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Ascent Apex
« on: April 24, 2014, 09:45:57 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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- Reaction: Angular
- Recommended Lane Conditions: Light Oil
- Core: Recon
- Coverstock: Fusion XL Pearl Reactive
- Finish: 1500 Grit Polished
- Color: Mountain Blue Pearl with Terra Green Pearl NeoMark Logo
- RG: 2.59 (15#)
- Diff: .025 (15#)
- Flare Potential: 2+ Inches


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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 10:47:13 AM »

The new Ascent Apex by Motiv has the recon core with the pearl fusion xl shell.  This combination creates plenty of skid with a much more angular reaction than with the other Ascents.  The Ascent Apex will be useful on an any condition that is lighter or shorter or a very beat up pattern. I have found the Ascent Apex to allow me to play much further towards the gutter and let me stay there longer than other weaker balls have in the past.  The Ascent Apex will be a ball that I never leave home without.

Speed 17.5
rpm 350
tilt 11
rotation 45

Right lane was on a fresh house shot
Left lane was on a very used up house shot after open bowling

Anthony Jordan


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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2014, 09:12:51 AM »
Motiv Staffer, Right handed, higher speed, higher rev rate.

Layout: pin in Palm, cg kicked 45deg

PAP: 5 over 1 up

The Ascent Apex is cleaner and more angular than the other Ascents. Allowing to play further right instead of having to open your angles up so much. I think the most beneficial patterns for this ball will be shorter and lighter volume. This ball will fall right after the tribal in my arsenal when the Tribal forces me to open my angles up too quick. The Ascent Apex is extremely impressive for it's price point!


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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2014, 01:36:55 AM »
The Ascent Apex is priced as an ďentry levelĒ ball, but it is high performance through and through.  It has the Recon core, which is a High RG 2.59, Low Differential 0.25, with a modified version of the strong pearl cover first featured on MOTIVís landmark ball the Primal Rage.

I have long been a fan of the Recon core from way back on the RX1, which was my first MOTIV ball. I have had a lot of success with the RX1 and the original Ascent balls, particularly on short oil patterns. For me, the new Ascent Apex is about 3 or 4 boards stronger than the original Ascent on the back-end, and has about 3 or 4 boards less overall hook than the Primal Rage, so it fits that sweet spot perfectly.

This ball is an excellent choice on short to medium short oil patterns when the heads break down a little bit, and you need a ball thatís clean through the fronts with good back-end kick. I also bowl a league at a house that has a house shot with low volume, and the Apex does the trick.

Here is a ball reaction video that I did featuring the Apex. In the video I compare the ball motion to the Original Ascent, Venom Shock, Primal Rage & Cruel Intent.

This is a key piece of equipment for me to bring to every tournament. Even on longer patterns, the later it gets into the block, the more likely that itís coming out of my bag. It doesnít do crazy tricks down-lane Ė it does just what it needs to do to kick out that 10 pin, and thatís all I need it to do.

--Kevin Gallagheró
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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2014, 02:03:16 PM »

The Blue Mountain Pearl Ascent Apex is an addition to MOTIVís entry level line. First, this is NOT an additional color and another name slapped on the ball, this is a true upgrade to the Ascent Pearl. The Ascent Apex again contains the Recon Core, but the upgrade on this ball is the coverstock. It has the new Fusion XL coverstock, which is a modified version of the cover used on previous balls such as the Primal Rage, Tribal, Cruel Intent, and Sigma Sting.

The ball gets down the lane with ease on any pattern, and I donít think that will change no matter what your style. I have thrown the Ascent Apex on some very lighter volume/burned patterns thus far and have seen all the length I needed. In addition it has a fast response downlane, but for the amount of friction it encounters is still very controllable. The continuation of the ball resembles the same results that MOTIV has produced all season. Compared to the original Ascent Pearl I actually see more length with the Ascent Apex but, this only provides it with more backend. The total hook potential isnít much more than the original Ascent, but the backend shape is where they really differ. Overall, this release has allowed me to play deeper, as required on some lighter volume and broken down patterns, but at the same time creating more creating angle.

I am recommending the Ascent Apex to anyone who is looking for entry level length with MORE than entry level backend.

