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Title: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
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- COVERSTOCK: Formula-5 TM Reactive Hybrid
- FINISH: 2000 Wet sand
- RG: 16#-2.46 15#-2.48 14#-2.50
- RG DIFFERENTIAL: 16#-.060 15#- .060 14#-.060
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: coasterp on August 20, 2010, 11:17:59 AM
I have been able to use this ball on different conditions and now feel I can offer a good review. Please see this video for layout:

The cruel easily clears the heads. I was afraid that what is supposed to be a strong hooking ball might have issue with doing this. With the layout I have, the cruel gives a very positive read to the mid-lane, while actually staying very controllable on the back. I have used this ball on heavily oiled middles and found it had no issue with making the turn at the back when keeping the ball in the oil. Other balls in my bag, (QZ1 red & SR2) pushed a little too long when playing this same area.  The cover has slight shine to it OOB and is best suited for med-heavy conditions. After throwing this for a while with the OOB surface, I decided to hit it lightly with a gray scotch brite as the ball had glazed slightly, as to be expected. This in when the ball really started to kick. While it still easily cleared the front, the back end reaction was  more positive and pronounced. The reaction shape was hockey stick like but with good continuation. All in all I find this ball to be very versatile, in that you can use it for a while when you pull it out of the bag. It is not like some other heavy oil balls I have thrown, that as soon as the puddle starts to dry up, the ball burns early and loses energy and becomes useless. I like this ball so much I am considering another really polished, as I think it along with the one I have, will give me two balls that compliment each other very well.
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: joshs on August 22, 2010, 03:12:00 PM
layout #1 (pin up)
5 5/8 pin, 40deg x 25deg, highly polished

layout #2 (pin down)
4 1/4 pin, 50deg x 60deg, 1000 ab. pad

layout #3 (pin up)
3 7/8 pin, 50deg x 35deg, box surface

This ball is a monster of a ball.  I've used this on a variety of shots and it has proven effective on most of them (except the short dry pattern, it's simply too much ball)
On your THS all three are very effective and crush the pocket.  Depending on which one I'm using will determine how far left I stand, usually 30-40 depending on which ball.  
These balls destroyed the Shark and Chameleon patterns I practiced on!  This ball gets down the lane very well and doesn't over react to the middle part of the lane and has a very strong continuous finish on the back.  #2 is the strongest overall for me, #1 is the most skid/snap and #3 is the smoothest, but still stronger than #1.  
For those looking for an aggressive ball, this is the one for you!  The surface allows this ball to get through the lane without burning up.  But those looking to adjust the surface, it takes adjustments very well.  It is definitely something different than the rest of the MOTIV lineup, it's backend pop is what stood out to me the most.  Do yourself a favor and put this gem in your bag and be Cruel to the pins and your competition!  

video will come soon, computer and camera problems have kept me from uploading the video.
"Every Strike brings me closer to my next homerun"
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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: mick31 on August 22, 2010, 04:44:24 PM
The Cruel is the latest release from Motiv . . and quite possibly their all around best!  It is also their first venture into the asymmetrical core arena. The core is a low RG, max. high diff. design that means ez rev-ing action & high hook potential.  They wrapped it in the new Formula-5 solid/hybrid coverstock that gets through the heads but has awesome mid-lane read and strong backends.  

I have two (2) Cruel.  First one is drilled w/pin just below my bridge, 50 degree MB-to-PAP w/4.25" pin.  This ball is great in the oil.  Does not squirt in the juice while making a heckuva turn in the backend.  I am a 50+ player and really appreciate the extra help this ball gives me on the heavier patterns.  Really reacted well on the Scorpion and Shark patterns as well as a 40' flat US Open pattern we put out at my center.  Second one is drilled pin just above the bridge w/MB 1.5" right of my thumb hole w/x-hole 5.5" straight across on my mid-line.  This ball give me extra length w/solid smooth reaction off the pattern.  Use this one on medium lane conditions.  Good layout for THS especially if shined just alittle w/Power Gel Polish.  Also, looks really great on the Chameleon pattern.  Both balls are excellent and a very welcomed addition to my arsenal.  If you have ever considered trying a Motiv ball, I highly recommend you try the Cruel C51.  You will be glad you did!

