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Title: Covert Revolt
Post by: Ballreviews on January 10, 2014, 11:45:14 AM
Motiv Primal Rage Ball Specs:
- Color: Black Smoke All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Coverstock: Turmoil HFS
- Core: Vanquish
- Factory Finish: 3000 Grit Sanded
- Reaction: Very strong motion and undeniable continuation
- Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.47**
- Differential (Diff): 0.056**
- ** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: MOTIVmags on January 26, 2014, 03:09:13 PM

Description: The Covert Revolt reveals the new Vanquish Core and new Turmoil HFS Cover.

Reaction:  The addition of the Covert Revolt has filled MOTIVís slot for an earlier revving medium to heavy oil ball. This ball is best suited when the ball needs to start sooner in the front part of the lane and maintain a controllable motion at the backend. I can see this being a popular choice on more difficult patterns that provide a moderate to heavy amounts of oil volume. This ball isnít strong just in the front, the middle, or back part of the laneÖit is evenly strong throughout the entire lane.  On carry down I tend to go to something that has more down lane reaction such as the Primal Rage, but the combination of control and downlane hook will provide an additional option.  Most balls designed for medium to heavy oil arenít useable from start to finish, but the Covert Revolt provides just enough down lane reaction to use it for complete sets.

Comparisons: The Covert Revolt is very close to letting me play a similar area in the front part of the lane as the Raptor Talon, but where it differs is the continuation it provides down lane. The Raptor Talon is much more forward down lane and is not able to cover as many boards. Compared to the Sigma Sting the Covert Revolt pushed me much deeper on the lane with my target and just shy in covering as many boards down lane, but keep in mind the Covert Revolt covers boards very gradually. (See video for visual comparisons)

Summary: The Covert Revolts biggest strength is controllable hook.  This is going to be a ball that will thrive on fresh or heavier sport patterns.  I tested polishing the Covert Revolt and although it did create more length, I still saw the very gradual and consistent shape downlane that makes this ball unique. I think for those that may find those made for heavy oil only balls too strong, this ball will give you that same strength but will provide more hook potential down lane. 

Mike Magolan
MOTIV/Turbo/Boom Apparel Staff Member
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: fishin 4 strikes on January 27, 2014, 08:29:40 PM

Ball speed 17mph
RPM   350
Tilt  11
Rotation 45

The Revolt used in the video has the pin above the bridge with the cg kicked to the right.  The ball used is out of the box surface and the video was shot on a house condition.  The Revolt is a ball that is very smooth at the break point (slower reacting off of the friction). The Revolt's strength is it is smooth while still mashing its way through the pins.  I have been able to play the middle part of the lane just as well as I have been able to stay to the right and not give up any carry.  I really like how mine rolls with the box surface but I can see it being just as useful with some Motiv polish.  The polish would not make it snappy by any means but will help people with slower ball speed or too much hand get that little bit of extra push through the front part of the lane.  I really like this ball fitting below my Talon and above my Intense and I see it getting used on house conditions and sport patterns. 
Motiv Staff
Anthony Jordan
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: Chad_Roberts on January 28, 2014, 12:49:53 PM

Dual Angle Drilling: 60 x 4.5 x 70

Weight Hole: P2


Rev Rate: 475 rpm

Ball Speed:18.5 mph

PAP/Track: 4.5 Right, 1 Up


Grit: OOB

Breakpoint Shape: Strong Arc


Likes: This ball is that perfect benchmark ball that you can trust to read and show you exactly how the pattern is playing. It is surprisingly clean for a low RG ball but you never have to worry about this ball skating through the breakpoint. It compliments the recent Fusion Pearl Reactive coverstock releases as this will be great to use on the fresh. Another good thing about this ball is you won't have to move or ball change as much since the ball retains it downlane motion even as the shot breaks down.

Dislikes: I can't throw multiple Covert Revolts at once! For those of you who love the vibrant Neomark graphics, you won't get that from this ball. However, it does give those traditionalists who love black bowling balls exactly what they want since the previous Motiv option, the SR2, has been discontinued for some time now.

Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: MooreMotiv on January 28, 2014, 08:59:48 PM
Motiv Staffer, Right handed, higher speed, higher rev rate.

