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Ascent Pearl
« on: May 31, 2012, 11:09:03 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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- Color: Pink/Purple All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- CORE: Recon
- COVERSTOCK: MOTIVator-Z Reactive
- FINISH:    2000 Wet Sand / Power Gel Polish
- RG RATING: 16#-2.59, 15#-2.59, 14#-2.61, 13#-2.62, 12#-2.62, 11#-2.69 , 10#-2.75
- RG DIFFERENTIAL:   16#-.018, 15#-.025, 14#-.025, 13#-.030, 12#-.038, 11#-.22, 10#-.10   
- FLARE POTENTIAL:   2"+ (Low)
- COVER STRENGTH: 42 (scale 1-100)
- CORE STRENGTH: 47 (scale 1-100)
- BOX FINISH STRENGTH: 20 (scale 1-100)
- Recommended Lane Condition: Light Oil or Short Oil Patterns
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- DESCRIPTION: Elevate your game with the new Ascent line! The Pink / Purple Pearl Ascent features the MOTIVator-Z cover from the QZ2 and the proven Recon core. The gorgeous pearl cover provides the ball with length and an angular backend.



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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2012, 12:26:20 AM »

Here's my video for the new Ascent Pearl.  The solid and pearl compliment each other very well and fit the product line very well.  These two balls give bowlers outstanding performance at an entry level price point.  The pearl version will give bowlers a little stronger reaction than the recons.  If your other equipment is too strong but the recon is to weak, this is the ball for you.

visit for great product information and view the forums to chat with others in motivnation!


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Ascent Pearl
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2012, 02:53:49 PM »
Ascent Pearl
The Ascent Pearl is one of MOTIV’s first true entry level balls, the other being the also newly released Ascent Solid.  Since I tend to be speed dominant, I am typically not one that gets a lot of use from balls designed for lighter conditions.  Let me say the Ascents DO NOT hit like entry level balls.  Bowlers of all levels will find it beneficial to have an Ascent in their bag.

If you are looking for a ball that can get down the lane with ease on just about any pattern this is an ideal ball.  To give you some comparisons the Ascent Pearl is very similar in distance compared to the Blue QZ2, but to me it had more torque and continuation when encountering friction.  Compared to the Silver Recon the Pearl Ascent is not quite as long, but had much more torque.  Overall, this release will allow me to play straighter more often, but at the same time creating more entry angle than some of MOTIV’s current balls designed for lighter conditions. 

You can see my video here:

I would recommend either Ascent to anyone who is looking to purchase a quality ball at a VERY affordable price.  You also have two choices, the Pearl Ascent (Pink/Purple) for those who aren’t looking for a lot of overall hook and the Solid Ascent (Red/Blue) for those who could use a little help getting the ball to cover more boards.

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Mike Magolan


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Ascent Pearl
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2012, 01:13:09 PM »
Your climb to the top starts here! The Ascent Pearl features the pearl formulation of the Motivator-Z coverstock (featured in the QZ series) and the proven Recon core. The Ascent Pearl comes out of the box at 2000 wet sand with Power Gel Polish and is ideal for the bowler upgrading from entry-level plastic balls, or the avid bowling looking for a great dry lane ball with great looks!

I have drilled two Ascent Pearls, one with my favorite layout (50 x 5 x 40, hole on P1.5) and the other (50 x 4.75 x 70, big hole on P3). My Ascent Pearl with the pin over the bridge (50 x 5 x 40) has become one of my favorite bowling balls! This ball rolls very close to a QZ2 Blue/Black. It gets through the front part of the lanes very well, without over reacting on the back part of the lane. The second Ascent Pearl, with the pin under my bridge, is great for league, as well as tournaments that put out short oil (cheetah). In fact, I used my Ascent Pearl with the pin under the bridge en route to a local scratch sweeper victory in West Palm Beach, FL.

In comparison to other bowling balls in the MOTIV line, the Ascent Pearl provides a very long and smooth reaction. When placing the pin above the fingers, the reaction is very similar to the QZ2 Blue/Black. In contrast to the Ascent Solid, the Ascent Pearl provides the bowler with more of a skid/snap reaction. The Ascent Pearl has looks to kill for, and has a reaction which will kill the pins!

