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Author Topic: For Sale: 15lb NIB and Single-drilled Lane Masters & Lord Field Balls  (Read 2749 times)

Pat Patterson

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I have the following 15lb NIB Lane Masters and Lord Field Bowling Balls and some Single-Drilled ones For Sale if anyone is interested. Price per ball includes shipping to the Lower 48 States Only. PayPal Only Please. 

Not sure when I'll be able to bowl again, lower back issues for exactly one year today, March 19, 2016.

NIB Lane Masters (includes shipping to the Lower 48 States Only)
Black Pearl Abyss (15lbs-3oz, TW=3.1, PIN=4.9”) ($100)
Power Strike Hybrid (15lbs-1oz, TW=3.3, PIN=3.1”) ($100)

NIB Lord Field (includes shipping to the Lower 48 States Only)
Burning Up (15lbs-2oz, TW=3, PIN=1.65”) ($100)

Used (Single-Drilled) (includes shipping to the Lower 48 States Only)
Cut-to-Cuts are: MF=4-11/16"   RF=4-3/4"
Layouts are based off my PAP of 4-3/4” Right, 3/4” Up.

Black Pearl Blue Ocean ($75)   
(80* X 2-7/8” X 75*, Pin 1-7/8" RT of Grip CL, 1" above Midline, WH 5-3/8" past CL on Midline, 5/8" past VAL)

Power Strike Hybrid ($75)
(60* X 4-1/4" X 65*, Pin below RF, CG 2" RT of Grip CL, 2" below Midline, P3 WH)

Tempest Blue Reactive ($50)
(PBA Plastic Ball Layout, WH above RF)

Xtreme Damage Platinum ($75)
(Rico Layout, Pin in Palm)

Yeah Baby (2014 Edition) ($75)
(MO-tion Hole Layout, WH 10" from Pin 1-1/8" diameter WH, 3" deep)

Terminator Rebellion ($75)
(Rico Layout, Pin in Palm)

Ultimate Power ($75)
(50* X 4-7/8" X 38*, Pin above Bridge, CG 1" RT of Grip CL, 1/2" Up, WH 5/8" past VAL, 3/8" Up)  (Plug work at the base of the MF, due to lane damage…fixed)

World Class Reactive – Fully Plugged ($100)
Judgement Devastation ($50)
(Rico Layout, Pin in Palm)

Exodus G1 ($75)
(68* X 4" X 32*, Pin above RF, CG 3/4" RT of Grip CL, 5/8" up, no WH)
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