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Author Topic: Emerald Pearl Buzzsaw/C2  (Read 10673 times)


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Emerald Pearl Buzzsaw/C2
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Our famous Buzzsaw/C2 is now transformed into a beautiful Emerald Pearl. The new Xtra length reactive cover is clean through the front, storing more energy for the backend. This ball knows how to strike and will dazzle your eyes as it shatters the pins. The Emerald Pearl Buzzsaw/C2 has Beauty and Brains. Remember, nothing beats a Buzzsaw..!!


Color: Pearl Emerald Green

Cover Stock: Extra Length Reactive

Core: High Differential, Dual Stacked Mini
Diamonds Within Patented Diamond

Hook Rating: 19

Flair Potential: 6”

Pin Placement: 12 O’Clock 2-4” out

Construction: 5-piece

Hardness: 75-77 D-Scale

Finnish: Highly Polished

Increased Dynamics: 15-14 lbs.

Available Weights: 14, 15, 16 lbs.



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Re: Emerald Pearl Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #16 on: April 18, 2004, 11:54:20 PM »
danesei's review is about the best I've seen.

Tonight I rolled this ball for the first time in league competition as my Silver-Diamond hasn't been aggressive enough for the dressing my house is putting down late in the season.

I am only a 192 or thereabouts average bowler right now and I shot a low 600 tonight, but that was simply because I left about 7 or 8 splits during the course of the set (if I got the ball too far outside it would come back too hard which happened to me some and then I didn't adjust soon enough in my 169 3rd game).

For the first game in with this ball I liked what I saw. In fact, this was also my first set ever with a 4-step approach so it was natural I would have some growing pains.

If I was just a little more experienced who knows what I could have done tonight. I went 245, 191 and then 169. Hell, I even had the front 4 in the 191 game...after getting the last 7 or 8 in the 1st game. I think that run really spooked me and I lost focus.


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Re: Emerald Pearl Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #17 on: December 21, 2004, 02:44:14 AM »
OK, this makes the 2nd Lane #1 ball i have owned. Prior, i used a Black Cherry Bomb that refused to stop rolling out, but would skid and die when polished. i was somewhat leary of picking up a new buzzsaw but... i am glad i did.

15 lbs, 2" pin between fingers, CG directly on the palm slightly kicked out.

pattern: medium volume 35' wall, 9-out dry, very clean backends.

the ball was drilled with the intention of reading the midlane early after clearing the heads, pushing past the oil and arcing into the pocket. well, i screwed myself over on that deal, perhaps due to the short pin. the ball was a hook monster. after my first 3 throws from the usual mark (25 over 3rd arrow to 10 board), i moved 7 boards with the feet inside... i was throwing it out over the middle arrow, it would rev up about 35' down the lane (as SOON as it cleared the oil), move out to 8 or 9, then make like a missle for the opposite gutter. i had never thrown a ball that moved like this. i polished it RIGHT before each league, and it became manageable. i could come close to my usual mark, but i would still end up giving a half-assed loft with my whole hand in it to rev between 3 and 4 arrow. the polish let is slide a bit, then it was lights out. i finished the last 9 weeks of league chucking this beast, and after getting used to the fact that it guzzled oil i found that it would kill the pocket. average for the last 9 weeks using this ball for the opener was 194. i booked 171.

emerald part 2: 37 foot light volume, sweet-baby-jesus heads, 10 out dry, stripped to the wood backends that just FLY.

so, this fall league i could no longer bowl at that first house. my new house has better kept lanes with a longer pattern, but less volume. the Emerald, even with a polish, was too agressive and rolled out. i had my driller plug a weight hole in the side, and wow... it was a new ball. when i say new ball, i mean it. i can play between 2 and 3 arrow without lofting, and i took some hand out. now she revs up smooth, and makes a solid, predictable turn into the pocket.

so, my summation is that with the right drilling, this ball can be beauty or beast. the weight hole turned this ball into a tame pussy cat when it was a rabid lion on more oil. next drill would be pin out over middle finger, CG left of palm. maybe it wont be a freight train.
i don't care who makes it, how much it costs, or how sexy the ball looks. can i carry the 7 and level the deck with a $60 ball?

bring on the Lefty uprising!

storm vertigo bowler

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Re: Emerald Pearl Buzzsaw/C2
« Reply #18 on: March 20, 2006, 05:27:15 PM »
well i cant say exactly what my specs are on my emearald buzzsaw because i had it given to me by a friend, its been plugged a few times but is still a very good ball, im in my 5th year of league and i average 190 with it, the ball has an arc hook and doesnt have much backend which i like and it goes to the pocket every single shot, my personal high game is a 278 which i shot with my storm eraser pbt but witht he buzzsaw i have shot 3 games in the 270's and the high is 276, this past saturday (18-03-06) in my third game i pulled out my buzzsaw after struggling with my storm vertigo and threw the first 3 strikes then had a bomb right in the pocket and got left with a 10 pin and missed, then struck out, so i should have shot my first 300 but was left with a 267, i would rate the buzzsaw a 9 - 10 best ball ive ever had and i will never trade it or get rid of it, i recomend this ball to neone who wants to up their game.