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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Looking for VERSATILITY? Well, your search is over. Meet HERCULES, featuring MoRich's all new VERSA-TECH (Pearl and Solid Particle coverstock). This newest addition to the MoRich line is capable of handling a multitude of lane conditions and surface types, depending on surface preparations and drilling layouts. HERCULES is truly multi-reactional. So whether you want it to react like Pearl Particle (compound factory finish), Solid Particle (sanded with 600 grit paper), or Reactive Resin (polished), HERCULES will deliver. Adapt to any challenge and achieve legendary results with the new MoRich HERCULES.

Average RG: 2.515

Differential: .056

Flare Potential: Large

Mass Bias Differential: .014

Mass Bias Type: Strong Asymmetrical

Core type: MOtion Tuned Free-Form

Coverstock Name: Vers-Tech

Coverstock Type: Pearl and Sold Particle

Coverstock Nature: Mediaum to Aggressive (based on surface prep.)

Color (Tri): Purple Pearl, Red and Gold

Factory Finish: Compound


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Re: Hercules
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2003, 02:44:19 AM »
Very good ball. If you liked the Colossus Pearl, you will like this.

It is not as skid/flip as the pearl, it is more controllable and definately stronger at the pin deck.

It out hooks the originaly overall by a few boards, I have not tried to sand it down, I just think doing that is completely against what this ball should be used for.

Playing 15 out to 8 on a flat pattern that ran 43 ft this ball still made the turn and made it hard. When the oil began to carry down all it took was a 2 board adjustment to the rt with my feet and back to work I went.

I have had 4 MoRich balls and this is the best by far.

Hercules is a solid 9 out of 10.....the only thing I do not like is that on light hits it tends to leave alot of 7 pins, but when I am not packing the pocket, that is my fault and not the ball's.
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Re: Hercules
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2003, 11:38:12 AM »
Likes: Great hitting power, Reads the lane's very well, and has a strong backend, excellent carry. Love the new coloring...
Dislikes: Has the same core as the supreme, just with a denser flip block. Was hoping for a new innovation in bowling some radical new core perhaps. Its not really a dislike but more of a bursted bubble....

I used this ball on 3 different shots. 10x10, Christmas tree pattern, and heavy flat oil pattern down to 44ft.

This ball has a extremely snappy back end reaction with the factory finish, and used on medium- to medium heavy oil. When polished even further this ball goes much longer, and has a great backend reaction on typical league conditions. When using the flat oil pattern I sanded it down to 600grit, and gave it a shot of Neo Tacs Hook it. Just to get it a little tacky. This ball handled that heavy oil like a champ, and just desimated the pins.

Over all I am very pleased with this ball, very versatile and reads the lanes very well. I would suggest this ball to anybody looking for a great combination ball between medium and heavy oil.

Another thing that I have noticed on Mo's equipment is that their balls were rather ugly in appearance, almost gave it a cheap look to the ball. When the pioneer came out, and now Hercules I see that Mo, and Rich have begun to give their equipment a rather more appealing look to them. Now they are functional and great looking..

Good Job Mo, keep up the good work...

I test threw this ball a few months ago, and this is a review I wrote while back for another site.
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Re: Hercules
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2003, 04:28:38 PM »
Another winner from Mo and the gang. Have had this ball since it first came out (about 2-3 months now)

Ball specs:
15 lbs
3" pin
2 oz top weight

Drilled 3 3/8 x 3 3/8, pin above ring finger, ball gives me a ton of backend wether I put a lot or little hand into it. Depending on how hard I throw it, ball works for me anywhere from straight up 5, to 4th arrow out to about 7-8-9 board. Put some clean & sheen on it every 5-10 games, cause it seems to pick up a lot of oil and grime from the ball return and from the mats in the pit. Thrown the ball in 3 different houses so far and hit, carry and reaction have all been the same....excellent.

