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With its tapered core revs up easily, producing true midlane reaction. The GriPpeR coverstock is a dual action cover which rolls like a particle ball when smooth or dull and like a reactive ball when shined, so the overall hook of the labyrinth is easily adjusted. Just change the surface, and then finish off the pins. Aver RG's: 2.514; Differential .047; Flare Potential: Large Gripper (particle reactive); Coverstock: Motion tuned free form; Core Type: Strongly Enhanced Mass; Core Dynamics: Bias; Ball Structure: Single Density Core, Dual Shell



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Re: Labyrinth
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This ball is so good that I picked up a case on the cheap and have them stored away. The specs on this ball are as follows:

16lb 1 oz - 3.25 top - 3 inch pin
Set up using the Medium track Sharp Break point drilling listed on Mo's site. Please note: I was displeased with the reaction in the first ten-twenty games.

However, once I got used to reading the breakpoint with this ball on the lanes and let the coverstock absorb some oil, this ball has been shredding racks in every house on synthetics and wood lanes alike. I use this as the first ball out of the bag ahead of much more expensive equipment. The hit is tremendous and even with the sharp break point drilling, I feel like I have incredible control with this ball. I think this ball must have either been overproduced in 16lb or underhyped because it certainly is a great product. As proof, I purchased one for both my brothers and two of my friends. Only downfall I have is on short oil patterns or conditions that don't allow me to utilize this ball effectively (very dry lanes). All in all another ball that proves Mo is a genius.

If you throw 16lb, you can still get one of these pretty cheap. I highly recommend doing is one of the best balls I have ever thrown.


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Re: Labyrinth
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It's an older ball, but one of Morich's best ever.  Just wanted to share my thoughts on this ball that I still use every so often.  
I first got it through a Right handed friend of my that couldn't get it to work.  Drilled it for me, lefty, and liked it right away.  It was a great oil ball and had a fantastic snap in the backend, not like a skid/snap, but a roll/snap.  It is drilled pretty aggressive.
Now, until just this season, my house was a wood lane house with some brutal heads that would eat up any ball.  
Everytime I re-surfaced this ball, it took about 3-5 boards of total hook out of the ball.  I'm sure some of it happened because of oil absorption.
But, the best the thing about this ball is that I have found a new place to use it.  
It's become the best "dry lane" ball that I own.  When other people can't get their ball past the heads, I pull out the old, plugged, re-surfaced, Labyrinth and I can play where other people can't.  Still hit's hard as ever.
It's saved my on many occasions and I've even used it on some sport conditions.
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