Layout: 70x4 3/4x 65 (pin below bridge cg kicked roughly 35deg from centerline)

X-hole: 1" down VAL

PAP: 5 over 1 up

The Covert Revolt is by far the strongest midlane ball I have in my arsenal. It thrives for oil yet, isn't one of those "one and done" balls. I have found this ball to read sooner but still continue on the backend. This ball splits the 8/9 from everywhere. Theres no deflection when it goes through the pins, it continues. How often do you find that? It's not dead on arrival like most balls that read midlane so well. With that being said, i am still able to throw this ball for all three league games without worrying about those flat tens. This is a MUST have bowling ball. If you need something that hooks, you will not be disappointed.

Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: BobDaBowler on February 06, 2014, 05:03:21 PM
Take control with the new Covert Revolt.  It has been weaponized for medium-heavy oil conditions enlisting completely new technology from MOTIV.  Turmoil HFS cover stock and the Vanquish core enable the Covert Revolt to attack with a very strong motion and undeniable continuation.
The new Vanquishô core produces an explosive 2.47 RG to increase rev potential and .056 differential for aggressive track flare.  This combination provides devastating hooking power.  The Covert Revolt also features new Turmoil HFS (High Friction Solid) cover stock, which mobilizes the ball to make an earlier move on the lane and drive through the pin deck with unstoppable force.

Competitive bowlers building an arsenal will find the Covert Revolt to provide a tactical advantage on fresh higher volume patterns.  Low-rev and high ball speed bowlers will find it to be a more versatile weapon that performs on a wider variety of conditions.
I punched up my New Covert Revolt with my favorite layout (55 X 4 1/2 X 40) which puts the pin just slightly over my bridge and fingers.  I have only been throwing this ball for almost 2 weeks now and I am seriously in LOVE.  This new piece by Motiv rolls absolutely amazing.  The Covert Revolt has brand new cover and core technologies that I think will be very successful in the Motiv line.  Motiv has made plenty of smooth reacting bowling balls before such as the Sigma Tour, Thrash, QZ2, Sigma Hybrid, Venom Strike, and others. But in my opinion, the Covert Revolt is the most continuous solid ball that Motiv has ever made. This ball has no quit! The Revolt makes a strong read throughout the entire lane with a very strong continuous motion in the backend.  This ball has not left my hand since I have drilled it.  I have only had it for a little less than two weeks and I have already shot a 300 with it while pot bowling for a couple bucks and I shot 246 266 269 for a 781 in my Saturday night league on a typical house shot.  Not only does it roll good but it looks good as well.  I love not being able see the tilt, axis rotation, and revolutions. But thats just a preference for me!  This ball has already generated a lot of interest from my fellow bowling peers as we approach the World Wide Release Date on Valentines Day 02/14/2014.  Don't waste anymore time and #TAKECONTROL by ordering your MOTIV Covert Revolt today!  Get MOTIVated!!!
Bobby Middleton Jr.
MOTIV Staff Member
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: Motiv Girl on February 14, 2014, 06:30:29 PM



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):


Here's my new video.It's for the new MOTIV Covert Revolt.


Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: rickzakrajsek on February 18, 2014, 08:07:27 AM
Covert  Revolt
Interesting piece for sure..First and Foremost really love to see the solid black cover which reminds me of the old school days! The big thing is this is NOT your old school ball. Surprising pop and continuation is this balls calling card. I am totally impressed by the motion this ball makes  and where its fits in the Motiv family line.  This ball is strong and just doesnít quit.  It fits well with my Sigma Sting, Primal Rage and Tribal giving me everything I could ask for, for every lane condition I see.  My benchmark ball is my Sigma Sting and the Revolt gives me a much better  look on a heavier oil pattern where needed.  Used it on Scorpion two weeks ago and this ball was beast. It gave me room right and provided a predictable strong, continuous motion through the pins on every shot. A pin down drill pattern seems to work best for my game but having a pin up version of this ball allowed me to follow the transition of the lanes as the 8 game block progressed. This ball is a must have for those of you looking for a GREAT league and tournament ball. Donít be afraid to hit it with 2000 to help smooth it out on your THS. You wont be disappointed!
Great ball from a great company! Come get Motivated!
Rick Zakrajsek
Motiv Staff
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: tsambuen on February 25, 2014, 07:02:56 PM
If you are looking for a ball in the upper mid area, this ball is really good.  I have mine drilled with the pin in the palm or rico which ever you prefer to call it.  I took mine down to 2000 as the box finish was just too shiny for me and the ball was going a little too long than i wanted it to do.  After taking the cover down the ball did exactly what I expected to do, it gave me strong midlane with a nice motion in the back even if I have to loop the lanes.  For me this is the strongest ball I have in the bag.  It is stronger than my Cruel Intent even on longer heavier patterns.  So if you are looking for an upper mid ball that is smooth I would highly recommend looking at this ball. 
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: toverbey on February 25, 2014, 09:07:53 PM
Test pattern:
     40ft. Modified House Shot
     Brunswick Pro Lane

