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Author Topic: Tuff to compare era's  (Read 310 times)


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Tuff to compare era's
« on: September 18, 2006, 03:18:33 AM »
I bowled in a special association tournament this weekend.

Each center in the association was represented by a team that was the highest five averages at that house (I a bowler declined or had qualified thru another house then they continued down the list to get five bowlers).

The bowlers were asked to fill out a Bio on their bowling accomplishments. Any tournament wins, honor scores, average, etc. These Bioís are then announced before the start of tournament as they introduced each team.

First off I donít like the Bio thing. They should simply announce the bowlers name and maybe the average they carried in order to get on the houses team.

Second and most importantly is how little the numbers really mean. Some of it really relates to the current state of bowling today.

Listening to the Bioís you would think almost every bowler belonged at least in the stateís hall of fame. But the funny thing is how the numbers lie.

We had one bowler who is in the State hall of fame and the USBC/ABC hall of fame and has won 3 eagles. His honor score numbers, while impressive were not nearly as impressive on honor scores and averages of many others at the tournament but I doubt that anyone there would deny his position as being one of if not the top bowler. But since he did a lot of his bowling during an era that didnít yield a lot of honor scores his stats are not as impressive.