Bob "Mick" Michalojko
Colonial Lanes Pro Shop
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Bob "Mick" Michalojko
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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: Motiv Girl on August 23, 2010, 03:37:27 PM
Facing The "Cruel Facts"

                             MOTIV:C51 Cruel Review

My information:Right Handed,Ball Speed-16 mph average,
Rev Rate-280 rpm's average,Axis rotation-45 Degrees,
Axis Tilt-15 Degrees,PAP-5 1/4" x1 1/4 "up.

Specs of balls tested-Ball #1 -Top weight-2.7 oz.Pin 2.8".
Ball Surface-2000 Grit OOB.Drilling-65x60 @4",X hole-P3.

Ball #2-Top weight-3.0 oz.Pin-5",Ball Surface-2000Grit OOB,
Drilling-70x60 @4 7/8",No X hole.

Lanes Tested on-Pro Anvilane- 2 years old.
Pro Anvilane-5 years old,Anvilnes-16 years old.
Wood lanes-30 years old.

Patterns tested on-Red,White,Blue,House shot-42 feet.

The C51-Cruel is the newest entry in the MOTIV
line-up,and the first asymmetric ball from MOTIV.
The all new C51 :Cruel core offers a 2.,48 rg,and a .060
differential with a .030 mass bias differential.

Covering the core is a all new coverstock the Formula 5
reactive hybrid,the first ever hybrid cover from MOTIV.

The color is black/smoke with blood red graphics with
white lettering.The colors are visually eye pleasing.

The cover comes OOB at 2000 wet sanded.

 The intent of the C51 is for medium to heavy oil.

                 The benefits of a asymmetrical core
The asymmetrical core will give you a shorter transition.The
Cruel core allows the ball to get into a roll quicker and easier.
The asymmetrical core of the Cruel is great for lane conditions
that has slicker midlanes.
 Medium and lower rev players will love this ball when the
area past the midlane point is not reacting enough.

 Higher rev players can use the Cruel for control on the back end
where there is a little more friction in the midlanes.
The C51 goes into a roll quicker,and will not break as hard
and sharp through the pin area.This offers control when needed
for higher rev players.

 What I got from the Cruel was a ball that revs up                         early and hard in the midlanes ,but cleared the heads
easily because of the hybrid cover.I got about 5" of flare
from both drillings.The Cruel was at it's best from the mids
to the pins.It had a very quick response when it come in contact
with dry at the backend of the patterns.The length was very
nice from such a powerful core.The reaction and the ball shape
at the backend of the pattern was very heavy and angular.

  The recovery down lane was very impressive,the amount
of area the Cruel creates will allow you to miss right,and
still have enough energy left to make it back to the pocket.

  The Cruel let me play a more angular line to the pocket.I
could more further left and still have enough energy left
to make it back to the pocket.For me this is a very welcome sight.

 The Cruel ate up  the R/W/B patterns.On the house shot,
just hit the pocket and carry was far and above anything
I have seen in a long time.

 For those of you that have tried MOTIV ,you will really
be impressed with the Cruel.For those that have been
waiting for a ball of this type.Well now is the time to try MOTIV.

Angela Wilt-MOTIV Staff member

Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: JoelTRay on August 23, 2010, 09:50:14 PM
The Motiv Cruel C51 is the newest and deadliest weapon is the Motiv arsenal. It combines the All New asymmetric core design with the new Formula-5 Reactive Hybrid coverstock so it inflicts some serious damage. Beware its now a Cruel world we are living in.

The Cruel is designed for medium to heavy oil. But what I like about the Formula-5 coverstock is that you can alter it very easily and it makes this ball very versatile for any types of lanes. I gotta put my hands together cause Motiv keeps impressing me. Here is a link to my Cruel C51 ball reaction video. Enjoy! Stay Motivated!

