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Awesome Hook
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Core Type: Strong Asymmetrical
Mass Bias Differential: .028
60 Degree Avg. Spin Time: 5.1 seconds
Coverstock: C4 Enhanced Reactive
Factory Finish: 500 Matte
Flare Potential: Large
Differential: .055
RG: 2.498
Color: Dark Blue/Light Blue with a Bright Yellow Logo



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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2006, 11:39:43 PM »
Awesome Hook

The ball was 15# 4oz. with 3.0oz. top weight pre-drilling and a 4.375” pin out.

Bowler Information:
Track diameter is 10.25”.
PAP is measured at 5.25” over and 0.25” up.
Average ball speed (foul line to head pin) is 17 mph.
Axis rotation is typically 45 degrees
Initial rev rate is typically 350 rpm

The drilling chosen was primary pin 5” from PAP and PSA 2.25” from PAP; pin is above fingers 4” above grip midline. A 5/8” diameter x-hole was drilled 4.75” from grip center on the midline 3” deep.

The goal for this ball was to provide the over-all hook of my Total Shock & Awe (5” x 5.5”, 1.5” up) with a stronger move at the back-end. The idea was if the Awesome Hook would accomplish this goal I would take the surface of my TSA (currently at 1000G Abralon) to 500G Abralon and use it for the really heavy conditions with the Awesome Hook (1000G Abralon) falling between the TSA and Awesome Flips (one at 2000G Abralon, the other 4000G Abralon) I have. Well, simply put the goal has been met. The Awesome Hook fits perfectly between the TSA and Awesome Flips. The progression between these balls could not be any better.

Compared to the TSA, the Awesome Hook pushes further before unleashing a more angular, continuous and stronger back-end movement. Compared to the Awesome Flip, the Awesome Hook reads the fronts sooner, provides more total hook and is smoother on the back-end while still providing excellent continuation through the pins. As typical with MoRich equipment carry is extraordinary. When you use the Awesome Hook on the right condition it seem as if you just need to get the ball close to the pocket to carry, it’s simply awesome.

I’ve had the opportunity to roll the Awesome Hook on various lane surfaces and conditions. During this time I’ve altered the surface from the box 500G Matte down to 360 Abralon and all the way up to 4000G Abralon with polish. The cover handled surface changes easily and the ball motion was predictable at all surfaces. The more aggressive the surface was made, the earlier the ball would read the lane and the back-end reaction was more predictable. The smoother the surface was made, the later the ball would read the lane and back-end reaction was increased.  

The Awesome Hook is a welcome addition to the system of bowling balls from MoRich. It’s refreshing to see a manufacturer release balls that complement others in their line-up so well. It’s amazing at how linear the progression is between each ball in the line making it easier during competition to switch between balls without guesswork. Based on this fact it’s evident that Mo truly is a man with a plan and that is a very good thing for bowlers.


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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2006, 12:39:21 AM »
*Pin below ring finger*

Another hard hitter from Morich, this ball is indeed angular and has quite the heavy roll to it. I've played surface god with it (box finish/2000 abralon/400grit) and I like the 2000 grit the most. The 2000 finish give me a smooth read in the front and then acts its namesake on the back, Ive used it at box finsh and this  ball STRONG....just STRONG. The AH carries well in the pocket pushing pin back keeping pins low, in comparison to the TS&A its more angular and rolls later in my opinion.  Thanks for reading.........HooRah

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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2006, 10:40:42 PM »
My pap is 5 1/2 over 1/2 up. I throw around 17mph with about 375-400rpms. The ball was cut with a 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 layout with the pin 2 1/2 above the midline and left in box finish (500) for my sport shot league. I'm not sure of the shot as they put a different shot out every 3 weeks (actually the volume is different every week).

