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Aggressive Motion
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
- Color: Blue Solid/Blue Pearl/Silver Pearl 
- Core: Symmetrical 
- Coverstock: Hi-Trac 
- RG: 2.470 
- RG Diff: .054 
- Finish: 500/2000 
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil 
- Description: With MoRich's HUGE symmetrical core, they have created a ball that starts up in the midlane, hooks a lot on the backend and has tremendous hitting power. The MoRich Aggressive Motion adds a stronger ball reaction to the MoRich symmetrical line. This ball is designed for medium to heavier oil patterns and works great on longer, heavier house patterns and competitive oil patterns. This ball is effective for higher speed and more rev challenged bowlers on all patterns, and has a HUGE symmetrical core that gives it great versatility by using different drilling techniques. The Aggressive Motion has a .054” total diff. for large flare, improving traction on the back half of the lane, and a 2.470” RG for more revs at the break point. The Aggressive Motion adds a very hooking symmetrical ball to the MORICH line of quality performance bowling balls.



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Re: Aggressive Motion
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The quintessential benchmark bowling ball:

 A versatile coverstock with an excellent core/cover match: Most useful on conditions ranging from medium-light to heavy, with medium-short to long pattern lengths.

Box: 15 lbs 4 oz with 2.5 oz top weight, 3 ½” pin to CG. P500/P2000 Siaair.

Drilled 60 x 3.5” x 30 with a P2.5 gradient line balance hole

Whenever I travel to a new bowling center and/or bowl on an unfamiliar conditioning pattern, the Aggressive Motion is first out of the bag. I make all of my moves, up or down, based on how the AM reads the condition. It seems like most bowling ball companies are touting their benchmark offering with one of them actually naming theirs the “Benchmark.” Rest assured the Aggressive Motion is the quintessential benchmark ball: A ball that is useful over a truly wide range of lane conditions and provides the bowler with accurate and easily discernible information about how the lanes are playing. Most importantly, the AM will provide a good look on a wide array of patterns. The 500/2000 box finish will not squirt through carrydown and the strong layout mated to the Level 3 super cover assure me that I can use the AM on any heavy and/or long pattern that your friendly lane man can put out. But I have two other heavy pattern specialists in the bag in the mania and the DestroyR. The Aggressive Motion is complementary to these when I use a 3000-grit or 4000-grit surface. The ball gets to the breakpoint without drama then zeroes in on the pocket with a strong and confidence-inspiring arc. True 3000-grit is my top choice on Anvilane, Pro Anvilane and Pathfinder; the harder synthetic surfaces while true 4000-grit is a great match on the textured synthetics: HPL, SPL and the like. On wood, true 4000-grit works well but 500/1000/Rough Buff is an even better match for me.

Compared to the Perpetual Motion, the AM is at least two boards stronger and, on heavier conditions, closer to four boards stronger. In both cases, the added strength is in the midlane. The Perpetual reads the back ends as strong if not stronger than the AM but the Aggressive Motion reads the midlane earlier and harder at any similar cover finish. Therefore, if you bowl mainly on lighter THS patterns, I’d go with the Perpetual Motion over the Aggressive Motion; but for a ball that is uncannily useful over the widest range of conditions, I’d choose the AM. Keep in mind that both of these symmetricals feature a strong engine, armed with a low RG and high differential RG. With the right drill pattern and balance hole, the AM will be stronger than many moderately strong asymmetricals but, again, with the right layout combined with no hole or a flare-reducing P1 hole, the AM takes on an entirely different personality that gets excellent length with a pronounced backend reaction that borders on flip (most accurately described as a controllable hard arc). The AM (and the PM) provide a look that doesn’t exist in any other recent ball. For those who are familiar with MoRich equipment, the Aggressive Motion is an excellent complement to the strong asymmetric Mo balls: Strong in its own right as a member of the symmetric universe. For those who are new to the MoRich brand, the Aggressive Motion will be a key part of your arsenal: Whether your arsenal numbers one, three, five, seven, nine or 19.

MoRich DestroyR: 50x4x35, P3, P500/2000
MoRich RipR: 45x4.5x40, P3, P2500
MoRich Aggressive Motion: 60x3.5x30, P2.5, P3000
MoRich Perpetual Motion: 60x3.5x30, no hole, P4000
MoRich Mojave: 60x4.75x50, no hole, P4000
MoRich Spare, label negative, no hole, Factory Polish


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