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Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
It's the beginning of a new era in coverstock technology. Lane #1 has instituted "gene technology" in the formulation of resins, creating a new HybridTM RadioActiveTM 18 reactive resin coverstock. Lane #1 has blended together the proven power and energy of the Powerkoil 18TM resin with the smooth, predictable, and durable RadioActiveTM Activator TM resin, creating the most powerful, versatile, longest lasting reactive resin on the planet..!!Combined with our explosive Dirty Bomb core, Lane #1 gives you the most destructive ball your fingertips have ever had at their disposal. Put your fingers in, squeeze the trigger to fire and watch the pins EXPLODE..!!
Color: Purple Black
Cover Stock: HybridTM RadioActive 18
Core: Patented Diamond w/ High Density Flip Block and Mini       Nugget.
Hook Rating: 95 out of 120 max
Backend Hook: 80%
Flare Potential: 6”
Pin Placement: 12 O’ clock 1-4” out
Construction: 5-piece
Finish: Polished
Available Weights: 13,14,15, & 16 lb



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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #16 on: May 30, 2005, 10:00:47 PM »
This ball can only be described as a monster.  I haven't ever seen a ball hit so hard.  Some quick details about my shot:

Two Handed style (Right).
medium speed
medium to high revs
Ave 203

I've only had this ball for about a month, and because of where I live there is hardly ever any reason to use it, except when a tournament is on.  Even then around these parts I rarely need such a ball as this (I live in a part of Australia where oil is something off a chicko roll..well ok I admit some centres are ok here volume wise).  Because of this, it's had about 15 games thrown on it.  But all I can say is wow - what a hit.  It hits the deck so hard.

This is a very reliable ball.  If you throw it out it will recover very strongly.  If you hit the pocket flush you can turn and walk before you see the pins fall such is my confidence in it's hit.  If I hit light, more often than not I'll still carry, and if I hit on the high side of flush, it will just anhialate the deck.  This ball has a really strong roll, I love it.  On the heavier patterns I am able to throw it straight up the boards even as a two handed bowler.

My ball has a pin out, distance approx 3 inches. Set out much like this:

-------------O O-P------            

P = Pin
X = Balance hole

I have no thumbhole because I am two handed, that's why the balance hole is there.

This is a great Lane#1 ball, and it was my first.  It won't be my last.  If you're looking for a ball that will hook on medium to heavy patterns, especially if you throw some hand, I think that this ball will suit you well.


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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #17 on: July 13, 2005, 05:39:38 PM »
This is great ball!
Hits like .........., Bomb and no pins!

I have my HDB-16lb. since January and I can only say you have to get it if you are looking for mid-oil condition ball because you will get alot of stires, and not #10 or #7 pins left.
I have won more than $3000 with it!!!

So, Well done Lane#1 staff!

(if any Q.) E-mail:
p.s. now I want to buy new Lane#1 Super Carbide Bomb.


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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #18 on: July 14, 2005, 05:55:46 PM »
Okay be kind it's my first review...

Ball Facts:
Weight: 15lbs 4oz
Top Wght: 3.2oz
Pin to CG = 3.75"

Ball Drilling
Pattern for drilling: Modified stacked from the drill sheet (Lane #1)
Pin and CG was placed 4.25 from my PAP with a weight hole in the thumb positive quadrant. This hole is 5/8" dia and 3" deep pitched toward the ball center. Not sure of the static weights.

Bowler Specs:
Style: Power Tweener
Speed: 13-15mph at the arrows
Revs: Above average - lots of hand
For more info check out my profile...

The THS at my home house is medium at best, layed down to 33ft buffed to 36ft. 10-10 oiling and outside of that is sahara dry. I bowl in an 8:30pm second shift league. Lanes are oiled at 3:30pm. These lanes are the new Brunswick Pro-Anvil synthetic lanes and approaches.

