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Title: Big Bang
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Lane Condition: Medium Oil
Coverstock: Super Carbon
Ball Color: Red / Black
Ball Finish: Sheen
Radius of Gyration: 2.595"
Differential: 0.038"
Durometer: 73-75
Track Flare: 4-5"

Description:   Add some Bang to your arsenal.  The Big Bang is more than a theory.  It is the start of a bowling evolution.  The Big Bang gives you more length and a bigger backend explosion than Lane Masters has ever offered before.
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: bigbandito2004 on April 09, 2006, 08:37:04 PM
720 out of the box , this ball flat out performs, 253/235/232 drilled ball with the pin down , looks like a full roller left handed drill! the ball gets into a roll fast and does'nt stop the pin carry is awsome ! all the legends/lane master balls are great ! I have them all , cant wait to get the world class and the buzz they have a great company . Thanks Lane Masters !
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: Spider Ball Bowler on April 09, 2006, 10:49:01 PM
OOB Finish, drilled with stacked leverage, x-hole.  Left handed.

I've used this ball on light oil, medium-heavy, and heavy.  Doesn't work too well on light, but then again it's not supposed to.  On medium heavy it reacts very well, and on heavy with a lil' more hand it does too.  Hits hard, keeps pins low.  One of the better balls I've thrown.
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Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: Blindstag on May 13, 2006, 05:10:20 AM
I've been watching my brother in law using his New Standard for some time now and when I was given the option to purchase a Lanemasters/Legends ball I took it. I purchased the Lane Masters Big Bang from Gavin at Richlands Tenpin and had it drilled by him as well. I've had the ball about a week - here are my first impressions.

This ball came with a long pin (about 4 inches) I have it drilled with the pin over the fingers and the cg kicked out at 30 degrees. Giving me a later than normal reaction with a reasonable amount of flare for someone with my release.
 Being an down & in player and being able to get the ball to roll reasonably early anyway this gives me a nice heavy rolling ball that goes that little longer it reads the midlane well and gives a solid & predictable reaction in the last 20 feet of the lane. I've found Ive been able to use this ball on a variety of conditions from medium-heavy oil through to medium/medium light oil by simply following the oil line left.
 The carry from this ball is impressive and my biggest worry is what I will leave sometimes when it hits flush (as it hits so hard - a 7 - 9 from a flush hit last night supports this). The carry percentage on light/half pocket hits is fairly high as well.
 I have been a big Visionary fan for the past 5 or so years, and that hasn't changed. However, the Lanemasters & Legends gear cant be overlooked as high quality equipment and should be considered whenever deciding on a new ball purchase.
 Thanks for reading my review
Dale Stewart
Visionary Test Staff
Team Bowling Balls Australia Member.
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Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: v02maxlefty on May 22, 2006, 12:22:08 PM
2 inch pin
pin under ring finger
CG kicked out at a 45 degree angle with weight hold.
Box condition

The Big Bang is everything that I had hoped the Kong would be.

Clean through the front.
Great mid lane read.
Big backend that is angular without the over under.
Massive hit and carry with freaky pin action.

On a house shot I barely have to move all night.
On a sport shot I can play across the boards and trap the pocket without the over under.

Actually, unless I run into a super dry condition, my Kong sees very little action these day.

The Big Bang is the perfect combination of length and controlled big backend that eliminates the need for other equipment because it will cover everything from oily to carrydown to all but the driest of lane conditions.
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: mini kahuna on June 22, 2006, 11:17:55 AM
tweener 320 rpm 17 mph I drilled this ball stacked leverage with 1 1/8" hole on pap.
this thing is a monster,it slides though the front very well for an oil ball and starts rolling and makes a HARD arc into the pins this ball is borderline flippy in the backend.
ball is a great complement to my masterpiece,same rolling flip reaction just more and sooner than masterpiece.
no over under with this ball just predicable reactions shot after shot.
compared side by side with my big one this thing has the same or more hook power and is not sensitive at all like the big one.
rate this ball a 10 out of 10
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Tim on August 02, 2006, 12:25:55 AM
First of all, thank you to the staff at Lane Masters for sending the new test balls.

I drilled the Big Bang 4" x 4 1/2" from my PAP (positive axis point) and tried it on a variety of shots.

On the medium length, medium volume shots, the big bang was incredible. For a duller, higher particle load ball, the ball was very clean through the front part of the lane and still retained a lot of energy to make a strong move at the breakpoint.

On the lighter volume and shorter shots, the ball was too aggressive and I had to put it away.