Joel Ray
Motiv Program member
Cincinnati, Ohio
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: BNoel on August 25, 2010, 05:15:27 PM
I have drilled up my Motiv Cruel C51 with a dual angle layout 65x4.5x55. I also put a light polish on the factory finish. The first time I used the ball was in a tourny on the 2010 PBA World Championship pattern. The ball was so smooth and hard hitting on the fresh. It wasn't over aggressive and had alot of recovery room if I missed right and still held if I tugged it a board left. The carry on the ball has been tremendous. A light hit sends the pins flying and I have carried stuff that other balls would have left the back row or 7/10 splits. When the lanes tried out all I had to do was keep moving left and eventually like in game 7 and 8 I was swinging the ball really well and even on the dried out pattern the ball never over reacted and started hitting even harder.
I also tried this same ball, taking it back to box finish, on the Shark pattern and was able to play the outside of the lane were people say your not suppose to beable to play and had a great look. Same reaction on the ball as previous pattern. Once that line went away I could move into the track area and got a good read from in there also.
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: dugbark on August 31, 2010, 04:36:58 PM
Bowler Stats-Ball Speed 17 MPH Rev Rate-App 280 Axis of Rotation-30 to 60 degrees Axis Tilt 9 degrees Right Handed

The Cruel C51 ball is designed for medium, heavy or long  oil patterns. The ball performs as advertised. It pushes through the heads with ease as on fresh shots.   As the ball gets to the midlane the core starts to take over and you can visually see the ball rev (thanks to the Neomark graphics) up.  As the ball finds the friction a strong but not flippy reactions occurs.  For me the pins stay low and I have thrown more scouts/messengers then I have with any other ball (I don't throw many pins around the deck).   I am able to use the C51 playing both down the boards as well as swinging it out to the dry. The ball recovers well, but when the volume in the heads starts to wear out, the ball picks up earlier.   As long as the Cruel has sufficient head oil it is a very effective ball.

I've seen the ball perform well on a 42 foot US Open Pattern where it actually gave me room to the right (relative to the other players) and I've thrown in on fresh THS on both Wood and AMF Synthetics.  The Cruel does not seem to have a surface preference as it reacted well on all surfaces.

If you use this ball as designed on fresh or long oil patters,  it is a very effective ball. To throw it on a broken down THS or a Sport Condition with a few games will take more ball speed then I have.  

The C51 gives Motiv a piece of equipment for Motiv believers to step down to when their TR2's are too much or are not creating the correct angle to carry.  While I've found the TR2 to be most effective up the boards, the cruel can be played up the boards, or swinging it out.  I'm very colorblind but I've heard from multiple bowlers that the ball is very pleasing to the eye and will give it good shelf appeal.

Dug Barker Asst. Coach Bellarmine University BTM Youth Writer
Dug Barker
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BTM Youth Writer
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Dug Barker
Bellarmine University Coach
BTM Youth Writer
Ken-Bowl Lanes Youth Director
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: michaelmaloney23 on September 07, 2010, 07:05:06 PM
this ball is a must have. i just joined motivnation with their recon rx-1 with is also a must have.
stats: 15mph
revs: 265
tilt: 14
axis: 70

i bough this bal for longer oil patterns. since i dont have a lot of speed or revs i went for a ball maxed out like htis one, and put wahts considered an average layout. no to strong.
i laid it out 55x4x30 with a p4 hole which ended up being 1 1/2 right of my thunmb which is considered a double thumb. a 1" hole 3" deep pitched 3/4 right.

this ball stores its energy and makes a late mid lane shift, then turns direction and drives right threw the pins. great energy, great pin action, barely deflect.
this is their first assym, ball and hybrid cover and this ball is better than my c system 3.5 by far, and better than my Hammer Jacked which i still love and kicks butt. If you havent thrown motiv now is the time to switch. DO IT!!

check out my video on this ball
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: Tripperof 4s on September 08, 2010, 11:23:47 AM
Drilled 2 Cruels, one with a 5" PIN to PAP and 4" PAP to MB drilling, and the second with a 4" PIN to PAP and 4" PAP to MB. Both balls left with box finish...
All I can say is that these balls both compliment themselves on a variety of animal patterns, with exception to Cheetah, which I found them to be too strong. They both roll strong and smooth with a continuous arcing motion, which helps makes it easy to make changes when needed.
On the THS, they hit harder than anything I've seen in a long time...Once again, MOTIV has come out with a ball that helps open up the pocket and improve pin carry!

