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Author Topic: Exodus Red/Blue Solid  (Read 9161 times)


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Exodus Red/Blue Solid
« on: August 01, 2012, 12:30:07 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available

- Recommended for Medium to Heavy Oil.
- Super Micron X1 coverstock.
- Sanded with 1000 abralon & factory polished.
- X-Boss core.
- RG 2.572
- Diff 0.040


Pat Patterson

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Lord Field Exodus Red/Blue Solid
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 07:06:46 AM »

Length: 28' buffed to 40'

Volume: 50mil

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS (Modified USBC White Pattern)

March 12, 2012: I finally got a chance to throw the EXODUS. The EXODUS is laid-out with a 2.4” PIN IN RF, NO WH, CG 1" RT OF CL, 1/2" ABOVE MIDLINE. Used it in an older house with a synthetic overlay, this house is normally pretty dry, so suffice it say the ball did not have a good look, although when the ball got to the pocket it had exceptional carry. The line I had the most success playing was up 15 at the arrows to 5-6 at 40 feet with a little more speed than normal.

Got to use it on my THS, which is a fairly new surface utilizing Twister Pins, a new Kegel oiling machine running a modified USBC White Pattern. On this pattern the EXODUS was equally as impressive playing anywhere around 15 out to 10 at 40'.

I did a 5 ball comparison with some of my Lane Masters stuff and concluded that Overall, the Exodus was the most aggressive of the 5 balls used, with the Buzz Premium Edition coming in 2nd, with the Pin Hacker next followed closely by the Blue Diamond and then a distant 5th was the Masterpiece. I did have very good success as well with the Exodus at an older center in town, it was pretty much unstoppable once hitting the pocket and netted me my best scores of: 5-250+ games, 2-240+ games and several 230+ games. The Pin Hacker didn’t fair well in this older bowling center as it was little to over/under. I need to tweak the coverstock on it for the two centers I have been bowling in to make it useful and successful as the Exodus. Although, on this day the Pin Hacker performed admirably on my THS, it does seem to be a little “squirty” at times.

Likes: The balls ability to be effective in oil and excellent carry.

Dislikes: None

(65* X 4" X 50*, 2.4" PIN IN RF, NO WH, CG 1" RT OF CL, 1/2" ABOVE MIDLINE)
Pat Patterson

Monster Stitch

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Re: Exodus Red/Blue Solid
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2013, 04:11:05 PM »
Weight: 15.04lbs
Pin: 4-1/4 inches
Top: 3.50

Pin to PAP: 4-1/4
CG to PAP: 5
Label Layout


Lane Surface: AMF
Pattern: Kegel Highway to Hell

I drilled this ball yesterday morning before i practiced and I decided to drill it label because i heard it's suppose to be like a benchmark ball from talking to LF Rep Tony Martin. He said this is the ball you can build your arsenal around. Normally i would try every new ball on a typical house condition but since i already pre planned to bowl on one of the most difficult Kegel Sport patterns i thought i would give it a try. On the fresh this ball amazed me. It reved up in the midlane and had a strong continuation on the backend. I was able to play this ball up the outside but you had to keep your projection and launch angles straight or else the ball would either over hook on the back or it would hydroplane like falling off a cliff down lane leaving the rail or three off the right. I was bowling with a friend of mine and we took the approach of breaking down the outside and migrating in as the lane transitioned. After playing 6, 7 , 8, i had to move in and play 10 to 8 and parallel in as time went on. The deepest i got was playing 16, 17 at the arrows to about 12. The Solid still had the same motion but as the oil pushed down and the heads started to fry up front i started to leave two pins or flat 10's. I tried an up the back release and giving the ball tilt and it responded fairly well but speed was key. After about two hours, the lanes became very squirly and weird. I made a move back way right where i started when it was fresh and it was there again. I believe it was the transtion that created the hold. Also, multiple balls were being thrown with a wide variety of surfaces all over the lane. The Exodus Solid will be one of the great balls for LF due to the versatilty that you can drill this ball weak or strong. I am definitely going to drill a few more up.

Thanks Tony for the advice!


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Re: Exodus Red/Blue Solid
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2013, 09:00:12 PM »

Length: 40'

Volume: Medium/Heavy

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: Benchmark

Dislikes: None


Drilled up an Exodus with a modified motion hole.Only drilled 2.5 inches deep due the 3.6 oz top weight. Unbelievable carry. Not a skid flip reaction but more of a hard continuous arc off the break point. The motion hole gave it the extra umph to kick out the ten pins. The more I squared up, the better the finish from my power tweener style. Still was able to move inside from third to fourth arrow as the heads transitioned with great success. This ball is a benchmark with the ability to used for a full 3 to 4 game set. Cover should take changes well as all LF balls do, but for now mine will remain in OOB finish.
Keith Cordy
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