First house: shorter X-mas tree probably 36-37 feet, flood in the middle, close to bone dry 5 and out. House where even lefties have to adjust, I can pay between 2nd-3rd arrow out to 5 and the ball comes charging back in the backend. Retains energy extremely well and sends messengers around all day when it doesnt hit dead flush. In that case, all the pins clear back and in a hurry. Once you start to leave corners, easy board adjustment and corners will fall again. No honor scores yet, but many 240-250+ games so far.

Second house: 39 foot wall 8-8 spread, juice in the middle drier outside (not a desert though). More oil = move more outside, I play between 1st-2nd arrow to about 5 and same as the other house, ball hits the dry and takes off. Not huge skid/snap, but with the drilling a big move. Messengers fly a bunch as well, but flush hits tend to leave corners more that they carry. Minor adjustments once again cure that problem, but not as well as the other house does.

Third House: Reverse block for a tournament, house has "dead" pins to boot. Able to play straight up 5 in the flood and the ball revved up and turned in the backend. I was the only lefty playing this area and was able to carry very well from there considering playing a little more in on the dry was not very carry friendly. Cashed in singles shooting 634 which for me felt like shooting 750 in the other two houses.

Overall I give Hercules a 9 out of 10, of course that will change once I put up a big series/279+ game with it. Great ball, looks good going down the lane, hits very hard, carries light hits better than anything else in the bag, and something that should be in everybody's bag if they want something that hooks/hits equally as good. Thanks again Mo!!!!
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Re: Hercules
« Reply #4 on: June 20, 2003, 05:00:03 AM »
I got this ball about 3 months ago and had it drilled with the pin about 5" away at the 9 o'clock position and the CG at 6 o'clock.  At first I tried it on synthetic 33' medium oil and wood 45' heavy oil.  I had couldn't control the backend and was getting a lot of brooklyn strikes, so I put it away; almost selling it at one point.  Last month I switched ball drillers.  After measuring my span and thumb for a urethane mold, he advised me to move my thumb a little to correspond to my re-worked span.  After getting my thumb plugged and returned to me 3 weeks ago, I tried it out at the same 2 houses and found myself with a ball that I had total control over.  I was throwing it out to 22-23 out to 9-10 standing on 30 in synthetic and I was getting consistent pocket hits with a small percentage of taps.  On wood, I was standing at 30 again, but throwing it out to my "comfortable" line of 17-18 out to 5 then the hook in (left-handed).  I left the ball in the out-of-the-box condition and I have to say, I'm glad I never sold it.  It's a terrific ball that is just brilliant on the medium-oily to oily conditions if you like playing a little in.  I would not recommend this for the full-roller as the only way I can say you can get it to set in the pocket is if you flatten your wrist and throw it over 20MPH!
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Re: Hercules
« Reply #5 on: October 17, 2003, 04:37:12 PM »
My Hercules is 16lbs with a 4" pin out distance.  I laid it out according to MoRich's website, and went with a modified medium track control drill pattern.  I placed the pin 2.75" from my PAP, the CG ended up under the ring finger, and the RC was placed under my thumb.

This is my first Morich product and I can say I am pleased with what I see.  However, my review will be biased towards one condition because I have only practiced using the Hercules on a typical fresh wall/THS.

I didn't modify the surface of the ball at all, because I was in the need of a particle pearl in my arsenal.  

This ball gets enough length to make it through the heads as long as there is OIL on them.  Since I was using it on a fresh wet/dry condition my target line was 20 out to five and back into the pocket.  The Hercules had no trouble making it back from that far outside, but speed on this pattern was an issue.  If I threw too slow it would jump the beak, too fast and it would hit behind the head pin, often leaving wash outs.

I could also play along the oil line with the Hercules throwing a small belly 15-10, but it was very speed sensitive on the fresh oil.  So I stuck with the bigger swing line seeing as I was more consistent in all areas playing that way.

