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Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Cover Stock - FLEX Molecular Additive
Cover Stock Type - Particle Pearl
Weight Block - Ignition
Construction - 3-Piece
Core Type - Symmetrical
RG - 2.495
Diff - 0.053
Bias - 0.001
Color - Purple/Silver
Stock Finish - 1000 Polish


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Re: Perfect
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Weight: 15.03lbs
Pin: 5 inch
Top: 3.4

Pin to Pap: 4-1/4
CG to PAP: 5


Lane Surface: Murray Synthetics
Pattern: Kegel Main St, 40ft

I drilled the Lane Master Perfect last night. From talking to two sources, I decided to drill this ball label with a pin 4-1/4 from pap and the cg 5 inches from pap. I got the opportunity to throw this ball in league tonight on the Kegel Main Street pattern which plays like a house shot but has an out of bounds 6 and out. Since the center installed new Murray Synthetic lanes it plays slick. On the fresh, i was able to see the true characteristics of the ball. The Perfect is super clean up front, strong reving in the midlane and a continuous smooth arc on the back. I have to say it wasn't the perfect ball for the pattern but more suitable when the lanes start to break down. I played in the track all night from the start and barely had to move. I had to be soft and lay the ball down early to get the ball rolling so it would read the lanes correctly and not be over skid-dish. It was too easy to push the ball down lane too fast due to the shiny box surface. Overall i believe this ball will be great in the third game of league or later sets in tournaments. I believe Tony did a great job creating this ball in the first set of balls for LM. Also, if you want to know where it fits closest to in the LM and LF line up, it will be the compliment to the Red Diamond and Off the Chain.