     5Ēx 5Ē
     80 x 5Ē x 70

The Motiv Covert Revolt was designed to give a smooth, controllable reaction in medium-heavy oil conditions and it delivers on that promise.  TheTurmoil HFS coverstock combined with the Vanquish core (2.47 RG, .056 Diff) is a good pairing of two new technologies.  When facing fresh oil this ball has given me traction throughout the midlane, producing a solid read that allows me to make the proper moves when the lane changes.  Where I have seen this ball shine the most is when the backends are extremely jumpy.  When other shells are reading the breakpoint too hard, the Turmoil HFS cover gives me control without sacrificing hitting power or continuation.  I have been quite impressed with the Revolts ball motion and it is a great way for me to start off a block when I need traction but not the sheer amount of hook that the Talon gives me.  Predictability and control with great traction; that is what the Covert Revolt brings to your fight against the lanes.  Take control!

Trent Overbey
In the Zone Pro Shop
Motiv Staff
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: jrob857 on February 26, 2014, 02:28:02 PM

Length: 41 feet

Volume: medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS



The new Covert Revolt is the latest addition to already excellent line bowling balls from Motiv Bowling. The Covert Revolt is a great weapon for medium to heavy oil conditions that all bowlers would love to have in their bag. Built by the new Turmoil HFS cover, which makes the Covert Revolt move earlier down the lane and drives through the pins with an unstoppable continuation that pins what see what was coming. With the cover, Motiv introduced the new Vanquish core that has an explosive 2.47 RG for increased rev potential and .056 diff that gives the Covert Revolt excellent hooking power. The Covert Revolt is a wonderful piece that will fit great in your bag and help you Take Control of the lanes.

INNER CORE              Vanquish
COVERSTOCK            Turmoil
FINISH                     3000 Grit Sanded


First and foremost the Covert Revolt Rocks; the motion on this ball is just absloutly insane and it was something that was needed in my bag. The motion of the Covert Revolt is a smooth roll down the entire lane that doesnít over react and is not too jerky off the backend. I use the Covert Revolt when I need to give more inside because the smooth roll and the insane continuation I donít have to worry about it not coming back and loosing energy because it doesnít. The Covert Revolt is a definite need in every ones back; high rev players can get more in if needed or use it on fresh of higher volume oil patterns and low to medium players will love it because itís more versatile on a variety of oil conditions.

Likes: Smooth motion down the lane; insane continuation

Dislikes: None

I recommend the Covert Revolt for all styles of bowlers.

Motiv Staff Player,
John Robertson

Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: sportshot on March 03, 2014, 07:49:43 PM

Ball Specs:
 Motiv Covert Revolt
 Turmoil HFS Ė High Friction Solid
 3000 Wet Sand
 Symmetric Core
 Layout 60 x 3-7/8 x 40 

 Bowler Specs:
 Right Hand.  PAP  4-3/4 Over 1/4 Up
 Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
 Speed off hand 18

 The Covert Revolt features a new cover stock from Motiv, but one Iím sure we will see more of. The Turmoil HFS shell provides plenty of predictable hook and the Vanquish core drives through the pins keeping them low.  The Covert Revolt gives bowlers a lot of hook that is strong and with a reliable motion. I found even as the lanes broke down I could make small adjustments and keep it in play. It is just above my Primal Scream in total hook but not as much as the Talon. I would not characterize they motion as a true arch, but early roll with a backend that gets more powerful as it goes down the lane. The Revolt plays well on any type of condition I rolled it on but seems to like some oil up front. It is like Motiv took the best parts of the Sigma Hybrid and Sigma Tour and created the Covert Revolt.
 I tested the Revolt with box and a polished surface. The ball tunes easily up and down.  The box surface is what I will most likely use on this ball. The polish gave me a few more feet but I did not give up any control. The ball maintained its roll and powerful motion. The polish will help to get the weak ten out if it burns too early at box finish.
We had a Motiv test Drive and I drilled up a few of these balls as an added bonus for our attendees and the feedback was incredible.  I knew real quick the Covert Revolt would be a good seller for Motiv. Lower rev players seemed to like the CG/Mass Bias point swung toward their VAL while the high rev folks liked a weaker layout. That is very common, but we saw a big motion difference with these balls drilled with a stronger layout for weaker hands.

