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Ball NPS Score: 100.00
Featuring our PATENTED "AWAKENING" Asymmetrical Core design (US PAT# 5,389,042), and our all new REBOUND REACTIVE PEARL cover, FRENZY delivers a BACKEND reaction that will be RIVALED BY NONE and ENVIED BY ALL! FRENZY means BACKEND.

Spin 6.8 Secs
Asymmetrical Diff .011
Mass Bias Diff .045
RG 2.526
4000 Grit



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Re: Frenzy
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2009, 11:00:15 PM »
I drilled my Frenzy with the pin 3 3/4x60x30 with no weight hole.I took surface to 4000 abralon.Guys this is one awesome piece.I compared it to a morich response with the same surface prep.Its cleaner through the fronts and much stronger at the breakpoint.The frenzy is a different look than Mo has offered in awhile and great addition to Morich lineup.You can really open up the lane with this piece and carry is totally awesome.For the price that this ball goes for you cant beat the performance that the frenzy will offer.
Dannial Cohen


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Re: Frenzy
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2009, 03:29:44 PM »

My Frenzy is drilled up 35 x 4 x 25.  This is the strong mid lane drilling for a medium track player.  The Frenzy is as advertised - All backend.    


I have had the best luck using my Frenzy on Heavier volume house shots and for playing deep inside on reverse block type conditions.  On house shots I play 15 out to 8-10 at the 2nd range finders.  On deep inside shots, I take my hand out of it and utilize its easy length to get through the dry.  Then I let the strong back end reaction take over.  


The Frenzy is 4000 oob.  With the speed I throw the ball, it was over / under at times.  

600 / 800 - This took a lot out of the ball.  I ended up having to crank it up the 2nd arrow to get it to finish.  It was very archy and had very little back end.

1000 - At 1000, the ball was archy but was able to finish much harder.  

1500 with polish - This is where I have my Frenzy at right now.  This allows it to dig in and the polish delays the hook a little.  

The cover prep is everything on this ball for the way I throw it.  It is a hooking monster off of the dry boards.


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Re: Frenzy
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2011, 05:44:55 PM »

Morich Frenzy

An excellent benchmark ball for the league bowler: An important piece in the tournament bowler’s arsenal.

Box Gross: 15 pounds, 5 ounces, 1.3 ounces of top weight, pin out 4 1/16”

Dual Angle Layout: 45x4.5”x50 with a P2 weight hole

My Morich Frenzy is almost a year old: Plenty of time to evaluate the ball on many different conditions using several surface finishes. I picked up the Frenzy at the same time as my Craze and Mania. In preparing for nationals and other tournaments, the Craze and Mania garnered most of my attention. In the ensuing months, I made use of the Frenzy more and more and, in doing so, gained more respect for the versatility and capability of the Frenzy.

The Frenzy uses essentially the same core as the Craze but with a less aggressive coverstock, one that seems most similar to the ‘NSane LevRG. The combination of the Awakening core with the versatile pearl reactive coverstock is strength # 1 of Frenzy. This ball is useful over most of the conditions a league bowler will encounter. In locations where the predominant house conditions run from medium-dry to medium/medium-heavy, the Frenzy covers all of these with ease. For those who predominantly bowl on medium-heavy to heavy conditions, heavier sport conditions and the like, the super cover balls, Craze, Mania, RipR and DestroyR are probably better choices.

The core/cover combination provides easy length, which is surprisingly good at P1000 and P2000-grit. P2000 and P4000-grit seem to be the sweet spot for the Frenzy in providing good length with a strong back end reaction. There are longer balls on the market but the Frenzy is ideal when considering length along with repeatability in reaction at the second transition (break point to some).  Every surface between P500 and P4000 is useful. P360 followed by Rough Buff compound and P500 followed by Rough Buff are also useful surfaces with a more pronounced break point. I didn’t like polished surfaces as I saw too much skid/flip. This ball will turn the corner without any extra help to retain energy.

Pin carry is always a subjective matter. I see carry more as an indication of proper ball surface to lane surface match. In any case, the Frenzy hits and carries as well as any ball in my arsenal and experience. The side boards stay in play, messengers abound, etc., in other words, the Frenzy matches up easily with most of the conditions I encounter.

Surface reaction longevity is very good. The Frenzy maintains P2000 and P4000-grit finishes well with just a Siaair/Abralon hand sand touch up needed after 20 games or so. The compound surfaces needed a touchup after 10 games or so to maintain strong reaction. I didn’t stay with the polished finishes and the P500/P1000-grit finishes long enough to comment on longevity but I’d expect these to maintain for 20 games or so with just normal cleaning.

Durability is also very good. The Frenzy coverstock is easy to clean and adjust, and shows little wear after more than 100 games.

Similar balls? Within the Morich line, the ‘Nsane LevRG comes to mind when the “Nsane is drilled to reduce flare. Outside of the Morich line, the Vapor Zone comes to mind.

The Frenzy fits nicely between the Mojave and Craze/Mania/RipR. In some ways, it fits in a similar space as the Perpetual Motion but the shot shape Is different.

For many of the moderate skill league bowlers, I would recommend the Frenzy over many of the more trendy choices. The Frenzy is simply a better match to the conditions league bowlers most often encounter. It will retain energy and will not roll-out like many of the $200 and up balls do at average speed and revs. I have and will to continue to recommend the Frenzy to many of my friends and bowling acquaintances.

My measurables:

Weight: 15 lbs

PAP: 4.25" over, 0.25" down

Ball Speed: 18 mph, 16 mph down lane

RPM: 315 rpm (300 to 330 rpm range)

Axis Rotation: 45 to 70 degrees (usually ~50 degrees)

Axis Tilt: 19 degrees

Lane Surfaces and Conditions:

Brunwick ProAnvilane and Anvilane, AMF HPL and SPL


41' THS blend 10:1, 40' THS 10 to 10 block 20:1, 42' USBC Blue 25 ml, USBC 2010 Open Nationals Pattern, PBA Cheetah, Shark, Viper and Chameleon, 38' THS 10:1, and a few others, THS and sport, that I don't have the specifics.


MoRich Mania, RipR, Craze, Perpetual Motion, MOjave
LM Black Pearl, Xtreme Damage, The New Standard, MoRich Spare Ball


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Re: Frenzy
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2011, 04:43:09 PM »
 Bowler stats, 15.5mph ball speed via quibica, rev rate 300rpm, high tilt, medium axis rotation
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS,Sport

The Frenzy from MoRich is intended to be a very angular piece, with a 45x4x35 layout the ball doesn't go sideways on the backends for me but it is not smooth by any means. This ball tends to wiggle a lot on fresh and is much better suited for lanes that have broken down a bit. This ball hasn't done anything to wow me but it has become the ball I can predict enough that I always have it in my bag as a ball to base reactions of my other stuff around when i'm lost or need a ball to get 9 with and the lanes aren't really oily. 

Likes:Mild midlane read and fairly strong backend motion, rarely overreacts as the ball is mild.

Dislikes: Carry is average, not a big knock on the ball but its nothing exceptional.


-MOTIV Staff