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Golden Nugget
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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You asked for it, a yellow gold pearl, you got it..!! Featuring our new P.17 Carbide Particle coverstock, we've created a smooth rolling pearl ball, that is golden on the backend. Combined with our patented diamond core, and it's raised mini diamond nugget, the Buzzsaw/C Golden Nugget, strikes like gold..!! So, when searching for strikes, search no longer, because you've just struck gold..!!

Color: Yellow Gold Pearl
Cover Stock: P.17 Carbide Particle
Core: Raised Dense Mini Diamond Within Patented Diamond
Hook Rating: 21
Flare Potential: 4”
Pin Placement: 12 O’ clock 1-4” out
Construction: 4 - piece
Finish: Highly Polished
Available Weights: 13,14,15, & 16 lb.


Saw Mill

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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2003, 03:43:31 PM »
Got this "gem", and it was drilled at 4 1/4 x 3, with the pin in the 1:30 position to the ring finger, and the CG stacked, weight hole on PAP (5 1/4 over and 1/8 up).  This ball is REALLY smoooooth rolling, and controllable.  Is not for "heavy" oil, unless you jave slow speed with lots of revs, but for my revs and speed, I am able to play outside.  Ball is NOT a snappy ball like Cherry Bomb, but handles more oil and carry-down BETTER.

I scuffed the surface for oily conditions, as it was a bit over/under for my speed.  Rolled a bit stronger, and took control of more oil, and when I tugged the ball into the oil, it held the line due to it not being too overpowering or grabby.  Higher speeds will be able to use it on lighter patterns, but care will be needed to ensure you do not scoot it through the break-point.  May look into placing the pin under ring for an earlier roll.

All in all this ball carries exceptionally well, carried "numerous" light hits, with great mixing of the pins.  High game with this ball on lighter conditions was 245 out of box, and high series on medium to medium-oily is 650.  I expect great things out of this ball as I get more used to it, and if I change layout, I will re-review it.  I will try to answer any questions anyone may have, but this is a must see ball to really appreciate!

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Doug Sterner

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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2003, 01:55:17 AM »
At the suggestion of the Lane 1 gurus I drilled this ball the same as I drilled  SawMill's....4-1/4 x 3. However I got my pin above the ring due to my axis specs. Weighthole was placed 2" below my PAP to help remove some thumb weight as well as side weight.

Out of the box this ball is an animal. On our SPORT pattern I was shooting my 4-1/2 x4 Cherry Bomb from 15 to 10 while standing 25. I tried the order to get back into the pocket I had to slid 40 and play 25 to 12!!!!! This ball is THAT strong. I took it back into the shop and applied 2 coats of Storm ProActa Shine with a white sponge. That made the ball playable.

So I knew it would carry from deep in but I decided to try outside. I moved everythjing right and stood 20 and end over ended the ball up 10. The ball was clean up front and made a defined arc into the 1-3 like it was on auto-pilot.

I took the ball out tonight on our house shot after a shift had gone thru. Now keep in mind that last night I used Cherry Bomb and piped it up 10 hard and had to put it away and get out XXXL last game.

I slid 28 and played the ball 12 out with speed and the ball came ripping back. I shot 713 for the 3 games. The only non-strikes I had were splits where I left it go a bit soft and I left 4-9's or similar.

In short this is an excellent backend ball for a pearl particle. I am not a particle fan because of my revs/speed combo but this one is not going anywhere.

This is a definite winner from Lane 1.
Doug Sterner
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Mike Whitacre

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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2003, 01:12:49 PM »
Lane 1 finally gets back to the core that made their balls so good. To many “Super Bomb” type cores.

