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Total Annihilation
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Medium/Heavy Oil
Deep Purple w/Neon Yellow and Pink Logos
12 - 16 Pounds

The first ever MoRich/Brunswick coverstock formulation! Unmatched coverstock versatility.  An extremely fast rev rate. The overall hook of particle with the explosive backend of reactive.

Technical Specifications
Core Type:  Strong Asymmetrical*
Mass Bias Differential:  .018
60 Degree Avg. Spin Time:  6.3 seconds
Coverstock:  C4 Enhanced Reactivated - Super Aggressive Reactive
Factory Finish:  800 Grit Matte
Flare Potential:  Large
Differential:  .054
RG:  2.514



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Re: Total Annihilation
« Reply #16 on: January 25, 2006, 09:51:22 PM »
Bowler specs:
RH Power Tweener-I know...nearly a contradiciton in terms
17.2-17.5 MPH
350-400 RPM
Preferred line-Third Arrow to the cushion and put Sir Isaac Newton to work.
THS with 50-55 units between 15-15, blended outsides with four to five units outside of the five other words, very playable shot.

Ball Specs
15 lbs. 1 0z.
3" pin
3 oz. TW
Drilled in OOB condition

PAP 4" from pin, 5-1/4 from MB, pin 2-3/4 from VAL, no fourth hole.

thumb(63/64ths Easy Slug) to middle & ring 4-15/16ths, (25/32 & 3/4 Vise Power Ovals)

First of all, this is my first Morich ball. I've got a Seek & Destroy that's currently getting holes put in her and I'll have a review for that next. However, after using a host of Brunswick products with PK18 along with seeing a number of Total Shock & Awe's being tossed in the area, I thought this would be a great opportunity to give a Morich ball out. Picked this ball up from eBay for $84 shipped, so, even if it was a disaster, I not out too much money. Safe to say, after a few games on this ball, waste of money will not be a phrase that's used too often. I've got an Ultimate Inferno that's currently my "oiler" and didn't expect the T/A to move any more. Even after a few lines are on this ball, it has four to six more boards of overall hook with very similar drillings. Note to my UI, you're on the clock. Incredibly smooth moving ball. Very predictable, as well. Send her out with some hand and the return trip to the pocket will be rewarded with a thundering "clash". Very cool sounding ball as it drives into and through the pocket. Slow up, and you'll be faced with a penalty, as it should be, with a 4-pin/4-9 pocket hit. Fail to get out of the ball properly, and you're gonna flirt with 2-pin/dinner bucket spares. Cannot imagine throwing the ball so awfully that it fails to get back to the head pin. If I do, it's my own damned fault. This ball racts nicely to simple hand adjustments. Come around her a little bit and it seems to react like a light load particle with little over-reaction. Load up your hand and twist her up the back and here's where things get fun. A little more read off of the transition with a strong, pronounced move to the hole. I have noticed that when you execute a great shot and come up with a light mixer, the head pin has a tendency to be ejected from the left side of the pin deck at mid-blowing speeds creating some pretty evil messenger strikes. Hopefully, I'm able to spend some quality time with a camcorder and set up a vid for you. This one's a blast to throw and as much fun for those around you watching you bowl. Many thanks to all of the freaks at Watertown Bowl for all of their hard work and support for our bowling community.

Thanks for reading my review. Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.
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Re: Total Annihilation
« Reply #17 on: October 29, 2006, 11:00:55 AM »

SPECS: Pin is next my fingers with the mass bias out about 1 inch, with a weight hole

I have had 2 of these I got rid of the first when I went 15 pounds and i bought a used one about a week later from my pro shop. The ball works great on any condition except bone dry shots. I would bowled at 3 houses early in the year, house 1&2 were using heavy oil the other was using medium.

HOUSE 1&2: Heavy oil with out of bounds 10 to the ditch, I played the ball the same in both houses even though one was synthetic and the other was wood. throw over 12 at the arrows and out to about 8 board and watch the ball be patient and rev up at the very end of the oil and smash the pins would just vanish.

HOUSE 3: medium Oil synthetic this was easier to play than the first to houses about 14 at the arrows then out to about 8 and crush into the pins. On this shot I would throw a little harder to cut down on 9 pins but the ball would rev up about 4-6 feet earlier and have a more even arc into the pins.

The hit and carry with this ball is incredible I would rarely leave a split or spare conversion I didn't deserve even though ball was about 3 years old it still hit just as hard if not harder than the brand new equipment.

Overall this is ane of favorites it is sad that the ball recently died, but look at it this way it lasted 3 years longer than most high end stuff does these days
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