If I could get one lucky hit...
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: jnb300 on September 09, 2010, 03:32:56 PM
yes had one drilled fairly strong. this ball looks great but is nothing special. leaves a lot of stone 10s lots of solid 8s. and hooks no more than my old eraser drilled about the same tried scuffing it litely with scotch brite and it did hook more. but shined back up quickly. on fresh its very over under for me. I dont see myself buying anymore motiv balls
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: catinthehat300 on September 10, 2010, 12:57:01 AM
Me -
Power Tweener - 17+ mph
Rev rate 340-380
Average 220+ (house), 200 (sport)

The basics
Out of box finish (2000 AB)
Pin 5" and above fingers.
Cg lower right
MB lower right below thumb

This ball is just plain awesome!
I was looking for something to combat the heavy "league puddle" or longer sport patterns. What did I get? All of the above and more.

The Cruel has a core/cover combination that revs quickly and has a very strong midlane, but can still get thru the heads and have hitting power with little deflection. I expected it to hook earlier, making it a first game and put it away ball. but, the Cruel is so versatile that it reads the lane great and doesn't hook at your feet and quit.

I honestly feel that if you had 3 of these drilled differently. you probably wouldn't need anything else in your bag except maybe a spare ball. Combine that with amazing looks (thanks to those Neomark graphics), and this thing is nothing but a winner.

Better get you one before the competition does.

Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: xman879 on September 17, 2010, 11:07:59 AM
Its a "Cruel" World out there!

The MOTIV Cruel C51 features the 1st asymmetric core design.  Its lower RG  allows the ball to rev up easier in the front part of the lanes. The ball has a very strong mid-lane reaction and still stores enough energy for a "nice" pop at the break point.  The Formula-5 Reactive Hybrid is the most aggressive cover stock MOTIV has ever designed. I got the best results out of both of my pin-up & pin-down Cruels on a medium to heavy oil pattern.  I got a 5" flare out of both lay-outs.  The ball is sooooo smooth through the front part of the lane for such a powerful core.  I would highly recommend this ball being added to everyone's bag because of the control, versatility and performance it is going to give you on various lane conditions.
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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: mrpinblaster2 on October 22, 2010, 10:58:46 PM

The Cruel C51 features the hybrid Formula-5™ Reactive coverstock. It is the strongest yet by Motiv and matches up on medium to heavy oil.

Box Finish
The factory finish on the Cruel C51 is 2000 wet sand.  This finish will provide an aggressive reaction with length and a very strong backend with continuation.

Inner Core
The Cruel core is the first asymmetric design from Motiv and it is very aggressive. The specs are maxed out. The Cruel C51 has an RG of 2.48 and a .060 diff and a .30 mass bias differential (15# ball).

The MOTIV™ Cruel C51 features an awesome NeoMark graphic.  And, as with all NeoMark graphics, the logo is actually part of the coverstock so it can be sanded, polished, or tuned just like any other performance ball.

First Cruel C51 drilled:
Axis Point - 5" over 0" up/down
Pin to PAP- 5" (pin located below fingers on midline)
Mass Bias Placement - strong
Balance Hole – small hole 2 ½’’ below axis point
Dual Angle Layout - 45* x 5" x 70*
Surface Preparation - Out of Box (2000 Wet Sand)

Second Cruel C51 drilled:
Axis Point - 5" over 0" up/down
Pin to PAP- 5 1/4" (pin located above fingers on midline)
Mass Bias Placement - medium
Balance Hole – small hole just past axis point
Dual Angle Layout - 45* x 5 1/4" x 45*
Surface Preparation - Out of Box (2000 Wet Sand)

If you bowl on medium to heavy oil patterns this bowling ball is a must. Pin up ball works best on medium conditions where the pin down ball dominates on heavy oil. I have also been able to play with the pin up ball on house conditions but when the pattern transitions the Motiv SR2 comes out of the bag. This ball was a must in the Motiv line since now it can compete with those other companies in the high-end aggressive coverstock market. Now all that is needed from Motiv is an aggressive asymmetrical pearl and oh yes a spare ball!

