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Pearl Carbide Bomb
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Lane #1 launches it’s second round of bombing with our Pearlized Carbide BOMB. This beautiful Purple Pearl Carbide BOMB glides straighter through its launch, then turns hard, locking on to its target, destroying the enemy with a MASSIVE EXPLOSION, just in case they got away the 1st time.

Color: Purple Pearl

Cover Stock: “Carbide Particle

Core: Diamond w/ Flip Block

Hook Rating: 23

Flair Potential: 8”

Pin Placement: 12 O’clock 2-4” out

Construction: 3-piece

Hardness: 75-77 D-Scale

Finish: Polished

Increased Dynamics: 15-14 lbs.

Available Weights: 14, 15, & 16 lbs



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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2002, 10:10:13 PM »
Had this ball for about 1 month now- Aprox 40 games on it. I have it drilled CG axis and slightly polished. This ball is STRONG! I stand at 20, throw out to about 5-7 and this ball comes back with a vengenace. It doesn't seem to be bothered by moderate carry-down. Very clean up front. I have another Pearl Bomb that I will be drilling Max leverage soon. I will review this ball with that drilling when I get some games on it.


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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2002, 09:44:37 PM »
I finally got this ball tweaked to PERFORM!  I have it drilled max leverage, and highly polished, standing about 15, and playing 5 to 7.  It rolls clean and makes a nice move to the pocket.  I was able to make slight adjustments with my feet to play both carrydown and drier backends.  I also have the LRG, Bomb , and the Silver.  I gave my Pearl Carbide to my son when I got the pearl Bomb.

Mike Whitacre

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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2002, 06:50:53 PM »
Since I loved the regular bomb so much, I just had to try this one. I have been in anticipation of a pearl version for quite a while. Even before I heard Lane#1 was coming out with a pearl version, I was wanting one. So as soon as Ron Williams had one in his shop I bought it.

It was a 2.5" pin 3.5 top drilled just like the new regular bomb I bought (pin under the ring finger and cg kicked out quite a bit. Hole in the side to bring it back to legal).

My regular bomb as good length and is arcing. This Pearl drilled the same goes quite a bit longer with a nice smooth move to the pocket. I saw no real issues of over and under with this ball. It was smooth and predictable. I rate it very highly.  


Mike Whitacre
Mike Whitacre


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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2002, 10:33:39 AM »
Lane #1. New Carbide Bomb Pearl is One Strong Ball!

Those of you who are Lane #1. fans should run out to your local Proshop and place your order today for this one! Or if you are a bowler who has always wanted to try a BuzzSaw then this one will be a great first experience!

The New Pearl Carbide with the "Bomb Core" gets down the lane and makes a Strong "Angular" move to the pocket with tremendous hitting power as we would expected from a Lane #1.ball. We drilled Our test ball with Our favorite BuzzSaw drilling using what we call a "Label Leverage" 2:00 Pin with the CG. in the palm with No balance hole needed.

We rolled 6 games on our typical fresh league pattern and we experienced no burn-up for the entire set. We just had to follow the oil line moving left with our feet and as we gave this BuzzSaw room it still had plenty of energy to make it back to the pocket! This ball can go "Long" and still remain "Strong".

The drilling we used allows this BuzzSaw to be used on a wide range of lane conditions. Even with its "Fully Adjustable" cover most bowlers will want to keep this BuzzSaw polished! This ball is strong for a Pearlized ball!

Those of you who bowl on "Synthetic" lanes will really love the power of this ball as it provides excellent traction and strong hook!

Those of you who are "Cranker" types or have Strong releases make sure you keep the drilling patterns simple! This ball does not need any help!!!

We are Highly recommending this ball to all bowlers!




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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #5 on: December 05, 2002, 03:34:45 PM »
I drilled this one 5x5.5, no weight hole needed.  This ball goes very long with a big move on the backend.  This ball does not skid/snap but has a nice roll and arc into the pocket.  Something about lane one balls that HIT so hard.  This one saves energy and H.I.T.S.  Not a coast to coast ball for me but it gets the job done.