On heavily oiled lanes and longer patterns, the ball started its roll at the right time and kept a strong, consistent reaction towards the pocket: strong, smooth, and impressive.

I'm anticipating the new releases from Lane Masters/Legends, even moreso now that I have tried their latest balls.

Any questions, please email


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Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: astramad on September 03, 2006, 08:04:14 PM
I must say i have had this ball about 3 months now and when i first got it i thought way amazing carry.
i have the ball drilled out to a stacked leverage so maximum hook and flare.
i average 200 in my house and this ball has made a big difference to my game
last two weeks i shot 279/221/216 = 716 this week i shot 248/258/234 = 738
i bowl on medium-heavy oil lanes but dries very quick and normally this ball will only last a game or 2 before i have to swap to something less aggresive
the ball rev's up nicely and rev's all the way to the pocket on drier lanes it has a tendancy to stop revving early and creates a sharp angle into the pocket.
but if you throw the shot a little harder it will hold the line.
but for the first 2 games i have a window of nearly 5 boards !! and makes the pocket everytime light hit shots are amazing pin action is unreal send them flying all over the deck.
i would recommed this ball to everyone who is quite aggresive and rev's the ball quite alot i have not seen anyone throw this ball so not sure how it would work for less aggresive bowlers/strokers.
but overall this ball is fantastic a great compliment to my NS2 lane masters and finding the right field with this stuff, terminator looks good too.
 10/10 for my style of bowling
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: Hand of God on September 06, 2006, 03:51:07 PM
Drilled Stacked leverage

On ANY common or fresh house pattern, or broken in longer pattern, this ball is my absolute Benchmark ball.  It gets easy length and reads half the lane with litterally no effort.  The back end is very strong and continuous, with the most energy retentaining, energy transfering crack I have ever seen or heard to date.  Since Lane Master and Legends use no fillers in there balls, the hit and carry is unmatched in the world of bowling.  This ball rolls with unbelievable balance and control, NEVER over reacting.  If I play and inside line, the back end is sharp and if I get it out, the ball just waits, starting its hard arc a hair sooner, just wrecking the wrack... I often find myself with nearly 3 borads of room at the arrows in which to play my lines, and they all seem to end up at the same spot.  Dead flush 1-3 lol

I have thrown many many medium oil balls, and I must say that the predictability, recovery and carry of the Big Bang, rivals even that of the legendary Orginal Inferno.

This is by FAR the Best Bowling ball I have ever thrown, and I have thrown alot.

With the slightly higher RG, solid coverstocks and partical, combined with the  proven core technology, Lane Masters and Legends has built a brand of bolwing ball that revolves totally around the theory of ENERGY RETENTION -- which in turn leads to Energy transer at the pins. And that is no mere thing... in bowling it is everything.

With the exception of the awsome XXXL spare ball by Lane#1, which I will always use for my 10 pens... every ball I ever roll off my fingers will always be a Lane Master and Legend ball period.

Balls for this winter season:

Terminator - Stacked - Heavy oil
Big Bang - Stacked - Medium to Heavy oil
Buzz - 1:30 Label - Medium to light
XXXL - Stacked -  Spare ball
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Bill on October 25, 2006, 12:12:41 PM
I drilled this ball up with the pin 4 1/8 inches from my PAP and the CG 3 1/8 inches from my PAP. No weight holes was needed.

This ball was the strongest out of the ball out of the box that I have tested. The ball was clean through the fronts but made a strong midlane move to the pocket. This ball was about 2-3 boards stronger than the World Class Solid. The Big Bang gave me a couple more feet of length down the lane than the World Class Solid, before making the move to the pocket

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Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: floodz on February 17, 2007, 11:44:47 PM
I drilled this ball with the pin 3 3/8 from my pap and this ball just roll phenomemally. I have it at the box finish for almost a year now and it still rolls just as strong as it did when I first drilled it. For me, with a higher rev rate and high track, it is very angular on the backend out of the box. I hit it with a gray pad for a flat 46ft. sport shot and I was able to swing the ball a resonable amount more than other players. I polished it with the l.m. factory finish polish and it was a little to squirty for me on the back so I left it at box finish and it is sweet.

