes of oil or carrydown. Well hope this review helps. My profile has my specs also.





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Re: Dynamo X2
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2011, 02:36:27 PM »

Length:  38 ft 


Volume:  Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  THS



Likes:  Control with good length & strong arc at breakpoint.  This ball is drilled with pin above & right of ring finger as stacked leverage layout.  Small weight hole PAP.  On a THS pattern this ball gives me great control of the mid-lane.  Normally will start with this ball and rolling straight up 10.  Energy is stored and drives through the pin deck without any hint of rollout.  I can move to an inside line at 28 or 30 board and targeting over boards 18 to 20 out to my breakpoint with consistent swing shot back to the pocket.
Dislikes:  Not the ideal ball for heavy oil or sport shots, but a great overall piece of equipment for league play.






Spence Hayashi