Here is a link to my Ascent Pearl (and Solid) in action:

William Welch
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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2012, 01:51:39 PM »
Motiv decided to fill there only gap in the product line by creating an entry level ball. We all know other companies entry level balls have a certain purpose. What Motiv created were two, the Ascent Pearl and the Ascent Solid. Both balls have different characteristics, the Pearl is a bit longer and straighter with great down lane motion, the Solid reacts a little earlier and will cover more boards for the bowlers that needs a little more help. This is a ball made for every bowler, the new bowler, and the bowler that is looking for something smooth on burnt up or drier lane conditions, having said that, it's really good on the fresh THS. This ball will not let you down and is a step or two above ANY companies entry level equipment. This is the best of the best at this price point. I am a senior pba member and my ball speed is 15.5 mph, not real slow, not real fast, this ball gets through the heads with ease with a nice smooth backend reaction. A perfect fit in any bowlers arsenal. The best thing about this ball, is our customers love it!
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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #5 on: June 18, 2012, 02:21:26 AM »
Ascent Pearl Review

Ascent Pearl
INNER CORE: Reconâ„¢
COVERSTOCK: MOTIVator-Zâ„¢ Solid Reactive
FINISH: 2000 Polished
15# SPECS: RG: 2.59, DIFF: .025

Elevate your game with the new Ascent line! The Pink/Purple Pearl Ascent features the MOTIVator-Z cover from the QZ2 and the proven Recon core. The Ascent pearl cover provides the ball with length and an angular backend.

Finally, MOTIV is introducing our first ever product at the entry level price point.  The new Ascent Pearl and Solid are simply amazing.  Do not let the term "entry level" fool you, as that is simply referring to the cheaper price point.  The All NEW Ascent Line gives you alot of "bang for your buck".  I recently drilled both my Ascent Pearl and Ascent Solid.

In this review, I will discuss the pearl.  I loved how clean the ball got through the heads and provided great length down the lane, followed by an amazing angular backend reaction once it encountered friction.  I took this ball straight of the press and shot a perfect 300 out the box.  I bowl on worn AMF HPL as my home center so I often see alot of quick break down or drier lane conditions.  This ball allowed me to play straighter angles on the fresh and continue migrating left as they broke down without sacificing pin carry.   I personally like to start with the solid and as the break down forces me left and I then like to open the lane up with the pearl.  As most MOTIV releases, these balls hit very hard and keep the very low.  At this price point, you can NOT find a better product.  Bowlers of all levels with be completely satisfied and ready to become MOTIVated after throwing the ALL NEW Ascents.  Get MOTIVated!!!!

Bobby Middleton Jr
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Ascent Pearl
« Reply #6 on: June 18, 2012, 08:47:16 PM »
The Bowler:
Ball speed = 17
Rev Rate = 400
PAP = 5 ¾, 3/8 up

The Ball: Motiv Ascent Pearl   
Surface = 2000 Polished

The Ascent Pearl is a long and strong entry level bowling ball. This ball will give you lots of length with a quick change of direction.  The Ascent Pearl  is a pleasure to use on broken down patterns and lighter house shots. It glides down the lane ignoring dry patches and bouncing off the friction down lane with an angular breakpoint. The purple and pink pearl is easy on the eyes and gets noticed quick from other bowlers.  I was able to use this ball going straight up the lane or I can go in deep and bring it back on the lighter patterns. It does need friction to get it started but the Ascent Pearl is several boards stronger than the RX1 Silver Pearl on the same lane conditions.  This balls strength is also one of its weaknesses, with the easy length it can wiggle on carry down, but if that’s an issue in your home center I would also recommend purchasing the Ascent Solid. I’ve also found the Pearl shines on sport patterns later in tournament blocks during the dreaded BURN.