Lanes - AMF 9000 5-10 yrs old.
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: Pat Patterson on June 01, 2007, 07:00:49 PM
Got ball drilled on May 31, 2007 by Mike Miller at Ten Pins and More in Rio Rancho, NM. Before drilling ball was 15lbs. 3 oz. with 3 oz of TW and a 3.0" Pin. Ball was drilled with the Pin right of the ring finger with the CG kicked out right with a weight hole. Ball has excellent midlane recovery and it's alot more aggressive on the backend on my typical house pattern(38" buffed to 45" synthetic using CONTROL oil)then I was expecting. In it's current condition (OOB-Sheen)it is currently about 3 boards stronger than my Legends - Black Pearl(OOB-3.0" pin above and right of ring finger with a similar lay-out). I don't know what else to say other than the pin reaction is much livelier than anything else I have thrown outside the L/LM line of balls.

Overall, another excellent ball from Legends/Lanemasters!

Here are a couple of actual pictures:

Pat Patterson
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: Supermo on August 09, 2007, 07:39:40 AM
After reading the reviews on this ball with all the good things people had to say about it i decided to buy one.Not great on drillings but asked my driller to give me all the length it had with the best finish. So pin is 1in above ring finger Cg 3ins below.This without doubt has been the best ball i have ever owned the scores i've had are just phenomanal, used on a medium oil in one league i had improved my ave from a 205 after 30 games to a 216 after 63 games i have rolled over the past 11 weeks in this league 33 consecutive 200 plus game 8x600s and 3 700s with an ave since i got this ball of 227. Everyone is amazed at the ease of which i score, the ball is so consistant and i seem to have about 6 boards to play with. Have ordered onother one if i can get it as they have been discontinued now but hopefully i will get one. Thanks L/M for this ball the best ever yet i have owned.

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Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: gr8scott6 on April 21, 2008, 05:31:03 AM
Got this ball used (one drill) off ebay, along with a Masterpiece (also one drill) for only $70 total for both! Plus, the previous owner had virtually the identical span, just without my big honkin' thumb. So all I had to do was have my pro shop guy drill our the thumb slug and put in a new one with my thumb drilling--took all of about ten minutes!

15 pounds, pin is centered just above (almost touching) ring finger, CG is 2" below and only very slightly to the left of ring finger (about edge of ring finger hole).

I had a bit of a tough time with this at first. It was at about 500 matte. I was using it on 2nd flight conditions, going from about 16 at the arrows out to about 7 at the breakpoint. I don't know if the ball was burning up or what, but I was really struggling. So I took it home, where I put it on the ol' ball spinner. Took the surface up to 1000 Abralon and added some Bean's Secret Sauce. Result: Yeah, boy!

This ball acts a lot like my Black Pearl, with a similar move to the pocket after the break, but it goes longer before breaking, making it a wonderful addition to my arsenal. Works great on an inside line on tough conditions, but also plays well on a more down and in line on fresh oil. I also threw a few games on a Sunday evening when the lanes hadn't been oiled since noon Saturday. Went about 25 to 8, and it came back and just crushed the pins.

Hits hard, carries great, reads well, and is very predictable. A great ball!
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Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: John D Davis on August 27, 2008, 06:44:52 AM
This is by far one of the most-overlooked bowling balls in the bowling industry today. For my style of bowling, this may be one of the best bowling balls I have ever thrown. This is a big statement for I have thrown hundreds and hundreds over the last decade. I like to think I am a tweener/cranker at times with med. ball speed. I like to really get some hand when I get the chance but when I get in a tournament I like to get my hands as soft as possible so I can minimize my backend flaws. Many people never get to see me really crank on the ball for when I get in a tournament I like to strike, and getting alot of revs isnt the way to do it, 90% of the time. The Shark pattern may be the best example of this. You must have a soft hand on these kinds of conditions because it creates the maximum area in many cases. On to my review...

  I drilled 2 Big Bangs. The first one it pin above the ring finger with the CG kicked a couple inches and with a weight hole placed on my PAP. I can see this ball being very good on some oily conditions for the OOB surface hooked entirely way to early! The roll is very predictable and the carry is awsome for a ball that has such a burn rate and roll throughout the lane! Having a ball like this will really surprise you when you need a good ball to go to on even some drier conditions for it wont do nothing crazy in the back part of the lane. All you have to do is find an area of the lane that has a little head oil and you will be fine...

  My second Big Bang has the pin above the middle finger and the CG almost right on my center of grip. This ball shines on just about every condition I hit, except maybe the longer patterns. This ball is my main tournament ball for 80% of the tournaments I play in. If the lanes are very tough this will be the first ball out for sure! It gets amazing length and one of the best motions down lane that any one person could ever ask for. The reason I cant play on the longer stuff is because this one is polished pretty good. Sometimes you see Norm Duke on TV playing straight down the lane, whether it be the first arrow or the Second... This ball gives the bowler than kind of look on alot of patterns if laid out correctly and with the right surface. I have never had a coverstock so strong get down the lane so effortless. I know you guys read on and on about the great carry LM balls have, well believe me, they are very true especially for this ball! I have never carried so many half pocket hits in my entire life!