MOTIV Staff Member
Mike Magolan


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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #5 on: May 18, 2014, 07:35:17 AM »

Length:42 and 40


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):42' Higher volume THS and 2014 D/S Nationals


Likes:Tons of length with a smooth backend. Very low flare but still has power through the pins. Perfect for sport conditions when the backend over react.

Dislikes: Not very good on THS if you have hand or speed. Will be very over under without much area to move because of its weak cover and small core.



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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #6 on: May 24, 2014, 07:19:38 PM »

41 ft THS
10:1 ratio
24 ml


The Motiv Ascent Apex adds a significant piece to Motiv's lineup to close a gap.  I feel comfortable saying that if you are a Motiv fan, they've designed a complete arsenal for you.  You can find every ball reaction type in their current lineup.  We recently reviewed the Covert Revolt, Venom Shock, and Primal Rage.  To make this easy, the Venom Shock is to the Covert Revolt what the Ascent Apex is to the Primal Rage.  Now you have the more rolly pieces, strong and medium in the Covert Revolt and Venom Shock, respectively.  Now you have the same in the more snappy pieces with the Primal Rage and Ascent Apex. 
The Ascent Apex is more of a skid snap reaction which is a step down from the Primal Rage.  We tested pin up and pin down.  Pin up adds some needed length on this medium THS for Brad who has good hand.  He doesn't need this much snap given his revs and side rotation.  Pin down was a tad smoother and about 1 ft earlier but also stronger.

Video and more details at:

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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2014, 12:07:42 PM »
Bowler Stats-Ball Speed 15.5 MPH Rev Rate-App 285 Axis of Rotation-30 to 60 degrees Axis Tilt 9 degrees Right Handed PAP-5 9/16 over, 1/2" up.  Drill -50X4 1/4"X30
The Motiv Ascent Apex is designed for light oil according to Motiv. The core is a new for the Motiv line, the symetrical Recon Core, wrapped with the Fusion XL Pearl Reactive cover.  The ball is as advertised and stronger for me. The ball picks up it's roll late in the pattern, due to the very low RG (2.59) and pearl cover.  The core with a differential of .018, allows the ball, to keep plenty of energy down lane without being short transition/snappy.  The ball covers more boards plenty of boards when it finds friction with enough recovery to play deep or to swing it to the ditch from the track.  The Ascent Apex then makes a strong move that is much less sudden and sharp then the Primal Rage and closer to the reaction of the Thrash Frenzy.  The coverstock, being stronger then the original Ascent Pearl, changes phases earlier on the lane and covers more boards.  The Ascent Apex's make a continuous move at the end of the pattern and can cover a lot of boards on lower volume or shorter patterns.  Getting the ball in the soup (house shot) in the middle of the lane causes the ball to skate past the breakpoint but that is how this
ball is designed.  The Ascent Apex lets me know when to put it away as it starts to check earlier.  This coverstock, as is all of the Motiv Coverstocks, is easily tunable and shining it will increase length and angularity noticeably, and adding surface creates an earlier roll.  Additionally, the Apex does not soak up a lot of oil, and like all of the other Motiv covers, does not quickly "track out".

I've been throwing exclusively Motiv since 2009 and I have not had a ball that "died" due to oil saturation or one that has become warn in the track.  My experience tells me that this ball will be the same. 

If you use this ball as designed it will be a very effective ball. To throw it on a heavy volume patterns will require a large amount of surface and a shorter drill pattern.   With the Ascent Apex Motiv has a piece of equipment that continues the Motiv tradition and keeping a complete arsenal on the Motiv selection of equipment at all times As always, the Neomark coverstock makes the roll and transition of the ball easy to read, and with my colorblindness, the high contrast makes it easy for me to pick up the ball transitions..

Dug Barker   
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Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach
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2003 GLBA Youth Coach of the Year
Dug Barker
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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #8 on: May 26, 2014, 12:33:29 PM »
Ball Specs:
 Motiv Ascent Apex
 Fusion XL Reactive
 1500/Power Gel Polish
 Symmetrical Core
 Layout 45 x 4 x 45   No Balance Hole 

 Bowler Specs:
 Right Hand. PAP 4-3/4 Over 1/4 Up
 Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
 Speed off hand 18

