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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Description: Born from our revolutionary Vanguard core technology, the 23% larger EZ Rev Core was scientifically engineered and designed with a wider body, a deeper multi-tapered power slot, dual stabilizing trapezoids and the unique ACE (Advanced Continuation Enhancing) Hood. With the largest (.033) asymmetrical differential of any ball ever produced.

Core Type: EZ Rev
Mass Bias Differential: .033
60 Degree Avg. Spin Time: 4.9 seconds
Coverstock: C4 Solid Reactive
Factory Finish: 1000 Grit
Flare Potential: Large
Differential: .049
RG: 2.486
Color: Ti-Colored: Black/Teal/Fushia



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Re: LevRG
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2007, 04:32:04 AM »
Layout:  Pin is 5 1/2" from axis, under and between the bridge, 1 7/8” above the midline, Mass Bias is 4 5/8” from axis and 1 7/8” right of thumb. No weighthole needed.

Surface prep: Box condition, 1000 grit Abralon.

Lane condition: 40’ – 43’ House Shot, Medium-heavy with clean backends (most of the time).

Hook/Flare Potential: This ball flat out HOOKS in the oil! I did notice more flare separation with this ball then my Total Shock & Awe or Black Widow Pearl and both of them flare a ton.

Breakpoint shape: It’s transition downlane is very quick, almost turns sideways, but with out any stop of continuation. As where most balls would tend to stop, this just keeps going… I don’t know how else to describe it.

Carry: Morich balls seem to have very distinctive pin carry. Flush shots demolish the rack and light hits send crazy messengers, but I do notice a lot more stone 8’s and 9’s with their equipment.
If you have thrown any other Morich stuff before, you will understand this better. Do you ever notice every once in while you’ll get this weird can opener shot. It’s like the pins just fall over on their sides, I have only ever seen this with Morich balls.


To be honest, I haven’t thrown this ball all that much, maybe a few games. So it isn’t fair to make a concrete review just yet, but I did want to be the first to review it.

I was looking for something to fill a gap I had between my Total Shock & Awe (320 grit, heavy oil) and Black Widow Pearl (box finish).
I didn’t really have anything in between the two, and this last week in league I suffered because of it.

-See profile for layouts.
The Black Widow Pearl, which is my go to ball, just wasn’t enough ball and I was getting a bad over/under reaction. This was driving me crazy, it seemed like every other frame, the shot changed a little, and the breakpoint kept pushing further down lane or sometimes jumping too soon.
My Total Shock & Awe was WAY TOO MUCH ball, grabbed TOO early and was DOA on the backend. Go figure, I keep it at 320 grit, but then again I use it for either heavy oil or picking up left side spares.

I will update as soon as I get more games on this ball.

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Re: LevRG
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2007, 11:56:58 PM »
MoRich LevRG
See Our Video At:

Likes: The LevRG revs up right off of your hand and delivers alot of energy to the pins. This ball is super versatile. Can be used on all but the driest of conditions.
Dislikes: May tend to read the lane a bit early out of the box for players with a lot of hand, but this can be conquered with a quick surface change.

We had been hearing a lot about this ball before its release so I was happy when our test ball finally arrived. The ball we received had a pin of 1.5" and a top weight of 3.25oz. After talking with the guys n the shop we decided to drill this ball with the pin out to the right of the ring finger with the mass bias in line at the thumb. For those of you familiar with the Dual Angle Layout Technique, with my PAP it came out to a 60 degree drilling angle and 40 degree angle to the VAL.

The first thing I noticed while throwing this ball was how quickly it revs up when you let it go. The extremely dense core and low RG values really help this ball get into a roll. For a ball that revs up as fast as it does, the LevRG got down the lane surprisingly easy. With the out of the box 1000 grit finish, I was able to get in extremely deep and still play the middle of the lane. When most balls would have trouble making the turn the LevRG plowed right through the heavy oil in the center of the lane. I was able to move right and play straighter as long as I kept my speed up.

I really started to fall in love with this ball when I took it back in the shop and took it up to 4000 grit abralon and polished it. I got a lot more length and backend reaction out of it this way. With it polished I was able to stay inside as long as I got it out to the dry a little earlier and I found it a lot easier to play up the boards.