  The only downside to these balls are getting the lines out of them for they come very dull at the OOB surface. I had to put mine in a resurface machine for a very long time to get the lines out of them. I still didn't get them all out for the surface is just that hard. I have mine as shiny as I can get them. I cant imagine trying to get the lines out by hand...

  To finish this review up, for me to say this could possibly be the best bowling ball I have ever thrown means alot. The midlane read along with that awsome carry makes this one special bowling ball! I would give this a perfect 10 of course because its the perfect match for me and my intentions on the hard conditions. I just don't want anyone to miss out on the chance to try one of these. They will be hard to find here pretty soon so if you an still find one go for it for you wont be disappointed!
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: Psyco Diver 69 on May 07, 2009, 02:46:16 AM
This is the best ball in my bag. I bought it at the begining of the winter season, had my proshop drill for a smooth motion, mid lane set up, and I was surprised of how much of a monster this ball is, it doesn't snap, it just rolls hard. I have about 150-200 games on it now, clean it after every night. It took a while to get used to a ball like this, most of my old stuff was set up for skid/flip but once I got used to it I average well over 200 every game I use it in. I wish Lane Masters would bring this ball back
Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: jbungard on May 26, 2009, 01:16:37 AM
About me: See my profile.

About the ball: 15 lbs, 3 1/8" Pin, 5 3/8" x 3 1/4", pin over bridge, CG strong (below and just right of ring finger)

I found this one on the close-out rack at Impact Pro Shop, Sun City, Arizona. To date, this is my best-ever “bargain ball.” The Big Bang is a medium–load particle ball that looks like just another medium RG, medium differential RG piece. But geez this piece, as drilled, matches my A-game and comfort zone perfectly. It has become my first-out-of-the-bag ball over three other very capable benchmark balls: The Conquerer, World Class Particle Pearl and Black Pearl Reactive. Each of these pieces is excellent and each get to the pocket in a different manner for me. This is by design, as I want each ball in my arsenal to exhibit a different shape in transit from the foul line to the 1-3 pocket. The Conquerer is a pin down medium-load particle ball, the WCPP is essentially a stacked-leverage light load particle pearl, and the Black Pearl Reactive is essentially a label-leverage, high differential reactive pearl. All are very capable benchmark balls, but my Big Bang, drilled 5 x 3, pin over bridge, is just a hoot to watch rolling and reacting down the lane, then it does bad things to the rack: Very bad things .

Out of the box, this ball needs conditioner in the heads and midlane (and doesn’t mind carry down in the back end). It gets better length than I expected and this continues until the mid lane fries. At that point I have three options: (1) Stay with the Big Bang and play around the dry, (2) switch to the Black Pearl Reactive and move a little left into the hold, or (3) switch to the Hornet and throw it right into the teeth of the dry. It’s nice having multiple options when this happens.
Synthetic Lanes: See above. Wood Lanes: The Big Bang is good on heavy to medium. I have better options for medium-dry to dry and short patterns. My Big Bang is also decent on sport patterns but my Conquerer (or WCPP) is usually first out on long sport patterns while my Hornet often gets first call on the short patterns at least until carrydown becomes an issue.

Summary: Another terrific ball from Lane Masters highest quality materials, great control, familiar thunderclap when the Big Bang hits the hole, messengers galore, and perhaps most importantly, a roll down lane that just makes me feel good all over .
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Title: Re: Big Bang
Post by: Bowlinggod94 on April 26, 2010, 03:59:19 PM
About me and the ball: I'm a 15 year old cranker, have this ball drilled with the pin about an inch to the left of the thumbhole, no, I don't know why it's way down there, and was drilled by Gary of Proquest at Funquest lanes in Collierville.  I put medium revs on the pocket and average 190-195 on a normal house shot. When I bought this ball, I shot my first 6 games averaging about 215, so I was pretty happy with it.  I think that this ball slides down about 30-40 feet depending on the oil, grabs at 45, and has a beautiful quick bite into the pocket. Keeps the pins low to the ground and, if you throw it right, will hardly ever leave a pesky ten pin. Great ball LM, can't wait for the next one to come out!