 A lot of hook with control and drive.
 This ball is a good fit for any style.
 The more I tested the Covert Revolt the more I liked it.
 Polishes well but maintains the same predictability.
 This Revolt is a nice match of new core and cover technology.

 Glenn  Wendel
PBA Member
 Motiv Staff
 Turbo Staff


Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: badbeard on March 11, 2014, 05:57:02 PM
Covert Revolt; 15# drilled 35x4x70
Bowler stroker med speed med rev
used on medium house shot box finish 3000
National 43 foot team pattern 1000 finish
light house 3000 and polish

This ball rolls so very smoothly does not jump when It finds the dry.
 At 3000 on the med house shot 702
At nationals finish 1000  I had my best team event right down the 10 board
on The light house shot 3000 plus polish 734 and I left only one 10 in 3 games

 If you want a predictable Motiv ball This ball fits the bill.

Likes: Its all good hits hard
Dislikes: none
 Oh by the way I am NOT a Motiv staffer
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: Motiv Girl on March 14, 2014, 12:15:47 PM



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



     MOTIV Covert Revolt Review

    My Information

    Ball speed-15mph average
    Rev Rate-300 rpm average
    Axis Rotation-45*
    Axis Tilt-15*

    Specs of the Covert Revolt

    Inner Core-Vanquish
    Coverstock- Turmoil HFS
    Finish-3000grit sanded
    RG- 2.47 15 lbs.
    RG-Diff..056 15 lbs.

    Drilling on test ball
    65* x 50* @ 3 ĺĒ with a P 2 X-hole

    Lanes tested on
    43í Blended house shot.

    The Covert Revolt has the all new symmetrical Vanquish core, and itís wrapped in the all new Turmoil HFS coverstock.
    This combination gives the Revolt a even reaction throughout the entire lane.A early revving reaction in the heads,with a nice smooth transition in the midlane,yet controllable move at the breakpoint.

    The Revolt is so continuous and smooth down lane.This reaction helps when the lanes are heavier oiled and the backends are crisp.With most of the energy being used up front from the Vanquish core,the Turmoil cover helps smooth out the backend reaction. Which helps to create a slower response time to the friction.

    Using the Revolt on the 43Ē house shot I could play inside the oil line,which allowed me to get the desired reaction I was looking for.Early revs in front and smooth throughout,which helped me stay away from the outside portion of the lane.The pin carry was excellent from this area.

    When the heads started to go a little,I just moved to 25/13/8. Being in the oil allowed me to use the early roll in the oil,yet get good recovery from the dry .The ball from this angle was still smooth and continuous,yet showed no signs of over reacting. And the pin carry didnít suffer.

    When the heads really went away ,it was time to put this ball away for me.And go to the Sigma Sting.

    Overall- The Revolt performs well on fresh oil,when trying to control the backend.
    Itís best suited for for oil to oily mediums,

    Angela Wilt
    MOTIV Staff member


Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: dugbark on March 31, 2014, 06:15:01 PM

Length: THS

Volume: Heavy

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):


Likes: Strong in heavy oil, reads the lane early.  Arcy movement to pocket

Dislikes:  None


Bowler Stats-Ball Speed 15.5 MPH Rev Rate-App 315 Axis of Rotation-30 to 60 degrees Axis Tilt 9 degrees Right

Handed PAP-5 over, 1/4" up

The Motiv Covert Revolt is designed for medium to heavy patterns according to Motiv. The core is a new core

for Motive, the symetrical Vanquish, wrapped with the Turmoil HFS cover.  The ball is as advertised and more

for me. The ball picks up it's roll earlier, due to the very low RG (2.47) and solid cover.  The core with a

differential of .056, allows the ball, even with it's early motion, to keep plenty of energy down lane.  The

ball covers more boards then any ball since the Raptor P7 even though it appears to cover less because of the

early motion.  The Covert Revolt then makes a strong move that is much less sudden and sharp then the Primal

Rage and closer to the original Cruel.  The Covert Revolt's make a continous move at the end of the pattern

and can cover a lot of boards in heavy volume or longer patterns.  The core/cover combo has allowed me to play

up the boards as well as playing very deep, something that I have issues with on dull strong low rg equipment.