I had this drilled Pin under ring finger, CG 2.5 inches below pin, no hole.
For me this ball is not a huge hooker. For me this ball is about control and versatility. It will hook some in oil/carry down. It will slide thru the heads and read mid lane with enough hit to carry. It has a good mid lane roll, comparable to Brunswick’s inferno, but the ball is not as strong hook wise as a inferno.  On a fresh condition it is very strong. I can change my hand position and get a good side roll reaction or stay behind it for less hook and more roll. It does not over react on the wet to dry. I like it and will be using it a lot

Mike Whitacre
Mike Whitacre


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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #4 on: January 05, 2004, 11:31:53 PM »
Got myself one drilled up last week. Has a 3.5" pin. I got it drilled what looks to be 5x4.5, pin in the 1 o'clock position above the ring. Rolled it at one of the more oiled houses in my area with no real backends and it recovered very nicely, shooting 20 to 10. Great hit at the pins.

Took it to my regular light oil house (notorious for fast drying heads) with flying backends that seem to start about 30' down the lane I was able to play a deeper line with good speed. It got excellent length, cleared the heads beautifully, was able to get down the lane without rolling up too early, recovered and had PLENTY of energy at the pins to kick out the corners as long as I executed properly. Shooting anywhere from 30-25 to 10-8.

So far this is a ball that I can probably use at any house in my area and probably score well with it. For me it seems to be a ball that is versatile enough for me to be able to play a bunch of different lines and not worry about it's inability to perform.

I've received a lot of comments about it's hitting power from people watching me roll it and also how it color resembles baby poop.

For those worried about it's price, the first day I got it, it paid for itself in pot games and side bets and as of today it's up $50 bucks and I've only had it a week.

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Oahu Bowler

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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #5 on: January 12, 2004, 05:27:08 AM »
I love this ball!  15lbs, drilled label 1:30 pin, just under an ounce of positive side.  Absolutely awesome ball.  Nice arcing motion to the pocket and incredible hit.  Rolled 6 games out of box finish... low 700 first shift, low 600 second shift.  This ball needs some head oil or you can pretty much forget it.  I do like the pearl particle finish... the color leaves alot to be desired, but Id throw a doo doo brown colored ball if it rolled as nicely as the GN.

My line for the GN is stand 25, ball over 15 at the arrows, and out to 5 at the break point and a nice turn back to the pocket.  Lanes were light to medium oil with decent backends (synthetic heads, wood backends).  My ability to change speed and hand positions allowed me to strike on different lines... (read AREA).  I believe I left and converted quite a few back row pins... 4, 6's... missed 7-10.  For me, not bad for 6 games... no practice.  9 out of 10 rating.  Im pretty much using all Lane 1 equipment now.

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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2004, 08:35:10 PM »
Drilled mine with the label drill.  Bowled on semi-dry lanes and wow.  Many people told me that this ball was a killer, and it sure is.  I hooks more than my Visionary Blue Sparkle, which is drilled to roll, and rolls better and never quits too.  Really impressed with this ball from Lane #1.  Practicing, I threw maybe 30 balls, I hit the pocket 90% of the time and carried 75% of the time.  I would believe that this would hook less than the Cherry bomb, but more than the Silver Diamond/ Emerald C2


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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #7 on: January 19, 2004, 11:30:18 PM »
Drilled mine stacked leverage with a 3 inch pin and 3.6 starting top weight. ball is 15 pounds. thanks to doug sterner for a great deal and saw mill for all the helpful advice.

well now the ball, this ball gives me the most lines of attack then any other ball in my bag. can swing it out and let it come back, play straight up, play a deep line, ect... the hit on the ball is very devestating!

this ball is best used on medium to slight heavy with carrydown. just love how this ball gives me so many options to strike.

Buzzsaws just rip through the lanes and shread the RACK!


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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #8 on: February 13, 2004, 11:16:43 AM »
Really love this ball. 3" pin stacked @ 12:00, high speed, high rev rate.  The ball turns the corner unlike anything I've seen.  We bowl on wood lanes with moderate carrydown, 7 to 7 wall, little or no breakdown.  I was releasing aroung 35 out to about 10/9 board at 35ft and watching the ball recover completely.  The closest thing I've seen to this ball was the Apocalypse.  