With all the revs this ball creates, it stores a ton of energy when it makes its turn to the hole. When you watch our video notice how the pins fly around and bounce off the deck even on shots that aren't totally flush. The carry this ball produces is excellent whether you come up high, flush or light.

I have had this ball for almost a week now and I have already shot a lot of really good scores with it. If you are looking for a ball that is very versatile and that will rev up right off of your hand then you should really consider the MoRich LevRG. With a little tweaking to the cover, you can make it fit almost any lane condition you might come across.

Overall the LevRG is another quality release from an up and coming company in the bowling industry. If you haven't had the pleasure of trying any equipment from MoRich, this would be an excellent ball to make your first.



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Thanks for taking time to read my review!

Joseph K. Smith
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Re: LevRG
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2007, 02:47:17 PM »
The only thing i can say is WOW. I seen the video for this ball in the proshop of the bowling center i work at, And after I seen it I kenw I had to get one. I also have the Total Shock & Awe and the Onslaught by Mo. I loved the TS&A when I got it and had shot my First 700 with it last year in league. The first month of throwing my LevRG with the box finish I couldn't keep it on the right side of the headpin. I have alot of hand and very good ball speed. Took it to the proshop and put some clean N shine got it down the lane further but it still snaps like crazy on the backend. ITs drilled with the 30 degrees asymmetrical flip layout, with the pin off about 2 o'clock of the ring finger. The oil of the center i bowl at varies from 40 to 42 feet and squeaky clean backends. Now that i shined up the LevRg i took my TS&A dull and if i need more than that i always keep a scratch pad in my bag if i need it


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Re: LevRG
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2007, 02:50:40 PM »
Okay, after trying my first MORICH ball, the Awesome Revs, and simply loving it, I decided to try the new LevRG. In my 37 years bowling, I've never had anything this aggressive, yet controllable. THIS BALL FLAT OUT HOOKS!!! The house I used it in is oiled 38 feet, buffed to 42, synthetic. My pin is about an inch to the left of my ring finger with the mass bias about 2" from my thumb. This ball starts to rev up as soon as it hits the lane.When it makes its move to the pocket, its so aggressive the pins go down hard on pocket hits and on light hits, I had a lot of messengers. I have about 15 games on it now. Last night, in my 2 leagues, I had 260+269+248=777 then 265+233+231=729.
      Please keep in mind that even though this ball revs up quick, it still had ample length before setting itself up for the kill.The coverstock is also very versatile. I put 2000 abralon on it with a light polish.
      Mo Pinel has come up with another gem, making me a MORICH fan to say the least. I currently have no dislikes about this ball but would say that I would not even think of using this on a dry shot. If you want hook, Mo's got hook! Good Luck and good bowling from The Big Dog!


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Re: LevRG
« Reply #5 on: October 31, 2007, 01:25:40 PM »
LevRG- 15 lbs 3oz. 2-3 in Pin

I got the LevRG after going to a Morich seminar. I couldn't wait to get back home and drill it up. I used the Dual Angle drilling. My Drilling angle was 45 degrees and the VAL angle was 50 degrees. So total sum of the angles is 95 degrees. Put balance hole on PAP.  Pin to PAP is 3 3/8. and no surface adjustments.With this drilling it should give me a ball the revs up early and reads the mid lanes very well and still has a little pop at the end. And thats exactly what I got.

At first this ball didnt really impress me much... used it right away after drilling it up on some lanes that had been used for open bowling so oil had been pushed down and all over the place but there was still a little oil left in the heads. So I bolwed a game with it... started feet at 25 and 17-19 at the arrows and the i couldnt keep the ball off the left side of the head pin... Ball hooked at the arrows and didnt stop still it hit the pit.
Moved even deeper and it still hooked to much... DUH  this was expected

This pass weekend got a really good chance to see what this ball was made of at the MID-IOWA. This ball really shined with the high amount of oil that was present. Shot was heavy oil to about 42' with out of bounds about 7 and out. this ball read the mids really good and had good backend movement to the pocket and carry was very good. Played about 17 at arrows to 10 the breakpoint to start off and just followed the oil left for the next 5 games.