Picked the ball up right before league and had no practice before hand other than 3 or so balls on each lane in warm-ups. Didn't have a good reaction with it until the last ball. Not being comfortable with it yet most times new balls don't work well the first few times out. This one held it's own.

Generally I average 190-195 and didn't want to let the team down but I had to use it. For the night I ended up 40-50 pins over average for the night. Too bad this was the last night of league... Arrrrgh Now I have to wait until August for more pin destruction.

Line played during the night was 18 arrows to 10 for about a game and a half. Moved inside gradually till the end of the night to about 22-10 as they dried out. After league I experimented a little 25-12 flush. Moved more inside 40 at the line 27-28 arrows to about 13-15 flush. Moved outside 10 and the ball
screamed toward the 7 pin. No oil at all there. Mine likes oil. Doesn't like dry. But the ball isn't snappy off the transition... its really smooth, It may ARC stronger but not by any means a snap. The last two games were 225 and 256 even on dry conditions. Left two 9 pins the second game, again my fault. Too
much hand was the culprit this time...

Most reviews I have read for this ball say you toss it wide you don't get recovery. WRONG, I got plenty. Any time I tagged the headpin (light, flush, even a tad heavy) 10 in the pit. Tug the ball a little it holds
and hits extremely hard. Send it wide and you think it isn't coming back.... wham another strike. First impressions of this ball were FANTASTIC. The ball has a smooth HARD arc to the pocket. I personally was not effected by any trackdown at all. It has an extremely heavy roll and pin crushing power on the
backends. I did leave one weak 10 pin all night - which was entirely my fault. Everyone fluffs one occasionally. I would highly recommend this ball to anyone. Looking forward to adding more of these GEMS (diamonds) to my arsenal SOON.

P.S. I do not work for Lane #1 and I am not a staffer, just another bowler looking to score better. With this ball I see a much higher average my future. Any questions on future performance feel free to PM me, I'll be happy to answer anything I can answer.

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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #19 on: August 24, 2005, 04:42:34 PM »
Ball Photo

This ball was used on a variety of conditions and worked well on all. Also used at ABC Nationals.  This ball would be a good benchmark ball for anyone because it is so versatile.  Does not like the dry though.

The most distinct aspect of this ball is the amazing roll the ball gets into after the breakpoint. Almost as though the ball is rolling downhill to the pins. It keeps the pins low and basically nothing is left after it hits.
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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #20 on: December 31, 2005, 12:19:45 PM »
My HDB--------

16LBS----2 3/4" pin----3.6 oz top weight--OOB surface which is polished.
Lanes---wood with Guardian applied.
Ball speed---15-16 MPH
PAP----5 1/4" over and 7/16th" up
Drilling---label leverage---pin below and to the right of the ring finger with the Cg in the midline and just above the thumb.
This drilling gives me easy length and a hard backend arc with plenty of pop to take out the ten. . You can swing it when the lanes allow it,and it recovers well if you get a little wide. A slight tug will carry the ten out. Light hits send messengers all over the place.
It doesn't like carrydown,and when it finds this it simply can't finish because of the high top weight and drilling which is as above.I put it away then and pull out another ball.
Overall,a good benchmark ball for me. I'm impressed with the easy care of the coverstock. So far I've got around 60 games on it with some light tracking beginning to show up. I've talked with the pro shop operator and we'll probably resurface it in a week or two.
A definite must have for an arsenal..................


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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #21 on: April 15, 2006, 10:46:30 PM »
Picked this ball up off of volley_man used. Threw it for a while and decided to slap on the rico drill just to test it out.

Right-handed stroker
Low track (high tilt?)
250-300 rpm
Usually around 30 degrees axis rotation
15-17 mph
...more in the profile I guess

3" pin
Lightly polished
Pic in profile.

Pin in center of grip
CG at 45 degrees (pos. side)
WH to bring it back to legality

First time out with this ball after being redrilled rico was a success. It was very even rolling and had a nice strong arc backend. Not the snap it had on the previous drill. I was unaware, however, that there was carrydown present and this ball just powered through the stuff like it wasn't there. Just tamed down the backend slightly. The hit and carry is out of this world during that first experimental period and I was able to string 17 strikes-in-a-row. That hooked me.