I started out on this long heavy pattern standing on 25 and playing 14 at the arrows out to about 10 at the break. If I hit the spot it was golden really solid in the pocket sweeping all the pins sideways, but I had virtually no area. I decided to use my seek and destroy (4x6 1/2 (1 1/2)) as it is a very smooth ball and more readable than the AH. I usually leave this ball at 500 grit for the really heavy stuff, but I hadn't refinished it in a while so it was shined up looking more like 2000 grit than 500. I couldn't move in due to the balls length so I had to play up the friction straight up 12. I struggled through my next game, before deciding to go back to the AH. I moved deeper and finally was able to get some area. The carry was magnificent from inside.

Overall the ball was longer and stronger than either of my S&D's (one described above, the other with the same layout as the AH) It seems like it would be a really good ball for moving inside on a heavy shot or getting some extra pop when its hard to carry. Down and in, the ball, due to the strength of its breakpoint, is a bit over under but inside lines is where it really shines. I fins that the ball would be an even better compliment to the Awesome Flip than the Seek and Destroy was due to its added length and backend.

I recently tried the ball at 1000, and really didn't like it, ball seemed to float if I threw it too hard and cut too much if I softened the speed up a tad.  I could have probably taken it up even further to have a ths monster, but I'll leave it in box finish for now and use it deep on sport patterns and heavy oiled lanes with carry down to calm the backend.
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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2006, 12:30:57 AM »
Me: RH, PAP 5 over and 1/2 up, 17mph ~375 revs.

Ball: 3 3/8 pin to PAP x 5 MB to PAP, as close as possible to the "Sharp Break Point" for a high tracker layout as described on the drill sheet.  OOB cover prep.

Lanes: fresh oiled synthetics, 39 ft house shot with 60 units of oil in the middle, down to about 6 at the outside.

Well let me start by saying this ball lives up to its name!  Normally when you have a cover this dull you are going to experience a loss of backend board coverage.  Not so fast, my friend!  This ball starts early and keeps going.  It is amazing how the ball is able to store enough energy to really pop on the backend considering the dull surface.

I was throwing the Awesome Hook and my Scorchin' Inferno side by side to try to get a good comparison.  The Scorchin' is drilled pin under ring, CG kicked out about 3/4".  The Awesome Hook was about 3-5 boards stronger overall, with a sharper break on the backend.  The Scorchin' is very rolly and even, while the AH just takes off on the back.  It was quite an adjustment for me.  Keep in mind that I have put around 100 games on the Scorchin and it has taken on a decent shine.  Even still, I remember my first set with the Scorchin' (782 OOB) and where I was playing, so I feel confident saying that the AH covers more boards AND checks up just a hair earlier.  My best results came when I was standing (left foot) on about 33 and crossing 15 out to 7.  Really had to swing this bad boy!  There was NO chance of playing up the boards with my regular release.

What an interesting reaction out of a dull ball!  You get the early read of the oil pattern, but no sacrificing the backend!  Never have seen that before to this degree.  The closest I have seen is what I got out of my label-drilled Solid Uranium.  I put the Awesome Hook above the Scorchin, Strike Zone, and just above the Solid Uranium in terms of oil-handling capability.  I know the Strike Zone and the Solid Uranium use the same cover, but the core of the SU is more rolly (diamond core), so it starts earlier.

I look forward to those nights when I see backend carry-down or a lot of soup in the middle.  If you see enough oil, it would be tough to go wrong with this ball!  I definitely had to keep this ball in the oil as long as possible to have a chance of staying right of the headpin.  It was fun to watch the pop on the backend!  Can't get over that out of a dull ball!  Anyway, these are my first impressions, and I hope this helps you if you have been looking for info on this ball.

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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2006, 04:28:00 AM »
Ball - 2 1/2" pin, 3 oz top, CG out of line 1 1/2". Ball drilled close to label leverage with pin next to ring, CG slightly above grip center, PSA below and to the right of the thumb at about 60 degrees. Drilled very similar to my Vapor Zone which I will be comparing it to...Vapor has pin above ring, MB a little closer to thumb at about 45 degrees. My stats are in my profile.

House #1: Super-slick synthetics, longish oil with little buff, very walled. There has definitely been some play on this lane; 7pm Friday night.