In closing: This Gem makes a fantastic light oil ball as well as an entry level ball for someone looking to hook the ball for the first time.
Michael Mambourg
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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #7 on: June 25, 2012, 03:33:12 PM »



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



MOTIV Ascent Pearl Review______________________

My information: Right-handed,Ball Speed:15mph average.Rev-rate:280 rpm average,Axis rotation:45*,Axis Tilt-15*
Lanes:Anvilanes 12 year old,Pattern:2012 Men's U.S.Open pattern 42' and 42' house shot
Stats of Ball Used:15lbs. Top weight: 3.1 oz.,Pin:3.0oz.,Drilling: 70*x60*x41/2" no X-hole

MOTIV Ascent Pearl Information:
Inner Core:Recon,Coverstock:MOTIVator-Z Pearl Reactive,Cover Finish:2000 grit wet/sand and polish.
15lb.RG:2,59,Diff: .025,Color:Purple/Pink/Silver Pearl.

When you think of entry level,you don't think about getting so much ball at a entry level price.
The Ascent Pearl uses the proven Recon symmetrical core and the MOTIVator-Z Pearl cover
from the QZ series.

The pearl MOTIVator-Z cover and the high RG and the low differential from the Racon core helps
get the Ascent Pearl down the lane without burning up too much energy.The Ascent Pearl gets
through the heads with ease and conserves all the energy for the angular motion at  the backend.
The Ascent Pearl is best suited for med/dry lanes.




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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #8 on: June 27, 2012, 05:14:12 PM »

Bowler Specs:

Ball Speed: 18.5-19 MPH
Rev Rate: 375-400 RPM
Axis Tilt: 8 degrees
PAP: 4.25 left, 3/4 up

Layout: 60 x 4 x 30 with no extra hole

The Pearl Ascent is significantly cleaner and more angular off the spot than its counterpart the Ascent Solid.

I tend to be a little speed dominant so I do not throw the Ascent Pearl as much as the Solid. I have had the most success with the Pearl Ascent moving right and opening the lanes up a bit. I really can't square up to the friction as this ball saves up a tremendous amount of energy and can be too hard off the spot.

I really like this piece on higher ratio patterns and THS. It isn't something that I would use unless we're deeper into the block. It needs friction!

It has a unique color scheme that certainly turns some heads. I have a feeling that many women bowlers will appreciate this offering.

Here is the link to my video for the Ascent Pearl and Ascent Solid:
Darren Andretta
Vise Staff


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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #9 on: July 01, 2012, 10:00:36 PM »
Bowler info

Rev rate: 300
Ball speed: 15.5 at pins
Rotation: 50 degrees
Tilt: 17 degrees
PAP: 5 3/8, 1/4 up


Length: 41


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): 2 day old house shot


Likes:Clean thru the fronts even when heads are almost gone.

Dislikes: None so far

Rolled this ball a few times now. The Ascent Pearl in factory finish (2000 with power gel polish) really showed what it can do when the lanes had a lot of games. Lanes were done on Monday, I went to practice on a Wed after they had a league and 2 days of open bowling. The oil pattern had been chopped up pretty bad. The Ascent Pearl made them look easy. I had no problem getting the ball through the heads out to the spot. I had miss room both ways and it hit great. The only other ball that could get through the heads that clean was my Silver RX1. The Ascent pearl gave me a board or 2 more back end which was expected since it has a slightly stronger cover stock.

For those that bowl on older wood surface with high friction this would be a great ball to use when everything else is reads too early and hits soft.

Rob Lange
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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #10 on: July 20, 2012, 10:49:33 PM »
Ball Specs:
 Motiv Ascent Pearl
 Symmetric Core
 Layout 70x3-5/8x45  P1
Bowler Specs:
 Right Hand. PAP 5 Over 3/4 Up
 Rev Rate 275. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
 Speed off hand 18
 Motiv has taken the Ascent solid, added an eye catching color and  polished finish to create the Ascent Pearl. The Ascent Pearl hooks a few boards more than my Recon even though they share the same core.
I tested this ball on a Fresh House shot that was on the wet side. The ball hooked more than other entry reactive balls at this price point but with my lower rev rate I did have to play pretty straight. I was able to square up and had a good reaction and hit, but I was not able to miss too much right. If I was on a burn the Ascent Pearl would have been just the ticket. I liked how clean the Ascent Pearl was through the front with a nice flip on the back. Carry was very good. We have not had and problem selling this ball to our local Male High School Bowlers. (Real men can throw pink!)
If you are looking for your first reactive, or to widen out your arsenal you can't go wrong with the Ascent Pearl.

