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Cobalt Bomb
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
 new & terrible danger for bowlers worldwide, Lane #1''s Cobalt Bomb leaves a wide path of destruction on medium to drier lanes as it glides quicker and flips harder down the lane, destroying pins. More hazardous than Uranium238 due to it''s long half life. The Cobalt Bomb gains it energy from the combination of our Doomsday Dirty Bomb core with an intensely radioactive Fusion 105 coverstock. An Atomic force unmatched in bowling today, the Cobalt Bomb puts the pins and the competition in danger.

Remember...Nothing explodes the pins better than a Bomb..!!

"Patent No. RE 35,488"

Color: Cobalt Blue/Purple Pearl
Cover Stock: Fusion 105 Resin
Core: Doomsday Dirty Bomb and Mini Diamond Nugget.
Hook Rating: 65
Backend Hook: 90%
Flare Potential: 7”
Pin Placement: 12 O’ clock 1 4” out
Construction: 5 piece
Finish: Highly Polished
Available Weights: 13,14,15, & 16 lb.



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Re: Cobalt Bomb
« Reply #16 on: November 10, 2006, 07:30:02 PM »
15#, 3 inch pin. Label drill.

Power-tweener, 15-16mph, RH. 205 average.

At first I didn't like this ball for anything but light carry-down, but after it got some oil in it, I love it.

Had a hard time keeping this ball right of the head-pin on fresh league shots unless I crossed a lot of boards. Had a very violent arc past the breakpoint which were leaving me with unmakable splits. Wouldn't recover well from an OOB area at the time either. Didn't score well on heavy carry-down, but that's expected.

After about 9-12 games, it got broken in so-to-speak, and it is very controllable. Until my Tsunami gets the same break-in period (it also over-reacts on the back end's, but with a smoother arc), it's my benchmark ball.

Last night in league (THS, guardian) I was able to swing it from the 18 board to the 3 (unintentionally), and it would snap back and kill the pocket. Similarly, on a proper release, it would go 18 to 10 and hit just the same. It also reads and holds the mid-lane really well, such as lightly tugged shots.

In the last shot of the 2nd game, I decided to move 10 boards right (middle dot) and throw a test shot down-and-in on the 10, and it left a weak 10 pin, where I took some hand out of it. Too touchy of a line to play, as subsequent attempts in the next game came in high to over-correction, so I moved back. I was still impressed, as my initial assumption before doing something that drastic was it would hook way too early and miss the head pin left. Scored fairly well considering I have a nasty cold that left me feeling rubbery with only Advil to keep the body aches at bay 212, 186, 204. Cobalt did most of the work.

Great ball.

Cobalt Bomb Solid
Cobalt Bomb Pearl
Tsunami H2O



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Re: Cobalt Bomb
« Reply #17 on: March 20, 2007, 03:10:41 PM »
I wish I knew enough about layouts and such to tell you about the layout on my new ball, but I do not and cannot.  What I CAN tell you is that I threw my strike ball without using my thumb for many years before deciding to go back to using my thumb in order to enjoy the advantages it affords, such as better accuracy and speed control.  However, when I use my thumb, I do not have much hand and I generate end-over-end roll.  I was mostly using an old 3-D Hammer at the time, and it and the other equipment I was using was just too old and weak to do the job.  So, I decided to get something new, and, since I live in Sacramento and know embarrassingly little about bowling balls, I decided to go see a REAL expert--PBA Hall-of-Famer Wayne Webb.  He watched me throw a few shots and said that my ball was using up too much of its energy by the time it reached the pins, and he suggested a sanded (400 grit) Cobalt Bomb and a layout that would match my game.  I told him to go ahead and drill me up one.  On my first night in league with it, last night, I began with 9 strikes in a row for a 278, began with 9 strikes the second game for a 265, and started the last game with 8 in a row for a 269 and an 812 series.  This is my highest league series ever and only my second league 800 in forty years of league bowling (I am 53).  Our league bowls two sets of three games--the first set is doubles and the second set is singles.  In my second set on a different pair, I shot 228-256-227 for 711.  I played close to a straight eight board shot all night, just increasing my speed when the lanes started hooking more.  Now I am the first to admit that the house where I bowl puts out an easy shot, except for the PBA Experience league Thursday night.  But I can still say that I am mighty impressed with the way my new Cobalt Bomb rolls, hits, and carries (and so is everybody else) and with how important it is to use the right equipment and to get expert advice.  I am looking forward to testing my new ball on the Viper pattern Thursday night.