One fault of this ball:  The cover is extremely soft and tracks out very fast on wood lanes.  After 6 games (2 different pairs), it looked like it had 50 games on it.  I don't recommend this ball on wood if you want it to last.  When we tried it on synthetics, got the same result with less wear and tear.

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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #9 on: February 17, 2004, 03:39:35 PM »
See my profile for my info

Pin: 1 inch pin under the ring finger and the CG under the pin.
Lanes: 1st house Synthetic lanes with drier heads, oil through the mid lane and which results in carry down.

Coverstock: Right out of the box

Reaction: Good - I have a problem when throwing a lot of different equipment on these type of lanes. Solids seem to burn out and pearlize want to hit flat. What I like about this ball is it does get through the fried heads pretty nicely and still have enough backend to get back to the hole.
Bad- This ball will hook and if I slow the ball down or put a little too much hand in the ball, it can leave some mean splits. I have never thrown something this strong before so it will take some getting use to.

2nd house is a dry wood lane house.

Good- There is not much good about having this ball in this type of house. Its too dry and the ball is too snappy.

Bad- Way too snappy and it seemed a little eratic. I want to throw the ball some more and see if I can work with the hand position a bit to control the hook.

I did not get the ball for the last house. I got it more for the first house and with some more practice, I think this will be a great ball. I might try to mess with the coverstock just a bit to see if I can calm it down or take some more finger weight out.

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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #10 on: February 23, 2004, 02:05:49 AM »
Purchased this ball about 1 month ago and have approximately 30 games on it.  The ball is 15lbs and is drilled per lane #1 layout for maximum length and backend.  At first, I took ALOT of crap from my team for buying this ball.  Due to the high price and unusual color, they automatically hated it.  After the first 3 games of me using it, they hated it more.  The ball did go quite long and of course turn hard...I just needed to get used to it.  After a few weeks, I have learned its break point and have found that it is a very good ball...if there is oil.  On dry lanes or burnt up back-ends, this ball will be tough to control.  When others are struggling on the "sport" condition, I find this ball to be very forgiving.  I am a med-high rev player, but I don't like to play the huge line.  I am able to keep my speed up and play a more direct line, trying not to hang it out to the gutter.  This ball is NOT for the bowler who can't put revs on a ball.  All the bad reviews of lane #1 balls are probably from guys who want a "hook-in-a-box" solution to a weak game.  Before this ball, my favorite was an old M/R Zone 3-piece ball.  You probably never even saw one before.  I am a 219 avg. bowler who worked too hard to create a powerful shot.  With this new ball, I am able to work more on just hitting my mark and letting the ball do most of the work.  Now, the teammates who hated my GN are the ones watching it destroy the pins.  Once again, if you don't have a strong game, stick with the dull balls and leave the lane #1 balls to the better bowlers!

Looking forward to my next Lane #1 purchase


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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #11 on: April 10, 2004, 01:36:34 AM »
Bowler info:
17-18 MPH
400 + or - revs(I have been told I rip the cover off the ball
but I don't think I crank it)
I don't have a prefered line I can play from 1st arrow down and in
to 5th arrow swinging the lane with no problems.

My first ball drilled by Doug Sterner.
Drilled pin under ring cg swung out 1.5 to 2"
Small X hole in thumb Quadrant (close to PAP) Box finish.

This ball is very clean thru the heads and continous
on the backends. Does not jump. I have to keep it polished (about every
12-15 games I throw it on the spinner.)

I don't know where everyone thinks this ball is an ugly
color, I like yellow.

The cover on my ball still looks new after 4 months of
bowling. (no noticeable cover wear)

I clean after every set with Black Magic Particle Coverstock
Rejuventator Cleaner.