Anyway the ball's path to the pins was very smooth and even, making a STRONG sweeping arc to the pocket.  There is no jerkiness in my Hercules, and it doesn't jump at the first sight of dry.  However when this ball makes it's move, it will GRAB the dry boards and continue left very quickly.

The Hercules hits the pocket with tremendous force, visually it's nothing special, but you can tell the physical nature of the core, tossing the sticks to the four corners of the deck.  The carry is supernatural, and I've never thrown a ball that carries more than the Hercules does.  So far I've left only two ten pins with this ball during it's use.

I had to see first hand how powerful Morich's cores are, and I can say I'm truly impressed.  After some getting used to, many bowlers of all capacity should be able to use the Hercules on house and tourny patterns alike.

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Re: Hercules
« Reply #6 on: January 13, 2004, 06:15:51 PM »
First try with a Morich ball. My Herc is 15#, 2.5" pin, and about 2oz of top wt.
Had it drilled by Gary the "Guru" Parsons, and indeed it is a piece of work. It's laid out in the control drill, 4.25"x 5", as recommended on the Morich drill sheet. Mass bias in the thumb quadrant, 1.5" left of thumb. Pin is to the right of my ring finger. On all my other equipment this type drilling would give me a nice gentle arc to the pocket. Nothing special. On the Herc....whoa!
This ball is like the energizer bunny. This ball moves like it has its own engine running at Nascar. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I have to deliver this thing with "vanilla" hand. That means put nothing on it! It definitely gets up and goes. Me thinks I will have to take some shine off it to smooth it out a little, but it is a definite winner. So far very responsive to release changes. Have only shot two games with it, but me thinks it will be a very versatile piece with a little tweaking.
   If anyone has trouble getting revs on the ball, this could be a player for you. I will review again after I've put a few more games on it. Good ball. I was able to play inside and out with it. Used it on medium oil with small carrydown. Had no problem with carrydown to date. On mixed AMF synthetics lanes.
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Re: Hercules
« Reply #7 on: October 26, 2004, 04:28:39 PM »
See my 1st review below for ball specs. Never read reviews by UPTen bowler!

Had not really found a place in my bag for this ball, due to the low volume of oil, usually used at the houses where I bowl. Most times I had only been able to use my Onslaught, because of lite volume. Decided to put this one in the bag when, my Triumph became skiddish in my Monday Nite league, and my Animal was too strong playing inside, but not strong enuff playing outside. Didn't want to make surface changes, enter my Hercules.

On a fresh oil shot, I played all kinds of area. Guardian lanes. Medium volume of oil.Could not believe the area that this ball would cover. Finally found the right volume of oil for this ball!! Started by standing 20, shooting out to 8 or 9 and back with no problem. Threw the first 7 in a row. Ball literally glided thru the heads, and came back with a very strong move on the backend, revving like crazy. Destroyed the rack, flush, lite, on the headpin name it. Beautiful Pin Music!! Sweet, sweet ball. This ball was very responsive to release changes as well. I threw a spinner, standing 25 out to the gutter edge....ball rode the gutter line, and came crashing back to the pocket like it had a magnet on it! Inside or outside line, this ball is a beaut, but it must have the right amount of oil, in the heads and backend to shine. Shot 687. Not bad, for a ball I thought I might never find a use for. Oh can crank it too. Good job MoRich.
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Re: Hercules
« Reply #8 on: January 17, 2005, 06:19:54 PM »
This is William and I just wanted to say that this is the hardest hitting and most readable ball that I have ever thrown.  It was suggested by my buddy Reggie and he has shot plenty of 300's and 800's wit that monster.  Shot 684 out of the box wit the mass bias 1 3/4 inches to the right of my thumb and the pin right above my middle finger.....SWEETTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!  Look for me to post my 300 and 800 wit that bad boi!!!
William C. Shofner