Ernie Segura
Motiv Seed Program (Michigan)
In the bag:
Motiv Cruel C51 (pin up)
Motiv Cruel C51 (pin down)
Motiv SR2
Motiv QZ1 (red)
Motiv TZ3
Motiv Recon RX1
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: Kegeler51 on October 24, 2010, 12:35:39 PM
Ball spec's 15lb. 3 oz top, 3.5 pin. Drilled 50 X 4 3/4 X 65. WT hole at P0. This puts the pin below my ring finger. This has been one of my favorite drilling.

Got a chance to use the Cruel on our challenge league. To start the season we are bowling on a 39' foot medium volume oil pattern that starts out a little under 4-1. Not your normal house shot (7 or 8 to 1) but not impossible to start.

The Cruel comes 2000 Wet Sand, it handles Med-Med heavy oil with this surface. This ball needs to have some oil up front even with the box finish. During one practice session on some very used open bowling lanes I could not get the ball down the lane in box finish. The cover stock is versatile, change the surface to 1000 and it will the heavy stuff with ease. I have not tried any polish on it yet.

The first thing I notice (even in practice) about this ball is the carry. If you can get it to the pocket its a strike. I have never had a ball that the carry is this good.

This ball makes a strong controlled move at the break point with the 65 degree val angle. I can see using this ball on over 50% of the normal conditions you see. I have other equipment for the extremes of heavy or light oil.

With the Cruel I was looking for something to fit in between my sanded TR2 and my TX1 at 2000k with lane shine. The Cruel fits that gap perfectly.


Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: denlingers on November 09, 2010, 11:54:47 PM

Coverstock of the Cruel C51 features the hybrid Formula-5™ Reactive. It is designed to match up on medium to heavy oil.

The factory finish is 2000 wet sand. This finish will provide an aggressive reaction downlane with length and a very strong backend with continuation.

The Cruel core is the first asymmetric design from Motiv. The specs are maxed out. The Cruel C51 has an RG of 2.48 and a .060 diff and a .30 mass bias differential (15# ball).

My personal specs are: axis point 5 1/8, 3/4 up. 400 rev rate. 17-18 mph (depending on condition).

Drilled with a "conservative" layout due to max specs. I wanted something that would be usable on a wide variety of patterns and surfaces.

The Cruel breezed through the heads and gave a great mid-lane read. Even when I moved deeper into more oil the ball showed no wiggle from the additional units. Once it cleared the mid-lane, it made an aggressive but controlable move to the pins with all of the hitting power you have come to expect from Motiv products. I used my Cruel at three different centers with three different lane surfaces and had no trouble matching up and stringing strikes. Motiv has delivered well with the Cruel.

Go out and get MOTIVated before your competition does!

Scott Denlinger
PBA member, Eastern Region

Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: bowlers design pro shop on November 11, 2010, 11:59:46 AM
I'm not going to bore you with my drilling layouts, your ball driller will know what to do for your game.
I put my favorite asymmetric lay out I put in all first drills, then I make adjustments from there.
 This is not just a heavy oil ball, it is very versatile, handles the fresh well, handles carry down very well, handle PBA volumes well. I just got back from a tournament, I used this ball in 13 of 15 games, and went 11-3-1 in match play, that's how versatile this ball is. After every match people were talking about this ball. I didn't even make big moves, just small adjustments. Like all the MOTIV equipment you are really throwing a freight train when it hits the pins. You'll carry 1-2 more strikes than you should, I call them MOTIV strikes. Put one in your bag, it won't stay there long. The price point is good for a ball this GREAT!

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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: aulbyfan on November 12, 2010, 05:07:53 PM
I am left handed
I drilled the cruel pin below my ring finger and it is a stacked drilling.
The surface is out of the box finish.

This ball is a terrific ball and I am going to drill more of these.  The first time I used this ball I used it on the viper and i shot a 813 series.  I have used it on other pba patterns and also on house shots and it is a very versatile ball.  I recommend this ball to anyone who wants a ball that hooks in oil and is a very controllable ball.  Get Motivated!!!!!!!!!

