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Cover Stock - Particle Pearl
Cover Stock Type - Particle Pearl
Weight Block - Evolution
Construction - 3-Piece
Core Type - Asymmetrical
RG - 2.489
Diff - 0.052
Bias - 0.021
Color - Violet/Blue
Stock Finish - 2000 Matte


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Advantage#1 (on the right)
Weight: 15.04lbs
Pin: 4 inches
Top: 2.7 oz

Pin 3.5 from PAP
MB 5 from PAP
Dual: 55 x 3.5 x 25
Weight hole: 2 inches down from PAP and 13/16 x 2-1/2 inches deep

Advantage#2 (on the left)
Weight: 15.02lbs
Pin: 4.9 inches
Top: 3.2 oz

Pin 5 from PAP
MB 4 from PAP
Dual: 50 x 5 x 30
Weight hole: 1 inch down from pap and 1 x 3 deep


I just recently drilled up these two new Lane Master Advantages because i heard it was similar to one of our sister company's ball the "Korrupt". The Advantage is suppose to rev up strong in the midlane, have an earlier break point than the Korrupt and be more angular on the back according to Tony Martin. I have to say Tony was exactly right.

Lane Type: Murray Synthetics
Pattern: Kegel Main Street
Length: 41ft
Volume: 19.30ML

I drilled both Advantages completely different. The purpose was to give me two different reaction shapes but be able to use it on multiple patterns. Advantage#1 drilled pattern is often referred to as a low flare layout. The short pin to pap gets the ball rolling pretty early and really controlled off the dry. This is great on wet/dry house shot and also on those very short sport shots with high volume upfront and friction down lane. At my center house, where i tested this ball, it was kind of tough. The reason why is that the Main Street pattern played slick. There is OB right of 6 and good amount in the middle. The only spot i could play with this ball is between 8 and 12 up the boards. With the fresh pattern and strip backs this ball showed it's true characteristics. The ball was clean up front, revved up in the midlane and set on the back end. I was very impress with the reaction and shape i got. The only tricky part with this layout in this ball is sometimes you have to hit the pocket a little high to get it to carry. It seemed that when the ball sets up in the back, and was not high flush enough you can leave a lot of back roll pins. Overall i am satisfied and know this will come in handy and will be in my tourney bag.

Advantage#2 is your traditional go long and recover ball. When the lanes start to breakdown and Advantage# 1 is checking up too early and getting lazy down lane, ball down this ball. This ball gives me 2 to 3 deep more length with a lot more recovery. This ball still revs up strong and keeps on driving. On the fresh Kegel Main St pattern, this ball is a little over under. You really have to lay it down and slow it down to get it to read the mid lane correctly. When the lanes start to break down front and in the track is when this ball will shine. I haven't tried this ball on lanes where there is friction on the gutter but I'm it would work even if the pattern is fresh.