Getting the ball in the soup (house shot) in the middle of the lane may cause the ball to skate past the

breakpoint but there is amble recovery which still allows a move towards the pocket. The Covert Revolt lets me

know when to put it away as it will start to leave strong corners, or run out of energy to get back to the

pocket and hit softly.  This coverstock is easily tuneable and shining it cuts down noticeably on the number

of boards covered.  Additionally, does not soak up a lot of oil, and like all of the other Motiv covers, does

not quickly "track out".

If you use this ball as designed it will be a very effective ball. To throw it on a burnt conditions will

require a healthy polish and a longer drill pattern.   With the Covert Revolt Motiv has a piece of equipment

that acts as a great arsenal builder working in conjunction with the Primal Rage series of balls. 

As always, the Neomark coverstock makes the roll and transition of the ball easy to read.

Dug Barker   
Motiv Staffer
BTM Youth Writer
Ken Bowl Lanes Youth Director
Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach
BWAA Member
SWBA Member
USBC Silver
2003 GLBA Youth Coach of the Year
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: seniorMOTIVguy on April 05, 2014, 08:20:16 AM



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):PBA50 Shark


Likes: Backend control

Dislikes: none

PICTURES AND/OR VIDEOSCovert Revolt features the all new Turmoil HFS cover stock and Vanquish core and combined with black and smoke grey graphics, the Revolt unleashes a quiet looking attack on the pins.
My Revolt is drilled pin up with no hole which is pretty much my go-to layout on a new ball.
On long patterns, the Revolt revs up early and yet provides me with great control while playing deep angles and maintaining a smooth breakpoint off the back of the pattern. The Vanquish core, .056 diff provides a strong arc to the pins. The Revolt comes finished at 3000 grit sanded but I took mine down to 2000 grit to give me a little sooner roll.
The continuation of the Revolt through the pins is typical of every MOTIV ball I have thrown, unbelievable.
Along with success of throwing the Revolt on long patterns, it is equally impressive on THS patterns as the low 2.47 RG overstock helps blend the wet/dry condition of THS giving this ball versatility.
So if your looking for a ball to play deep inside lines with while controlling the shape of the backend motion, this is your ball. The Covert Revolt...take control!
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: stormfanatic on April 06, 2014, 09:25:59 PM


Well as you can tell by my name I usually only threw storm. But when I went down to 14 do to my dialysis access, I started having Motiv stuff drilled up by Joel Reynoso at K&K bowling services here in Las Vegas. I have the revolt drilled with pin down. Last week, I used it on the usbc nationals pattern both singles and team pattern. This ball allowed me to play deep standing 30 looking at 15 and I have no idea what my break point was. I just sent the ball to the right and it came back with a vengeance. I even sent it out to like the 2 board and it came back. That is why I love Motiv. I have slow speed and not the best rev rate but I am able to move in deep and play deep for league and tournaments.

If you are looking for a good ball for typical house leagues, I would really recommend the revolt from Motiv. Great continuation and hooking power

Peter Kramer

Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: jumhowar on April 07, 2014, 08:00:45 PM
Motiv Covert Revolt

The Motiv Covert Revolt for me is one of the most versatile pieces to date from Motiv. This ball combines the new Vanquish core with the Brand new Turmoil HFS (High Friction Solid) Cover stock. This ball loves friction and does not shy away from Volume. I have one of these drilled at 70x5x30 and another one that is drilled 70x5x70. These two complement each other very well. These are becoming the first ball out of my bag when I do not know the shot or when I want to play a little straighter on high volume shots. I have also been able to use these on medium volume shot and really open up the lane. For me the revolt is also surprisingly angular. I have also taken the surface down from 3000 to 2000 on both of these and they now read the lane so well. This ball is rapidly becoming one of my all-time favorite pieces from Motiv. Plus the black ball provides a very unique old school look that will surely turn heads around your local center. Enjoy the new Motiv Covert Revolt.