Great ball for long heavy patterns. Mo didn't lie this ball revs up early reads the mids vey well and smashes the pocket. I would suggest the ball to anyone the needs a heavy oiler. this ball works great. I would give this ball a 10 for 10 over all... Great ball


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Re: LevRG
« Reply #6 on: November 07, 2007, 11:52:46 AM »
I drilled this ball last Friday. All i can say is WOW!!! There is no stopping this ball. The more oil it encounters the better it rolls. When it hits the dry to early it still doesn't quit and doesn't over hook as well. This is now the first ball out of my bag every time. This is an aggressive ball. I drilled mine with a 5 1/2 pin, 50 degree drilling angle and 70 degree VAL angle.
Adam Baer
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Re: LevRG
« Reply #7 on: December 11, 2007, 01:27:12 AM »
A little background on me: I am a stroker with average speed and an average to below average rev rate. I play the second arrow, sometimes outside it on a typical house shot with all synthetic lanes.

I don't know what Mo did this time but I don't think the bowling world will ever be the same. I am averaging 15-20 pins over my usual and carrying a 220+ average in two leagues mostly because of this ball. It certainly isn't because I am bowling that much better. This ball just carrys unbelievably. I never bowled a 300 game before and I ended up with two in the same night for an 856 series, my first. There were plenty of shots in there that should not have struck but this ball just came back from nowhere and plowed the rack.

If you are a fairly decent and accurate bowler who is rev challenged like me, you should seriously consider this ball because it will give you power and carry you never believed you could have or should have. The only other new ball I've seen out there that really has this uncanny power to find the pocket and carry everything is the Hammer Black Widow Pearl. Balls like these pretty much turn average Joes into something powerful that they should never really be, and these "cheater" balls should be banned imho, but whatever. Everyone wants to throw a 300 and technology combined with ez house shots just make it that much easier. 300's are basically a daily occurance these days at my home house because of these factors and it is ruining the integrity of the game. Sorry for the rant, anyway, this ball is awesome....get it.

John D Davis

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Re: LevRG
« Reply #8 on: December 11, 2007, 10:58:15 PM »
This ball is another winner by mo rich... Im a high rev player with slower balls speeds. My PAP is 3 3/8 over and 1 5/8 up.

1st LevRG= pin below my two fingers placing the mass bias at 45"(4 1/4" from my thumb) Surface is 360 Abralon and wipped with aceton. small weight hole needed for side weight.

2nd LevRG= pin slightly above my two fingers with the mass bias at 45" and located 2inches from my thumb. (this surface is 4000 Polished with Black Magic)

The 1st Leverage is very strong in the mids... much like the Awsome Hook the surface can be changed to change reaction. I can take all the lines out of the 1st LevRG and shine it with a couple different polishes and it would work great on dry lanes. I have in fact done it... Due to the coverstock it may not be as strong as other balls such as the Flip or the Revs, when shined.

The 2nd LevRG is a weired rolling ball... Its the only ball I have that is 16lbs. and not sure if thats why or not. I have heard the diff... are best on 15lb. balls vs. 16lb. balls. Anyways this ball is so strange. It gets down the lane allmost as far as my flip and then it immediately burns up giving me a reaction like I have never seen. I wish I knew how to describe it but thats the best I can do.

Overall both balls roll great but its not anything special. These balls work very well when the lane conditions are suited for them. Its not something ur going to buy and then expect it to work best on the league conditions. And its hard for alot of bowlers to understand that. I will always have these balls in the bag but as a bowler I have to realize not to bring it out unless I feel the condition is right for it. Poeple just have to realize how important surface changed is and not be affraid to put some polish on it for house conditions and shorter oil patterns. I rate this ball a 9 out of 10. Im a Proud user of Rons Magic Carpet. For those of you that havnt tried it, its your own loss!!!