Motiv PBA Regional Staffer
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: Southern_Info on November 13, 2010, 12:29:21 AM
Out of the box I shot a 659 series.  The pin is under my ring finger and my mass bias is 3 inches right from my thumb hole.  I also have a P2 hole drilled right above the mass bias this is a completely new layout for me.  With this layout the ball gets into a deep roll early  When it hits the backend the ball freaking moves stronger than everything I have in my bag and might I also add this ball hits the pins harder than everything in my bag.  If the ball gets close to the pocket it will a strike the majority of the time, weather you hit the pocket light or hard.
2010 is the first time joining a league since 1999.  Over a 10 year lay off and I haven''t lost much of my game.  

This year HG-300 x 1 and HS-780.

Heavy-Storm Invasion, Motiv Cruel C51
Medium/Heavy-Columbia Pure Swing
Medium-Columbia Burst
Light-Storm Natural
Spare-Brunswick T-Zone
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: batbowler on November 14, 2010, 11:09:14 AM
I decided to drill this ball after rolling one that I drilled for a friend, I decided on a different dual angle layout. I used a 65* x 3-1/4" x 25* and before I drilled it I used a little Power Gel Polish. This layout placed the pin above and to the right of my ring finger and the mb just rignt of my thumb. I drilled a weight hole in the P2 location to make the boys at USBC happy. I didn't get to roll it till I got to the bowling center and during practice I noticed the ball was over/under so I hit the ball with a abralon pad to take a bit of polish off. The ball became about five boards stronger and I had everything right, but not to early. First game I had the front 9 and left a 10 pin on the 10th pitch and I knew it wasn't that good off my hand. I spared and struck for a 279 and was very impressed. I had to keep moving deeper and should have but it back in the bag, but I was having to much fun playing. Now if they had this ball in a pearl for when the shot opened up it would be money! How about a pearl version or a SR2 pearl? Thanks for reading, Bruce
"Train a child up in the way they should go and when they are old they will "Get MOTIVated, with the "Big B" and not turn from it!
Bruce Campbell
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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: Sikfish on December 02, 2010, 03:03:15 PM
Review for the MOTIV CRUEL C51 - Hybrid

Stats are in my profile.
Ball Layout:
50 x 4" x 60 pin down, p3 hole, 2000 Abralon

First, I must give fellow staffer DUSTIN BAKER props for the layout on this ball. This was actually Cruel #2 for me, as the first one did not like my favorite layout for strong cored thanks again DB!

Surfaces I used this ball on: DBA IQ & Anvilane Gen. 1

House #1 (DBA IQ) & House #2 (Anvilane)- I bowl 2 leagues each at these alleys and they are vastly different as to the caliber of player s you see and lines to the pocket. So my only problem with this ball is that the houses do not put out enough oil for me to use it for one full league session...Damn them! During the winter months this ball will see more action in tournies, etc...but what I can report is I have had 299 & 300 with and 772,778 and 792, in 2 different houses. The carry is amazing, the hit is unmistakeable and the look of the ball CRUEL. I will say this is a oil ball, heavy oil? not so sure of that, but the performance is perfect. Again as I have stated in numerous threads, matching up the ball to the bowler is key...regardless of manufacturer. Since July, when I was added to staff...I saw no MOTIV balls around..none. Now I have seen, almost every night, at least 2 MOTIV balls being thrown...I drilled 4 last week and tonight will be number 2 of the week. If MOTIV keeps this quality and performance up....look out everyone....there will plenty of MOTIVation for everyone to get the latest MOTIV piece.

Thanks you for reading.
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: titletowncards on December 31, 2010, 01:40:13 PM

Pin Length: 2.5"

Ball Weight: 15.3 lbs.


Pin to PAP: 5"

CG to PAP: 4"

X Hole (if there is one): None


Ball Speed: 16-17 mph
Track: High


Grit: 500 Abralon, then 4000 Abralon

Type: Matte


Length: 40 ft.
Volume: Medium

Type: THS


Length: Medium

Back End: Strong but controllable
Overall Hook: 80 (1-100)

Midlane Read: Best Midlane read I've seen in a ball

Breakpoint Shape: More of an arch.


Likes: My first Motiv ball and I love it, it's my benchmark ball right now.  Great overall reaction, very controllable and carries very well.  Best Midlane read I've seen in a ball and great continuation threw the pins.  I've included a video of the ball reaction, it's my first try so it's a little raw, but the music is awesome!