This ball was obviously not made for this condition, but I was eager to try the ball and this was the quickest option. My initial analysis is that this is the most particle-like reactive ball I've ever thrown, in fact if I didn't know better I'd say it WAS particle. I bought this ball to replace my frustrating Scorchin' Inferno, and even early on I can tell that this was definitely the right choice. You can really see the Vanguard core at work here because the coverstock on this ball is at best equal to but more likely weaker than Activator Max, but yet this ball is hooking many feet earlier and still has a strong backend arc movement (for a heavy oil ball at 500 grit, mind you). You can see the ball churning through the oil the minute you set it down. Best method of attack is a fairly straight path to your breakpoint (i.e. little swing), but the great thing is that you can start from anywhere on the approach and have it recover if you don't swing it too far. My first heavy oil experiment, a Raging Inferno, was also great on the outside down and in line, but move left of the headpin and it was washout city. Scorchin' was better at this aspect but there was such a small range of effectiveness (between burn up and hockey puck) that it was even more limited in effectiveness than the Raging was.

House #2: Moderately tacky synthetics, medium oil with a medium to long buff, somewhat walled but still an OB if you get too greedy. 2nd shift league Friday night 9:30pm, lot of geriatric down the middle with a house ball bowlers in the first shift.

Because of the oil pattern and the way the previous bowlers throw, I'm usually blessed (or cursed) with some heavier-playing oil (fresh in the track, carrydown in the back), so I figured I'd give it a shot and would probably get one game out of the ball. I got two full games barely moving from the 2nd arrow before it started to go away, and instead of moving left with it I stayed in this area with my Vapor Zone. The ball never overreacted in the backend so I could be very aggressive with my line. The downside to this is that it FORCED me to be aggressive with my half-pocket hits (subject to penalty by ringing 10), I needed to be flush to carry consistently. Not as finicky as urethane or plastic, but still a deeper contact point than with reactives. I shot 170-258 with it (strike, 8-miss, 8-bagger, 8-spare; spare shooting left something to be desired first game) and was just destroying the pocket. A 12-pound ball makes a different sound than a 15-pound ball when it hits the pins. Likewise, somebody who throws 20 mph with revs has a different sound than a 15 mph stroker. Well this ball has a different sound than other balls thrown by the same bowler (me), has a "ring" to it like if you were to hit some sort of hollow metal pole with a large wood stick. The only other ball I have that sounds differently from the rest and other people is my Smokin' Inferno, which simply makes a higher-pitched crack when shredding a rack (hey, that rhymes).

Summary: About 1 - 1 1/2 arrows stronger than a similarly drilled Vapor Zone! This ball will give you as much angle as you could want on true heavy oil, just don't try to throw 20-4 unless the oil is extremely long and the backends are stripped dry. Good carry, looks great, very readable reaction, I'm not sure what a heavy oil ball could do better for me. I'd love to see what this ball could do if I drilled it stronger and put rough buff on it, kind of a Red Vapor Zone on steroids. I could definitely see the speed difference between this ball and my polished reactives (switching to the Vapor Zone was like throwing the ball on ice), but it had no trouble getting to its breakpoint and making the turn.

I'm a big fan of this ball and I think you will be too, if you need this kind of strength in a ball, this one has plenty to spare!
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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #6 on: November 25, 2006, 10:59:21 PM »
Review #2

I've put a few more games on it and I'm amazed at how well the coverstock stands up and how easy it is to maintain. I clean it after every set with Black Magic and then hit it with green scotchbrite and Clean N' Dull after every 3 - 5 sets.

I've bowled on the heavy tournament shot my house puts out two weekends in a row now, and it does beautifully here. It's a heavy volume 42ish foot shot (guesstimated). I've found that this ball is somewhat particular in that it likes to be swung a little but not too much, which has me liking to use it left of the 1st arrow, right of the 3rd. I've tried throwing it right of the 1st arrow and it really doesn't want to cover that many boards in the back end, wants to hook early and arc to the hole so it just doesn't make it to the pocket from here; going a little more direct to the pocket from here was ok but was trying to read early a lot and I got some brooklyn strikes this way. Likewise, moving deeper than the 3rd arrow was just causing it to burn up too much trying to change direction - flat 10 land. I had success this deep with my Scorchin' Inferno on a super-heavy 40 ft sport shot with stripped backends and I'm guessing I would see the same success on that condition with this ball.

