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Title: Colussus Pearl
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Color Grey

Coverstock Reactive Pearl

Core 2-piece Asymmeterical

RG 2.554

Differential 0.043

Factory finish Polished
Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: BowlPro on July 11, 2002, 08:05:30 PM
The "Colossus Pearl" is not New on the Market!

It came out just after christmas of this year and has already been on the market several months!

This MoRich Ball features the "Gripper SR" Reactive Coverstock! with the power of the "Dual Density Core" and it's Strongly Enhanced Mass Bias properties!

This is one great, "Skid/Flip" Ball! if you need a ball to get down the lane and turn over hard? this ball is for you! MoRich is modest at best when they call this ball a "Strong Angular Backend" type of reaction ball!

The Pearlized coverstock will conquer your "Typical House" league conditions with no problem! Especially when the lanes start to break down and dry up!
This Ball gets stronger! Hitting Power?? Its Tremendous!!!!
We have put many of theses balls on the lanes since they first came out and everyone still has them! No one wants to give them up!

If you have not tried a MoRich Product yet? This would be a great first choice to cut your teeth on! You will not be disappointed!

We Highly recommend this ball to all bowlers and to our customers!

Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: JrBowler300 on July 16, 2002, 08:56:51 PM
I got the Colossus Pearl at the end of February and I absolutely love it. It took me about 3-5 days to get comfortable with it so you can just make a determination about this ball right away. So just stick with it for a little I had Mo Pinel set this ball up for me. The ball is drilled 2 1/2 control drilling for Low track players that is the info that I got of the web site. I have currently throw at least 100-125 games with it. It has a very predictable backend and is very forgiving. With in 3 weeks of having the ball I threw a 703 with two splits to finish and a 279 as well. Currently I have thrown 3 279's and 4 700's. The only down fall to this ball is that it rev's up very easy so on oilier conditions the ball just spins down the lane and reacts too late. I have not really have any problems with 10 pin's but I still leave a few. If this hasn't proven to you that it's a good ball well then let me tell you about how hard it hits. Well, let me tell you it hits LIKE A TRUCK and light hits carry about 60-75 percent of the time. This is a great ball, great job MoRich.  Oh yeah this ball needs baked every once in a while it had died for me.  Now it works great again.
Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: Deadbait on September 24, 2002, 10:36:03 PM
15#, 3" pin, 3.1 TW         Pin at 3 3/8" from PAP, CG 1/2" right of centerline, MB below thumbhole on centerline.    Medium revs and speed, kind of a down and in player.  This ball pushes well if any sign of oil and flips strong.  Sees the dry pretty fast.  Nothing to get excited about on hit.  If backends are screaming, will need warp speed to hold the line.  Would trade this ball for a Columbia Wicked anyday.
Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: C-G ProShop-Carl on January 07, 2003, 12:50:39 AM
I like the Pearl much more than the solid.

The biggest thing that impresses me about this ball is the hit. Mo sure knows what he is doing when it comes to the ball "STRIKING" the pins.

Other than the hit, this ball is pretty much what any pearl reacitive would be. No movement on oil, not good at all for carrydown. But if you can get the ball to a dry area LOOK OUT! I think people with alot of hand would love this ball. you can play deep, send it to the dry and it is coming back-----and it coming hard!

I cannot for the life of me figure out why there are not more reviews on this ball. I would think more people would love this ball for the average house shot.