The Apex is a nice upgrade in the Ascent line. The Apex acts like a much higher priced ball and I have already had a good number of people comment on how good it rolls. A bowler can purchase the Apex as an entry level ball and get much more than they paid for. The Ascent Apex has a weaker version of the Fusion Cover stock used first on the very popular Primal Rage. This cover along with the Recon core allows control on dryer lanes with a nice move on the backend. My Apex hooks more than my other Ascents and drives through the pins harder than the originals. I have a Tribal and Sting drilled very weak and highly polished and my apex with a stronger layout and box finish fits perfectly between them.
I tested this ball on various conditions using the box surface. The ball seems to work best on medium to dry patterns, but I was able to swing the ball on a very toasted lane condition with no loss of hit or carry. The Ascent Apex has a nice backend reaction and hits very hard. The Apex seems to read the mid lane better than expected and I feel this is due to the cover change.  Motiv has really produced some great covers lately and there are still more to come.
The color scheme on the Apex is perfect. Many people have told me they love the look. I donít think we will have any problem selling this ball to someone wanting value in a first performance or medium to dry lane ball.

Great performance value.
Excellent hit and carry.
A proven performance cover.
A great addition to an arsenal or first reactive.
Great color combination.

 Glenn Wendel
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 Turbo Staff
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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #9 on: May 30, 2014, 08:53:59 AM »

Length: 41 FT

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS



The Ascent Apex is the newest entry level performance bowling ball from Motiv Bowling. The Ascent Apen brings together the high RG recon core along with the new Fusion XL Pearl Reactive cover which is a modified version of original cover found on the Primal Rage. This combination of cover and core provides more length on higher friction conditions, gives it a more angular move on the backend, and the continuation is insane for an entry level performance ball. The Ascent Apex, elevate your performance.

INNER CORE         Recon
COVERSTOCK       Fusion XL
FINISH                   1500 Grit and Polished


What can I say other than straight wow. This ball is a wonderful addition to my bag because being a high rev player, I needed something the third game and this piece definitely fits the bill. What I love about the Ascent Apex is how well it works on higher friction conditions because it gives me great length down lane and then add the Fusion coverstock and I give a nice backend motion with tremendous continuation through the pins. I have thrown a lot of lower end balls in my career especially on house conditions and I will say in my heart of heart that the Ascent Apex in the strongest entry level performance ball I have ever thrown. First time out of the gate with it I felt this ball should easily be a mid to mid-upper level bowling ball. High rev players will love it because it reads well on high fictions conditions and lower rev players will love the length when their comfort zone starts breaking down and donít fell comfortable moving in a little bit. The Ascent Apex for the price should be a steal for any bowler.

Likes Ė More length on higher friction; nice angular backend and continuation: price is worth it.

Dislikes Ė None.

I recommend Ascent Apex for all types of bowlers.

Motiv Staff Player,
John Robertson


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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #10 on: June 03, 2014, 06:48:02 AM »
Ascent Apex
Looking for that low to medium volume oil piece. Something that gets through the heads and down the lane when everyone elseís equipment is either hooking too early or rolling out down lane? Well look no further the Motiv Ascent Apex is the ball to give you that advantage. This ball gets down lane and retains the energy to hit and continue through the pins late in a block, second shift in league or on high friction surfaces.  The incredible angular motion off the back end is possible thanks to the new  Fusion XL Reactive Cover technology and the high RG recon core.
The ability to stay on a similar line and provide a similar shape is always a bonus late in an 8 game block. Having a piece like this in your bag keeps you in a similar area without having to manipulate your shots by increasing speed or hand position. This ball provides an advantage and high rev players will love it on the fresh on shorter oil patters as well. Donít be fooled by its low-med volume moniker as this ball is angular off the spot and will definitely be a must have complimentary ball for all!
Oh and the PRICE just knocks it out of the park!!!!!
Rick Zakrajsek


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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #11 on: June 18, 2014, 07:30:49 PM »
The Ascent Apex continues the entry level line of bowling balls offered by MOTIV. The Apex features the Recon core and the new Fusion XL Reactive cover. The Fusion XL cover gives the Apex more angular movement off the back of the lane pattern compared to the previously released Ascent balls.

My Apex is drilled 70x4x40 with no weight hole, putting the pin above my ring finger. The Apex is the ball I use late in a block or game 3 of league when the track area has opened up. Moving left and hooking the lane isn't my game so the Apex allows me to stay right of transition. The Ascent Pearl gives me a few more feet of length compared to the Apex which created an over/under look for me.