No big sets but I have not been in deep split trouble since
I switched my lineup to saws. (reviews aren't about scores anyhow)

Overall great ball. 10 on a 10 scale for versatility.
10 of 10 for cover durability. If it starts hooking too bad I grab the
Pro Purple. 5 boards weaker than my Pearl Carbide Bomb,
5-8 boards stronger than my Pro Purple. Very receptive to changes in
hand positions. Seems to carry a bit better when I can let the ball
work. I have yet to see this one rollout.  

The Golden Nugget fits right below my Pearl Carbide Bomb.
I mostly play down and in with this ball. Most nights
10 pins are not a problem.  

Saws are made to cut ANYTHING including 10 pins

Ten pin?????? Where?? I throw a BUZZSAW there is NUTTIN left on the deck...

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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #12 on: June 25, 2004, 08:25:41 PM »
Got this at a super steal from user Shaggy for only $30 shipped.  It was in near mint condition too.  But enough with all the Lane #1 hype, and onto the review

Bowler Profile
Right handed Tweener
300-350rpms(depending on if I want to hook the lane or play up the boards)
16.5-17mph(depending on if I want to hook the lane or play up the boards)

Ball Specs
3" Pin, Unknown topweight
Pin over bridge, C.G under and right of ring
Weighthole in thumb positive quadrant
Box finish taken off, Hit with Clean N Sheen

-The color of this ball and the black labels really let you see and read your rotation.  It's easy to tell when you come around it too much, or when you miss the hit at the bottom.
-Great for the THS
-Has no trouble getting around the corner on Typical House Shot
-Carries ok, not great, must be in a heavy roll to see it's true power
-Carries light hits well
-Continuous through the rack
-Excellent Built in Length
-Plays very well from Inside angles

-EXTREMELY OVER-UNDER.  As with most Lane#1 pieces, you have to play with the cover to find a suitable reaction since they flare so much.  
-Ball needs dry to hook, but is almost too strong off of the dry boards to control
-Ball skates forever in oil and won't fully recover(tried 2 different surfaces and neither really wanted to turn over in the oil)

Other Notes
This isn't a bad ball by any means, but isn't great either.  The problem I see with Lane #1 equipment in general is that alot of hype is around it from people who can't really bowl, but have scored well on occasion with this ball.  For the price it's not worth it, as there are plenty of great balls in the midpriced range that go long and turn the corner.  But this is a fun ball to use and impress the hacks with at leagues.  I am still struggling to find a surface that I like with this ball as I don't really know where to fit this in with my current equipment.  For the Skid/Strong arc reaction, my Time Zone and Command Zone Arc run circles around this ball in the performance area, but the Nugget is just so fun to throw since it's so different.

Don't get the wrong impression on this review.  It's nice for what it does, but I don't see myself using this ball outside of the medium oiled house shots.  The boomers with a ton of hand will love the lope and energy off of the dry boards but my favorite zones are playing up the boards near the gutter and 5th arrow out to 14-15 at the breakpoint and my Nugget just isn't good for these type of lines.  It definately needs dry to be bounced off of(along with just about every other lane 1 pearl) and is at home on your bumper bowling patterns.  This is my first attempt at a Lane #1 ball but I just don't think the Diamond core is anything special.  I love the Brunswick look on the lanes and their core/cover combinations, but this Nugget is very different from my other brunswick balls.  It still has a home in my bag for now though.
-DJ Marshall
Why do bowlers all want a ball that skid-snaps then cry about it being over-under when they can't control it?


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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #13 on: March 23, 2005, 07:39:30 PM »
ME: left-handed tweener, 14-16 MPH, preferrable shot is 12-15 board to 8-10 board.