I give this ball a strong 8.5 out of 10. I wonder if sanded if I would like this ball more than I liked the solid sanded. It is definately better than the solid in out of box condition.
Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: laner7pin on July 16, 2003, 04:48:06 AM
Picked up a Pearl last week to compliment in between my Colossus and Hercules. First off my Hercules is 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 and Colossus is 3 1/2 x 5. Hercules hooks, Colossus rolls. Have had success with both, but needed something inbetween. Picked up the Pearl, have it drilled 4 x 3 with a weight hole. All I can say is wow! Ball floats thru the heads, revs up and hits like my other Mo products. Thing is though is it fits right inbetween as needed. Colossus I play between 1-2nd arrow, Pearl 2-3rd arrow, and Hercules 3rd arrow and in. Ball hits hards, has a load of backend and shreds racks. Sounds like a common review, but it is true. I shot 695 first series with it, then went to the other house for late league and shot 869 for 4. Towards the 3rd and 4th games over there oil broke down (yes oil does do that on the left side), started to go high, but I moved into about 3rd arrow and gave it a little more speed and I was right back where I was in practice. Light hits, flush hits, even some high hits carry very well. I generally throw the ball around 18 mph (at least that what Qubica says) and have decent hand. Play more outside for the wall and the "higher" speed and watch the pins dance. Head pin messengers are frequent me and the Pearl is no exception. So far a 9 out of 10, once I get more games and an honor score with'll be a 10!
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Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: laner7pin on September 17, 2003, 05:30:33 AM
Update on the Pearl. Redrilled the thumb to fit my span (was 1/4" long before). Ball layed out at 4 x 3, with small balance hole. 15lbs, 2-3" pin. After slightly struggling the first two weeks of league (well 649, 613 not bad but missing spares is killing me...), worked on my game a little bit one day, realized I wasnt coming around the ball enough and not getting the revs. Fixed the problem last weekend and now I am back if not better than I was before leagues ended last year. After a quick cleaning and a coat of Black Magic, ball gives me an awesome reaction from the "easy" side (lefty). Speed about 18mph, above avg revs for a "typical" lefty, playing a little 10-5 swing, ball clears the heads with little trouble, revs up in the midlane and makes a big backend move into the pocket that sends pins either dancing on the deck or straight back flush. Full game with it went 9/, next 5, then went 3-6. As everyone is laughing at the 3 count, lets just say I "pulled" about 20 boards. Anyways, came back strong and shot 251, only missing the pocket on that 10 yard penalty. Pearl has the same if not more backend than my Hercules, but carry percentage is right up there with any other Mo ball that I own. Can not wait to practice tomorrow, hopefully the shop is slow so I can get more games in, but if not, oh well hopefully I can bowl tomorrow night in league. 9.5 out of 10, awesome pearl ball!
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Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: jjweb on October 19, 2003, 08:06:46 PM
I traded a Top Fuel to get the Colossus Pearl. Iíve wanted to try out some MoRich stuff for awhile now; Iím very impressed! This ball is VERY angular! My Colossus Pearl is drilled 3-3/8 stacked with the polish scuffed off lightly; I needed the ball to bite a little earlier for me. I think this ball would be too strong on a Dry shot, but for a Med-dry house shot, it works magic. This ball will rev and rev HARD when it hits the dry. You have to be very careful not to bump the dry to fast, it will come back, and screaming back. The ball really starts revving in the midlane and makes a VERY angular move on the backend. MoRich isnít kidding when they say ďHits so hard you can hear the differenceĒ it really does. Only problem I do encounter with the ball is a lot of solid 8 and 9 pins, because it finishes so strong. I usually swing around 20 to 10 with it, on a Med-dry house shot. Watching it roar back to the pocket, ripping the rack to shreds. You really have to watch the angle of entry; it will leave many ringing tenís. All in all itís really a great ball. I will definitely be buying some other MoRich equipment. I canít wait to get the Onslaught!

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Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: strikealot on June 18, 2004, 01:35:09 AM
i realize this may be an antique by now but i just got my hands on one. my friend has had this ball for over a year and threw it maybe 10 games. he was going to give it away so i said ill take it. its practically new.awesome is all i can say, drilled 3x 3 1/2, mb below and right of thumb, has a little thumb weight but taken out with wt hole 6 1/2 inches from center of grip and 2 inches below midline.
typical house shot but in a house where carrying corner pins isnt always easy, this ball has more backend than most everything else ive ever thrown. i have supercharge, v2 solid, timezone, and anomaly, this ball outperformed them all,i was able to open up lane say 20 at arrows out to 8, but i could also play outside with less hand. i did strikalot. could not thank my friend enough for hating this ball. its going to be hard to get this one out of my hands now.
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Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: StevieD003 on January 21, 2005, 08:40:53 PM
For some reason, no one ever posts reviews on the Colussus Pearl, its the most popular ball in the house I bowl in. I'm only 18, but the ball is a beast and will probably be the best ball I will ever thrown. When I first got it, the first day I shot 288, 263, and a 220. 771 series, not to bad for using a first ball.
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Title: Re: Colussus Pearl
Post by: dejf_8 on January 29, 2005, 07:57:51 PM
I have been throwing this ball for about 3 months now and i have never gottin under 660 series. And two weeks ago i bowled a 300 with it. I would say that over all it is probably one of the hardest hitting balls u will find.