Besides looking sweet going down the lane with the red and yellow logos, the ball, on fresh oil w/ no carrydown, still wanted to snap pretty good. Much more controllable yet still had a very strong backend. This is my first Lane1 ball and it certainly will not be my last. That much I can tell. Those looking for a strong ball with a strong backend in the Lane#1 products should give the Hybrid Dirty Bomb a try.
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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #22 on: January 01, 2007, 08:56:02 PM »
This is an amazing ball it has great hitting power and is a must in my bag. Sometimes a little over/under but not very often and when it does make itself a path to the whole it holds like no other.


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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #23 on: June 22, 2008, 03:13:03 AM »
The ball: 16 pounds, 5-inch pin
The drill: "Thumb Leverage" layout on Lane #1 drill sheet. On this ball, pin is above the bridge and CG is almost due east of the thumb hole. Works out to a 4.25 x 3.75 drill for me. Finish is box.
Me: PAP 4 over 3/8 up, tweener revs, good speed, good circumference coverage


Bought this ball to test side-by-side with a Dirty Bomb and some of my other Lane #1 Diamond- and WAS-cored gear. I wasn't terribly enthused with the original Dirty Bomb, which was drilled stacked with short pin-to-PAP and CG-to-PAP numbers, so I decided to do something different here.

I settled on the "Thumb Leverage" layout because, with this ball having a 5-inch pin, it would allow me to use a layout that I've often used on other companies' gear with similar RG and diff numbers. The pin ended up over the bridge and the CG next to the thumb on the strong side.

I like this ball's reaction much better than my DB, but it is an odd reaction. Even though the ball was left in box condition (a matte finish with no polish), this ball is actually angular. I have rarely seen solid reactives that can be angular on anything other than short, high-volume patterns, but this ball is truly angular on the patterns I tested it upon.

The first pattern was a medium-light modified THC without super-dry outsides, and about 37 feet in length. On this pattern, the ball was good for about the first half of a block on the fresh. Then it just got too aggressive in the front part of the lane.

The second pattern was a medium- to medium-heavy volume, semi-flat shot with good oil outside 10. On this pattern, the HDB shined. Either the core performance or the drill (or a combination of the two) allowed the ball to glide through the heads before picking up in the backend.

Like the DB, the HDB has a different roll characteristic than Lane #1's Diamond and WAS cores. Not only is the movement more angular, but the ball seems to make a different motion through the pins and the hit and carry are different.

Like most of my other Lane #1 gear, the HDB took well to changes in hand positions, speed and line changes. It is much better than the original DB in that regard. The cover appears to be a better candidate for surface prep changes.

However, the ball comes up short when compared against the Diamond and WAS balls, in my opinion, primarily from a carry standpoint and an oil-handling standpoint. The Enriched Uranium, for instance, handles oil better than this ball does for me. The DB and HDB take longer to master, but if you need a different look from standard Lane #1 stuff yet want to stick within the Lane #1 company, these might work for you. The summary:

Positives: Tunable cover, Gets through oil in the heads well without burning up, consistent move off the dry.

Negatives: Doesn't move as much overall in oil as people might expect (or need), carry below average for Lane #1, can be a handful to learn especially if you're used to Lane #1's other cores.

Overall: Better than the Dirty Bomb for what it's designed to do, but if you truly need something for heavy oil, look at some of Lane #1's other, newer offerings.



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Re: Hybrid Dirty Bomb
« Reply #24 on: March 03, 2011, 08:02:49 PM »


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):


Likes:I love this ball . I have had it for three weeks and I have already bowled a 299 and a 279 leaving a ten pin in the 10 th frame .  it comes back if you miss it out side and holds good if you tug it
but it just drives through the pocket with so much power . lane#1 you rock!!!
Dislikes: hard to dislike big scores