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« on: October 08, 2008, 10:44:39 PM »
I am bowling in my first league in 3 years. I probably would not be but my son asked me to bowl with him in the nationals this year. So with 6 weeks of practice I go and shoot almost 1900 but have 2 30 clean sets... just could not carry. So my son asks me to bowl with his team this season and of course I say yes.

So its me, (48 years old) and 4 kids (oldest is 22). These kids are some of the best kids around having won many youth tournaments but most importantly they throw it fast with LOTS of revs. 1st week I shoot 540something and of course am low man. The second week I make some equipment surface changes and the pattern is completely different. I shoot ~610 and am low man again. So now I am mad... I drill up a couple new balls (NVD and something)... What do you know... IM high man with 690 something. Feeling pretty good the following week I shoot 640 and was low again. I am still not happy with my reaction as I just cant get the ball to turn the corner and face the pocket... I decide to drill up 3 New hammers (BW Perl, BW Venom and BW Bite) all with the same layout (5.5 x 5) and I figure I will let each ball (surface and core) make the difference in the length and reaction. So the next week I shoot 710 and am high and my look is improving. But I am making money now in pot games after and I am starting to have some confidence. Last week, I shoot 610 (low man again) and could not get the ball to turn the corner... hitting the pocket but not carrying. So I am mad again. I am getting over under... too much length when I am inside my break point and too much hook when I am out side. So this week I decide to alter the covers on all 3 BW's. I take them down to 1000. And I hit pay dirt... the look I was looking for. It smoothed out the over/under and it caused the ball to square up to the pocket (more angular). I shoot 781 with a 300 in game two but more importantly I was high again. So now I am averaging 216 with a terrible start and am in 4th place in average on the team (but im not the bottom anymore).

Having been bowling for 35 years my old tricks (hand adjustments, ball speed adjustments and many tricks) all dont shine a light to having the right ball with the right surface. Adjustments today is not what it used to be. This old dog has many new things to learn if he plans to keep up with bowling today (and the kids on my team).