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Re: Hercules
« Reply #9 on: February 02, 2005, 06:00:03 PM »
I am just "getting into" MoRich equipment with a 14lb Hercules (had to lower my weight due to tendinitus)... I was bowling in our local association tourney last weekend and managed to open the first four frames with my Inferno (my fault... 2 practice balls did not let me identify the line to throw and I had two ugly splits, a washout, and a missed 10-pin!) I decided to get out the Hercules as I had not used it a lot and the lanes were a bit "squirty". I targeted the 8-board and there was LOTS of oil to hold the line plating pretty straight up 8... maybe 1-2 board swing. I finished with 6 out of 8 strikes to salvage a 204. Second game I did not move AT ALL and had a high flush 9-pin followed by eight crushing and one luck strike before I buried another 9-pin for a 279. I got a bit careless the third game since we were in doubles and my partner was struggling... but ended respectably.

I was MOST impressed with the simplicity of the line I was using... more to follow as I try different lines on different patterns.


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Re: Hercules
« Reply #10 on: November 16, 2006, 01:24:21 PM »
G.O.A.T. Greatest Of All Time

SPECSin next the finger holes and the mass bias out about 1 inch only PAP is 5 inches out. ball is in box finish

MOUNTAIN BAY MASTERS SHOT: Heavy juice every where but the specifics change almost every week out of bounds at the 8th board or so the last couple of weeks. The middle is heavy but not so heavy that everything slides through it a ball with to much power will roll way to early and a shot pulled will pickup the 7 pin.
Herc gets down the lane and ignore the oil just as the oil ends (41 feet) the ball turns sharp to the right and crushes anything in front of it. Very versatile on this or any shot I have used it on. On this shot it is a little jumpy if I start the ball to far right it jumps way to hard so I make sure it goes through enough juice before it gets to the break point. Usually I throw the ball at 14th-12th varying on what game it is and break point at like 7th board or so just to have some insurance for the that hard snap.

SABRE LANES THS: Oil on the middle dry on the outside pretty basic setup, I throw over 15 or just left of 15 and push it out to 5-7 at the break point about 43-45 feet down the lane ball flips over and shoots to the left tears the rack apart and hits to hard from time to time. I love this ball baby

Tournaments: I haven't had a better ball in sport or any other pattern it seems to hook even through the lane on short patterns and snap on longer patterns so it works on just about any sport shot you can think I have used it on countless different patterns of all varying specs and have had no bad experiences!
Sorry I can't be more specific with it but I have used it on so many different shots I can't any specifc shots or lines

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Re: Hercules
« Reply #11 on: November 22, 2016, 09:06:35 AM »

Length:39 ft

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS

COMMENTS I know this ball is 13 years old, but what the heck.....I'm old school and I like old stuff! It's been sitting on my rack for a few years, so just for grins and giggles I pulled it out to play with it again. Back in the day, I had tried to make this my heavy oil ball with no success! But I had never altered the surface. Now, being older and wiser, I altered the surface, taking it down to 1000 abralon. Using it on today's medium pattern, this thing was an absolute monster. My first test game I threw the front six, effortlessly, until I noticed the ball revving up on the backend too much. Changed hand positions, coming up the back of the ball helped a little, but it was clearly, still, too much ball. Back to the spinner, with an even coat of Snake oil for 20 seconds on all sides, and whoa nelly!!! This thing came alive unbelievably! Not only does it go long and push, but when it turns, it turns on a dime and has backend for days!!

Who knew? There were balls I sent to the three board, thinking they were going into the gutter, but came back and just slammed the hole! Yes, yes.....I made a few eyes open up for sure! This ball is indeed versatile as it was originally designed, and with the right surface prep can complement any arsenal. I never knew what I had, since this was back in the days when I was buying a ball every two months!!

Likes: How it revs up; plays like a pearl, but in solid form; pushes naturally but has power at the pin-deck

Dislikes: That I didn't use this one a lot more when I first bought it!

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