Justin Howard
Motiv Staff
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: Wya_Rya on April 10, 2014, 06:56:44 PM
How does a revolution begin? Throughout history we find the stories of countless revolutions that redefined not only nations, but entire ways of life. Sure we look back now and such revolutions are well documented now, but at first, many had to grow behind closed door, go unnoticed to allow them to flourish.
This very moment the bowling industry is witnessing a revolution, although it may not be apparent, it still exists. The Covert Revolt represents the very changes that are being brought to the industry by MOTIV. Although this piece appears to be just another run of the mill solid cover, large weight block ball hitting the market, the real truth can be found within its name. With the introduction of the new Turmoil HFS (High Friction Solid) cover stock wrapped around the new Vanquish core, loss of hooking and hitting power are words that will never be spoken in the same sentence as the Revolt. Despite the high friction, solid cover stock leading to an earlier roll when the ball hits the lane, the continuation through the pin deck as it reaches the pocket will leave you in awe. This piece will lend itself to many different styles on the lane, given the amount of friction that can be generated Ė lends itself to fresh, higher volume patterns. At the same time, however, there is versatile that can be found with this gem both for higher to lower rev rates, higher to lower ball speeds, the hitting power and continuation can still be found.
The moment I began rolling the ball down the lane, I knew I had found my new go to ball. The 2nd game out of the box with the Covert Revolt, I had thrown front 10 and on the 11th shot, my bane of existence, the 7 pin just would not fall for a 289. I would redeem myself that very weekend with my 5th and 6th games out of the box by shooting a 290 then following it up with a 300 for a 838 series. I had placed the same drilling I currently have placed on my 2 Cruel and there is just no comparison between the two, the Revolt blows the 2 Cruel out of the water! I apologize to those who love the 2 Cruel, believe me; I loved mine just as much. The Pin has been placed right below the ring and middle fingers (right below my bridge) and the CG kicked out. This ball is simply smooth and powerful from the minute it hits the lane to the point it connects with the 1-2 pocket (please take note I am left-handed ha ha). So what are you waiting for, itís time to Take Control! Start your own revolution with the Covert Revolt!

Ryan Wyandt
MOTIV Staff Member
West Lawn, PA
Follow me on Twitter: @rwyandt869
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: The SuperHitMan on April 17, 2014, 07:07:09 PM

Rev Rate:420             
Axis Tilt:20               
Axis Rotation: 45
Ball Speed:17                 
PAP Measurements: 4 1/8 


Description:  The Covert Revolt features the Turmoil High Friction Surface cover stock and the Vanquish core, combining these two elements enables the Covert Revolt to assault its prey with a strong motion and undeniable continuation. The new Vanquish core produces an explosive 2.47 RG to increase rev potential and .056 differential for aggressive track flare.

 Out of box surface: 3000 grit sanded

Reaction:  Based off of the layout I put in this ball the Revolt gave me what I call rolling length. I never saw any skid out of this ball just a lot of roll, this is the benchmark ball in my bag. If I need to know what the pattern is going to give me the first ball out of my bag is the Revolt. It reminds me of a cleaner TR2 because itís an absolute work horse in the oil, the difference being the color of course. The Revolt just strong throughout the entire lane with no layoff anywhere.


THS (38 feet): Housing myself in the usual area standing 25 targeting 15 I saw the Revolt roll through the heads cleanly and roll into the 1-3. I never moved the entire night of league which is rare because itís normally a slight move left with my feet, with the Revolt it was a matter of moving my eyes right.


Shark Pattern (44 feet): On the heavy patterns this ball shows you what it can really do.  Standing 10 and targeting 10 I was able to play for two sets of 3 games. Donít let the 3000 surface fool you because it can and will roll through the oil. The Revolt was made for patterns like this when you want to see the ball start up  start sooner in the front part of the but still maintain a controllable ball motion. 

Summary:  The Covert Revolts best asset is its controllable hook, definitely an ideal choice for heavier volumes of oil.  I tested sanding the Covert Revolt down to 800 and not only did it retain its length it did roll that much harder off the pattern. In most cases you would see a bowling ball roll out but this was not the case. In comparison to my TR2 and Talon the Covert Revolt still lets me play the same areas as the others the difference being the ball motion is self, whereas the TR2 and Talon are heavy rolling and lazy for me the Covert Revolt is not. I can cover more boards with the Revolt preferred to the TR2 and Talon.  As I do with every MOTIV ball I encourage you to give this ball a look because I promise you itís worth your time ,after all  what is more revolting than putting up honor scores at the expense of your opponents?