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Re: LevRG
« Reply #9 on: December 13, 2007, 02:52:52 AM »
I just purchased a Levrg yesterday and had it drilled yesterday and I very impressed with this piece of equipment.  I tried to throw it at a house in my city that is notoriously drier and I actually used my nsane levrg that i bought yesterday but anyways back to this monster of a ball.  I threw it tonight on the Viper sport pattern and started off playing straighter with more speed and shot 259 then had to move the rest of the night and couldn't get locked back in and shoot 190 198 and 199 so for the most part it was just a few badly thrown balls and a few easy spares missed but on a sport pattern I had 5 to 7 boards of miss area which shouldn't happen and I was amazed about the arc this ball has.  I am a cranker with a higher speed and this ball had so much recovery for the speed I was throwing it.  I had no overeaction with it kinda of a hard arcing motion.  This ball isn't meant for someone with no turn to buy but for someone who turns the ball that needs a arcing not snapping motion.  Just a great ball with hard hitting, out of bounds recoverying, and rediculous carrying.

Chris from Muncie
I will review further in a while after the ball is broke in


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Re: LevRG
« Reply #10 on: February 14, 2008, 04:37:22 PM »
I've had this ball for about a month, and I really like it. OOB it started hooking at about 25-30 feet, so I took it up to 2000 and finished it with some Bean's Secret Sauce, and that really did the trick for me. Goes longer, turns smoothly, and hits hard with excellent carry. A great ball with great roll!

(It is kinda ugly, though. That doesn't matter to me, but some folks have to have "pretty" equipment. )
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Re: LevRG
« Reply #11 on: February 20, 2008, 02:31:26 PM »
I've had this ball for a while now and figured it was an appropriate time for a review.

My stats:

RH bowler
Ball Speed: 17-18MPH (Qubica)
High Revs about 400-500ish? (have a video in profile so you can see them)
PAP: 6 over 3/8 up
Axis Rotation: about 45 degrees.

Layout used: 20 * 5 * 30

What I expected with this layout:
I expected with the layout choosen and the OOB finish for this ball to have a strong arch to the pocket with plenty of continuation through the pin deck.

What I got:
I got exactly what I was looking for. The ball goes about 30ft then its starts to make its path to the pocket. Its not as hard of an arch as I thought it was going to be but with it being at 1000 abralon with my speeds I believe that made it a little bit mild. The best thing about it being like that is that its very easy to control and is VERY consistent. I can roll this ball on Heavy oil all the way to Light oil.

On heavy oil it makes a light but strong move to the pocket with continuation on the backend with excellent pin carry. This ball also works well on Light oil when the lanes have been torn up on the backend from more snappy equipment. This ball starts its move alot earlier and will tend to stay inside the burnt up area causing it to still be very consistent. I've noticed even when it does hit dry boards like in the PBA experience league it NEVER jumps or over reacts. It has the same amount of hook everytime given that I release it the same way.

Great ball for me with the layout I chose to work on the heavy stuff or light stuff. Its a very versitile piece, while you can't pick up ten pins easy with it, it still can work on any lane condition for me.
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Re: LevRG
« Reply #12 on: March 12, 2008, 11:30:46 PM »
* Personal Specs In Signature *

Update 4/2/08: Video as promised -

I just got this ball drilled today. I am not exactly sure of my drilling angles so I included picture links for everyone to see.  Here are my drilling specs:

Pin to PAP: 3.75"
Mass Bias to PAP: 3.5"
Stock Finish, 15lbs, 2.2 Top weight, 3-4" Pin
Weight Hole Added 1.5" right of PAP

With all that out of the way, so far I love this ball.  I got it drilled in-between a sharp break point drilling and a midlane hook drilling at medium track according to Mo's drill sheets for the LevRG. (

I threw a couple of shots with my Rival and I had to stand about 15 and throw 10 to get a nice entry to the pocket with a lil slow down on my normal ball speed.  After getting the LevRG drilled I shot the same shot and the ball flew across the lane into the 2-4 Pins.  I needed a ball for heavy oil and I think I found it.  I ended up playing this ball at about 25 shooting up 13 on medium lane conditions with a nice breakpoint down the lane and a monsterous backend reaction.  This thing just revs up mid lane like its trying to take down a house and then just blows up the pins.  I'll be using this ball on heavier oil tomorrow night and will have an update hopefully with some video footage in the next week or so.

