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Get Some
« on: February 21, 2014, 01:05:32 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Color : Blue / Orange
Cover stock : VERDICT
Finish : 4000 Abralon Sanded
RG 2.495
DIFF 0.049
Weight 13~16 lbs



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Re: Get Some
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2014, 03:59:24 PM »

About me:
Right handed. 16lb. Power tweener. About 17mph. Higher rev rate. PAP: 5.25” level. Exacticated thumb (slug) and oval grips.

About the ball:
This ball has a solid reactive cover and is the strongest Lord Field Ball to date. The core is symmetric. It also uses a new “Smart Aeration Technology”, which helps keep the oil from accumulating in the pores, which was described to me as rounded pores (as opposed to jagged), which is designed to help keep oil from accumulating.

This particular ball weighed 16lb 2oz, has 3.2” pin and 3.1oz of top weight. The pin is above the ring finger with the CG kicked out slightly (we didn't lay it out dual angle, but eyeballing it looks about 45x5x30). It has just under an ounce of positive weight. Box finish at first, then a light accidental polish (grabbed a towel with some polish on it while cleaning it).

On the lane:
The Get Some has been a phenomenal ball on almost every condition up until they dry out too much. I can move left and get deep with this ball as they dry out, and it continues to push long, roll strong, and continue thru the pins… until they get really dry. Then it tends to burn up. It still hits the pocket, it just eventually loses hitting power, which means it’s time to ball down.

I drilled it skid/flip-ish, and it has that general shape, but it’s a very controllable ‘pin-up/CG-out’ ball for me. It’s very clean thru the heads for a heavy to medium/heavy ball. The mid-lane read is solid; sometimes strong balls tend to read early… this one does not. This ball is decisive off the break point, but still smooth. It doesn’t overreact, but still gives you that good solid-reactive ball motion. With the strong motion off the breakpoint, the motion isn’t as continuous as some other balls at times (such as my Big Hurt), but its deflection is still minimal thru the pins. It almost never wiggles at the end of a pattern, even in carry-down.

This ball has been great from almost every area on the lane I have used it, until I get in to about 25… then it has limited success. This ball flourishes on heavier/longer patterns, as well as medium typical house shots, and even some house shots that tend to play drier starting out.

This Get Some is also what I call “user-friendly” when it comes to the release (which I am finding is a Lord Field trait that I like a lot). This ball doesn’t roll drastically different if you tweak your release at the bottom. What you get is another ball from LF that is pretty forgiving when your release isn’t perfect.

This is a great ball that I don’t have any real dislikes. My only dislike is a weird one... it hits the pocket too much and it’s tough to put down; let me explain. Like I said above, sometimes when the lanes dry out, it will still hit the pocket, just without as much energy. So what happens is I’m not carrying, but it’s tough to put up a ball that I just shot 2 great games with and I’m still not missing the pocket. If it would miss more, I could get out of it sooner; however the trade-off is 9s instead of splits, so pick your poison.

I would recommend this ball for anyone who wants a strong ball that hooks. It’s been wonderful for me on most house shots, and on tougher patterns with a lot of oil. It would be a great ball to replace that ball that used to hook a lot and hit hard… but recently has just lost a little of its “mo-jo”. If you bowl somewhere that runs a lot of oil, or if you have a lot of medium equipment and want something stronger, then this ball is for you.

BBV Ratings:
The performance on this ball great. It’s my favorite release from Lord Field to date (the original Judgement is my second favorite now). Its longevity should be better than most balls… as well as the durability. The new aeration technology does seem to help the ball stay cleaner and roll truer, and I anticipate it lasting longer than other balls. Some strong balls have about 30 games when they start to roll different. I probably have 50+ games with this ball and it shows no sign of slowing down. Lastly, for what this ball is designed for, it’s very versatile. Not as in “I can throw it on anything”, but for an oil ball I can use it for a long time as the lanes dry out before I have to put it up.

Michael York
Lord Field / Lane Masters
Amateur Staff (A1)
"Changing Bowling, One Bowler At A Time"
Michael York
Lord Field / Lane Masters
Amateur Staff (A1)
"Changing Bowling, One Bowler At A Time"