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Author Topic: This is the kind of bureaucratic crap I'm sick of  (Read 417 times)


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This is the kind of bureaucratic crap I'm sick of
« on: October 14, 2020, 06:08:38 PM »

Received this from Earl Anthony Dublin Bowl. In case you didn't know, Dublin, CA is in the East Bay region of San Francisco Bay Area of California. Otherwise known as the liberal asshole center-of-the-universe.

So Herr Governor has mandated the conditions for businesses to reopen in California and of course, it's just not enough for some bureaucrats. These A'holes aren't even following their own guidelines.

Remember this kind of crap when you vote.

Hello Everyone:

Alameda County has moved into the Orange tier of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. This means the state is ok with bowling centers opening with modifications.

However, the county has final word of when any business can open and has not given the OK for bowling centers to open. They don’t even have a timeline of when we can open and what we should be doing to prepare to open.

We’ll be in touch with the county continuously to gather as much information as we can to form our game plan to re-open.

Here is a link to the press release which states why they are not allowing us to open, this is from the Public Information Manager of the Alameda County Public Health Department, Neetu Balram,

[/size]Quoting the press release, “As of today, there are no Orange Tier activities permitted in Alameda County.”However, Alameda County’s press release did say that on October 26th, they will finally permit activities from the State’s Red Tier, a tier that Alameda County reached 4 weeks ago.If you would like to send a comment to the Office of Emergency Services, Alameda County Health Care Services, their email is[/color][/size] and their phone number is 925-803-7890.Take Care,Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl

[/size]And for the nut-job left-wingers here, the Orange Man has nothing to do with this so save it for someone who gives a shit.For full disclosure, I'm neither Liberal nor Conservative. What I am is fed up with being lied to for political purposes.
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Re: This is the kind of bureaucratic crap I'm sick of
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2020, 06:45:06 PM »
That's an even bigger joke that Alameda County is still saying no to businesses