PAP: 5 1/8" X 1/8" | Medium Rev Rate | 16MPH Ball Speed Avg. | Right Handed

Balls: MoRich LevRG, Columbia 300 Rival, Ebonite Maxim (spare shots)


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Re: LevRG
« Reply #13 on: April 01, 2008, 05:20:31 PM »
About me:  
17-18 MPH
Medium axis tilt, very little axis rotation (I'm an up-the-back-of-the-ball roller)

About the layout:
I was tired of having balls that snap unpredictably, so I drilled this one according to the "Control" layout.  Pin is about an inch below fingers, directly in the middle.  About 4.5" x 4.5".  This made the ball more tame; there is about half the normal distance between each flare line now (as compared to my other balls that are drilled stronger).

What I was hoping for:
1.  Continuation through the pin deck, which is a major problem for me due to my low axis rotation.  My other balls would burn up very quickly, leaving me lots of flat 10s.  
2.  Moderation of over/under conditions, mostly left to right versus front to back.  Again, my end-over-end roll made this a big problem on a THS.
3.  Something that would hook soon enough with my speeds WITHOUT rolling out.  I had a Hammer No Mercy and it was good, but not quite strong enough.

What I got:
Exactly what I was looking for.  I'd been averaging around 215-220 for years but couldn't seem to go any higher because I had such poor pin carry and didn't even know it until watching other folks and noticing that they were carrying crap hits.  That's when I set out to find something that would allow me to carry all those darned weak 10s and stop leaving those stone 8s.  

The LevRG was the solution.  I've been bowling with it for over a month and have now been averaging 230+, including an 816, 300, 290, and multiple 279s.  How can I describe the motion?  It's definitely not the scary hook monster that the BJI ball guide made it out to be (although that could be partially due to my purposely weak layout).  There is no defined flip point, giving awesome control.  It's more like an extremely smooth arc starting at around 30 feet, and it NEVER stops hooking.  The number of flat 10s has dropped by 80%, and I don't know if I've ever left a stone 8 with it.  I used to leave the occasional 5-pin with the No Mercy (how embarrassing is that?); now I carry them all.  I also don't think I've left any of those annoying pocket 7-10 splits.

I use this ball and this ball only on all house conditions (it's great on carrydown; my 816 was on post-league conditions), and it has been good on sport conditions as well.  I would recommend a stronger drilling or dulling the surface if you intend to use it on sport conditions.  I also would NOT recommend a stronger drilling if you intend to use it on a THS and have speeds less than 16 MPH.  Like I said, for me it starts hooking at around 30 feet and doesn't stop.


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Re: LevRG
« Reply #14 on: March 27, 2009, 01:43:59 PM »
First off, let me say that I have not had the best of luck with asymmetric balls, but I had wanted one of these since they first came out, so I went for it.

 I just dropped down to 14lbs and found this one: used.

 I thought I would just plug the thumb for a span adjustment, play with the surface, and see where it went. In an effort to use the modern equipment, my pap has moved and is now 4 1/8 over, 1/2 up, and my revs are about 250-300, so I figured to get some decent movement from the ball.  I got almost zero hook and very little backend, even after several adjustments of the cover, all the way down to 500 ab.

 Back to the shop for a full plug and drill, this time putting the pin and mb in stronger positions ( approx 4 X 4 ) with pin up, x-hole on pap. Still got very little reaction even after cover adjustments. A friend threw it ( the driller ) and it worked fine for him, reacted more than he wanted, and that confused both of us, but didn't work for me.

 Another trip to the shop, another full plug and redrill. This time, the pin is left of the middle finger, the actual measured cg is under the middle finger, and the mb is out close to my val in the thumb positive position with no x-hole. Ball now has a mild reaction with a 1000 grit ab finish, but that is all. In all honesty, I get a better read and reaction out of my Hammer RAZYR at 500 ab finish than I do with this ball.

 For me, this ball was an absolute bust, and nobody seems to be able to tell me why.  My driller is knowledgable, has measured my pap, double checked it and checked out the flare pattern on the ball, and can't figure it out. It hooks too much for him, but won't hardly hook at all for me.

 Congrats to those who've had success with it. I don't think I'll be trying any more asymmetrics anytime soon, unless I get one for free.
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