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Title: Can 13 pound balls make strikes?
Post by: machine35 on February 10, 2020, 08:23:03 PM
I had a dv8 13 pound ball that i liked but i didnt give me a lot of strikes. I was wondering does it have to do with the weight of the ball? Can 13 pound balls strike as good as 14-16 pound balls?
Title: Re: Can 13 pound balls make strikes?
Post by: bowling_rebel on February 10, 2020, 09:03:01 PM
See the book Bowling Beyond the Basics

To summarize the math, the power in which the ball hits the pins with is
mass X velocity square

Therefore, as long as the lighter ball is thrown with a slight increase in speed, there is no loss of power. In fact, looking at the physics, this is a huge misconception and it is really best to use the lightest ball you can control, not the heaviest you can manage.

If we plug these numbers into my game - as I have personally thrown different weights once I switched to no-thumb style

I'm just using monitor speed here, but just to make point with the math...

At 14 pounds, my speed  is 12 mph
14 lbs X (12 mph) squared = 2016

At 12 pounds my speed is 15 mph
12 lbs X (14 mph) squared = 2352

Therefore I have a little more than 10% increase in hitting power by dropping 2 pounds.

lighter balls deflect more, a fraction of inch for each drop in weight - not significant
On the plus side, lighter balls will transfer more of their energy to the pins.

My story is that I switched to no-thumb style a year and half ago. I used to thrown 15 with thumb. No thumb, I don't have big hands and it puts a lot of pressure on my hands. After getting myself up to 14, I dropped to 12, b/c my hand was hurting.
I thought I needed to use at least 14, but after sitting out months with hand injury, I really didn't have much choice.

And then I read  Bowling Beyond Basics totally changed how I think and no longer feel I need heavier ball. I now consider using  a lighter ball to be a secret advantage.

I did get a 12 pound cyclone to learn new style with lower weight, when I first starting no-thumb style.

For a long time I would get 5 and 10 pins with it. I just assumed it was the weight. In truth, I was over throwing it through the oil.

If the 13 pound ball doesn't strike, I suggest seeing if you can make an adjustment where the ball is hitting pocket in roll phase.

Also, a lighter ball will not just be thrown faster, but usually has a higher RG, so will roll later. So may need to make an adjustment from how playing compared to heavier balls.

or look at it this way. Take the exact same ball, in 13 and 14 pounds. Same layout. Throw on same line. 14 pound ball will go slower and lower RG - strikes. 13 pound ball is faster and highter RG - 10 pin.

This doesn't mean 13 pounds doesn't hit. It means should throw it a board or 2 further outside so it has a chance to get into roll phase.

Once I stopped assuming my 12 pound cyclone won't hit, and adjusted how I use it, have no problem striking with it. 

For me, at a 400 rev rate and 3 degrees of axis tilt, I consider the higher RG cores an advantage, for the peculiarities of my game. (I realize for most people, having the lower RG cores of heavier balls is a big advantage)

I'm not saying that 12 or 13 pounds is for everyone,l but for any no-thumb or two handed bowlers out there I would consider the following advantages:
More speed
Higher RG core
The math and physics says more power
Title: Re: Can 13 pound balls make strikes?
Post by: BowlingForDonuts on February 11, 2020, 12:27:08 PM
If you have too much kinetic energy (more speed than rotation) at the pins and the ball doesn't enter roll phase it won't go through the pins right.  As a spinner any time I get fast with the ball it blows the pins back but 10 pin stays there like a middle finger to me.  With a higher rev rate less of an issue as you say for no thumbers and such.
Title: Re: Can 13 pound balls make strikes?
Post by: Crash7189 on February 17, 2020, 02:34:47 PM
Agree, must read Bowling beyond the basics to get a good under standing about ball weight & speed.

as someone who had major reconstructive wrist surgery little over 2 years ago. I use a 13# ball now, some brands have a full size core  Motiv is one. Have your pro shop source one for you. My ave before surgery was 230. 15# ave speed was 17.5-18 mph.

2 years later, back up to 218 ave  took some work to get back.  13# strike ball about 16 mph now 12# spare ball

I have just now added 14# ball when my wrist feels good I still have some pain. I still can't bowl 3 games with 14# strength and range of motion still/and will never be back 100%. 

on my 2 year anniversary of surgery to the date, I had the front 11. I let the emotion of bowling a 300 on the anniversary screw up my focus my fault. I have had some big games and quite a few very good series. with 13#

Ron Hatfield co-author of bowling beyond the basics. Tells a story about one of his students who has necks problems. He was in tremendous pain when throwing 15#
so much he was going to give up bowling. Ron suggested drop to 14# student said about 50% better but still not fun to bowl in pain.  Ron told him drop to 13# get a ball with a full size core. Ron said it took the student a few weeks of thinking about 13# and some convincing from Ron. Ron told me about 3 weeks later his student shot an 878 so yes you can strike with 13# I have done and so have others.

Give it a try nothing to lose just find the right ball.

Just my.02