Dislikes: This ball needs oil up front to get through that part of the lane to react properly, otherwise it seems to check up early and not carry, but that's why Motiv makes the Recon Pearl(which I recently picked up, video and review coming soon).


Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: rcspeed on January 21, 2011, 10:58:37 AM
This ball is a good ball.  I like the reaction on it.  I throw down the 5 board and hook it into the pocket.  It hooks late and hits hard.   This ball likes a little speed, though.  I am not a big cranker and if the lanes are heavy oil and I slow it down down too much, it will leave a lot of single pins and weird splits.  But if the speed is increased slightly, it works great.

On the box, the logo is listed as being red.  However, when the ball was new, the color was PINK.  However after I got about 10 games on the ball, the logo has changed colors and is now red.  This is not a problem.  But if you are anti-pink, you need to be ready for it to be that way in the box.  Just be patient and it will change, if they all work like mine.

Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: backupball on January 23, 2011, 07:33:23 PM

Pin Length: 2.5"

Starting Top Weight: 3.2 oz

Ball Weight: 15 lb 1 oz


Pin to PAP: 4"

MP to PAP: 5"

X Hole (if there is one): none


Rev Rate: med-low

Ball Speed: 15 mph on Qubica scorers
PAP/Track: 5" over, 1/2" up


Grit: 2000 wet sand

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): sanded


Length: 40'
Volume: med-high

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS, AMF HP Synthetics


Length: cleared the front easily

Back End: moderate
Overall Hook: not the biggest out there, but more than adequate

Midlane Read: good

Breakpoint Shape: arc

Likes: Consistent reaction, strong hit

Dislikes: N/A
This layout put the pin about 3/4" north-east of my ring finger with the MB just south-east of my thumb. I also threw this ball some on a slightly flatter THS on wood lanes and both sessions showed that going up the boards or using a slight belly were where this ball was able to shine the most. The reaction was good and the hit very solid... not tons of messengers, just 10 pins down almost all the time. The ball was able to hook back when I got very soft with the speed and used more head belly, but hit was a little soft in that situation. I am happy with this ball and look forward to throwing it on conditions where I use a more direct angle.
Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: kgm32 on January 26, 2011, 07:40:33 PM

Length: Usually between 39-40 in length
Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: Love the way this ball looks.  On synthetic lanes works great on my THS with a strong back end rarely leaving a corner pins.  Works the same on my THS when the lanes are freshly oiled however....

Dislikes:  Not really a dislike, just to much ball (for me) for wood lanes after they start drying out the ball becomes to aggressive and hard for me to adjust to usually having to pull out my Black Widow Pearl when this happens.
I am back to bowling after a 10 year absence actually won this ball as a door prize.   I throw the ball with medium speed but not a lot of revs.  I don't know if I would recommend this ball for someone without a lot of experience and who may be looking to carry just one ball with them.  Seem to work better on Synthetic Lanes and oily lanes and if I didn't have a second ball to turn to I would not do well with this ball alone on my wood lane house.  That of course may be because this is a Pro performance ball intended for a more experience bowler.

Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: Big Kahuna on January 31, 2011, 11:50:34 AM

Length: 38 - 40 ft


Volume: medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS




 I purchased the ball because I needed something stronger for tournaments or in case i ran into lanes that would have a lot more oil.  I play in 2 different house on weekends so I decided to throw this ball at my first league where sometimes has alot more oil pending on which lanes you play on.  Knowing that this is a strong ball, I was really pleased on how this ball handled THS lanes.  The more I sent this ball wide, the harder this ball came back.  As the lanes got drier, I was more surprised that I was able to use this ball for all three games.  For me, making minor adjustments with this ball was easy as I ended up close to a 700 series scratch.  As for my Sunday league, I shot 728 scratch.  


Likes:  The overall "intimidating" look of this ball.  The 'smoke/gray' with the orange Motiv logo along with the name "CRUEL" really compliments this ball.  The fact that i've only used this ball over one weekend, I haven't shot less than 200 and have a score of 272 scratch as my highest.  This is my new "Go To" ball.