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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #6 on: February 07, 2003, 10:12:05 PM »
This is review number 1 for me.

First i'd like to say this is a great ball. I have it drilled label leverage 1:30 pin. Used on pretty dry lanes. OOB it lost a little energy about 5 feet early, so to the spinner it went (actually i hand applied the polish). coat of polish (ebonites particle polish). I was able to play a vry comfortable line with this ball on lightly oiled med/short  oiled lanes using about 0-10 degree axis (end over end almost) and 16-17 mph.  I played 19 out to14 at arrows- about 7 at 40 ft and it was crushing the pocket. Light hits carried with the greatest of ease, as did most high hits, but if i hit too high it was a guaranteed solid 9 pin. I have also had pretty good success with this ball on med-hev oil (40ft tube down 8 ob outside 7). Just slow down and change your  axis and its ready to strike. if drilled strong you could play deeper, but it wouldnt be as effective on the drier lanes. Overall a very good ball. Worthy of an 8 on my scale of 1-10. (for info on my scale check my profile)

The Dragon

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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2003, 12:11:44 PM »
Picked up this ball, Jan 2003.  Bowled around 40 games on it, time for a review.
Specs: 15 lb, 3" pin, 4x4.    Review my profile for speed, revs etc.
Used on a variety of conditions from medium-heavy, to medium, with carrydown.  Put it back in the bag, when the lanes dry up.

This ball clears the heads nicely (for a particle pearl), gets decent length, and makes a hard, defined, arcing move to the pocket.  Particle cover allows it to cut through the carrydown, without squirting.
Carry is devastating on flush hits, and it very good on light hits as long as you have a good angle into the pocket.  However, if I raise the ball speed slightly, it can leave a number of 10 pins, as the ball enters the pocket just behind the head pin.
Variation in hand position, will cause the ball to hook more or hook less (in terms of overall hook).  Doesn?t radically affect the shape of the movement or the carry percentage of the ball, but it allows you to play the area of the lane most comfortable to the bowler.    

On medium oil with carrydown, this ball is superior to shiny resins (which tends to squirt and leave weak 10s and 7s), and heavy load particle (which tends to burn up a little in the fronts and mids).

On medium oil with fresher (but not screaming) backends, this is simply a decent hitting ball, which provides the bowler with control and predictability.  On these conditions, shiny resins or very light load particles (Frenzy, V2 pearl, X-factor), would provide bigger move (on the lanes) and better carry on off-hits.  However, the Pearl Bomb would provide the bowler superior consistency as the lanes transition from game 1 through game 3.  

On heavier oil, with my revs, I?m able to move right and throw the Pearl Bomb between the first and second arrow, down and in.  As long as the angle into the pocket is ideal, carry will be consistent.  Can?t swing this ball into the oil, and expect it to come back to the pocket.  Look for a heavier loaded particle (Super Carbide Bomb, Freak etc.), for that style on the heavy conditions.

On dry lanes or mediums with screaming back ends, keep it in the bag.

Conclusion: this ball is a superior piece of equipment on medium oil with carrydown, which can also be used successfully on a number of other conditions, as long as the bowler is willing to adjust (foot and hand position) to play slightly different areas of the lane.
If you ONLY play on medium conditions with fresh (or screaming) backends, there may be better options out there for you.    


