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« on: May 08, 2013, 09:56:36 AM »
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Show me your performance. All the games wiped out by the KORRUPT.  This Lord Field High Performance Bowling Ball is best on Heavy - Med Heavy Oil lane conditions.  LORD FIELD: Changing Bowling One Bowler At A Time!!!

RG:    2.480
Differential:    .049
Mass Bias Diff:    .025
Finish:    1000 Abralon Sanded
Cover Stock:    CoreRupt Hybrid Particle
Color(s):    Navy Solid/Blue Pearl   
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Re: Korrupt
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Length: 40ft/39ft

Volume: 22ml/24ml

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS/Sport

Likes:  Length for a dull ball. Midlane read and control at the break point.

Dislikes: To strong to throw on every condition (because I want to throw it all the time).

The Korrupt is a great ball for medium to heavy oil sport shots. Clean for a ball at 1000 grit and smooth at the break point. I have had success on the USBC Open Championship 39ft pattern on high friction surfaces. On the house conditions I had more success changing when changing the cover to 3000 grit.

For a ball with smooth breakpoint shape I have had great carry on the conditions listed above. This is my favorite Lord Field ball to date.
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Specs: 15.04lbs, 2.96 pin, 2.6 top
Pin to PAP: 5-1/4
MB to PAP: 4
Weight Hole:  From center of span through the CG and on VAL,  13/16 bit drilled 2-3/4 deep

Lane Pattern: Kegel Autobahn
Length: 42ft
Volume: 25.85ML
Lane Surface: AMF Synthetics

The Korrupt is another great addition to the LF line up. It is a great fit covering the medium heavy to heavy lane condition. I got to test the Korrupt on such a pattern right after I finished getting off the drill press. The Kegel Autobahn forces you to play tight inside with a break point at 10. The first few shots i threw with the Korrupt, I immediately saw the characteristics of the ball. The ball reved up early and had a nice smooth continuous arc on the backend. This is definitely the ball for this type of a pattern. I was able to play around 10 to 8 in the beginning and as the heads started to breakdown I was able to move in as deep as 15 with a break point at 10. The Korrupt is very predictable due to the controlled backend. The only weakness I see with this ball is if you do not sufficient oil on the heads.

Thanks Tony for another great creation.
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Re: Korrupt
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Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS


Likes: Strong continuation through the pins. Able to handle the heavy oil. This ball for me works best with fresh backends. Once the carry down comes into play I get a little too much over/under reaction which makes me put this ball away. I have had some great sets with this ball and I expect it to be in my bag for a while


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Re: Korrupt
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Lane Reactions   
1 to 20
1 being the lowest
and 20 the highest


Middle Lane Read
   15   It picks up in the midland well, and tends to not get past breakpoint

Backend Reaction
   14   Backend is a bit tamer than the Judgment, but it still continues through the pin deck.

Ball Recovery
   14   Will recover if you miss out. Tends to hang a bit in the oil if you miss in, but still hits fairly solid.

Length Down Lane
   14   Gets solid length down lane. Does not read too soon at all.

Number of Boards Covered
   15   Can play in but about two board further right than I can with my Judgment.

Carry Rating
   16   When it hits the pocket it strikes. Very few ringing/weak tens at all so far.

Overall Hook Rating
   15   Plays deeper than most of the lineup, but still a couple board further right than the most aggressive stuff.

Drilled the ball with the pin above the ring finger and cg and mass bias kicked out. A weight hole was placed on the PAP. This ball has tremendous roll. It reads the mid-lane very well and continues through the pocket. This works very well when moving in on a dryer condition because it does not lose energy through the pocket. I have left it with a factory finish, but I plan on trying it at 4000 Abralon to see if it can pick up a bit sooner. This is a definite go to ball when the lanes play a little straighter.
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Re: Korrupt
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Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):




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Re: Korrupt
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Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS



Dislikes:Should have drilled it stronger


#15 Korrupt 2.5 pin Drilled 65 x 5 x 40 under bridge no weight hole.

Ball gets good length before getting into its hard roll and powerful arc. No disappointment with carry. Know when to use and keep dull(mine is @800 abralon). Cuts through the heavy and medium patterns with the best of any major brands and gives a different type of pin action.
Keith Cordy
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