BALL: 14 pounds, 4" pin w/ 3 oz. top weight

DRILL: 5 x 3.5 drilling, no weighthole

SURFACE: polished, box finish and polished 800 grit

REVIEW: i drilled this ball and threw it in a THS situation. the ball, with the drilling proved to be just about what i was looking for. it went thru the heads with a lazy lope, started up, hit the dry and revved up smoothly and predictably. with the chosen layout, the ball does not exhibit an extreme skid-snap: i can read the oil-to-dry transition with ease as the ball winds up and hard-arcs into the pocket. with a desireable breakpoint shape and angle, i can adjust my shot accordingly.

the box finish was a bit strong as far as the backend reaction, so i polished the ball with the hopes of having a bit longer travel. it was still snappy, so i drilled the fingers deeper to kill off some weight. the reaction was smoothed out and much more playable. with a light sanding (800 grit), the reaction was tamed down into a much more reliable one.

where to play: it can handle some carrydown with the light particle load. it prefers mediums and maybe slightly heavier/lighter mediums. too much ball for dry, too little for oil.

it responds very well to hand positions, in that if one position sucks i can tweak it and add/remove sideroll to better copmliment the conditions at hand. it easily makes the turn into the pocket as long as you give the inherently long nature of the ball time to get into a good roll.

 - the hit. deflection seems to be almost null and void with this ball.
 - readability of the lane.
 - entry angle: it projects well and responds to the dry. tell it what to do.
 - LOW PINS! i love the buzzsaw core. the pins stay low and KILL.
 - the color is awesome.

 - corner pin carry: the 'hit' at times is powerful enough to drive thru the pocket and stone the 7 pin. this may be due to the entry angle being to sharp. LOL, wish i had some of that deflection back.

general notes: if i hit squarely, i have had more than one person ask if i was throwing 16 lb. equipment while i am cursing at a stone 8 or 9 pin leave. it rarely deflects enough to leave a 5 pin: if it does it is 100% operator error. the drawback is some wild solid hits leaving 7s. light hits carry well due to the low pin-deck level. as long as you have consistent release and hand position, this ball will work well with your game.

first night with the ball and actually firing it off with a reason, it paid for itself in pot bowling. 236, 212, 245 for a 693 series,  and some nice change.

reaction: 8.5 out of 10
hit: 9 out of 10
readability: 9.5 out of 10
overall: 8.5 out of 10

funniest thing i have ever read on here:

originally posted by Bjaardker, about if brunswick sells 2nds/blems:

Yeah, they're called Lane #1s....



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Re: Golden Nugget
« Reply #14 on: April 21, 2005, 03:48:40 PM »
Got this ball used after a guy dumped it off at the pro shop I frequent as it was headed for the dumpster. It had developed about a 4 inch long crack from the ring finger, through the pin, and down the right side of the ball. Having messed around with the plugging of cracked balls before (had a great reacting Omega LM that lasted for near 6 years after plugging the crack it developed) I decided to give it a shot and see if I could repair it. Long story short, everything came out great and I threw it on the Haus resurfacer and drilled it up. It had a short pin (1 inch) so I put the pin under the ring finger and the CG directly right of the pin. Drilled the fingers deep and ended up with about 1/2oz finger and 3/4oz positive.

I initially put a bit of Sure Shot polish on it, since I figured with the Pearl Particle shell, it would work well and get it down the lane a bit farther than the other Golden Nuggets I've seen. Well, it definitely got it down the lane before hooking, about 55 feet to be exact. The house shot here isn't known for having a lot of backend, so this ball skated badly unless you really squared up, in which case you got bad over/under with the ball. If I got it to the pocket without rolling up, it left a lot of weak 10s.

Back to the spinner, where I took the polish of with a grey Scotch Brite pad. The ball picked up an earlier roll now, but still skidded by the break point with any hint of carrydown. I thought about even trying to get more surface on the ball since the grey pad isn't very coarse, but decided to just bag it as a failed experiment. The drill pattern I picked may not have been the best matchup either, but it wasn't worth the plugging cost to replug it again.

In summary, the ball does have great carry, as many people have mentioned with the Lane 1 balls. And on a shot with good backends, I can see this ball being quite deadly. But to me, as soon as you start seeing inconsistent carrydown or a long pattern, bag this ball and pull out something else. Definitely not a benchmark ball for me.