In summary, the Apex is an excellent addition to the MOTIV line up for dry lanes and shorter patterns. The Apex is much smoother down lane and makes a more pronounced move to the pins compared to the other Ascents. For the entry level price, this ball is a must for any style bowler.
Carl Breaman
MOTIV Staff Member
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Right Handed
Ball Speed=17
PAP= 5"right - 1/4"down


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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #12 on: June 22, 2014, 03:20:14 PM »
   65 x 4 ĺ x 35

The Motiv Ascent Apex is a ball built for you to take advantage of those challenging condition late in the day when the lanes are dry and you need something with length and backend pop.  The proven Recon core (2.59 RG, .025 Diff) has been paired up with the newest member of the reliable Fusion cover family, Fusion XL.  Finished at 1500 grit + polish, this new cover provides length to get through the early burn while still keeping some teeth on it to take advantage of the friction on the backend.  My expectation for this ball was to have something on the lower end with a quick response time to friction but be stronger than the original Apex and the Ascent has filled every bit of that.   I have had no issues with this ball getting down the lane easily and then making a strong motion back to the pocket.  I typically save this ball for later in the day, but if youíre a high rev player who has difficulties with throwing stronger equipment at the beginning on house shots, this will be good for you because of its energy retention and power through the pins.  Overall I have found this ball to be a delight to throw when Iíve needed to get ahead of that second oil transition and stay on top of the scoreboard. 

Trent Overbey
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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #13 on: June 24, 2014, 11:00:18 PM »


Volume:23.15 mL

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Kegel Stone Street Pattern

Layout: 75 x 5 x 35 (pin above ring finger)

I bought this ball because I needed something to replace my Brunswick Slingshot. I shot my highest 700 series with the Slingshot but I needed something that would give me the same length with a little more backend to carry the corner pins out. After doing a lot research I thought that the Motiv Ascent Apex would fit the bill perfectly. I was right!! This ball goes long with a nice predictable snap at the end. OOB is 1500 polished but I took mine down to 1000 polished and it gives me the motion I was looking for. This ball will be great option for short oil patterns and the last game in league.

Dislikes: None

The SuperHitMan

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Re: Ascent Apex
« Reply #14 on: June 27, 2014, 05:41:50 PM »
Rev Rate:420             
Axis Tilt:20               
Axis Rotation: 45
Ball Speed:17                 
PAP Measurements: 4 1/8 

Layout: 60/4/30

Description:  The cover provides more length on high friction lane conditions giving the bowler more angularity at the backend, the Fusion XL Pearl Reactive cover combines technology and the high RG Recon core.
The Fusion XL (Xtra Length) Pearl Reactive cover technology utilized on the Ascent Apex is a modified version of the original Fusion shell first used on the Primal Rage, which provided a shockingly strong backend motion.


 Out of box surface: 1500  Polished

Reaction:  The difference between the original Ascent and the Apex is the backend reaction, the Apex is stronger and covers more boards preferred to the original. I was able to play further left and create more entry angle to the pocket. The Ascent Apex is more of a skid snap reaction whereas the original Ascent has a skid roll reaction to it.


THS (40 feet):  On THS I found myself playing straighter standing 15 targeting 10, because of surface being at box (1500 polished) I played in the track area  using the friction to my advantage whereas others gravitated away from it.  I have thrown the Apex Ascent on light patterns, burnt patterns,  and late night rock and bowl patterns and the length remains the same, the response to friction is fast but  remarkably  controllable.


Tokyo Pattern (43 feet):  I played this pattern standing 10 from the left targeting 15 to the right, there was a lot a friction and the Apex did not disappoint one bit.  The ball really showed off its angularity talent as I was able to utilized the entire lane with no fear of the ball not recovering or checking to early off the pattern.

Summary:  It was love at first bowl when I threw the Orange Recon, I loved everything about that ball as it was ideal for medium to medium short patterns. The Apex is the ball to go to when you need a clean reaction through the fronts with controllable backend reaction once the fronts are gone.  If you want to use the Apex Ascent on heavier patterns I recommend a bigger surface and a stronger layout, or you can pick up your Covert Revolt/Raptor Talon.
I encourage any bowler that is looking for an entry level ball to pick up the Ascent Apex, this ball with give you a clean look with a surprising backend reaction. 

Become an Apex predator today.

K.C.White II
K.C. White II
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