 Great performance for the money.
 Very good hit and control on dry.
 The option of a sanded solid or pearl reactive is a great idea.
  I would like to see a darker color for some of my older male bowlers.

Check out our video here:

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Ascent Pearl
« Reply #11 on: July 22, 2012, 11:52:10 PM »
COVERSTOCK: MOTIVator-Z™ Solid Reactive
FINISH: 2000 Polished
15# SPECS: RG: 2.59, DIFF: .025

Elevate your game with the new Ascent line! The Pink / Purple Pearl Ascent features the MOTIVator-Z cover from the QZ2 and the proven Recon core. The gorgeous pearl cover provides the ball with length and an angular backend.

The Ascent Pearl is a joy to throw when the fresh breaks down. It allows me to not have to get deep and loop a stronger ball. As a heavy-roller, I tend to have trouble getting the ball through the heads when the lanes breakdown. The Ascent Pearl does a FANTASTIC job through the early part of the lane and really provides a surprising amount of power through the pins. I can stay just inside the friction and get a very controlled and forceful motion off the spot.

**I recently used my Ascent Pearl during a 10 game sweeper. I pulled it out in games 4-10 and averaged 230 playing 15 to 8 while others had to loop the whole lane and fight carry. Just love this ball.**

I highly recommend this ball to any player. When your first choice starts hooking too much, make a smooth transition to the Ascent Pearl and Elevate your Game!!!

Check out my video of the Ascent Pearl here:

William Leto
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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #12 on: August 07, 2012, 05:55:38 PM »
Ascent Pearl

Pin Length: 4
Starting Top Weight: 3.0
Ball Weight: 15.2

Layout: 85x4x40

Rev Rate: 320
Ball Speed: 17mph
PAP/Track: 4 7/8 & 1 1/4 up
Rotation: 40 - 60
Tilt: 10

Grit: 2000
Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Polished

Length: 41'
Volume: Medium
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

BALL REACTION (1 to 10 Scale) 10 highest/most
Length: 9
Back End: 8
Overall Hook: 7
Midlane Read: 5
Breakpoint Shape: 8


Likes: Fantastic looking piece from MOTIV that just turns heads! The Ascent Pearl with its combination of pink/purple looks truly one of a kind. MOTIV with its release of the new Ascent Pearl & Solid have their first bowling balls in the entry level reactive resin bowling ball field. The Ascent Pearl is definitely for medium to dry lane conditions. Bowlers with 350+ rev range will find this ball to be pretty versatile on many conditions with the ease of how this gets down the lane and plenty of backend pop when it hits friction to play the inside lines. Bowlers who fall in the average to below average rev range will find this ball more useful on medium to dry lane conditions. This is a great piece to play the friction line when your higher end equipment is hooking too much. In particular on THS when the outside area (especially the heads) start to wear down from all the traffic and you find yourself moving in but not creating enough angle to get the 10 pin out then this is your answer as well. You can stay right as the Ascent Pearl will get through the heads with ease and have plenty of hitting power off the backend friction allowing you to keep a better entry angle while your opponents are losing theirs with every move.

Dislikes: None

Mike Yost


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Re: Ascent Pearl
« Reply #13 on: February 03, 2013, 01:37:30 AM »
I want to start by saying i love this ball.

I am no expert on drilling or layouts.

I am a high tracker with a PAP of 5 over and half down.
More up the back of the ball.
I am a hi rev, high speed tweener.

I was looking for a ball that was less than my mutant cell @ 2000 polished, and more than my natural. Just needed a little more pop than the natural.

Ball is drilled with the pin under ring, cg kicked slightly to the right of thumb.

What i got was length with some pop on the backend.

I love this ball. I can't use it on the fresh, i will ping 10's all day long, but by the end of the first game i can pull it out of the bag.
I used it tonight on the burn and with no head oil it reads way to early. Mid shift is where this ball shines. I can use it on the burn but it does need a little head oil. Exactly what i was looking for.