The hard part for me has been knowing when to put this ball away. It seems like at some point after 2 1/2 games I'm finding a workable line but it becomes very sensitive at the breakpoint, a lot more Scorchin' Inferno-esque! I figured out too late that it was time to put it away and switch to some pearl equipment today and I probably lost some pins in the process, but live and learn!

I still have a very positive view on this ball. I'll follow up with one more review once I get to the 50 game mark or so, as I've heard a lot of people reporting that this ball dies on them at the 30 game mark. I have not seen any change in reaction yet (probably 20 games at this point); in the tournament I've been hitting it with the Black Magic cleaner between each game (this cleaner is approved for use during USBC competition), I usually don't go to that trouble when using it at league because it's only good for 1 1/2 games to 2 due to both leagues being 2nd shift. Strongly recommended!
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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #7 on: December 25, 2006, 04:08:35 AM »
15lbs 3oz
3inch pin
3oz top

Pin 3-1/2 inch from PAP
MB 4-5/16 inches from PAP
Small weight hole 1 inch below PAP


Crown shot
38ft, 7 to 7
AMF Synthetic Lanes

Morich balls are definitely aggressive. Even though you drill them strong, they still finish on the backend no matter what. On the crown shot i bowled on, i used an up the back release up up 8 and the ball smashed the pocket. With this particular layout, the ball revs up hard in the midlane and just flares like crazy on the back. I was also able to get it out to the gutter edge down the lane and the ball still finsihed flush. After a few games i had to move inside to the about 12 and go out to 5 down the lane. I had a few messengers fly acorss the deck annihilating the 10 pin. I was truly amazed.

Plus the AH is very responsive to different hand positions.

Another good ball by MO!


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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #8 on: June 20, 2007, 03:53:26 PM »

SPECS: Pin underneath ring finger with the mass bias out about 3 inches which makes the PAP auto about 5 inches give or take a little. Ball is box finish.

THS: Synthetic lanes by Brunswick oil was out past about 40 feet light outside and a a fair amount in the middle but not alot by any means. I was just going to give HOOK a try on this knowing it was not going to work and it didn't ball revved up at the arrows and take off at about the 17 foot mark I said ''wow'' tried adjusting left and but it still rolled early just past the arrows put it away. I got what I wanted, a ball for Nationals

USBC Nationals: You guys know the pattern just like I do, ball is still Box finish. This ball had a great amount of power in the oil gave me a decent area to play and multiple lines to choose from varying on which realease I was using. I found its best line to be deep 20+ at the arrows and the break to be out at like 10 about 43 feet down the lane. I was really impressed with how much the ball had in the tank it just dug in and turned over. HOOK made a strong swing toward the pocket no snap but it really wasn't the smoothest thing I have ever seen but it worked great, Awesome power in the pocket just blow the rack apart, when I hit the rack anyway.

Overall thoughts: I like hook even though I haven't used it very extensively but I think if I put some polish on it it would make the ball very usable on more standard shots. but I like it the way it is. Hit and carry is typical Mo just wrecks everything in its path without mercy. I think this ball will be a good National ball for a couple of years to come.

AFTER PLUG AND REDRILL: Specs are same as the Finish drilled for control with a dual angle layout yes I will get the angles up when I get them. Finish is now 1000 Abralon.

HOUSE 1: Fresh house shot drier outsides enough oil in the middle of the lane but not flooded oil is about 42 feet , Grabbed Hook while a friend and I were practicing, I played 15 at the arrows and the break point was anywhere I wanted it, I sent the first one to 5 about 45 feet down the lane the ball just turned and ran through the pins continued right through the deck and almost out the back door of the bowling alley. I played with the break point after that throwing the ball right to the gutter and it made it back played deeper inside and the ball still made the pocket flush Awesome. Even though the ball is aggressive I could control it, it had length with a nice move to the pins not snappy I was very impressed the first drill pattern I couldn't get it past the arrows.