K.C.White II
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: TamerBowling on May 03, 2014, 09:43:42 PM

Length: 41ft

Volume: 24ml

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


The Motiv Covert Revolt is definitely a strong piece. It has great overall motion and strength. While the ballís looks are understated, its intentions are clearly to make a big move and destroy pins.
High rev bowlers are going to need some oil while it will be more versatile for medium and lower rev bowlers.
This ball has a nice read of the later midlane while still making a strong move on the backends.
Our tester had a consistently predictable move and was his favorite motion of all the Motiv pieces he's thrown to date.  It may not have the more skittish midlane look with snap of the Primal Rage, but when you are looking for more control, the Covert Revolt will be more than likely the ticket.

Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: Wendy_arnold on May 11, 2014, 12:43:39 AM

Length: Modified House Shot

Volume: Medium Oil


Right handed, 17 mph ball speed, low to medium rev rate, and MOTIV Staffer.  SPECS for MOTIV Covert Revolt shown in video above and picture below:

Layout: 75 x 4 x 70
PAP: 5 1/4 right 1/2 up
Ball Service:  3000 Grit Sanded (Out of Box)

The MOTIV Covert Revolt is the first ball I pull out of my bag during league and/or tournament play.  This ball is extremely consistent in how it reacts on any lane condition. During a 3 game set I typically move at most 1-2 boards left with my feet and move my eyes right 1-2 boards. 

With MOTIV's new technology, the Turmoil High Friction Solid cover stock and the Vanquish core enable the Covert Revolt to demolish the pins with a strong continuous motion on Medium to Heavy oil conditions.

If you are looking for a consistent ball that rolls through the pins  without deflecting Tte MOTIV Covert Revolt is a must have in your arsenal. 

Trust Me, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

This ball pairs great with the MOTIV Raptor Talon (Heavy Oil) and MOTIV Sigma Sting (Medium Oil).

Likes: Dependable, Consistent, Hits like a freight train demolishing all 10 pins on the deck

Dislikes: I only have 1 in my arsenal at this time.


Wendy Arnold
Title: Re: Covert Revolt
Post by: tommyboy74 on July 13, 2014, 06:22:35 PM

Length:  40 ft AMF HPL (house #1), 43 ft AMF HPL (house #2)

Volume:  Medium (house #1), Medium-Heavy (house #2)

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  THS


Likes:  Smooth and continuous motion, predictability, carry

Dislikes:  None

Having thrown Storm/Roto Grip almost exclusively for the past few seasons, I was interested in checking out Motiv.  After throwing the Motiv Sigma Sting, I wanted to see what else Motiv could do.  The Covert Revolt is the second Motiv ball that I added to my arsenal.  What I was looking to do in this case was have something that will be predictable on medium and medium-heavy patterns, along with consolidating some of the arsenal overlap I have.  Motiv does not disappoint here.

With this ball, I decided to take the same 5x3x4 layout that I used with my Roto Grip Outlaw, except I did not have to drill a balance hole.  What this did for me was allow the OOB cover and low RG core to really stand out and shine with what it does.  At the first house on a 40 ft THS with older HPL lanes, this ball was surprisingly clean through the front of the lane and read the midlane very well.  The smooth arc reaction it gives along with the continuous motion in back are what stand out.  Whether I played outside or moved in and adjusted my hand position, the Covert Revolt allowed me to play to my strengths. 

When using the Covert Revolt at the second house with the longer/higher volume 43ft pattern, it really showed what it can do.  This is where I think the combination of the 3000 grit OOB finish and the low RG core really worked well.  I was able to play parts of the pattern that I normally wouldn't and still had strong recovery in back with excellent carry.  This ball loves higher volumes and longer patterns.

When comparing the Covert Revolt to the Roto Grip Outlaw I have, it's basically like the Outlaw on steroids.  It's still smooth and predictable like the Outlaw but is more forgiving and can handle higher volume due to the stronger cover/lower RG core.

In comparison to the Track 919C that I have been using for certain patterns, the Covert Revolt outdoes that ball in every way.  Not only is it much more versatile for how it can be used; it does not run into the over/under that I have seen with the 919C.  That's why I would only use the 919C would only be used on certain patterns/tournaments whereas I can use the Covert Revolt on many more patterns and not be as limited in angles played.

Being the second Motiv ball I've purchased, it does not disappoint.  By offering a predictable motion, great carry power, and the ability to handle some higher volumes of oil, it's a great ball that will fit bowlers of all styles.  In my case, it will allow me to replace my Outlaw and 919C easily.

If you haven't thought of throwing Motiv before, definitely try them out.  They've been putting out some great equipment and they have something to fit everyone's game.