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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #8 on: July 06, 2003, 02:37:38 PM »
Its me again,Umm,this one is a Pearl C-Bide Bomb review.I bought this over a month ago and have used on light,medium and heavy oil.For starters,this ball was drilled already
At a CG axis way.BUT the angle of the three holes (fingers,thumb)were almost positioned  like “7:00” downward. From that famous “diamond”.Anyways,I left this ball alone to bowl with w/out any changes,because the span was off by 1/32 ‘on my middle and exact on the 3rd finger(ring).So its that dreaded test time again.WOWEEE!!The first three balls were strikes with an E-X-P-L-O-S-I-O-N!!This Pearl C-bide Bomb can make pins dance.Also I noticed when you throw it,the ball has a phenomenal spin thats very uncanny!!!Oh,oops,I forgot it to mention the condition.It  was a “medium oil night”,after the 4th frame,I missed my mark,BUT still this ball came back “the best it” could with that crazy spin action!I LIKE THIS BALL so far.I ended up bowling a few“180somethings”several and two 230somethings and a 243,(or was it 244) that night.Ok,I bowled a 140something too,BUT seeing that Crazy  “constant hook” was worth it!I did another test a week later.This particular night,the lanes were a little oilier.
My games were still consistant 180+ with this ball,BUT the ball would GLIDE a bit farther,around 8,9 feet then KABLAM!!I had to PRE adjust cause one my other friend.Actually 6 of them were there that.Two of which have Super Carbides,the others have the green and/or dull light purple ones(reg C-bombs).As usual this ball with some adjusting WILL hook decent in heavy oil with that crazy phenomenal spin.Oops,the score on that night was a high 227 or 228,hey,it’s a little oilier and I’m still in the experimental stage.I’m human,BUT at least there were no 140’s,haaaaaaaaa.a few days go by I give another test shot at lighter oil.I was doing pretty good,UNTIL the middle finger insert popped off,then that test was aborted.Uh,another week  later,after being replugged(ONLY in the fingers).This time NO INSERTS!!!NEW test,lets see how this does with no inserts plus NOW the span is EXACT to mine.I still got the killer explosive deflective strikes,BUT this time I noticed I had to adjust a bit more than usual.First it’s a heavier oiled night and second,I took out the inserts.My games were stil the same fro this condition.180’sthis time some 160’s(uggghh)I hate missing easy spares!!The ball still HAS that phenomenal spin I like.I dont remember if I tested this on "Sports shot"?Oh well,maybe another day and I'm sure the preview review mention it,still a GREAT BALL THOUGH!SO,I recommend this ball to anyone.Whether you buy it used or new.This is a REALLY good piece to any arsenal!!
My rating is a “”A””and WILL definetly use this a lot in the future!Some of my local bowling comrades keep asking “are ya done testing it?”or “if ya hate it can I buy it from,ya?”Nope,in fact I’m waiting for his cousin the Cherry Bomb coming in the mail within a week or so.I’ll give my honest review later that puppy!Ya know I just realized I was reviewing two b-balls that are PURPLE,how weird?


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Re: Pearl Carbide Bomb
« Reply #9 on: October 26, 2003, 09:58:53 PM »
WOW, a ball I finally think enough of to give a review.

bear with me new at this(1st one)

Bowler info:
17-18 MPH
400 or so revs(I have been told I rip the cover off the ball
but I don't think I crank it)
I don't have a prefered line I can play from 1st arrow down and in
to 5th arrow swinging the lane with no problems.

I use this ball exclusivly in one league. (not enough oil in the other)

Ball info:
pin under fingers centered. cg kicked out a bit, 4x3 or something close
ball does have a weighthole but not on my pap I never had it redone when I bought it used except for plugging the fingers and putting in a thumb slug.
box finish as far as I know.

I play down and in til around the middle of the second game, then move 3 and 3
and start a small swing and by the end of the 3rd game I end up moving a total of about 6 boards with my feet and 5 with my line. Pretty good amount of oil on the lanes as I get into the carrydown by the end of the second game. When this ball starts hitting flat I just tuck my pinky and keep moving left a bit at a time. Overall a good ball for me. I like it a ton. A lot of the other reviews have spelled it out better than I could. I think peachless stated the emerald
told you when to move and I think I will reinterate what he said because as long as I keep up with the adjustments I can bang out 630-650 everyweek. (I am
still learning as I am leaving a ton of 2 pins)

Saws are made to cut ANYTHING including 10 pins

Ten pin?????? Where?? I throw a BUZZSAW there is NUTTIN left on the deck...

Proud MEMBER of the FOS!!
Member of the FOS, if there happens to be a 9 pin standing just toss a saw and cut it down~~!