Dislikes: none






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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: TamerBowling on February 05, 2011, 08:41:37 PM

Length: 41ft
Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

A very good control ball.  Core revs early and strong, reading the midlane very well.  Has a moderate and controlled backend reaction.  This is not a big booming ball.  It's all about control.  Surprisingly, you can use this ball on medium conditions even when they breakdown.  You can really stay around the pocket for a long time.

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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: mrpinblaster2 on April 06, 2011, 09:31:57 AM


The Cruel C51 LE features a new additive to increase the surface texture (Higher RA value) of the black and red Formula-5™ Pearl Reactive coverstock. This feature helps low to moderate rev bowlers cross more boards down the lane in medium to heavy oil. High rev bowlers will find that this additive provides a smooth, but very strong backend motion. This ball’s motion is unique where it seems to be hooking as it is revving going down the lane, unlike most pearls where there is a skid flip motion.


Box Finish:
The factory finish on the Cruel LE is 2000 wet sand / Power Gel Polish.  This finish will provide an aggressive reaction with length and a very strong backend with continuation. There seems to be a very light polish out of the box but is polish-friendly if additional polish is desired.

Inner Core:


The Cruel LE has the same asymmetric core as the original Cruel C51 which it is very aggressive. The specs are maxed out. The Cruel C51 has an RG of 2.48 and a .060 diff and a .30 mass bias differential (15# ball).

Cruel LE drilled:


Axis Point - 5" over 0" up/down
Pin to PAP- 5 1/2" (pin located above fingers)

Mass Bias Placement – 4 ½” from PAP
Balance Hole – 5/8” (small hole) 6 ½’’ over just above midline
Surface Preparation - Out of Box (2000 Wet Sand / Power Gel polish)


Motiv advertises this ball for medium to heavy oil but because of the new additive to the cover this ball matches up to more conditions than expected. I have used it with the “out of the box” surface on most typical house conditions and heavy oil tournament conditions with much success (averaging 235 for 20 games with a high game/series of 279/743 so far). I also have seen it used successfully on a light house condition with strong backends by a bowler with less rev rate than myself and that bowler ended up having a 700 series that night! Basically this ball strikes and continues to strike whatever event you may be competing. Motiv has a winner with this one … better add this one to the top of your bowling ball wish list if you want to add more strikes to your game. It’s a Cruel World!

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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: dna300x on April 25, 2011, 01:44:14 PM

Pin Length: 3.5"

Starting Top Weight: 3.5 oz.

Ball Weight: 16 lbs, 3 oz.
*Please note: my review is for the Motiv Cruel C 51 L.E. (black/red) 


Pin to PAP: 5"

MB to PAP: 4.5"

X Hole (if there is one): NONE
*60 x 5 x 40


Rev Rate: 350 RPM

Ball Speed: 19 MPH
PAP/Track: 3 3/8 over, 5/8 up


Grit: 1000

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): matte


Length: 41 feet
Volume: medium to high

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS, and Kegel Middle of The Road


Length:  clean through the fronts w/ aggressive midlane read

Back End: strong continuous arc
Overall Hook: high, covers the same amount (if not more) of boards as the TR2 which comes from the factory at 800 grit wet sand.

Midlane Read: very strong and noticeable. it's difficult to throw this ball through the breakpoint.

Breakpoint Shape: strong arc. not a flipper, but very good continuation and allows the bowler to play the backend of the lane more.


Likes: Strong core/cover combo that allows one to move deeper on the lane and swing/belly the ball more. good for heavier/longer conditions. very aggressive bowling ball.

Dislikes: on anything less than medium I strongly suggest keeping this ball in the bag. the strong core/cover combo doesn't favor shorter, drier lane conditions.


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Title: Re: Cruel C51 Black/Smoke Pearl
Post by: awesomeflip on June 15, 2011, 10:47:58 PM




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



Likes:Well i must admit it is my (as of now) 9 pin no tap ball as long as i can keep it on the lanes or not drop my shoulder no matter where it hits it is good for atleast 9 out of ten But to be honest  the no tap league i bowl in with my buddies on Sunday mornings most the time are real strikes more so then on Monday & Friday night leagues. LOL

Dislikes: None with the ball as of yet







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