HOUSE 2: Heavier oil all the way across, med to heavy track area to the gutter Grabbed Hook a couple of times usually early in the night just to experiment. It had the same Length as above house which surprised me cause there is vastly more oil here it was almost oblivious to it. I played hook about 14-16 at the arrows and the ball once again, didn't care where the break point was it just destroyed the 1-3 from any break point I was impressed it rolled right through the heavier volume inside and was smooth in dry once the track burnt up. Amazing.

OVERALL: Ball has much improved length and versatility with the new drill pattern even in the first house the ball got down the lane with out issues and it retained energy well enough to be effective for a few games. The power the ball had originally is still there, the ball will recover from anywhere inside or outside just get it to the break. Usual morich carry nothing to dislike
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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #9 on: October 23, 2007, 11:55:59 AM »
This was my first time ever bowling with a MoRich ball. So far Im not sure what to think on it because the only pattern I have thrown this ball on is the Chamillion PBA patter. On that pattern the ball matched up with really well when it was a fresher shot. Because with that pattern there is heavy oil on the edges and dry in the center but with my other balls if I played the center they would over react but with this ball I could put it in that outside oil just a tad bit and it would come roaring back. I wouldn't say this ball is AWESOME by any means but it does pretty well in the heavier stuff then say my Angular one.

Layout looks like this:
(Pictures at bottom of review)


To compair it to my angular one I would say they cover about the same amount of boards just they do it totally different. The angular will go down long and make a sudden change in direction as to where the HOOK will grip in the midlane and start turning. The HOOK doesn't have that great of angularity on the backends but if you get any of the head pin EXPECT to STRIKE!

This is the hardest hitting ball in my bag (on that pattern), my friend was throwing his EPX and it was hitting like a dud compaired to the Hook.

Overall, I'd say this is probably the most aggressive midlane ball that I have thrown but has very little backend after that. The only way I could really get it to hook is to put ALOT of hand into it, but after 15 games on the Chamillion it got too aggresive and I switched to my shinny surface XCEL and that gave me a good read on the dry.

I will post pics of my ball layout once I get a chance.

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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #10 on: December 11, 2007, 10:36:45 PM »
Im a high rev player with slower ball speeds. My PAP is 3 3/8 over and 1 5/8 up...

1St Awsome Hook= Pin is just below my middle finger putting the mass bias at 60" and 2 inches from my thumb. (Polished at 4000 Abralon with Black magic XL)

2nd Awsome Hook= Pin is just below my middle finger and to the left slightly a half inch or so putting my mass bias 4 1/2 inches straight across from my thumb. I know this ball is illegal as of now because of the loaded side weight in it... ball had 3.2 top and the center is 2 1/2" to the right of my grip. Will take some side out here soon and then compare the reactions and the flare capabilities...(Suface of this one is 500 Abralon and applied aceton)

Alot of people get the impression that these balls hook at ur feet not wanting to suggest it to alot of bowlers. I think people that think that are very wrong because this ball can be tweaked so many different ways. The 1st Hook I have is very shiny and it goes as long as an Awsome Finish would execpt it has much much more backend reaction!!! The Awsome Flips are a tad stronger in the back than the hooks but the hooks are very close, much closer to any other mo rich balls(Although not sure about the NSANE). And even though the 2nd hook does hook somewhat early its because of the surface along with the mass bias placement.

I would rate this ball a perfect 10 because this ball suits all bowlers, with just a few surface changes. I would have thought this ball may roll a little heavy for a player like me but it really doesnt... Not like some I have seen anyway. Even though I have come to love these two balls I feel any type of stokers would enjoy throwing this ball as well. Im a Proud user of Rons Magic Carpet. For those of you that havnt tried it, its ur own loss!!!


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Re: Awesome Hook
« Reply #11 on: March 22, 2008, 03:33:42 PM »



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