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XS Power Solid Reactive
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Coverstock: Solid Reactive
Ball Color: Purple/Violet All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
Finish: 800 Matte
Flare Potential: 6" (Medium)
RG Average: 2.525 (Medium-Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.8 Very low-High Break Point
RG Differential: 0.055 (Medium-High) on a scale of .000-.080 Low-High Flare
Recommended Lane Conditions: Medium-Oily
Description: This is the ball you have been waiting for. It is an aggressive solid reactive from Lane Master. Built around the Absolute Power Core in a Lower RG/Higher Diff configuration, this ball is something special.



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Re: XS Power Solid Reactive
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2008, 02:20:00 PM »
This ball has become my barometer on house conditions.  It has great carry with lots of pin action and with my medium-slow speed (usually 13-15 mph) it allows me to lay it down on fresher patterns without fear of over-reacting while having plenty left at the pindeck. This one is drilled with the pin below the fingers and CG out to the right along with a weight hole.  It gets a fabulous read on the midlane and I can determine right away if I need to go to my other medium lane ball (The Sting) if there's a heavier volume of oil in the mid-lane.  These two have become my favorites even though I have drilled a dozen balls in the year that I have been bowling after "retiring" a quarter-century ago. I'm giving serious thought to drilling another one of these with the pin above the fingers for more length particularly because the hitting power of this ball is so strong.


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Re: XS Power Solid Reactive
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2008, 01:24:10 PM »
See profile for stats.

Lay Out: 4.5" from PAP at 50* PAP angle and 35* VAL angle. The pin ended up slightly above my ring finger. I put a weight hole on my VAL so not to change the motion of the ball or affect the track flare.

Surface: I had left it box which is 800 sheen.

Purpose: To give myself a benchmark ball to read the lane condition with. I also have been using this quite a bit on normal house patterns as it does not overread off the friction like some of my high-powered nukes occasionally do.

Initial Observations: I threw it some on our league shot which is on second shift on Brunswick Pro Anvilane. I also have thrown this on HPL's and on the Scorpion pattern on Pro-Anvilane. Very nice and smooth but strong reacting ball. I can get out into the friction a little more than a couple of stronger balls I have in my arsenal and still stay in control of the breakpoint and skid.

Final thoughts: I like the look I get from this ball. I am able to get a good read on the pattern and also able to use the ball for many of the league conditions I encounter in central Ohio. When the puddle is more pronounced to the left, the ball didn't read as easily. Most of this is the box finish is close to light sheen or smooth surface and a slight scuff from abralon or scotch bright pad would have solved that problem. On the Scorpion pattern, the oil volume and length was little too much for the box surface for me. Again, a slight touch up with abralon or scotchbrite would solve this problem. Once I broke them down, the XS Power started to read consistantly. The XS in box condition would be a good ball to switch to in a long block of games on this longer pattern in about game 4-5, depending on the condition of the lane surface. With some scuffing, it woudl be a great ball to start with as it a stronger control type of reaction.

Additional Thoughts: The XS Power is very smooth and consistant. The ball dynamics show as this ball does rev up a lot quicker that other balls I have seen in the Lanemasters line. The XS Power falls perfect in the medium category and is probably on the stronger side of medium due to the ease in which it starts to rev up on the lane. There is some versatility as the ball could be scuffed slightly to handle slightly more oil in volume or length. The XS Power is very predictable and would be a nice benchmark ball in any bag. If you have been waiting to try out Lane Masters products, this would a good one to start with. You could also build a small progression for most house conditions with the XS Power and the Sure Strike being a great 1-2 punch for many house conditions.
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John D Davis

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Re: XS Power Solid Reactive
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2008, 07:38:49 AM »
If there is someone out there that has purchased a LM ball and was not happy with it due to maybe having to much length, or even not enough back end that please consider the XS Power. This is a totally different design vs some of the other stuff LM has produced.

  This ball reads the midlane better than most balls I have ever seen. I have thrown alot of Mo Rich stuff and had great success with them, and this ball kinda reminds me of that company for the roll and predictabillity. Mo Rich has some of the best rolling balls to date and I cant help but to say that. They can however improve a little on pin carry. Thats something I noticed in the LM balls is that they had much better carry than some of the other companys I have thrown. Sometimes when one finds a ball that reads the mids so good will tend to not have a great hitting power, but this ball is an exception!

 I have the pin located above the fingers and slightly kicked off with no weight hole. I drilled this ball just like my Sure Strike since my SS rolled so well... This ball is so smooth off the dry, even when taken to the highest grit and having applied the most polish possible!!! I have played with my surface on the XS many times and all surfaces seem to work great. My last surface was at 4000 Abralon with beans sauce and it was still "SMOOTH"! It just didnt quiet read the mids early enough and was overlapping a couple of my med condition balls so I took the grey pad that came with it to the track only and this thing is now my go to ball on even the longest patterns!

  If you are tired of getting balls that just seem to skid/flip and need a ball to provide a more stable hook then look no further. With this ball having a lower RG, its a ball that can be used on just about any condition except the driest. If you are looking into buying a LM ball then please make your first be a XS Power or a Sure Strike, for they are the best balls money can buy!!!!

 I wouldnt rate many balls a perfect 10 but this thing is knocking on the door of getting a 10! This ball is more versitle than 95% of other balls on the market. With the bowling Market moving so fast be sure and get this one before it gets discontinued. If you dont like it, heck you may can sell it to Thanks for reading, John Davis