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Author Topic: PWBA Tournament - Fountain Bowl - Part 2 - Friday night lane play  (Read 710 times)


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Camped out on 3/4, it was painful to watch as some figured it out while others missed the boat. Lots of 9 counts and 10 pins were left on the first shot. Any strike was worthy of applause. It was interesting being able to peek inside their bags to see what balls they choose and the surface on them.

The level of play ranged from fearless, calculating, cautious, confirm theory, confused and just bowl. I could drop each girl into one of the category buckets.

So what is 3/4, well itís your worst nightmare with heavy volumes, sort of like a bayou.  3 is 3 boards more left and 4 has a severe drop on the last section panel on the right that looks like a puddle, and will delay your ball 2 to 6 feet outside 12. So these girls put up big scores on the high side of the house, turn the corner blind not knowing what awaits them because they canít get a preview.

They pretty much get two shots to figure it out. The average was 6 Shots and go off the sheet for 190 to 200.  Since Iím a spectator and saw the pair played several different ways, I had inside knowledge. Then these fearless girls showed up in game 5, played the left gutter to 12 and just carried and the scores went up to 240. The next set behind didnít know lots of oil was pushed right of 12 and just skated by the pocket. So 11- was no longer a valid friction point.

There was a lot of great shots on 3/4 that didnít carry while there was some bad shots in which you can see the ball just die, or hit that drop and just skid. The majority of dead flush hits didnít carry while the light pocket spill and mixer had the best success rate. Iím surprised that the girls didnít pick up on that. I think shooting for the light pocket spill gave a little more room for error and it really came down to trusting your shot and ball. I can where when you really want to make the 32 cut you tend to lean toward cautious play.

The Indonesian girl was calculating. She really watched her ball motion and self adjusted while taking more risk that rewarded her with a huge score of 240+ Against a top seed bowler of 190. Did this all by herself without advice. The cautious that made small moves and release changes paid the price. The fearless just put up 6 baggers for 230+ scores. Iím keeping this brief on purpose.

Overall at the end of watching, I concluded that one veteran champion LJ had the best method of play that is old school taugnt to me by Barry. Knowledge from the 70Ēs that still applies today and is valid. She keep it real simple with the Surelock and Hypercell Fused. This method of play was sort of high risk, but she made the 12 cut using it. She didnít like the shot and never smiled about it but it paid off  for it was consistent 200+ games. I may write something on this as Part 3  but it may come off as being extremely too technical and boring or crazy talk.

Now I donít know who won. I got bored watching and couldnít take anymore at the start of the 12 cut off. And Iím not really interested in the final results. And I watched too much bowling already.

So I wrote this as just content to read. I saw this tournament with a whole different  view and perspective this time around which represents my own quest to gather what it takes to bowl at his level of play. Iíll edit grammar later.

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Nice write up.
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Re: PWBA Tournament - Fountain Bowl - Part 2 - Friday night lane play
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This is intriguing! Good write up man! This took a lot of patience as well. I don't know of any reporters, sports or otherwise that do bowling analysis of tournament play like this.

You may have found another gift!
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Re: PWBA Tournament - Fountain Bowl - Part 2 - Friday night lane play
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Nicely done.


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Re: PWBA Tournament - Fountain Bowl - Part 2 - Friday night lane play
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Nice man, thanks a lot for taking the time to share the insight first hand.