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RE: The good old days
« on: May 04, 2003, 12:57:22 AM »
In reference to Sawbones post about the good old days, I noticed several remarks about "cheater balls", "easy lane conditions, i.e. the wall", and more pleas to put the integrity back into the scores.  So often we hear bashing of the easy house shot, but I don't think the oiling of the lane is the biggest factor.  Next time you're at league, really watch how people are bowling, and the carry they are getting out of the high tech equipment that is available.  Half the people shooting high scores do not accurately bury the pocket on most of their shots.  Anything light will carry, through the nose will carry (except for the hard core crankers), and brooklyn will carry.  No longer is being accurate as big a benefit as it once was.

Maybe it is time to up the weight of the pins a few ounces.  Since the equipment technology is already allowed, it can not be banned.  Therefore, the easiest solution to putting some "integrity" back into the scoring is to increase the pin weight to help combat the stronger equipment.  At the same time, though, limits have to be placed on future ball technology, otherwise the manufacturers will just build an even stronger ball to obliterate the heavier pins.

What do you think?  Would making centers use heavier pins rather than trying to enforce stricter oil procedures be the easiest solution to help curb the scoring spree we currently have going on?  Maybe this could be phased in over a couple of years so the houses wouldn't be put into a financial bind right away.  Pins only last so long, so when the center has to replace the old ones, only make the heavier ones available to them.  Eventually every center will be using the heavier pins.  Just an idea...


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Re: RE: The good old days
« Reply #16 on: May 05, 2003, 05:55:50 PM »

I have limited experience with the heavier pins, but the few games I bowled with the gold pins - bring 'em back. I loved them. True hits carried, and a lot of the slop didn't. I outscored almost everyone - and my scores weren't THAT high.

I say bring back the heavier pins (not 5 pounders, though...) and just don't tell the house bowlers!  
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