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AI at sea
« on: February 24, 2005, 12:28:23 AM »
Last night at my Wednesday night bowling league something was wrong with the lane dressing machine.  It left a sea of deep oil the last 20 feet on just about every pair.  Management said it was a mistake and there was nothing they could do and we would just have to adjust.  Two of the guy on the other team carry 210 and 230 averages.  I'm a solid buck 90.  First game there were several who did not break a 100.  The two guys with 210 and 230 averages went 121 and 136.  I was able to squeeze out a 205 with my AI.  I was the only thing that would turn up in the soup.  I did lose my way in the second game with 3 splits and went 150 but came back in third with a respectable 189.  I was the only bowler to break 500.  For a pearl ball the hold the AI has is simply incredible.  Everyone needs one of these in their bag!!!